Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego FAQ? (walkthrough)

Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego FAQ?

version 1.0.1
by Andrew Schultz

This document is copyright 2000-2001 Andrew Schultz.  Please do not 
reproduce for profit without my prior consent.  Its main goal is, 
besides being an interesting project for myself, to make people aware of 
an interesting and very challenging sequel to what was already a very 
good game(Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego.)

See my in-depth script for specific hints.

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A specific walkthrough is not possible in this game.  There are so many 
different clues, random places to start, and random paths that the only 
way to get through the game is to know some specific [interesting] 
trivia about the U.S.  However, there are some time metrics that you can 

Time to arrest a crook = 6 days
Time spent sleeping each day = 9 hours("kids, get your sleep!")
6 days * 15 hours = 90 hours to catch the crook
Identifying a criminal at the crime lab=2 hours
Going to first location for a clue=1 hour
Going to first location for a clue=2 hours
Going to third location for a clue=3 hours
Going back again=3 hours
Any plane flight[even from Miami to Anchorage]=3 hours
If you take a flight to the wrong location and return, you are given new 
locations and new clues, and the time it takes to look for clues is 
reset to one hour, then two.
Also, each time you gain a rank, the crook goes through one more city.  
They start off going through just three.

Note that certain locations give certain sorts of clues.  For instance, 
at the library you will probably find out what the person was reading.  
Descriptive clues are, however, random.


Each state has three possible items that can be stolen from it.  They 
are listed below.

