World War II – Sniper (walkthrough)

World War II - Sniper

__        __         _     _  __        __           ___ ___
       / /__  _ __| | __| |        / /_ _ _ __  |_ _|_ _|
   / / / _ | '__| |/ _` |    / / / _` | '__|  | | | |
   V  V / (_) | |  | | (_| |    V  V / (_| | |     | | | |
   _/_/ ___/|_|  |_|__,_|    _/_/ __,_|_|    |___|___|

 ____        _
/ ___| _ __ (_)_ __   ___ _ __   o     CALL
___ | '_ | | '_  / _  '__|
 ___) | | | | | |_) |  __/ |     o          TO
|____/|_| |_|_| .__/ ___|_|
              |_|                              VICTORY

                              For PC
                           Version 1.0
                         By Chris Zawada
                         User: antseezee
                         Created: 12/19/05
                       Last Update: 1/1/05
                    Copyright 2005 Chris Zawada

Author's Note
Any World War II shooter always tends to inspire even the most unorthodox of
players out there. Whether its the epic battles fought across many nations, the
tribulations of various leaders, or just plain flat-out action, WWII was quite
a popular subject for game developers. World War II Sniper: Call to Victory is
a somewhat generic although fairly great first person shooter that tries to
emulate the role of a strict U.S. Airborne sniper during the engaging times of
the war. You'll traverse around with your fancy weapons trying to pelt down
opposing Krauts in an effort to lead the Allied forces to victory. Developed by
Jarhead Games, one cannot expect the utmost quality of a Call of Duty or Medal
of Honor game. However, expect plenty of emotions and action to drive the
player through till the end. Will you scope the target for imminent death or
get pelted looking for cover?

If you have any contributions, feedback, or strategies you'd like to have
added to the guide, contact me via e-mail or on GameFAQs. I'll be more than
content to add your segment of information, and will also provide credit. If
you have any questions you'd like added to the Common Questions section, ask.
I simply don't have the time to sit around thinking of questions. Provide me
with what you want to know!

=1/1/05= v1.0
Finished the FAQ. Not a bad game for a budget title.

=12/19/05= v1.0
Started the FAQ. This game was released on a budget task salary, so I'm trying
to limit what I'd expect. Should be able to finish it in a few days.

- I've now added a Quick Search function to the guide. Press CTRL + F, and
type in the designated (#.#) to be quickly forwarded to that specific section
of the guide.

          -    Table of Contents     -
          1) Introduction
          2) Game Basics
             > Controls
             > Screen HUD
          3) Single-Player Walkthrough     (3.1)
             > Mission 1: Outskirts
             > Mission 2: Arnhem Bridge
             > Mission 3: Last Breath
             > Mission 4: Sabotage
             > Mission 5: Countryside
             > Mission 6: Siege
             > Mission 7: Crossroads
             > Mission 8: Dropzone
             > Mission 9: Messenger
             > Mission 10: Final Push
          4) Weapons                       (4.1)
             > Ratings
          5) Codes
          6) Common Questions
          7) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines
          8) Proper Credits


- 1) Introduction          -
If there is any war illustrated the most in first person shooters, it is by far
World War II. This conflict shared practical obligations to a majority of
nations across the world. World War II Sniper: Call to Victory is a fairly
generic, and unknown shooter released by Groove Games. Most people don't know
about the game, because well, it's a budget title. And to be quite honest,
budget titles rarely receive raved reviews across the gaming community.
Nonetheless, this is the prototypical first person shooter that tosses you in
the role of a United States Airborne Infantry Sniper. Of course, most of the
action across the game will also involve close encounters, and the manning of

The game takes place slightly after the drop into Normandy. You're separately
picked out to assist Allied forces across several different locations. The game
tends to progress as months go on, with your forces advancing closer to Berlin.
As with any first person shooter, WWII Sniper: CtV incorporates a 3D engine
with buildings, ground emplacements, and lots of textures. Authentic weapons
are included in the game, but you will find the extent on weapons very limited
and biased strictly to American-made types. Also, multiplayer is not included,
which is a huge downfall compared to most of the bunch.


##### GAME INFO #####
Players: 1
Developer: Jarhead Games
Released: 2004
Rarity: uncommon
Special Features: n/a
ESRB: Mature
Cover Art on box:
- Shows sniper staring down on a target

	> Windows 98 or better
	> Intel P3 750Mhz or better
		(Pentium M's & AMD's work fine, P-M's are faster than P4)
	> 128MB RAM +
		(256MB is recommended as the game places heavy emphases on
		 texture loading and polygon incorporation.)
	> CD-ROM Drive (To install)
	> 600MB+ free HD space (Game does not use the CD)
	> DirectX 9.0
	> 32MB Video Card or better
		(This games uses an older engine similar to Call of Duty, so
		 video card requirements are quite low. It's best to have a
		 dedicated card though with a recommended 64MB or better.)


- 2) Game Basics           -
What I have always loved about PC games is the fact that you can use a keyboard
and mouse. The amount of keys gives you an overwhelming amount of options to
choose from when selecting what goes where. This section will go over the
involved controls, and the screen setup.

          W - Moves forward
          S - Moves backward
          A - Strafes left
          D - Strafes right
          Q - Leans left
          E - Leans right
      Space - Stands if in lower position, normally jumps
       CTRL - Crouches
      SHIFT - Runs
          Z - Prones
          F - Activates or uses
          1 - Primary Weapon
          2 - Secondary Weapon
          3 - Grenades
          4 - Binoculars
          G - Drops secondary weapon
          H - Holsters weapons
          O - Pops up mission objectives
          R - Reloads
 Left Mouse - Fires weapon
Right Mouse - Zooms or toggles alternate weapon mode
         F6 - Quick saves
         F9 - Quick loads

   ***NOTE: I configured my keys slightly different than the default. I
            recommend the above use to maximize gameplay options.

- As with most PC games, the keyboard is used to move the character while the
mouse looks around. The mouse will control your aiming and firing mechanisms.
The typical W,S,A,D setup is used for moving the character in a respective
direction. Leaning is great for minimizing enemy damage taken, while peaking
around corners. Prone prevents your scope from straggling back and forth.
Holstering your weapon let's you move faster, but you simply do not have a
weapon up and loaded. To pick up weapons, move your mouse over a downed item
and press F to pick it up.

/Screen HUD/

  |                                   /   |
  |                                  |[2] ||
  |                                   __/ |
  |                                        |
  |                                        |
  |                    |                   |
  |                 --[3]--                |
  |                    |                   |
  |                                        |
  |                                    O   |
  |                                   /|  |
  |                                    |   |
  |                                   /   |
  |##/[1]                             [4]  |

Meaning Key:

	[1] - Ammo Indicator - Shows how many bullets are currently reloaded
	                       out of how many in your reserves.

	[2] - Compass - Has a black arrow pointing as to where you have to go.
	                Follow it to generally complete objectives.

	[3] - Aim - This shows what you're aiming at. The target indicator
	            can be zoomed in by right clicking, and steadied by
	            crouching or proning.

