Wild Wild West – The Steel Assassin (walkthrough)

Wild Wild West - The Steel Assassin

Submitted by: Dj Simo

Wild Wild West: Steel Assassin Complete Walkthrough

This solution is meant as a complete spoiler as I assume that
the only reason you are referring to this is because you are
totally and utterly stuck somewhere and just want out!

So I won't beat around the bush by giving you hints I'll just
get stratght to the point and tell you how its done and
somethimes why its done that way.

I just want to say that this game is flexible and you can use
many ways and techniques to solve the puzzles and what order
and sadistic manner you want to shoot, maim, gas, clobber,
crush, etc...the bad guys!  My way, of course is not the only
way (please get creative when the shooting starts) but I'll
give you the easiest way I can figure out.

Eenie..Meenie..Minie..Moe...(blah) (blah)..if..he..bites.(blah)
...Minie..MOE! Okay, "East Street"!

Easy Street
(cut scene+plot info blah blah)
You start off in your headquarters/train called the "Wanderer"
if you watched the movie you be going, "yeh, yeh, I know!"

The "black glass window" that Jim West is facing is your gun
cabinent. Click on it and select your weaponry.
I suggest you put away your Colt  .45 Revolver and get more
mean, kick ass weapons! Btw, you put guns back onto the cabinet
by clicking the gun you want to remove onto your right hand then
clicking on its empty slot.

For this mission I took the: Dual Coil Lightning generator,
Six-Barrel Shotgun (for overkill), Sick Gas Canister Mortar,
Spinning Rip-Disk Ejector (because its in the movie, no other

Opposite the gun cabinet is the Projected Photo-whatjamighcallit
blah blah reference library (whatever) this where you get all the
info. I gave it the once over but got bored reading it. So, now
finally off to the adventure!

To start your mission, go down opposite the pool table, btw that
thing stores a bunch of maps, and if you notice the speaker/horn
thing on the wall thats ot tell the traindriver (Coleman) to take
you  to the firing range at begining of the game so you can  shoot
the chickens. Oops! I meant practice on the targets (pob-BAWK!).

On the other side of the pool table you will see an open drawer
with blue cylinders thats for your voice messages. Next to that is
the machine (you know from the movie). Anyway lets get on with it!
Click on the door (with the (W) cursor) to start your missions.

(cut scene)

Keep talking to Mr Byrd (the guy who just spoke out about his
crossword puzzle). The solution is 6-across:GRANT, 1-down:JOHNSON,
5-across:LINCOLN. The bartender/owner will ask you to fix the
cork-puller. Go to fireplace. get Fireplace poker and Fireplace
Bellows, click on top pf fire place, get Powder Horn and Musket

NOTE: A lot of the stuff you can pick up may not be used in the
current mission but in later ones but they are always made
available to you when you need it. Stuff like bandages are for
healing they are optional to use but I recommend you save them for
later instead of using them up now.

Go and click on the cork-puller, select the Ramrod and use
it(where the cursor becomes a "green gear") use the Bellows below
the Ramrod. Click on the very top of the cork-puller and use the
Metal Bird Figurine on the gear. Done.


Talk to Mr Street (bartender/owner) Ask everything.
Go into the dining room. The waitress, Misty is crying here.
There  is  a  pair of tongs on the table you can get that  now  or
it doesn't matter. Talk to Misty. Blah Blah *sob* *Sigh*. Talk to
her again. The cobbler is for Mr Byrd. The condition is the guest
must  have Chicken with salad or Steak with soup and not have  red

The following are disqualified:
Mr. Tucker   -Steak&soup
Mr. Ginsberg -chicken&soup
Mr. Jordan   -red wine
Mr. Hyde     -red wine

Ask her everything.

(more sinister plot)

Kissing  her or not doesn't matter. Quickly run to where she  runs
get out of the line of fire. You run by holding Shift-. Get
the knitting needle on the table. Ready your weapon. I chose the
Six-Barrel Shotgun. Make sure ALL your guns are fully reloaded.
Go up the back stairs (not the one you came down of course), the
next to Misty. Use the Knitting needle on both the hinges on the
"escape hatch". Click on it and prepare for fight scene!

There is a guy immediately in front of you. When he pops is head
above the logs BLOW IT OFF!!! Then Laugh like an evil maniac!!
HUHHUHHARHAH!! Well thats one down, about ten more to go. Reload.

There is a guy hiding in the chicken coop but instead of going  to
there is a way to "sucker" him out to you! Don't move from the
"escape  hatch" yet, you should have the wall off logs infront  of
a  cart  with barrels on it, the chicken coop behind that and  the
barn  behind the chicken coop. Click on the area just in front  of
cart  (where cursor changes to green (!!) footprints). You  should
be in
position to shoot the guy in the barn.

NOTE:  If  you  are  targeting  the bad  guy  (cursor  changes  to
You  will come out of cover and your gun will stop auto-reloading.
keep your cursor off the target until you are ready to shoot.

The  easier  way is to select your Lightning gun, then Shift-click
the barn behind. You will run into the barn. Immediately shoot the
bee  hive on the roof.Then wait for the guy from the chicken  coop
arrive at the door then fry him with your Lightning gun. Make sure
hold the right mouse button until all the 10 charges are spent  to
max  damage  it  should  kill him, if not  then  just  keep  right
clicking and
you'll  be "jumpstarting" him to death. As for the guy up  on  the
the bees, you can fry him too or you could be more cruel and just
watch him die from the bee stings!!HAHAHHA!!(Winnie the Pooh  he's

Now  you can go back and loot the bodies. Its important to  do  so
you  get a lot of clues (stored in JOURNAL) from the dead bad guys
sometimes  if you are hurt you can get bandages. Btw, your  health
go back to 5 before your next mission so use your disgression with
bandages,  also whatever is in your inventory at the end  of  this
will be carried on to the next.

