Zoo Vet (šifre)

Zoo Vet

Getting more trophies:
Submitted by: RM

When treating an animal, press the "Q & A" button first. Choose the correct
question, which are usually easy, and press the "?". The game will tell you
what to do. You will know which tool to use because it will be highlighted.
When using something such as the stethoscope and it asks the question if it
is normal, look at your pad. It should have the two normal answers.
Look at the animals status on the question it just asked you. If the number
is between the two numbers on the pad it is normal. When it asks you the
diagnosis and you get it wrong, start the game over. Once you get to the
patient you were working on and it asks you the diagnosis again, choose the
next best answer. Repeat this until it reads "1000/1000" at the top of the
pad. When you get to your room, go to your trophy cabinet. You will find a
new trophy. If you get a trophy on every animal successfully, you are bound
to get another trophy when you finish the group of animals.
Note: You can still get a trophy at the end of each group as long as you do
a good job on the patients, even if you do not win a trophy for any of the

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