	[4] - Health Indicator - Shows a little human body. The body will
	                         drain from stuffed matter whenever you are


- 3) Single-Player Walkthrough (3.1) -
Since World War II Sniper: Call to Victory is strictly a first person shooter,
most of the action takes place during single player. This section will guide
you through all missions. The game was played on the Normal difficulty,
although the only major difference in higher difficulties is better
health/damage for the opposition.

/Mission 1: Outskirts/
        INTRO: "You've basically been taking a break from the war, and have
                been assigned to a English unit to permit for US presence.
                Resistance says the area will have light resistance, but this
                intelligence is practically worthless due to false reports in
                the past."

   OBJECTIVES: + Take out resistance
               + Move away from the landing zone
               + Check out the town and clear the target building
               + Meet with the new squad

   *You and your squadmates talk around a bit before parachuting into enemy
    territory below.*

- Move past the biplane, and one of your allies will land next to you. He says
that most of the guys have scattered around the drop zone. Nonetheless, you
have to move on. Using your Springfield, zoom on in the distance. You'll notice
a German halftrack roaming by, along with about 4 Krauts. Use your Springfield
and pierce the guy on the halftrack turret. Focus on pelting down the remaining
targets. Use the crouch stance to get a steady aim while keeping your head up
for the action. Move past the mini-bridge, and continue down the road to your
left. Snipe off the two standing Germans at the end of the road, then cut a
right by the barn. You'll find (2) Allies, one who got downed by an enemy
sniper. Look where the windmill is past the small fence, then look to the left
on the hill past it. Gun down this German sniper. Now, pull out your Thompson
and start semi-firing at the 5-6 Germans that spawn from the corner of the
building past the little gateway. These guys are quite dangerous, and I
recommend leaning behind the stone post to get a good shot. If you run low on
health or ammo, go near the two allies, and pick up the powerups using the F

- Use the ammo box to get a fully reloaded Thompson since you're going to need
it. Head through this minor doorway towards another main road. You may notice
two men running beyond the fenceline. Try to shoot them, otherwise prone for
cover. American artillery will bomb the area destroying the German panzer tank
along with the infantry. Move onto the main road after the area is cleared, and
take a left down the stroll. Four more Germans will be standing guard. Crouch
behind a nearby pole, and start leaning out to lay down suppressive fire. Pick
them off, then head down near the burning rubble for some health and ammo. Pick
it up, then backtrack to your buddy on the street. Start heading south on this
street now towards the new objective. Your partner says that the target
building is to the left of the bridge. Some of your squadmates will airdrop
onto the scene. Take cover along the ditch to the right of the road, and use
your rifle to pick off the Germans on the balcony, base windows, and ground
level. Move forward once the perimeter looks fairly secure.

- Head into the building and cut a left. You'll have to kill the tougher than
normal German officer crouching behind the table. The Thompson does wonders in
this situation. Down him, and pick up the health powerup by his body. Three to
four more Germans will greet you in the right and upper portion of the
building. You can find another canteen medpack on the top floor bathroom. Go
out to the balcony once it is clear. Immediately grab a hold of the MG42 on the
balcony by pressing F. This next part is tricky because well the MG42
absolutely SUCKS in this game. The accuracy is horrendous, even if you burst
shot. I simply went into full auto mode and started gunning away. There will be
roughly 15 Germans to deal with, and one of the engine's faults is that
whenever the soldiers strafe, they cannot be hit! Look for the three key spots
on the field where the Germans run to. Hold your MG42 there and try to kill
them before they get planted and start firing at you. The three spots are
marked in a triangle:

                      X             X

- Once the Krauts stop flooding in, get to ground level, and move out front.
The leader wants you to go assist another unit. There's a path to the rear of
the mansion. Go into the mansion and go out the rear door. Move close to the
destroyed halftrack, and about 2-3 guards will fire in the distance. I
recommend proning for cover, and then standing to return fire (they are
positioned in little dips on the map). Pelt them down, but watch for a standing
German right behind the halftrack. Once the area seems clear, sprint ahead for
the map to end after a certain distance.

/Mission 2: Arnhem Bridge/
        INTRO: "You and your men have managed to secure the bridge. However,
                a local German patrol is planning on making advancements across
                the bridge. Your squad will receive little reinforcements, and
                it's solely up to your squad to defend it at all costs. Saving
                Private Ryan already?!"

   OBJECTIVES: + Defend the Arnhem Bridge
               + Help the two injured squads
               + Use the dynamite to destroy the Panzer

   *After the little diary entry, the leader will talk to you accordingly. He
    needs you to rendezvous with some allies, and make an attempt to defend the
    Arnhem Bridge so reinforcements can arrive.*

- Before heading out, if you're nervous using the Colt 1911, switch for the
M1A1 Thompson (on the table). Leave the shelter by heading out the steps, then
cut around the corner and go near the bridge. When you get fairly close, watch
for an immediate rush of (2) Germans to gun at you. I recommend proning behind
the road block, then counter firing with your Colt pistol (or rifle if you
prefer). Once these men are dead, peek around the corner of the brick building
towards the bridge. Use your rifle to take out the three Krauts standing guard.
Go near the bridge, and cut a right towards the small inlet building. You'll
find several of your allies nested in here for safety purposes. Hell, I don't
blame em'.

- Grab the ammo box on the table, along with the Bazooka as well. A Panzer tank
will start to rumble across the bridge. Fire two rockets at it to destroy the
tank. Regather your previous secondary weapon, then snipe off the 3-4 Germans
that scramble behind the destroyed tank. Make sure to pick up the health kit as
well. Your commanding officer says that there is another squad stranded near
the bridge. They'll need your assistance. Start moving up the bridge, and
you'll eventually reach concrete stairs that lead to the ground level along the
left. Peak down them and pick off the (2) standing Germans in the distance. Go
past the dead bodies, and drop down into the sewer inlet. Immediately snipe the
two Germans patrolling this sewer line, then round the corner. Again, fire
away. When you reach the next corner, toss a frag grenade to flush out any
hiding Krauts. Continue onward. When you reach the end of the sewers, climb up,
but do it slowly. Peak out just enough to gun down the guard by the MG42. Then,
zoom in and pick off the 3 Krauts that pop to the position of the downed guard.
With these men down, continue around the corner, and snipe the lone guard near
the well.

- Now, move towards the well and you'll find the second squad of Allies hiding
behind it. The soldier tells you to grab the nearby dynamite as it may come in
handy. Make sure to pick up the Thompson to toss your cruddy Colt 1911. There
are a few health kits that will come in handy as well. When you start to head
back, turn around, and snipe the two Germans that try to ambush this patrol.
Continue back down the street, and snipe the German in the middle of the
street. Move around the building corner, and watch for an immediate Kraut
directly above you on the second floor balcony. Pick off the guard by the
sewer, and head back underneath. About halfway through the sewers, you'll
overhear some Germans talking about Americans in the area. Peak around the
corner and Thompson down the two fools. Exit the sewer area, and check the
balcony to your right & left for two threats. One more German may be on the
stairwell leading to the bridge. Head back up these stairs.