Go back to the wall of logs, go behind where the first dead guy is
(loot  him)  and  click on the empty cart in  the  middle  of  the
There shoul be 2 guys, one onground and one up on the windmill
(offscreen)  If  you don't move from your current  position,  then
one  can hit you, take your time to kill the guy on the ground but
can't use the lightning gun as it is too short ranged. Switch to
another weapon. Then, Shift-click on the ladder under the windmill
AFTER the guy up there fires a shot(so you definately won't get
hit,  hopefully) Anyway, once you're up the ladder the  guy  can't
you  no  matter what, so you can start making monkey-faces,  going
Nanya, Nana!" You can use the Spinning Rip-Disk Ejector here,  its
easiest to hit him with. Reload all guns.

Go  back  to  the "escape hatch" screen. Go to the  left  of  this
You  should  be  looking at a dirt path going  across  the  screen
out  between  a  gap in the fence. Now this is a tricky  bit,  for
are  2  guys here one will appear near the cart with barrels (left
screen)  and the other behind the bushes next to the one  tree  in
of the tavern(top-middle of screen). Okay, the easIER way, attract
the guy from the bushes by clicking, diagonally from where you are
the  bottom right of the screen. As soon as you go near the  path,
guy  behind  the bushes will appear and shout "Hey!". Run  (Shift-
on  the left out of the screen and back to the barn, wait for  him
arrive then fry him with the lightning gun again (loot him).

Go back and attract the other guy out by going to the bushes where
the  other  guy came out of. Use your shotgun or any other  weapon
the lightning gun because range is a problem.

Go to the gap in the fence and WAIT for a highly convenient horse
carraige to arrive and click on it.(cutscene)

NOTE:  I  just  told you to go by THIS side of the tavern  through
THIS gap
in the fence but you can also go by the other way if you like, but
running to the barn for cover is more difficult)

Now there are many ways of doing this part, but I'll just tell you
easiest, less suicidal way of doing it (blah, no fun). Go into the
area and into the side door. Sneak up the ladder. Notice there  is
horizontal  rope  tied to a beam and is hold up  a  HEAVY,cranium-
hook thingy, aimed conveniently at the back of >>I didn't get  his
head.  DUH! click on it.(cutscene) (loot him) Click on  barrel  of
nails to
move  it  over  the TOP-SECRET trapdoor (cutscene).  Go  down  the

Notice there are 2 things on the pillar next to the cart, a  "COW-
and  a  rope  (attached to the "TOP" getit?TOP? Secret  trapdoor).
Click on
"COW-bell" After he goes "HUH?" click on rope.(cutscene)  Bad  guy
nailed getit?nailed? by barrel!

Go  left  click on oil barrel in the corner. (cutscene) Go through
to  alley and fry the guy behind the Nitro Plasma Gun. reload  all

Now  the  next room has 2 guys and you might take damage here  but
its also
the  last  "room " for this mission. What I did is get ready  your
gun  and shoot one guy CLOSEST to you with it(it should hit both),
quickly  switch  to  another gun and blow  them  away  efore  they
Then click on your horse to end the mission.

The Bull Pen

Now  it  doesn't  matter  what guns you select  in  this  mission,
you'll  be  unable  to use them as its too dark.  Just  start  the
with what you have you'll pick up another gun you can use in this

You'll be in the tavern at night and no one's in sight(Great! raid
cash register! Oops! No cash register, DOH!) Go to the cork-puller
and  get the cork (if you haven't already) Go to fireplace and get
Fireplace  Bellows AGAIN *shhessh*. But this time use  it  on  the
on the floor at near your feet (opposite the fireplace) EEEIIIUU!!
Go  to the window near the cork-puller. Open the window (cutscene)
 use the Fireplace Bellows with "Water" on the lantern. Use the
fireplace poker (it should be in your inventory) on the lantern.
(cutscene) Click on the lantern and get the Wet Lantern Wick.

If you think that was disgusting, imagine what you'd have to do if
there  were no bellows for you to use...you'd have to suck up  all
contents   of  the  spittoon  and  splat  the  hold  thing   out!!
That will even make the bad guys hurl!!

Click on foreplace and use Wet Lantern Wick on it (to dry it). Use
metal tongs (from the dining room table if you haven't got it yet)
pick up a small piece of hot ember from the fireplace. Go back  to
replace  Dry Lantern Wick, use Metal Tongs Holding Hot  Embers  to
light it.
(cutscene) It would seem that Misty is the only one here  and  she
been  mortally  wounded,  the others must  have  fled.  This  part
quite  add  up, the bad guys obviously shot her but she  taking  a
6  hours  since  you  left the die?? Go figure.  Anyway  I  though
leaving her
here alone in the last mission was signing her death warrant.  But
guess thats the plot. "They killed Misty, those BASTARDS!"

Now  if  you  think you can escape from the "escape hatch",  think
they  nailed shut from the outside, DOH! Well now is a go time  to
out that wardrobe. Click on it and use the Small Fancy Key (should
it  in  last mission) on the key hole. The solution to the  puzzle
should be
in  your journal if you looted the bad guys in the last mission as
as  in the Photo-whatjamighcallit blah blah reference library back
at the

It should open autmatically and you'll step inside. Get the Lady's
Handkerchief  on the floor. Click on the middle of the  table  and
get the
Night-Vision Pistol. You can check out the rest of the schematics.
Click  on  the barrel of gunpower on the floor and use the  Powder
(from the musket above the fireplace) and fill it up.

NOTE:  if  you  have the Hot Ember or a match you could  light  up
and blow you and the house to bits!! DDOOOOHHH!!

Go  back  upstairs to the bar(with the cork-puller). The bad  guys
start  shooting at you. Stand behind the bar if you don't want  to
get hit.
Now  there are 2 broken windows one on the left and the  other  on
the right
over the checker board.

Go  to  the dining room first, now at this part is a bit  hard  to
especially in the dark, you have to click on the top drawer of the
room  cabinent  (the one with the plates and other  crockery)  Its
near the
door way towards the stairs and the cellar so its easy to miss  if
don't know what you're lookng for. Get the Short Length of Twine.

