World of Warcraft patch v2.4.3

World of WarcraftIzašao je najnoviji patch za World of Warcraft, sa kojim se igra diže na verziju 2.4.3. Ispravaka nema puno i najvećim delom se radi o kozmetičkim unapređenjima, i njihov celokupan spisak se može pročitati u nastavku teksta, dok se sam patch može preuzeti ovde (25 MB). Obratite pažnju da se ovaj patch primenjuje na verziju 2.4.2.


Dispel effects will no longer attempt to remove effects that have 100% dispel resistance.
Parry Rating, Defense Rating, and Block Rating: Low-level players will now convert these ratings into their corresponding defensive stats at the same rate as level 34 players.
Haris Pilton has launched a new line of bags and jewelry. Check her out in the World’s End Tavern!
Mounts at 30?! Yes, it’s true: Apprentice Riding and mounts are now available at level 30. Training costs 35 gold.
Blood Elf flightmasters outside of Silvermoon City and Tranquillien have traded their bats in for glorious fire-breathing dragonhawks.
Alcohol cooldowns have been rolled into Drinks: All 10-second cooldowns have been removed and replaced with the 1-second Drink cooldown.
Numerous flying non-combat pets have had their flight height modified to no longer skim along the ground: captured firefly, dragonhawk hatchlings, moths, owls, parrots, phoenix hatchling, spirit of summer, sprite darter, and tiny sporebat.

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