- Look diagonally to your left as a German halftrack will rumble down the
bridge. Pick off the gunner, then the patrol behind him. Head back towards the
location of the first squad, and you'll notice a Panzer tank along with
infantry are pounding their position. Look for the small yellow explosives icon
on the rear of the tank. Run up to it, highlight the icon, and press F to plant
the dynamite. Move back a bit, and the Panzer will explode in a furious rage.
Use your Springfield to take out the 4-5 Germans laying fire on your men inside
the building. Regroup with the first squad, and you'll be rewarded with well-
earned rest.

/Mission 3: Last Breath/
        INTRO: "The hold at Arnhem did not fare well. While the bridge was able
                to be held, you are ordered to retreat nonetheless. Perhaps
                you'll be able to live through this one - we hope."

   OBJECTIVES: + Eliminate German resistance
               + Regroup with remaining Allies
               + Destroy the Tiger tanks
               + Enter the woods

   *Frost, your CO, will be staying behind with the wounded while the rest of
    the men seek reinforcements. Germans have managed to penetrate the lines,
    so utmost caretaking will be a high priority.*

- Before leaving the humble abode, pick up some M1 Carbine clips off of the
table, along with the frag grenades. Exit via the stairwell, but do not rush
out of the building. Instead, use your scope and look for a German sniper in
one of the destroyed upper right buildings. He should be on the second floor
window in the left section of the building. Pick him off, then head outside.
Move ahead a bit, and prone near the left pile of rubble. Two Germans will rush
out of an alleyway. Peak gun them down, and look for a standing Kraut just
beyond the pile of rubble behind the black metal fence. Carbine him down.
Proceed forth. Around the corner, you may hear an explosion. Do not be fearful.
Some of your British chaps will be shooting Germans, as you're just in the
crossfire. Sprint towards their position. About 12-15 German soldiers will
spawn at various points from your rear flank. Take cover behind the bunker
where the British chaps are, and start using your Springfield to pick off the
long range targets. The Carbine also works beautifully in this situation since
it tends to take down most Krauts in 1 shot. Keep firing away until the lead
officer says that a Tiger tank is sneaking up on your position. Turn around,
and head diagonally right. You'll see the Tiger sneaking up on your position.
Cut a right into the tower, and pick up the Bazooka off the ground.

- Climb one flight of stairs till you see a window to your left. Now, fire one
bazooka, take cover, then fire the other. This should destroy the Tiger tank
without doing harm to yourself. Head back down, and pick up a nice secondary
weapon. Sweep to the next partially destroyed building, and kill the (2)
Germans on the ground floor. Two more Germans will be on the top floor,
including a higher health officer (be careful). Look for some stairs in the
corner that lead back down, and take them. Watch the right corner of the
doorway as a crouched German is awaiting your presence. Down him, peek out to
the left, and try to take out the oncoming rush of German elite troops. If you
fail, do not worry. Pull out one of the handy British grenades, and toss it
about 15 feet away from the doorway. Most of the group will get killed by the
explosion. Proceed straight down the road, and watch for a lone sniper to
appear in one of the ground floor windows. Take him out.

- Now, flank left into the side street. Pick up the health pack if you need,
but make sure to grab the Bazooka. Peak around the corner and fire a lone
rocket at the Tiger tank. Again, seek cover, and refire to destroy the behemoth
of steel. Move ahead towards the tank, but cautiously. Three Krauts will pop
out from the right portion of the screen. Use your elite skills to down the
threats. Round the corner, and watch for a fairly hidden soldier crouched
behind an oil barrel. Swap the Bazooka for a more suitable close-range weapon,
then cut a left up the path towards the woods. You'll eventually reach a lone
fireplace. This is where it gets interesting.

  [ GERMANS ]               - You basically have to hold out from a flood of
               [GERMANS]      about 20-30 German troops. The fortunate
                              advantage is that they cannot get past the
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=    -=-= fence isolating your position and theirs.
                              However, you still will take increased damage.
             X                The key to staying alive and holding out is
       X                      crouching behind the X trees spotted on your
                 X            screen. Crouch behind one, peak out, Springfield
                              a few Krauts, then reload. Repeat this strategy
                              for the most part. There is one health & ammo
                              pack near each tree. Hop from tree to tree if
                              you've taken damage and know you're going to need
                              a health pack. Try not to let the Germans get too
                              close to the fence, otherwise you'll take
                              increased damage. Eventually, you'll manage to
                              kill all of the resistance. Move to the middle
                              portion of the fence to talk to the

/Mission 4: Sabotage/
        INTRO: "You, Hawkins, got promoted to Sergeant after a valiant
                performance on the battlefield. You feel insulted since many
                men have died, been wounded, or have suffered ill fates. Face
                it though, it's tough being Rambo."

   OBJECTIVES: + Destroy the (3) AA Guns
               + Find enemy intelligence
               + Regroup with your escort

   *You'll be driving along in a jeep as a passenger writing in your journal.
    Once you get dropped off, you'll get a quick debriefing. You alone are
    being sent in to destroy 3 Anti-Aircraft guns, and also to search for
    intelligence. Looks like the Allies are lacking manpower.*

- Hook an upper left up the slight hill, and snipe the two German tangos.
Proceed forward a bit, and pick off the (2) walking Germans. Head upper right
at the Y-split, and you'll eventually notice a small encampment to your left.
Move close to the fence, and a tad forward. Disable the 2-3 men in the
distance, then go near the front entrance of this main German camp. Crouch
behind the left wooden fence, and start bolt-rifling down each German that pops
out of the tent. Watch for the aware guards on the left flank that rush from
beyond the fenceline. The Thompson, while good for close encounters, works best
if kept disguised for this part. The Springfield really disables most troops
without must effort. After about 8-9 Krauts have been taken out, check the
first two tents for supplies. Make your way around the fence via the left
flank, past the Tiger tanks, then down the path.

- Watch for three scrambling guards attempt to interfere with your progress.
Move down a bit further till you see a small barn to your left. Move into the
one outside stable where the supplies are. You will overhear some German troops
talking about checking up on the ammo stock. Quickly pull out your Thompson and
gun down the men who think they're checking up on harmless ammo. Watch for a
third man around the corner. Continue down the path. Once you get close the
small road bridge, cut a left. Six Germans will be standing guard near the (2)
AA Guns in the distance. Use your usual skills of hiding behind a tree and
popping out to disable the targets. Rush up to the first gun and plant
dynamite. Reward the same fate for the second AA gun, then continue onward.

- Cross the small stream, then go left in the small bushy path away from the
standard road. This small path leads to the rear area of the third AA gun. A
good tip is to pull out a grenade and toss it near the largest grouping of
Germans. This will knock most of the men out of commission, leaving you and
your trusty Thompson to down the rest. Plant a charge to destroy the last gun.
Return to the main road, and continue down the new waypoint. Move right towards
the river, and hop onto the first ice plateau. Immediately prone, and take out
the (3) Germans that appear on the nearby hill. Cross the river. Check the
nearby tree for several ammo crates. Lock N' load your Thompson. Cut a right at
the Y-split, and use the machine gun to down the four patrolmen. Now, cut a
left at the next Y-split. When you see an opening to the right, watch for (3)
patrolmen. Finally, you'll have (3) more patrolmen just before the German base.