Oh  yes, the match I forgot to mention that. Go out of the  dining
the doorway I mentioned (towards the stairs not to the bar) Go  to
the kitchen
door  (there is a "Kitchen Keep Out" sign on it) Now look  on  the
table with
the  large  bowl  to  the right there is a single  match  balanced
magically on
its edge! No not really, just get it.

Now you should already have your Night-Vision Pistol ready. Shift-
on  the  window on the right first. The guy is on the left of  the
TIP:  keep your cursor on him when he stops rolling on the ground,
him before he shoots you. 2 shots should kill him.

NOTE:  If you fail to reload your gun and you click on empty,  the
guys will bust in and finish you off.

Repeat the same for the window on the left. Then quickly click  on
souvenier exploding cannonball bolted onto the end of the bar. Use
Power Horn with Gunpowder on the hole and use the cork to plug  up
hole. Use the twine on the cork.

NOTE:  The Match and the Hot Ember are inter-changeable.  You  can
either one in either case.

Anyway,  you need to lure the suckers into the tavern  before  you
the  cannonball  (which is bolted to the table) Remember,  what  I
about  the bad guys busting in after you run out of ammo? Well  do
that,  go  to  any  window and keep firing away  until  they  come
charging in.
Jim West will automatically light the fuse, etc. Done!

Barn Burner

You'll  be  on  horseback. You might want to switch back  to  your
Colt  .45  Pistol  so that you can look like a  real  cowboy,  but
that's just
me.  You  could also use the Spencer Repeating Rifle for increased
and  firepower! You are going to need your Sick-Gas gun  for  this

Go/Gallop/Trot  2  screens  to the  right.  You'll  see  this  guy
in  the fork down the road lure him closer to you and take him out
first  guy you kill in this mission will give you Percussion Caps)
to kill him without going to close or going into the next screen
because there is a cannon turrent, yes a CANNON TURRET!! down that

If  you can't get at him then go one more screen to the right  and
the  guy  that runs out behind you and you can get the  Percussion
from him instead.

Go  2  screens the right after the second guy I mentioned AFTER  a
when the dirt road bends to the right. There will be 2 bad guys in
next screen so the easiest way to do this is to take them one at a
I  used  the  lightning gun for this but you  can  use  any  other
enter  the screen to the right, one guy should come out  from  the
trees on
the  right. Quickly click back and go back to the screen where you
came from
before the second guy comes out. Give the first guy space to enter
screen  (else  he'll  be  shooting you off-screen)  then  FRY'EM!!
Repeat the
same for the next guy.

In  that screen, get the Axe AND the Wood from the wood pile lying
on the
side  of the road. Now, the Axe must be in your "left hand"  click
on the
Wood  and  you'll get Wood Kindling. Its nice to know  your  horse
as a chopping block!! Oops, missed! Sorry, Horsey!

Don't go any further right, instead go back the way you came. Back
the  screen  where the road bends right. Now you should  be  at  a
road going left to right across the screen with no forks in sight.
on the bottom of this screen to go to the river.

You  will observe that here there is a river with no bridge and  a
conveniently located at the side and the cursor changes to one  of
"gear"  symbols. Gee! What could it all mean? Slash and Burn!  Use
axe  on  the tree. (cutscene) You know the side of the  tree  he's
should result in the tree falling the other side and crushing your
but I'm no lumberjack!

Anyway a bad guy should come out immediately, shoot him anyway you
Click on the tree trunk to cross the river like a highwire expert.
Then  ready your lightning gun and approach the shack another  bad
comes  out  of the shack. Fry'em. Then let your gun recharge,  Yup
guessed  it! There is another one in the shack. Get in  there  and
fry'em up
also.  Get the box of Dynamite. Go back across the river  and  get
back on
your horse.

Go  back  to the screen with the wood pile and go one more  screen
You'll  encounter a bad guy on a horse. This guy is tough; I  used
shotgun; not that tough. Click on him after he's dead to  eat  his
I  mean  loot his body..whatever.  Another way that seems to  work
well is when the guy is charging at you use your Spinning Rip-Disk
and fire a few shots at him, it should stun him for a second or so
giving  you time to switch to your shotgun and finishing  him  off
him  doing anydamage to you. i managed to pull it off twice  in  a
row so
I  guess  it should work most of the time. But you'll have  to  be

Heal  up  with  the bandages you saved (you did save  some  didn't
and  go to the next screen. Another bad guy on foot comes out, now
guy  doesn't  sucker very easily and he's quite a  good  shot,  so
I just killed him (fried) where he stood. Blah.

Follow  the  road to the right of the screen. Don't  go  near  the
barn, its
not  that  easy. Go up the hill(you will dismount again)  There  2
guys with
there backs turned. Now, you can either use your Sick-Gas Gun then
in  and  finish them off or you can use the Spinning Rip-Disk  Gun
and ricochet
around the rocks but I doubt you'll have enough ammo to finish the
Or  you can do it my way and use the lightning gun. You'll have to
get a
little  closer to the rock that separates them from you but  don't
go around
you'll  still nee cover from the rock. Just fire a shot to attract
attention  and one if not both of them will come down  along  side
the rock
to  shoot  at you but they can't due to the angle of the rock  and
you should
be close enough to fry them. HA!

Next  screen  to  the right. Now its time to  say  goobye  to  the
Click  on  the  rocks above the turret (where  cursor  changes  to
eyeball symbol)
use  Dynamite  and then the blasting caps on it. Stand  back,  FAR
Preferably  the previous screen. Now shoot it with any  weapon  to
set it off.

