World in Conflict Realmod v0.1

World in ConflictRealmod je mod za igru World in Conflict, koji dodaje različita poboljšanja Massive Entertainment-ovom RTS-u. Ukoliko želite da isprobate ovaj mod, moraćete da preuzmete prvo v0.002 verziju (63MB), a zatim i v0.002v0.1 (2.16MB). U nastavku teksta možete pročitati izmene koje donosi mod, i način instalacije istog.



Installation instructions (for XP)

1- Download the file from the above link.

2- Unzip the contents of the .rar folder.

4- Go to where you placed the original Realmod v0.002 modfolder (which should of been placed inside the World in Conflict mod folder I hope!), and copy the patch executable you unzipped from the file within the Realmod folder.

5- Run the patch executable, and it will automatically update Realmod from 0.002 to 0.1!

7- If the update ran successfully, feel free to delete the patch file inside the Realmod folder as its no longer needed.

6- Now you can play! 😀

Unfortunately I'm not entirely sure how World in Conflict handles its modfolder system on Windows Vista at this time, so I cannot offer instructions at this time. My apologies to Vista users. If you know where to play WiC mods, then just place the patch executable within the Realmod folder and it should update fine (although this is untested by me as I am an XP user).

Using the mod

1- Load up World in Conflict as normal.

2- Click Options on the menu, then click on Select Mod.

3- If you installed (and updated) the mod correctly, you should see an entry in the mods list which says Realmod v0.1 by Phazon. Click on it, then press the Select Mod button down at the bottom.

4- If you activate the mod successfully, you'll see the word Realmod on the World in Conflict logo. Congratulations!

5- This mod has been tested in skirmish mode and LAN games. It will work online. It has also been adapted to the campaign, but this has not been fully tested but it should work fine (occasionally units will look and perform like their WiC defaults because they use a different unittype to the normal ones – such as the captured units in some missions – but this shouldn't happen often).

6- Have fun playing! Please leave any bug-reports, suggestions or feedback at mod forum inside the Realmod thread.

***Changelog v0.1*** (released – 15/01/2008)


-Reload time is measured in seconds.
-Firerate is measured in seconds (eg- 0.2 means 5 rounds every second).
-RPM = rounds per minute.

Overall changes

-Updated the version number to be more representative of the mod. It is quickly turning into something more than just a few small tweaks. 😉

-Quite a few new sounds/effects, recorded from real-life firing sessions from the weapons they are for. See below for more detailed list of whats new in this regard.

All sides

-APCs now use the 50cal_SpecialAmmo hit effect instead of the 50cal hit effect. The result is shell impacts look more like the ammo fired by the 25/30mm cannons.

NATO side

-New gun sounds for the FV510 Warrior IFV!

US side

-New gun sounds for the M16A2 assault rifle!
-New gun sounds for the M240 machine gun!
-New gun sounds for the Bradley M2 IFV!

USSR side
-New gun sounds for the AK-47 assault rifle!
-New gun sounds for the PKM!
-New gun sounds for the UAZ-469 (uses PKM sounds instead of 50 .cal sounds, as it is equipped with a pintle-mounted PKM).

***Changelog v0.002*** (released – 11/01/2008)

Overall changes

-Added new background movie that gets loaded instead of the default World in Conflict one. Hope you like it. 🙂

-Changed menu music from default to another WiC track. It only plays at the moment after having to reload the main menu music eg- clicking on credits then pressing ESC). The main menu music isn't refreshed within World in Conflict when loading a mod in the menu it seems, I will write up some python code in the future should fix that.

All sides

-Added 1 extra rifleman to all basic AT squads.
-Added alot of descriptive text for alot of the US units (with USSR and NATO extended descriptions coming soon when I finish doing the research). The game will now display the unit's weapon systems and other real-world info about the selected unit.

NATO side

-Changed firerate on FV510 Warrior to 1.5 (up from 0.3). Matches real-world firerate of 90RPM.
-Changed magazine capacity on Fv510 Warrior to (up from 4).
-Changed direct damage on FV510 Warrior to 230 (up from 120).

US side

-Changed firerate on Bradley M2 IFV to 0.33 (up from 0.1). Matches real-world firerate of 200RPM.
-Changed magazine capacity on Bradley M2 IFV to 12 (up from 4).
-Changed reload time on Bradley M2 IFV to 2 (up from 1).
-Changed direct damage on Bradley M2 IFV to 65 (up from 60).

USSR side

-Changed firerate on BMP-2 to 0.2 (down from 0.4). Matches real-world firerate of 300RPM.
-Changed magazine capacity on BMP-2 to 10 (up from 4).
-Changed reload time on BMP-2 to 3 (up from 1).
-Changed direct damage on BMP-2 to 71 (down from 120).

***Changelog v0.001*** (released – 10/01/2008)

All sides

-Added 4 riflemen to all basic infantry squads.

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