- When you approach the opening, snipe the lone MG42 bunker gunner. Before you
can lay down your wrath, watch your rear flank as a spawned patrol will ambush
you. Now's the perfect time to employ the Thompson's value to full petition.
Take out the three rear guards, then peak over the center snow bank for a MG42
gunner. Take him out just like every other poor soul. Now, move towards the
base entrance to the bunker. Enter inside.

   *A small cutscene occurs between some German officers. All we know is that
    the one officer screams that the Americans will pay.*

- Peak around the next doorway, and gun down these officers that were just
talking about you. There should be four Germans to deal with. Take the map off
of the table, then exit the bunker. Go near the MG42 bunker. I actually found
this part easier using my Springfield than the MG42. The MG42 has horrible
accuracy, and makes your more exposed to take enemy fire. Simply prone, peak
out of the left/right edges of the bunker, and snipe the Germans that crouch at
the four position. Three of the positions are inside small green bushes, while
the other spot is on the far left next to a rock. Move ahead now, and snipe the
man crouching in the gray building. Watch for another guy to pop out as well.
Follow the car tracks down the main road. Eventually, you'll find a group of
Germans firing at your escort. One of them has a Panzershrek! Immediately take
out the rocket man, along with the remaining Krauts. Go next to your escort. He
can't wait until they get back to HQ to show them what the Germans were

/Mission 5: Countryside/
        INTRO: "You've basically been assigned to basic patrol out in the
                freezing cold. Shouldn't be expecting too much resistance."

   OBJECTIVES: + Clear out the machine gun nests
               + Escort your convoy to the ammo boxes
               + Cover your convoy while taking the ammo boxes
               + Destroy the bridge to cut off the Tiger tanks
               + Take out the Panzer tank using the Bazooka

   *Before leaving for patrol, the bad news arrives. Some of the supply drop,
    specifically ammunition, has managed to get trapped behind enemy lines. It
    is of the utmost importance that this material gets returned. You're
    assigned to point.*

- Leave the building and head south. You'll eventually see (2) MG42 Bunkers
mounted near a fence line. Snipe the two gunners that appear, then hop over the
fence railing. Meanwhile, the curious convoy will follow your lead for the most
part. Cut a left, and continue down the road. Watch for a building on the left
as two Krauts will start firing at you from the fenceline. Look diagonally
right as well, and pick off the lone guard near the fence. Move up a bit, and
you'll have a few more Germans along the fencelines to deal with. Finally, you
will reach yet another road block with (2) MG42 bunkers. Be very careful when
firing at this roadblock as there are roughly 15-20 Germans at this point. Make
sure your shots count and hit your opponents in the head/upper torso. Feel free
to prone or crouch in the left artillery hole. Keep returning fire until all
Krauts are dead (you will see an Objectives Updated message).

- Pick up the health and ammo boxes to the right of the buildings, then go down
the right path. Snipe the lone Kraut in the distance. There will be about three
more Germans hiding at various side edges of this path. Take them out, and
proceed forward until you start to see transparent holes in the side walls of
the map. You'll also see some powerups on the ground. When the convoy stops,
pull out your M1 Carbine, and gun down the two men on the left & right flank.
They'll try to ambush you, but get gunned down in their own foolishness. Refill
your health, then continue down the path. You will reach another turn where
there are some powerups. Prepare for a small ambush of three men, two on the
front, and one near the rear flank. Take them out, refill your health, and
crouch-snipe the awaiting guard in the distance. Continue forth. Three more
patrolling guards will be walking just before a clearing on the right. Take
them out. You will be ordered to find a good vantage point so you can provide
cover fire for your assisting convoy.

- Pick up the ammo crates on the ground to restock on most of your Springfield
ammo. Go down this right clearing now. You'll eventually have to cut a right.
Be careful as there will be three spread out men waiting down this path. Move
up a bit further till you reach another small squad of three patrolmen. Some
powerups will be on the ground behind their position. Cut a left up the hilly
path. You'll run into a few more stranded Krauts. When it looks like there is a
big opening straight ahead, be careful. Three Germans will be hiding around the
right corner, and they're difficult to see. Toss a frag grenade, and Carbine
them down. Pick up the ammo & health where their dead bodies are. Now, go back
on the main path towards the big clearing.

- Look towards the clearing, but don't expose yourself just yet. Instead, prone
over the hill, and fire 5 direct shots the boatload of Germans standing near
the supply crate. Reload, peak over the hill, and nail down the remaining
tangos. Poor men never had a chance against your gifted marksman abilities. Cut
a left now towards the new waypoint. Watch for three rushing Germans that
charge at you. Continue down this path. You will eventually run into about 7
Germans, split evenly at two junctions. Check the ground for powerups to use.
Simply prone behind a tree and peak out to single fire each soul. Once you see
the convoy in the distance, sprint up, and gather any powerups you immediately
need. Suddenly, you and your men will be ambushed. Look for a small adlib rock
in front of the jeeps. Take cover there. If you hide behind the jeeps, your
shots will get caught in the jeep's frame. Prone behind the rock, and peak to
the left. Focus your sniper shots on the men on the rear canyon (where you
previously were). Do the same for the two poets on the right side of this
canyon. There will be about 15 men to take down, so switch to your Carbine if
you're lacking in firepower. Once the ambush is dead, you're told to hop onto a
Jeep. Move towards the jeeps.

- You'll now be in the rear section of one of the jeeps. You'll start to scram
out of the area going about five miles per hour. Suddenly, a Tiger tank will
appear and blow your rear vehicle to shrapnel shards. Your jeep will stop after
the stone bridge, and you're told to destroy the rear bridge using two dynamite
sticks. Start off by going down right of the bridge, and hop onto each little
ice plateau. Don't fall in the cold water, otherwise you'll die. Crawl under
the first hedge, and plant the dynamite stick in the middle. Do the same for
the second hedge. Retreat back to the jeep. Scarpello will pump the jeep to
full speed, and the Tiger tank gets destroyed by the exploding bridge. You'll
now have about 6-12 Germans firing at you inside this small town. I simply
returned fire with my Carbine until the halftrack gets behind your position.
Use the Springfield to snipe the 3-4 Gunners that keep spawning on the mounted
machine gun on it. Once you manage to escape the range of the halftrack, a
Panzer tank will be waiting on the road ahead. Scarpello will give you a
Bazooka. Fire one rocket near the turret to destroy it hence clearing your

/Mission 6: Siege/
   DIFFICULTY: *****
        INTRO: "After the narrow escape in yesterday's mission, your men are
                pleased that they have more ammo to kick more butt. The Germans
                are making a strong push towards your town of Bastogne, which
                the Allies refuse to hand over. You've been assigned to the
                eastern city wall where the fighting is heaviest. Can anyone
                say Alamo?"

   OBJECTIVES: + Take out the enemy scouts
               + Defend
               + Defend the CP point
               + Kill the enemy scout

   *Your CO tells you that he needs cover along the eastern section. He wants
    you to take position in a nearby house, and take out any Germans that

- Pick up the ammo box, and move down the trenchline. You'll find a fully-
loaded Springfield in the trench that you may want to exchange for. Cut a left
after the opening in the trenches, and move out to the isolated house. Once
there, move onto one of the brown beams so you're on the second floor. Move to
the front, and stand. Lean left, and (2) Germans will walk down the main road.
CP gives you the authentification to take them out. Do so, and leave the house.
Head back for the trenchlines.