Go  back  to  where  you dismounted your horse.  Go  to  the  barn
building all the way to the right) Get the Bullwhip hanging on the
(same wall as the door) Get the Lead Pipe thats on the barrel  and
some  Hay from the ground next to the barrel. You can look at  the
on  the  wall. You should see a boiler engine in the back. Go  and
click on
it, and notice that there are 5 "hotspots":
(1)  The  top  "cap"  (topmost middle  of  screen)  (cursor-"hand"
(2)  The  large "cap" (slightly to the bottom and to the  left  of
    (cursor-"hand" symbol)
(3) The small "grey metal wheel/gear thingy" (directly below (1)
     in  the  middle of the screen, NOT refferring to  the  wooden
(4)  The  "pivot"  for  the bar (3) is attacted  to  the  end  of.
(slightly to
    the  right of (3))
(5) The wooden wheels/gears(at the bottom)

Go  back out, to the house (its either condemned or a dump!).  Get
on  the floor. Look at and use Axe on lock. Go in, click on  chair
move it (cutscene). Go in to the kitchen (other side of door)  and
bucket under water pump. Use Lead pipe on pump, then use the water
to  fill the bucket with water. Get the Bucket of Water. Get Dirty
Tray  (on  the  floor  below  the water  pump).  Use  your  Lady's
on  it to clean it(put either item in left hand, then click on the
Click  on  cabinent  next to chair to climb  on  top  of  it.  Use
Bullwhip on
the  long  chandlier  cord hanging from the ceiling...eiiii...HAH!

Go  up the rest of the eh..stairs? into the door way. Now, in  the
(middle of screen) Get the Doily, "not a dolly, a doily!" then use
Axe  to  bust up the wall!!(cutscene) click on the wheel  in  that
room to
get a Bicycle Tire. I know what you're thinking--"After all that
back-breaking work, all I get is Tire-d!"

Get  back  out  and  to  get down use the Bullwhip  again  on  the
cord.  Go  back to the barn. Use the Doily on the writing  on  the
Then  use the Clean Metal Tray on the middle hook on the post (the
the  arrow on the Doily points to) (cutscene) Use the Bullwhip  in
place which the reflected light off the tray points to (the wooden
peg  on the horizontal beam) Get the Wooden Peg on the floor  that
you pulled off, Get the papers that fell on the floor.

(cutscene) A bad guy threw a lantern on the hay. There are also  3
of them outside so forget about going there. Click on the boiler.
open  the  top "cap" (hotspot#(1)) use bucket of water here.  Open
large "cap" (hotspot#(2)) Use the Wood Kindling AND the Hay on it.
Use  the Wooden Peg on the pivot (hotspot#(4)) and use the Bicycle
on  the  wooden wheels/gears (hotspot#(5)). Now use your  Liniment
on the area just ABOVE the small "grey metal wheel/gear thingy"
(hotspot#(3)-cursor-"green   gear"   symbol).   Then   click    on


Now you need to play Artemus Gordon's side. His methods are more
"brain" and less "brawn" more diplomatic and less "cowboy". So
you'll see the contrast when you do his missions. Btw, you'll
also notice that his handwriting is much better than Jim West!

Parkhurst's Ladies

Click on the chemicals table(the one with all the flasks on the
shelves) Get the Mechanically Assisted Grease and the Formable
Putty Acid String. You can read the book here to learn about it.

Click on the "grey table" and get all the gadgets that aren't
broken (as if you could get the ones that WERE broken!). Go down
somemore (opposite direction from the horse) and stop at your
"vanity make-up table" Get all 3 masks on the top. and go through
the  door  (to  Jim  West's side) Go all  the  way  to  the  Vocal
Service thingy and listening to all messages from Jim West.
Then go back to the Projected Photo-whatjamighcallit blah blah
reference library (whatever) and view the new slides on the papers
that Jim West got at the end of the last mission.

Now  start  the  mission, you can click the  (W)  symbol  anywhere
Jim's side or your side either one will start your mission.

Well it seems that Arte really knows how to travel in first class
style!   Go  to  the wharf (middle of screen, cursor-"green  (!!)"
Listen to the conversation between the woman and the watchman.
Then  use  the Sailor Uniform on yourself (you need  to  have  the
Uniform on your "left hand" then open your Inventory screen and
click  on  your full portrait). Go onto the wharf. After  all  the
"sailor-talk",  go one screen down. In the middle  of  the  screen
is  a  "Danger: Rotten Wood" sign, click on it to remove  it(*evil

Just  to  the  right of that is THE BARREL which you  saw  in  the
cutscene of the game, you know, where the nightwatchmen got fired
by the mechanical pupppet? Use your Non-Contaminating Evidence
Examiner and Retriever (N-CEE&R) on the fried footprints on the
floor   infront  of  the  barrel.  Get  the  chunk  of   wood..Oak
grain is finer...(oh forget it!). Use the (N-CEE&R) on the red
"paint/blood" or whatever you think it looks like, and click on it
again  to  take a swab of it. Click on the top of the barrel.  Use
(N-CEE&R) on the copper wire on the right of the barrel AND then
use  the  (N-CEE&R) on the Metal Sliver on the left of the  barrel
click  on  it again to get it sampled. Use your (N-CEE&R)  on  the
on the floor (leftmost-middle of the screen)

Okay,  now  click on your Portable Forensic Analysis kit  and  use
Evidence: Makeup Sample & Evidence: Metal Sliver on it.

Go  one  screen  to the right and remove another  "Danger:  Rotten
Wood" sign (*even more evil laugh*). Now, behind(below and to  the
left) of the
sign  is  a  crate (you know, the one that matches  the  chunk  of
Use Chunk of Wood on the crate.

Get  onboard the ship through the service entrance(the one at  the
go  behind the mast and change disguises to Parkhurst Costume. Try
leave  by  the  passenger  exit (to the  right).  The  troublesome
is there again to foil your plans. Change back to Sailor uniform.
Leave by service exit. find a place where you can change, eg where
the barrel or crate was and change to Parkhurst Costume again.

Walk  pass,  but not too near to Marcella so she can see  you  and
following you then go to one of the "rotten wood" areas and  stand
so  as the "sucker" her to walking over it! HAHAHA!! She can swim,

Doesn't matter just switch back to Sailor Uniform, go back on  the
behind  the mast and change back to Parkhurst Costume and use  the
passenger exit to meet the two people standing there. Done!

Harbor Cruise

Now switch back to Arte's normal clothes and to the Jim's side  of
train.  Click  on the machine next to the Vocal Messaging  Service
to start the mission.