- This next part is very tough. You're basically going to have to fend off
about 50-75 Germans across various fronts, including a tank. There are only so
many health packs, so minimizing taken damage is a key priority. Start off by
manning the right 50 CAL, and gun away. The Germans will only rush the right
flank so look from 90 degrees to the right side. If you can't hit a target,
dismount, and manually snipe him down. Staying in the trenchline is good if you
need to grab some health packs. Once you hear your men say they're coming from
the trenchline, switch to the left 50 CAL. Repeat the same strategy.
Eventually, a Tiger Tank will come. When you're told to get the Bazooka,
dismount, and head towards the right trench. Go into the little camoflauged
post, and pick up the Bazooka off the ground. Move about halfway down the
trench, and fire two rockets at the tank to disable the threat. Once more, a
rush of men will come from both sides. Finish off the right, then the left. If
you need health canteens, check the right and left camo posts for two in each.
When you're told to retreat to the CP, go past the central rubble, cut a right
in the building, and move towards the center statue.

- Now, get near the rear face of the statue as a Tiger tank will barrel through
the wall. You SHOULD still have the Bazooka from before. Fire the two remaining
rockets on it (there may be another Bazooka lying around here in case the game
assumed you did not have one). Once the tank is down, peak out from the left
and right sides to counter fire at the men that pour through the wall. You'll
only have to down about 6-8 before you're told to retreat. Follow Scarpello out
the back way. If you need some health, there is one canteen just behind the
well. Retreat to the new destroyed building, and prone in front of Scarpello's
barrel. Return fire at the Germans that rush down the alleyway until Scarpello
says you're getting flanked on the right. Use the canteen in this building,
then climb the ladder on the rear wall. Once up top, cross over via the wooden
plank. Peek out of this window and return fire at the 6 total Germans that
appear just out front of this building.	Once they're down, drop down, and move
left towards the new CP.

- Go near the commanding officer. You're basically told that half of the German
army is pouring onto this position, and it's up to you to save the day. He
wants you to man the machine guns and kick butt. This has to be the toughest
part in the entire game.

            X  X           X  X

 X        _____            ____      X
 X      /                  [MG2]    X



- When you first start off, the enemies will rush from the only the left & top
left area of the map. You're told to man the machine guns, but this is suicide.
You'll eventually take too much damage on normal or a higher difficulty. The
best way to take them out is with your Springfield at the [COVER] spot. Crouch
there, and use peeking to take men out on the left. Stand up, and peek right
out the little window to take out men in the left section. When the game
autosaves, you can move to the second [COVER] spot (just to the right of the
first), or go prone next to the bunker of [MG2]. Either way, watch for the high
sniper on the top right section. These men will keep spawning till you execute
about 50 men. I found it best just to use the Springfield. The 50 CALs simply
do not execute or swivel fast enough, and really aren't as accurate (better
than the MG42s though). When you're told to get back to the CP, enter the
building. By this point, you're either dreadfully lacking health or nearly
dead. Your CO will tell you that the Germans must have a scout in the area. The
artillery seems to be raining down constantly.

- Exit the building and head down the top right alley where the roof sniper
was. Take him out, along with the two men down the alleyway. Cut a right past
the buildings, then go left of the fence to get near the destroyed church. As
you pass the fence, a Tiger tank will burst out and start firing at you from
the stone wall. Unfortunately, the game presumes that you'll still have the
Bazooka from before. You can find Bazooka rounds behind the central gravestone
to reload and fire back with. You can also attempt to toss grenades at the tank
to destroy it. Once it is down, pick up the health packs, and head into the
church.	Watch for three Krauts to be awaiting your presence on the top pathway.
Make your way up there via the steps, and head towards the second floor. Before
you can reach the access ladder to the tower, the wooden pathway will collapse.
Gun down the men that rush through the front door of the church. Get back down
to the ground level to fight them, and don't fall to your death. Go out the
front door of the church, then move right into the partially destroyed

- Immediately turn left as there is a ladder against the wall. It is hard to
find, so make sure you explore the entire building. Climb the ladder, then peak
out the second floor window into the church tower. Snipe the scout officer to
stop the artillery strikes. Also, pick off the man on the ground level. The
most difficult level in the game is over - thank god.

/Mission 7: Crossroads/
   DIFFICULTY: *****
        INTRO: "After holding out at Bastogne, you've been reassigned to
                a squad with the mission of defending a nearby crossroad."

   OBJECTIVES: + Scout for enemy patrols
               + Aim artillery at the armor units
               + Defend each outpost as ordered
               + Hold out against the final attack

   *You're basically going back to patrol throughout Bastogne, except
    with the priority of defending a crossroad area. The possibility of
    artillery and lots of infantry are a high possibility.*

- Start off by heading towards your compass waypoint. When you get to the
roadblock, shift right, and go in between the buildings until you see the timer
disappear. This means you are in the area of Scarpello. Look for him on the
second floor of a brown building. Climb up to where he is. Suddenly, several
Germans will charge down the road. A Tiger tank will follow them on the rear
flank. Pull out your binoculars, and hold them steady on the tank zoomed in.
Try left-clicking until artillery rains down. It should come fairly close to
your position and destroy the tank if you had your sights over it. Now, start
to retreat as ordered. Scarpello tells you to man the MG while he tells CP of
what's going on. You'll basically have a rush of Germans on the far side, with
one man always streaking through to the left. Watch for two other Germans to
mount themselves at crouched positions near destroyed buildings. Keep gunning
till about 20 of them are downed. When it autosaves, grab the canteen in the
left corner, then continue back towards the CP as ordered via the radio.

- You may encounter a stray German or two that have to be disabled. Move into
the distraught building. The CO finds out that one of their lines have been
breached. Refill your health and go to the left bunker. Man the MG42 and fire
away at the Germans. For this part, I actually used the MG since you'll only
have to kill about 15 Germans. If you take lots of damage, dismount, prone, use
the two health canteens, and re-engage. Do this until they're mainly dead.
Regroup with the CO in the building, and he wants you to investigate the
northern outpost. A timer will start to count down. Watch out for a grouping of
3 Germans along the left side - they tend to have excellent aiming
capabilities. Once you have cleared through, you'll find the dead body of one
of your men. Get on the second floor of this outpost, and pull out the
binoculars. Left click at the (2) Halftracks and Tiger Tank that appear down
the road. Eventually, artillery will rain on their position. Make sure all of
the armor gets destroyed. Now, head back towards the CP. Watch for about (3)
stray Krauts along the way. Make use of the Thompson to dismiss their efforts.
Pull out your Springfield, and take out the last engagement of Germans down the
main road. Return to the CP, and refill your health. Your CO wants you to
engage yet another MG42.