Wow! Its a hydrofoil! (discount version)
NOTE: You need to go by this way else you can't accomplish the

Go up the ladder and quickly go back down the stairs (not the same
ladder,  its the stairs about 1 cm to the right of the ladder  you
up  on.  Go left 2 screens until you reach the last screen(with  a
of  nails, ooh Deja Vu!) Look at the bottom of the stairs (cursor-
"eyeball" symbol) use the Formable Putty Acid String on  the  base
of  the stairs and then the Mechanically Assisted Grease. Now this
a  bit  of  timing,  if you haven't already,  Press  'C'  on  your
to  enable  close  captioning. When there  is  no  "Otis:  off-key
displayed,  click  on the stairs to move it.  (cutscene,  the  one
the guard oesn't notice you).

You  will move the stairs under the shipping office. click on  the
floor  of  the  shipping  office (top of relocated  ladder,cursor-
"eyeball" symbol)
Use  the  Formable Putty Acid String on the floor of the  shipping
office  (cutscene) Click on the hole to get in then click  on  the
flower pots
on  the  left  then click on the leftmost flower pot. You'll  find
written underneath the dead plant's pot. Its "RD LAE RHI"

Now I assume you know how safes work, you turn it a certain amount
either  left  or right and repeat that until you get  the  correct
combo  then  it opens. You can do this the hard way  and  use  the
Sensitive Safe-Cracking Stethoscope and use trial and error or you
can examine the note more carefully. Now the 'R's and the 'L's at
the beginning of each new "word" are obviously "Right" and "Left"
respectively.  But  what  about the other  letters?  How  do  they
to numbers? Thats it! TRANSLATE them to numbers! A=1, B=2, etc.
What  we  get  is "R4 L15 R89" BINGO! Just click on  the  engraved
hands"  on  the safe to turn the tumblers right until  it  reaches
(R4), then left until (L15) and finally (R89). Click on the handle
to open the
safe.  Click  on the purple book on top and flip through  all  the
pages, then click on the papers in the folders below the book.

Now  leave by the front door. The nightwatchmen start off standing
at the leftmost of the screen. Now this part is tricky. The idea
is  to  get rid of the thugs guarding your hydrofoil thingy. There
2  standing next to the ladder you came up from and there  is  one
below the ladder next to your hydrofoil thingy. To get rid of  the
first one,
you  need  to use the nightwatchman to take him out.  Walk  up  to
where the
2  bad  guys are standing (don't let them get near you  or  corner
then  quickly dart to the path just below them(with the big  brown
separating them and you. One of them should follow you slowly. Now
nightwatchman will be patrolling the path below the one you  took,
so get
the  bad guy to follow you then when the nightwatchman gets  close
move  slightly away so that the nightwatchman notices the bad  guy
following  you.  If you did this correctly then the  two  of  them
should shoot each other to death!

Now  for  the  other bad guy. Go all the way to the  top-rightmost
and  click  on  the top right corner of the warf  (not  the  ship,
cursor-"eyeball" symbol) click on the rope(cutscene)  click  again
on the rope,
then  click on the anchor. Now go and atttract the other  bad  guy
the  anchor/net. When he steps on the net, quickly  click  on  the
(cutscene, SPLASH!). Now go and have a little chat with  the  last
guy below. Ask him everything. (cutscene)

You'll  be  on your hydrofoil thingy. Now there will be  3  boats,
guns (as usual). Go left in this screen. Click on the boats in the
middle  of the screen (cursor-"eyeball" symbol) Click on the  rope
cut  it  (don't ask me what Arte used to cut the rope!) Then  back
one  screen and click on the boat again.(cutscene, Arte  uses  his
legendary, demi-god strength to push the boats together!!)
Now go left, and in the next screen, go near the leftedge of the
screen but try not to go to the next screen. Soon as you approach
the edge of the screen, 2 bad guys will start yelling that they've
spotted  you. Quickly turn around and head back to the  screen  to
right with the 2 boats BUT keep hte bad guys close to you so  that
they  will  follow  you. When you arrive at the screen,  click  in
between the
2  boats (near the front where you cut the rope) and make sure you
in  between the 2 boats and wait at the bow (front) of the  boats.
bad  guys  will  follow you and try to squeeze  between  as  well.
(cutscene-Crushed! Indiana Jones style!)
NOTE: You can only crush 1 bad guy so don't keep trying to crush 2
the same time, you're not meant to.

Now  if  you managed to lure 2 bad guys with you, then go  around,
the "2 stationary boats" between you and the bad guy and go back
left  to where the 2 bad guys you attracted came from. If you only
managed  to attract 1 bad guy the first time then go and  get  the
other one and lead him to the "2 stationary boats" and lose him as
he tries
to turn around.

Okay, you have a limited but enough time to pull this off, if  you
you  can just try again. The idea is to lure all boats, far enough
(not  very  far),  away from the bouy that is marking  the  little
jaggered rocks
in the middle of the 2 REMAINING bad guys. The Problem: If you try
to  lure the bad guys away in opposite directions, doubleback, the
first one
would  have  gotten back into postion before you can  get  to  the
So you have to lure them in the same direction and quickly find  a
and just rush for the bouy.

Rule  #1:  You  can only get rid of a max of 2 bad  guys  (1  will
Rule  #2: You cannot fix/sabotage the bouy then there are bad guys
       to you (less than 1/2 a screen)
Now here's how I did it. After losing/delaying the second bad guy
who  is  fumbling near the "2 stationary boats", go left and  left
go  near  the bouy (top-middle-left of screen, roughly) the  third
bad guy
will  come at you. Stay in this screen and lure him closer to  you
(this is a bit dangerous but it is near the end of the mission and
you  don't have time to lure him in a safer way.) Go to the bottom
of the screen,
(same screen you entered and first saw the bouy) and when he's far
enough  away  from the bouy and close enough for comfort  to  you,
click on the bouy and whizz around keeping your distance away from
the approaching bad guy (you might get shot at once). Once you are
at the bouy, click on the "plug" at the bottom of ut to sink it.
Then  quickly line up the small jaggered rocks which the  bad  guy
sho  should still be following you and he should collide with  the
like a crash-dummy (in more ways than one!). (cutscene)

Now  click  on  the  beached crash-dummy, I mean  bad  guy's  boat
(cursor-"hand" symbol) To launch yourself outta here! Done!