- Hop onto the northern outpost MG42, and start returning fire at a rapid pace.
You'll have to kill about 25 Germans this time, and make sure not to kill
Scarpello accidentally as he retreats to safety. The most dangerous men are the
ones nearest to you against the blockade and the soldiers who crouch. Once
they're downed, replenish your health, and check in with the CO. The eastern
outpost seems to be desolate; you are ordered to investigate. If you take the
main way, you'll run into an ambush of Germans. Instead, flank along the right
towards this new outpost. Cut in behind the rear buildings, and you'll be able
to avoid the entire German ambush! Talk to the man crouching on the ground.
There's apparently a sniper out there. Move into the right building, and go to
the second floor. Look ahead past the main road towards the windows to the
right. Pick off the foolish sniper, and crouch as armor is rumbling up the
road. Peek out and (2) Tiger Tanks will try to pass through. Left click on each
of them to artillery bombard for two kills. Backtrack to the CP now the same
way you came. Watch for another ambush of Krauts as you're progressing back
towards the CP.

- Here comes the final push. Basically, the Germans will charge at each
outpost. The first outpost you must guard is the south bunker. I recommend
getting on the MG nest as you'll have roughly 25 Krauts to down. Use the usual
techniques, and even if you're low on health, the Germans will fire at your
allies more. Once the rush stops, immediately rush to the north outpost, and
repeat the same technique. Fend off the rush with roughly the same amount of
energy. Finally, move to the east flank and fend off the last attack. Use the
MG or your Springfield to pick off the gunners on the halftracks. Gun down the
men who jump out of the halftracks. Finally, finish the entire situation off by
dismounting and using your binoculars to call artillery on the remaining Tiger
Tank that rushes your flank. The mission will fade to the ending.

/Mission 8: Dropzone/
        INTRO: "After many days of rest and fighting, the path to Berlin
                is practically paved. Unfortunately, you and your men must
                establish a route across the Rhine river. You are airdropped
                into Germany for the first time ever, and it's certainly not
                going to be a cruising ride."

   OBJECTIVES: + Seek enemy intelligence
               + Enter the town of Rees
               + Find a transport vehicle

   *On a side note, you got promoted to First Lieutenant.*

- Start off by moving forward during the night assault. After peaking the hill,
take shelter behind a tree as there will be four distant, yet deadly MG42s.
Take each of the gunners out to complete your first objective. I usually
crouched near the road blockade for cover. Move down diagonally left towards
the new waypoint. A few clicks down the path, you will run into an engagement
of Germans. Try strafing while firing your sniper rifle zoomed in for the
takedowns. A few more stray Germans will interrupt your progress on the path
until you reach Rees.

- Be careful as there will be guards around both corners of this centralized
entrance. Make sure to lean extensively to take each corner guard down, and
also watch for some second floor snipers in the center destroyed building.
Check the building on the left for some health & ammo on a bed. Check the right
portion of this area for some ammo clips inside the destroyed building. On the
left side, pelt down the 2-3 Krauts down the main street for some easy kills.
Move down the left flank, and watch for an elevated sniper in the left corner
(not directly ahead). Take him down, then proceed down this main street. Look
for a well-lit building along the right side, and head on in. Take the enemy
intelligence off of the desk. Scarpello says that you and him are to go towards
a new bridge.

- Watch out for some explosions on the main street. Nail the Germans attacking
your amigo from the rear flank, then cut into the buildings in search of a
transport vehicle. Climb up the wooden plank to the second floor, and grab the
grenades on the floor. Jump across to the next area, and pelt down the three
men on the main street. Move ahead, and immediately turn around making sure to
pelt the sniper on the roof in the head. Move towards the large mansion. Cut a
left past it, and watch for another large grouping of Germans engaging some of
your allies. Look for tangos in windows, along building edges, and on the
ground level. You may be low on Springfield ammo, so resort to the Thompson if
an absolute must. Make your way around the corners, and cut into buildings for
cover. Ambush the last grouping of Germans assaulting the transport jeep where
your allies are. You will now have to cover your allies, especially while the
driver tries to get it started. Take cover in the gray building with a diagonal
slab missing. In here, you'll also find ammo for your sniper rifle (it's
probably very low by now). Return fire by crouching out of the doorway. Focus
on the rear flank where you were initially getting shot at, but make sure to
turn around and return fire at the 9-12 Germans that keep respawning across the
front flank (where the bridge is). Some of those Germans are higher-life
officers, so take several potshots at them.

/Mission 9: Messenger/
        INTRO: "The Germans are rushing to destroy the bridge of Remagen,
                preventing further Allied advancement into German territory.
                You and Scarpello are making a mad dash there to prevent the
                Germans from exploding the bridge."

   OBJECTIVES: + Make it in one piece to Remagen

   *You're zooming along in your jeep trying to reach Remagen before it is
    too late. Scarpello reminds you that you can only take so many hits in the
    futile jeep.*

- You'll basically start off zooming down the road. As tempting as it is to use
the Browning Automatic Rifle, reserve its use for the necessary situations.
Instead, it works best to zoom in and snipe every target as you approach it on
this level. Start off by zooming in and taking out the 2-3 MG42 bunker gunners.
When you move a tad further, a Tiger Tank will nearly engage you. Watch for the
approaching halftrack, and down the gunner before he can lay successive shots.
When you zoom a tad further, make sure to nail down any standing guards on the
road. You'll reach another barrier ahead with (2) MG42s. Focus on killing the
left bunker as this tends to do a lot of damage to yourself. You'll pass a
couple of jeeps parked on the road with German infantry. This is where I found
the BAR to be a handy weapon. Slot it out, and unleash a fury of automatic fire
on the target. You'll have about 6-10 guards remaining on the main road until
you reach a checkpoint. There's no way past it, so Scarpello orders you to get

- Dismount, and engage the four Krauts plastered on the main cabin. Your
primary goal should be to lay down fire using the BAR since it's perfect for
this situation. Try to stay near the buildings for cover though, since 5
Germans will rush out of the right bushes. Another grouping of Germans will
ambush you from the left flank as well. A Tiger Tank will catch up to the
action and blow up your ride. Head around back of the second building, and
Scarpello says he's gonna steal a German car. Hop aboard.

- You'll zoom away from the checkpoint, but not without trouble. Along the next
segment of road, you'll have primarily lone infantry, crouched against side
trees, or spaces at varying intervals. Use the BAR in 2-3 shot bursts to down
each man. You should lose little life here. Scarpello will eventually stop when
he sees some MG42s in the distance. After dismounting, move up to the rocks
where the sniper ammo & health cans are. Take them both, then pelt down the
MG42 gunners on both bunkers. When you hear Germans screaming, pull out your
BAR and immediately turn around as an ambush will arrive from BOTH grass
sections. Take out the initial ambush grouping, then counter-fire at the main
Germans scrambling on the road. With these men down, regroup with Scarpello as
ordered. You'll proceed to the next checkpoint.