Casting About

Switch  to Parkhurst's Costume and Click any (W) symbol  to  begin

In  the  changing room, click on the table and read the  note  and
script  (all pages). You can read (use) the script many times  and
see  what  Arte  says. Click on the door when you  feel  confident
(play rehearsal)
Not bad! At least someone enjoyed the play!
NOTE:  I recommend you try to exit your room WITHOUT reading  your
at all! You'll be a laughingstock! (It doesn't affect the mission)

Leave  your  room  again. Now notice there are  4  doors  in  this
your room on the left the next is a washroom/bathroom and the  one
down the hall is labelled "STAGE" (no 3 quesses where that leads!)
the 4th
is  locked and not important the same goes for all locked doors in

Go  upstairs stairs up, bottom of screen). The first door on  your
is  Mae's  room.  Go  in. She'll talk to you  and..and..so  forth.
(Don't you
wish  you  fixed that periscope sooner!) Get her Stain Slipper  on
floor. You can read the card that is on the flowers on the small
round  table. Since you can't DOOO anything else right now,  leave
her room and go up the nearby stairs.

Enter   the   first   door   on   the   left.   You'll   talk   to
Ask  as much as you can but he'll chuck you out anyway. Now go  to
the  open doorway at the end of this hall (labelled "FLIES").  Now
there  are 3 rows of "catwalks" and you are standing on the  iddle
there  is a flight of stairs in the middle leading to the carpenty
Also notice there is a sandbag hanging slightly to the left of the
middle of this screen. Clicking on this bag will cause it to  fall
and  crush  the  beautifully  crafted  chair  below,  causing  the
haeartbroken floor manager to leave the carpenty shop in order  to
replace it.

You  will  be required to do this each time you want to enter  the
carpenty  shop.  If you enter the carpenty shop 4 times  with  the
floor  manager  in it, he will kill you (he "stabs"  you  with  is
WOOODEN hammer??!!).

Anyway, above the sandbag, slightly to the middle of the screen is
a  can of red paint and some empty Metal Cans (get them). Click on
sandbag.  (cutscene).  go up the stairs in  the  middle.  Get  the
and the Steel Chisel on the table. Then go left, and get the
Paint Brush and Awl(small pricking tool) from the table with the
half broken pieces of chairs.(Gee, how did that get broken?)

Now go right and exit through the doorway to the top-right of the
screen. Now there are 3 doorways, take the middle one leading up.
When you go around the corner and enter the next room, notice that
in  that room (prop room) there is an elephant head hanging  there
on  the  left  (redundant) and a double-door to  your  right,  its
locked  and  warnings  all  over it, it even  says  "High  Voltage
Electrical Equipment" how convenient.

Click on the cabinet and get the 2 glasses. Then click on the box
with the purple lining on the right of the cabinet. Get the Lip
Rouge and the String. Use the Awl on the Empty Metal Cans and then
use  the  string  on  the Empty Metal Cans with  holes  to  get  a

Exit  this room and go back to the "3-doorway" place and take  the
doorway  down. You'll be back infront of Degarde's room.  Go  down
all the
way   back   to  the  outside  of  your  room  and   go   to   the
and wash the Glasses in the basin to get Clean glasses. Now go out
and  go to the door marked "STAGE". You can look at the chair.  Go
and get the corkscrew on the floor. Go down and click on the dummy
(jack-in-the-box). Now look carefully and go to the corner of the
stage to the left of the 2 windowed box seats. Enter the box seats
throught the small (it only looks small on your screen) yellow
doorway on your right. Click on the sawdust on the floor, next to
the  chair(cutscene). Lets find out where it leads, of course  you
already  know  where--the electric equipment room. But  lets  just
humor Arte...
Shh! Don't tell him!

Exit this room and go to the BIG yellow doorways to your left
(don't  take  too long deciding which one to use.)  Click  on  the
up. Click on the first doorway to your right. Rrrrruuunnn down the
hall...STOP!! Enter the Manager's Box (Mr. Fiddledy) Check out the
same  holes on the floor.(cutscene). The last set of holes is (you
know where).

Okay enough humoring. Go out and throught the doorway to the left
and  around  to  the right. You should be outside Mae's  room.  Go
and through the doorway and go all the way across the "catwalk" to
the  other doorway. Now go up and you should be in a hallway  with
open yellow double-doorway labelled "3rd Floor Lobby" and a crummy
brown  door to the right--That's Fiddledy's office. Go in an  talk
Mr Gobb. blah, blah. Get the White Wine on the desk and look at
the  photographs on the table. Eww! On second thought...  You  can
look  through  the profiles of the people in the  theatre  on  the
Open  the middle drawer (its very thin and you can't see it,  just
where cursor-"hand" symbol). Read both papers inside. The door  on
right  can be forced open. Just use the Steel Chisel and then  the
(I'm not sure he'll appreciate that!). To your surprise there's...
absolutely nothing! Blah!

Go back to Mae's room (go out of Fiddledy's office, go up, go into
"FLIES" doorway, across catwalk and down stairs). Use Corkscrew on
White  Wine, use Open Bottle of Wine on Clean Glasses. Give  Clean
Glass  with Wine to Mae (no peeking!) She'll ask you to get CHERRY
RED  Lip Rouge, so go out, uptairs to catwalk and use Steel Chisel
on the can of paint.

NOTE:You can only do this after doing all of the above.

Use  Paint Brush on red paint, use Paint Brush with Red  Paint  on
Lip  Rouge.  Go back to Mae's room (you should have memorized  the
route by
now!) Give her the "Cherry Red" Lip Rouge (don't kiss her). She'll
ask  for  her slippers next, but you've only got one. Try to  give
the  one  slipper and she'll tell you that she...blah..blah..might
left it in Leopolde's dressing room.

Go  out and down the stairs to outside of your room. You will over
a conversation with Marcella and Fiddledy. You can say anything to
but  I  recommend the last response. After Fiddledy  so  blatantly
to  you  by "Mr. Gordon" and leaves, Mr Degarde walks out  of  the
washroom/bathroom (not good).

You  know  that  4th  door in your hallway that  I  told  you  was
Well,  I'll be darn! Go into the "unimportant 4th door"  room  and
the  4  important keys to 4 important places from the key rack  on
the wall to the right.

Go  out  and up to Degarde's room, unlock it with Key to Degarde's
Dressing Room. and look at the telegram on the floor. Look at  the
on the floor and use Mae's Statin Slipper on the one that matches.
If you don't know which one it is use trial and error..oh but with
elimination as well!

Click  on  his  desk and look at the photoframe  (he  knows  Booth
or  maybe its a forgery, nah!) Click on the floor plan on the left
his desk. Woh! Its got all the elevation and windages for sniping!
it  could be for pie throwing, hey, its a humorous play!  It  also
explains the drilled holes you've found around the place. Click on
the box on
the  right.  Ah,  just  a necklace with a "bull"  symbol,  nothing

Exit his room and go up the stairs to the "3-doorway" room and go
up.  Use  the  Key Smelling of Paraffin to unlock  the  electrical
double-doors. Look at the wires, the rack and the hole in the rack
the wires are going into.

Go back to Mae's room. Give her the pair of...hey! Where she go?
Read the note. DOH! Read the telegram on the floor. Isn't that the
same one Degarde had? Done!

En Garde

Switch back to Gordon's Clothes, and start the mission.

Go  to  the 2 people talking in the alley. Blah, blah. Go  in  the
"trap" door (there's only one door). Degarde will sportingly  give
you a stage
prop  sword  to defend yourself with. Common sense will  tell  you
kill  him with THAT! Gee, what would Zorro do in a situation  like

That's  it!  Start  backing off straight away  get  some  distance
you  and him keep clicking on the right of the screen. If he  gets
close  block  his sword by right-clicking on him when your  cursor
changes  to  a sword symbol with an X on top(not when there  is  a
circle-that's  to attack) just when he raises his  weapon  to  hit
you. Keep backing off right until you reach the rightmost side  of
the  stage  with the tied ropes thingy (you're getting  the  idea,

When  you  are  close enough, click on the ropes  to  let  down  a
on   Degarde's  head.  (cutscene+ego  trip)  Done!  Yes,  I'm  not
mission accomplished!

The next mission is back to Jim West.

Broken Hopes

Go  and  listen  to all the voice messages from  Arte.  start  the

You  start off getting off your horse and standing next to a make-
sign  "Broken Hope" go right and up to a huge checker board, guess
favorite  game  this  is. Looking at the  setup  here,  you  think
walking  around  in  a wetsuit and rubber flippers  wouldn't  look

The  square  you  are  standing on points to  the  starting  black
so  jump  on that one. Nothing dramatic happens, thats  good.  The
news  is  you'll know if you jumped on the wrong square,  the  bad
is its too late to regret it!

Okay,  for  those o you who know to play chess: you  are  supposed
like  a  knight  in  english chess (L-shaped).  And  the  electric
on  the  board  also are like knights as you cannon  jump  onto  a
they  are guarding or you'll be zapped back to your former square.
you  make  an  illegal move (not L-shaped) then the big  lightning
rods will
zap you (tough).

For the benefit of those who:
i)  don't know chess.
ii) can't stand chess.
iii)  Couldn't care less for chess.
iv) are impatient.
v)  have pulled out all their hair over this puzzle!

For  example,  when  I write "2U1R" <-- this means  "jump  to  the
square  which  is 2 squares up and 1 square to the  right  of  the
current  square you are standing on" (NOT jump 2 squares and  then
jump 1 square right later, you'll know you've made a wrong move if
you get zapped.)
(L=left, R=right, U=up, D=down)

Here's the move list:
(Btw, you should be already standing on the first black square)
At  this stage you should be right next to the exit but don't jump
to it from here, its still considered and illegal move.
2D1R (To the exit!)

Go  right  and up and OWIE! You get knocked out and put  in  jail.
Talk to
Electra   Steele..blah..blah..ow!(again).  Talk   to   Mims.   Ask
Click on Mims to get his gun, then click on the jail door (which I
wasn't locked) and get out through the back door on the left.

When  no  one can spot you, click on the window on the left  (with
curtain  blowing in the wind) and climb inside. Get  the  Sleeping
and  White  Hat.  Wear the white hat (by using  it  on  your  full

Now you won't be recognized at long distances. They think you're
Dusty--the guy sleeping. Although you have a gun don't even think
of  firing  it now there are way too many bad guys that can  swarm
You MUST absolutely use stealth, no two ways about it.

Okay,  just  walk  out  the front door of  Dusty's  house(it  says
"HOTEL" btw)
and walk across to the saloon. Rufus, the guy on the roof will ask
to  get  him a beer. Obviously don't go in the front door, instead
go  to  the right and to the back of the saloon. There is a ladder
on the left,
thats  where Rufus is. Go into the backdoor of the saloon  on  the
You'll  crawl under the bar. Use the Sleeping Pills on the  bottle
rye, on the bar, the 2 bad guys are drinking from. They should  be
soon.  Get  the beer from the shelf marked "BEER" Duh!  But  don't
to loot the 2 drunk bad guys! You'll get the info on what they are

Go  out  the way you came in (don't have to crawl) and go  up  the
You'll automatically knock out Rufus (loot him). Use the ladder to
get back down. Now go down the alley to the left of the ladder and
down  to  the "WAREHOUSE". Go in but stand at the door  way  first
click   on  the  grandfather  clock  on  the  right.  Using   your
telekinetic  powers click TWICE on the hands  to  move  the  hands
through the glass
to  12  o'clock. Then get out of here and go down and  around  the
so  that  no  one  can  see you when they go running  out  of  the

After  they hear twelve "gongs" on the clock, they will think  its
time  for the town to be disintegrated and they will run for thier
Make  sure they have run all the way out until you can't see  them
anymore  before coming out of your cover. Go back in and  get  the
key  on  the table on the left. Read the note pinned on the  table
and  go  to  the back where they were carrying the boxes.  In  the
furthest back room behind a barrel and a short stack of crates you
should  find  your backpack. Get it along with all  your  original
items and weapons.