- Along the way, you'll now run into halftracks and cars blocking the road. Aim
for the gunners using your BAR, and snipe out the halftrack gunners to minimize
damage. When you start to go up the hill, watch for a panzershrek on the left
side of the road. Kill him first, and then the car that tries to ram you will
get flipped off the road. Start semi-firing with the BAR to bring down the
targets up the road. When you go down the hill, be quick to take down the road-
block guards and three men groupings stationed along the road. When you reach a
sharp left turn, the car will end up stalling. Once you're dismounted, make
sure to pick up the health packs and ammo stocks. Use the BAR to kill the
gunner and men out of the halftrack straight ahead. Make sure to look left and
leave the same fate for the left halftrack. In between this battle, turn
around, and take out 3 ambushing Krauts from the nearby bushline. Scarpello
will eventually get the car started up. Hop back in.

/Mission 10: Final Push/
   DIFFICULTY: *****
        INTRO: "After some eventful driving, you've managed to make it to
                Remagen. The final battle for the bridge is about to begin, and
                we're supercharged like a Dodge Charger."

   OBJECTIVES: + Get to the bridge
               + Snipe the Detonator Soldiers
               + Clear the way for Allied forces
               + Snipe the Detonation Cord
               + Escape

   *After stopping, you realize this is the clear path to Berlin. It must be
    secured for Allied advancement.*

- When you first start off, everything will appear peaceful and quiet.
Scarpello will move forward just enough to trigger a bolt of German troops on
the left flank. Start engaging them and clear out the little abode they're
stationed on. Immediately turn around, and do the same for the (2) Krauts
hiding in the opposite right building. With these two places clear, move around
the corner of the street, and engage the men stationed by the MG42 and inside
the right side house with windows. Move into this house, and kill the officer
hiding in the back room. Jump crouch through the window and move past the
swings.	Get next to the MG42. Scarpello will regroup with you and try to unlock
a door right next to the bunker.

- Get on the gun and start firing away. I found this part difficult because it
takes several MG42 rounds to down these elite German guards. Do your best, and
if worse comes to worst, duck and lean fire. After he unlocks the door,
dismount, and he says to go ahead (he'll cover you). Unfortunately, Scarpello
looks like he's pretty much toast. When you enter the building, pull out the
BAR and gun down the 2 Germans just left of the stairs. Watch the left room for
(2) more Krauts, and make sure to pick up the much-needed health canteens off
of the table. Go up the stairs now. Here comes the tough part. You're literally
going to have about (9) Germans to kill on this upper floor. Most of them will
be stationed in little inlet windows, or side adjuncts. Cross the wooden plank
and prone near the opening so you can overlook the bridge. You'll see a brief
cutscene showing the Germans just about ready to detonate the bridge.

- The best strategy I found was to engage the Germans guarding the bridge
entrance BEFORE attempting to shoot the German detonators. There should be a
right corner window that overlooks the area. Don't move forward to where
Scarpello is, but stay back. You can actually kill about 12 of the bridge
guards, then move forward to the edge where Scarp is, prone, and fire ONLY at
the detonator guards. The guards will be to the lower right. Some of them will
crouch sneak to the detonator, while others will sprint. I recommend reloading
after killing one sprinting guard, since there are never (2) sprinters in a
row. If a sprinter reaches the detonator while you're reloading, he'll blow the
bridge. Once the detonator guards are killed, drop down via the wooden plank,
and backtrack out of the building. You'll have (5) Elite Guards to deal with on
your way out. Look across the railroad tracks for roughly six Germans hiding
inside the building. Move into here, then go around back, hop through each
successive window, and go up the stairs. You'll have roughly five more elite
tangos to take down. There is a Colt 1911 on the ground in one of the back
rooms in case you need it. On the top floor, go out to the burning balcony, and
pull out your Springfield. You need one more shot that will count. Aim for the
white "highlighted" portion of the detonator wire, and fire at it. It took me 4
shots standing up, so take your time. Once it is ripped to shreds, exit this
building, but cut over past the burning train cart.

- Once inside the train cart, take cover behind the seats. Several elite German
soldiers will scramble looking for you (the American sniper). You'll have close
to 15 guys outside the train cart to deal with. They'll come in waves of 5, and
focus on killing the guys that are directly right of the cart. Some of the
Krauts may try to peek their heads into the cart for easy shots. Headshot them
down. Cut a left around the corner once outside. Move down this path, and kill
the four Germans that try to rush to the left well. Turn around, and look at a
diagonal flank for a roof sniper. Now move past this second desolate tank
following your waypoints.

   *After reaching the exit to Remagen, Scarpello some how lived through the
    whole thing. The Allied reinforcements are now arriving. The ending entry
    in Hawkins diary entry speaks about how there is little resistance left now
    that the bridge has been secured. He and his men have earned their ticket
    home, and no longer have to worry about the war looming over their heads.
    Instead, he prays for those who have to make the final push into Berlin,
    and hopes the war will end soon.*

   *The ending sequence shows a bunch of Allied troops, armor, and planes
    moving over the bridge. The diary entry is recited for the last time. The
    ending credits show while a view rotates around the Allies base camp.*

     _  __)____________________________________/7_
    (//   )))))                                   `||
     /   (((((                                      )`
        ________ ______________________________/
      ) /#######/ )  /     )/
     / /##()##/ /  (     //
    / /#######( (`     THE END
   / /#########) )------``
  / /#########/ /            - There is only one ending for this game
 / /###(/)###/ /               regardless of the difficulty setting.
( (#########/ (


- 4) Weapons (4.1)         -
Weapons are the primary tool in first person shooters, regardless of the time,
place, or period. You know weapons play a VERY important part in a sniper game,
especially when there is no melee weapon. This section will briefly go over the
weapons available in World War II Sniper: Call to Victory.

   ROLE: Long-range firing
   RATINGS: Accuracy (*****)
            Range    (*****)
            Power    (*****)
            Overall  (****)
   - The Springfield is the only weapon in the game that you're forced to use
     in every mission. The advantage of the Springfield is that it has nearly
     perfect aim (except when you are moving), superb power, and the ability to
     fire at extremely long ranges. Since this game is based around sniping, it
     is your primary tool of choice. The Springfield is dually noted for a
     loud-bang from most weapon experts, however, in this game, the sound
     effect is quite pale for it. The disadvantage of the Springfield is that
     it has bolt-action reload, which REALLY sucks during combat with numerous
     tangos. It can be used extensively during close encounters. Don't use the
     scope, but rather aim freely with the on-screen crosshair.

   }M1A1 Thompson{
   ROLE: Short-range firing
   RATINGS: Accuracy (**)
            Range    (***)
            Power    (**)
            Overall  (**)
   - While the Thompson is mainly a submachine gun with a decent rate of fire,
     it is by far one of the worst weapons to use during WWII Sniper. The fact
     of the matter is that the gun suffers from horrible recoil which makes
     your 20-round clip turn into a matter of dust. The damage on the bullets
     is quite pathetic as well. You usually do not have a lot of ammo to expend
     upon different targets, so it can be difficult to judge it as the perfect
     weapon. The BAR dominates over this gun in any situation. My biggest
     problem with this gun is that the iron sight is so small you can rarely
     zoom aim with perfection.

   }M1 Carbine{
   ROLE: Medium-range firing
   RATINGS: Accuracy (****)
            Range    (****)
            Power    (***)
            Overall  (***)
   - The M1 Carbine is a decent weapon to use in urban, rural, or just plain
     chaotic situations. The gun possesses a fairly powerful 15-round clip with
     the ability for excellent aiming capabilities with the iron sights.
     However, as usual, the iron sights are very small and difficult to aim.
     The gun is only used on a few missions as well, limiting its use.