Okay, time to rumble! I got out the lightning gun (again). Then go
to the "City Hospital and Undertakering" house at the beginning of
the  town  its the opposite direction from the Mines (which  is  a
redundant structure) You can also see from the map in your Journal
(if you
been looting the bad guys) where the Lab is. Its in the Tomb.

But  first the "City Hospital and Undertakering" house. there will
be  a guy running from the left as you approach. Quickly turn back
head  for  the saloon now you can either enter the saloon  by  the
door  or  the back alley, it doesn't matter. I went in  the  front
they  can't follow you in there. This gave me time to get  out  my
lightning  gun  and reload all guns. So go out to the  back  alley
(the  one  you used to sneak into the saloon before, use the  back
door  if you're in the saloon) and wait for the first guy  to  pop
around  the  corner  (you might want to move a  little  closer  if
you're using the lightning gun.
You  got about 3 seconds to take out the first bad guy before  the
second  one notices you as well. So, what I did was fry the  first
in one shot (normally empting the full charge on the lightning gun
does the trick!)
then  either  switch to another weapon to take out the  second  or
"jumpstarting" him to death!

Quickly  run into the "City Hospital and Undertakering" house  and
fry  (or shoot where applicable) the bad guy inside the house.  Go
further in and examine note on the huge "coffin". Then examine the
calender on the wall, there's a safe behind it. Use the Small  Key
to unlock it and get the Stone Seal from the safe.

Go  out  into  the cemetary on the left and into the large  crypt.
Inside,  use  the Stone Seal on the "tomb" to the  right  (cursor-
"eyeball" symbol).
(cutscene)  Go  on in! Go up the stairs. (cutscene)  Buried-alive!
PAAAANIIIIC!! Just kidding.

Go  right  in  the  fork  first there is an  ammo  crate  which  I
using  (It gives you 99 bullets to your Colt .45 Revolver-which  I
never used so far!). To the right will be a mechanised torso of  a
"guy in a suit-not sure if its Armani.." Oh just blow it away!  Go
to the table
where  it  is and click on the blue-prints (I know, its not  blue)
next to the arm of the terminator.  Click on the words circled  in
red  then  click on it again (cursor-"hand" symbol) then take  the
Electrical Wire that's
left.  Get the Electric Battery on the floor behind the table  and
use it
with the Electrical Wire to get Battery with Electric Wire.

Now  go back an take the left in the fork. Immediately, there will
a  rolling  "Mr  Slamman" 'achugging on the track. Don't  try  and
shoot it you can't kill it that way. Instead quickly click on  the
control  box  thingy  on the ground next to  the  track(middle  of
screen)  and use your Battery with Electric Wire on it. (cutscene)
Now  go  and  shake the "Slamman"'s hand Oops! It came  off!  (Get
Leather Gloves). Now you can
practice  your boxing and kung-fu kicks! Not really. Go right.  Go
up the
small  (looks small from where I'm standing) flight of  stairs  on
the left of the stage. Get the Wire Cable on the floor.

Go  back to the room where you shot the mechanised torso of a "guy
in  a  suit"  and go to the back of the table where  you  got  the
Electric  Battery. Use the Wire Cable on the floor or the  opening
to the right
(wherever cursor is a "green gear" symbol) and use Leather  Gloves
the  Wire Cable on the floor. You'll repel doen to the roof  where
was. Done!

Grant Finale

You'll  be alternating between Arte and Jim in this mission  which
already started.

(Blah, blah + plot info)

Arte's turn:
Use your Listening Device on the top-left corner of the screen
(in your room, cursor-"green gear" symbol, its hard to spot unless
you know what you're looking for). (plot info)

Jim's turn:
You  can  snipe  or run up to the 2 guys and just fire  away.  The
Noiseless  Pistol shoots very fast (just keep right clicking).  It
will, however,
break  (again) after you kill both these guys, great.  Go  to  the
of  the back lot (away from the door to the stage). You should see
a  horse and carriage. Click on the barrel (middle-left of screen,
cursor-"eyeball"  symbol) and get the carrots,  use  them  on  the
horse/donkey (whatever) (cutscene, recognize the "coffin"?). Click
on the "coffin" to
enter the theatre.

Arte's turn:
Go to Fiddledy's room. (From your room, upstairs twice, across the
catwalk to the other side, up and the crummy door on the right!
Now you know the locked door with absolutely nothing inside? Well
guess who is in there. Do the same thing, use the Steel Chisel and
then the Hammer. EEEYAH! Oh, its just Fiddledy. (Arte figures  out
sinister  plan)  Can  you  figure  it  out  too  before  the  next

(Jim and Arte meet) (cutscene)

Jim's turn:
Pratt  is  point  a  gun on you and you have  a  Busted  Noiseless
OO..kaaay..let's take the time to think (or write your will).
>>flash back<< Remember the flaw of the "Slamman"? Magnetizism! Go
near the machine( cursor-"green (!!)" (Don't click on Pratt, yet).
Pratt will get his gun stuck on the machine, NOW click on him when
the  cursor  is  a  "fist  with  an explosion  around  it".  K.O.!

The game is not quite over. (conversation with "Grant", blah,blah)
Ambush! In your own train, talk about security! Anyway after the
two Steele sister get blinded by the flash of light, (Quick! Have
your way with them!!!) *AHEM* click on Electra Steele then on Mae
(or whats-her-name!) Seen the movie? Well it works here too!
GAME OVER!!! Yeah! Let's play that again!
>>collapses after 24 hours of gameplay!<<

Brought to you by Bounty Hacker

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