   }Colt 1911{
   ROLE: Pistol
   RATINGS: Accuracy (***)
            Range    (**)
            Power    (*)
            Overall  (*)
   - As much as I love the Colt 1911, it just simply is not worth the effort in
     this title. The weapon is a small pistol with a 7-round clip.
     Unfortunately, it takes anywhere from 3-5 bullets to down an opponent.
     This is a major problem in a game where you need power quickly, otherwise
     you love a lot of life. The small clip doesn't help, as you can really
     only down one, or two opponents before scrambling for a new clip. This is
     the worst secondary weapon.

   }Mark II Frag Grenade{
   ROLE: Ranged Explosive
   RATINGS: Accuracy (**)
            Range    (***)
            Power    (*****)
            Overall  (**)
   - The extensive use of the frag grenade during urban combat cannot be
     stressed enough. In this game though, the awkward physics engine causes
     problems when tossing grenades. They'll often clip along objects that have
     "boundaries" larger than the actual object. This can cause bad bounces
     that end up killing allies. Grenades have huge destructive power in this
     game, but are difficult to toss where you want. There is also no strength
     meter when tossing grenades.

   ROLE: Anti-Armor
   RATINGS: Accuracy (****)
            Range    (*****)
            Power    (****)
            Overall  (****)
   - The Bazooka is an awesome weapon to use, primarily for downing armor. This
     baby can propel rockets that destroy most armored targets in 1-2 shots.
     The reloads are VERY quick on this weapon unlike the real-life
     counterpart. Unfortunately, the situations where you do use this weapon
     are primarily for destroying Tiger/Panzer tanks.

   }50 CAL{
   ROLE: Machine Gun Support
   RATINGS: Accuracy (***)
            Range    (***)
            Power    (****)
            Overall  (***)
   - The 50 CAL is the popular, yet heavy mounted machine gun for the US &
     some Allies during World War II. The advantage of the 50 CAL is that it's
     somewhat better than the MG42, even though this was practically untrue
     during the war. For some odd reason, it seems slightly more accurate in
     "this" game, than most other games.

   ROLE: Machine Gun Support
   RATINGS: Accuracy (**)
            Range    (***)
            Power    (****)
            Overall  (**)
   - The MG42 is garbage in this game. Its accuracy is quite unstable for a
     decent machine gun during the war. It's also the only German weapon you
     get to use during the entire game.

   }Browning Automatic Rifle{
   ROLE: Long-range firing
   RATINGS: Accuracy (****)
            Range    (****)
            Power    (*****)
            Overall  (****)
   - This is by far the best secondary weapon in the game, besides the
     Springfield. Unfortunately, the weapon is only acquired during the very
     last missions in the game. It has superb power, great accuracy, can be
     used for pot shotting, or even automatic fire. While it only has a 20-
     round clip, it still gets the job done in most situations.


- 5) Codes                 -
World War 2 Sniper has a few codes that can help make the gameplay worth
playing. There are only a few codes, but they're still useful nonetheless. I'd
like to thank:

- for providing these codes.

   Press 9, and the screen will get overlayed with a black haze. This is the
   game's built-in console. Now, enter the following codes to get the desired

   	mpgod - God Mode
   	mpguns - All Guns & Ammo
   	mpclip - Spectator Mode
   	mppoltergeist - Ghost Mode (enemies do not see YOU)

   ***NOTE: I had some problems. I noticed the codes tended not to work
            especially if you loaded off of a quick save, or even autosave. You
            must enter the codes during normal play. God Mode gave me the most
            of problems. Simply re-input the code a few more times until the
            designated effect is acquired.


- 6) Common Questions      -

)) Gameplay ((

<< What would you rate World War 2 Sniper: Call to Victory? >>

- After some careful review, I'd rate it a [6/10]. Let me first start off by
saying this is a budget title game, and can be acquired at a very cheap price.
These features have to be taken into consideration when purchasing the game,
since you're not paying for much in the first place. Still, the game has
decently good graphics based out of a 3D engine. Obviously, the graphics are
texturized to some extent, and the in-game engine suffers from clipping issues.
Still, you get the sense of being in the war. Weapon textures are accurate,
along with player models. My biggest complaint with this title lays upon the
gameplay and sound. Weapon sounds are horrendous in this game, sound very weak,
and not authentic at all. Obviously, short-budgeted developers don't have the
time or money to create sounds, but the attempt could have been perfected to a
higher degree to actually represent these weapons. The gameplay engine heavily
relies on scripts, meaning you can bypass area by simply avoiding a script.
Most advanced developers would figure out a programming method to bypass this.
There is only one mode of play in the game, single-player, with no multiplayer.
There are only 10 missions, which is "fairly" short for a first person shooter.
The game impressed me for a budget title, but was mediocre for a shooter from
an overall perspective.

<< Are there any other versions of this game? >>

- No. This was the only release of this series, and for the PC. Jarhead games
has created other games, but nothing similar to this exact title.

<< Why aren't there any German guns? >>

- The features simply weren't implemented. It takes time and money to add new
skins for German weapons and the ability to pick up dropped weapons from dead
enemies. The only Axis weapon included is the MG42, and that's always mounted.

<< Who is the character you play in the game? >>

- His name is Hawkins, a U.S. Airborne Sniper. You start out as a private, but
gradually rise in rank across the game's campaign.

<< Any sequel planned? >>

- It's a budget title, so I doubt it. You never know though. This game is
similar to the Marine Sharpshooter games for the PC, which really just use the
same engine (different skins/weapons).


- 7) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines -
This FAQ/Strategy Guide/Walkthrough is my own published work, and copyrighted
by Christopher Zawada. Whatever you do, DO NOT edit this FAQ in any way. DO
NOT steal anything from this FAQ. If you want to use some information in your
own guide, simply ask me. If you want to place this guide on your website,
either link to the GameFAQs game page, or download the file and place it on
your own web server. Basically, you can post this on your website as long as
it's in ORIGINAL form, and not linking directly to GameFAQs. Aside from that,
all proper credit is due when necessary. Also, don't even think about selling
FAQs. Trying to prosper off of other people's work will get you in big time
trouble (coming from an eBay seller myself).

Any site out there has permission to host my FAQs (following the above terms),
however, these are a list of current sites that host my FAQs officially:



- 8) Proper Credit         -
I'd like to thank the following people for their help in making this FAQ

)) CJayC (( for constantly updating GameFAQs, and dedicating his entire life
to it. Takes a lot of effort to keep a site going this long.

)) (( for letting me use an excellent ASCII generator, which
composed this typical-style art. Excellent.

)) Jarhead Games (( for creating a mediocre shooter with some positive elements
besides the cheap price.

)) (( for providing several console codes that help lengthen
the gaming experience.

)) WWII Vets & KIA's (( for serving our country to the utmost extent.

  "Some people make sacrifices to make other people happy." - Chris Zawada
  "Freeeeeeddooommmmmmmmm!" - William Wallace (Braveheart)

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