  The Boll Weevil Monument
  Jefferson Davis' top hat
  George Washington Carver's lab notes
  The Alaska Pipeline
  Secret formula for Kodiak bear repellant
  The Mendenhall Glacier
  The Petrified Forest
  Geronimo's war bonnet
  The Painted Desert
  Thermostat from Arkansas Hot Springs
  The Crater of Diamonds
  Magnetic Mountain
  All the cable cars in San Francisco
  The Hollywood sign
  The last California condor
  Pike's Peak
  Molly Brown's tea set
  The capitol's golden dome
  Statue of Nathan Hale
  Historic Colt revolver
  The Charter Oak
  America's first log cabin
  The Mason-Dixon Monument
  Cooch's Bridge
  The Fountain of Youth
  Launching pad from Cape Canaveral
  Keys to Key West
  The Okefenokee Swamp
  Scarlett O'Hara's petticoat
  Entire year's peanut crop
  King Kamehameha's crown
  Original recipe for poi
  Telescope from Mauna Loa Observatory
  Chief Joseph's teepee
  Secret cure for potato blight
  All the snow from Sun Valley
  Abraham Lincoln's stovepipe hat
  The Chicago Water Tower
  The Chicago Loop
  Finish flag from the Indy 500
  The Battle of Tippecanoe Monument
  The New Harmony Memorial
  Grant Wood painting
  Herbert Hoover's baby shoes
  Prize-winning hog
  Dorothy's red shoes
  Toto's flea collar
  Pony Express station
  Winner's Circle from Churchill Downs
  Daniel Boone's compass
  Keys to Fort Knox
  Jean Lafitte's cutlass
  The streetcar named Desire
  Secret recipe for gumbo
  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's first verse
  Winslow Homer painting
  All the lobster pots in the state
  Manuscript of "The Star Spangled Banner"
  The keys to Camp David
  Edgar Allen Poe's raven
  Paul Revere's silver spurs
  Plymouth Rock
  Lanterns from Old North Church
  Original Model T Ford
  Original recipe for Kellogg's corn flakes
  Entire year's cherry crop
  The headwaters of the Mississippi
  Paul Bunyan's ax
  The Mayo Brothers' stethoscope
  William Faulkner's writing desk
  Elvis Presley's blue suede baby shoes
  Original Mississippi River boat
  Tom Sawyer's fence
  Harry Truman's piano
  Jesse James' suspenders
  General Custer's boots
  Crazy Horse's war bonnet
  Glacier National Park
  Wild Bill Hickok's hat
  Largest mammoth fossil ever found
  Chimney Rock
  Hoover Dam
  Deed to the Comstock Lode
  All the slot machines in the state
New Hampshire:
  Nose from the Old Man of the Mountains
  Wind gauge from Mt. Washington
  Daniel Webster's teething ring
New Jersey:
  Miss America's crown
  Thomas Edison's lab notes
  Walt Whitman's writing desk
New Mexico:
  The Santa Fe Trail
  The Carlsbad Caverns
  Trophy from hot air balloon race
New York:
  Rip Van Winkle's nightshirt
  The Brooklyn Bridge
  Babe Ruth's bat from Baseball Hall of Fame
North Carolina:
  Sir Walter Raleigh's cape
  The Wright Brothers Memorial
  Virginia Dare's birth certificate
North Dakota:
  Teddy Roosevelt's branding iron
  Sitting Bull's blanket
  The International Peace Garden
  Johnny Appleseed's secret cider recipe
  The Great Serpent Mound
  Red Grange's jersey from Football Hall of Fame
  Will Rogers' lariat
  The surrey with fringe on top
  Oil drilling rights to the entire state
  Crater Lake
  Sea Lion Caves
  The end of the Oregon Trail
  The Liberty Bell
  Betsy Ross' sewing basket
  Benjamin Franklin's printing press
Rhode Island:
  Prize-winning Rhode Island Red
  Crystal chandelier from "The Breakers"
  State capitol's marble dome
South Carolina:
  Statue of John C. Calhoun
  Plans to Fort Sumter
  Blackbeard's treasure
South Dakota:
  Teddy Roosevelt's Mt. Rushmore moustache
  Calamity Jane's six-shooter
  Deed to the Homestake Mine
  Prize-winning Tennessee walking horse
  Davey Crockett's coonskin cap
  The stage from the Grand Ole Opry
  The yellow rose of Texas
  Sam Houston's rifle
  J.R.'s Stetson
  The Bonneville Salt Flats
  Great Salt Lake
  Promontory Point
  Entire year's harvest of maple syrup
  Ethan Allen's powderhorn
  Calvin Coolidge's baby shoe
  George Washington's axe
  The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
  Chincoteague pony herd
  Elevator from the Space Needle
  Statue of Chief Seattle
  Grand Coulee Dam
West Virginia:
  John Brown's body
  Entire year's production of marbles
  Shenandoah Valley apple crop
  Prize-winning dairy cow
  Entire year's production of cheese
  Antique circus train from Circus World Museum
  Devil's Tower National Monument
  Statue of Buffalo Bill Cody
  The Grand Tetons
Washington, D. C.:
  White House china set
  The President's helicopter
  The Chief Justice's gavel


Here is what each descriptive clue about a suspect "really" means for 
you to type into the crime computer.  I believe I've got them all, 
except one for blond that is missing.  The descriptive categories are 
sex, hair, food, sports, hobbies, and music.

    had peroxided hair
    was towheaded
    had blond hair
    had auburn tresses
    had red hair
    was auburn-haired
    was titian-haired
    had mahogany tresses
    had mouse-colored hair
    had brown hair
    had mousey hair
    had ebony tresses
    was raven-haired
    had black hair
    had hair as dark as midnight

    was eating calamari
    was eating sashimi
    was munching crab
    was snacking on squid
    was eating gumbo
    was eating crawfish
    was eating jambalaya
    was eating red beans and rice
    was eating a burrito
    was noshing on nachos
    was eating chimichongas
    was eating a bowl of chili
    was eating grits
    was munching a ham hock
    was eating fried chicken
    was eating black-eyed peas

    had a Tom Seaver T-shirt
    had a Mets ticket
    had a Cubs ticket
    had a photo of Babe Ruth
    had a 49ers T-shirt
    was carrying a pigskin
    was a real Bears fan
    had seats on the 50-yard line
    had a Knicks ticket
    was dribbling like crazy
    was practicing rebounds
    practiced slam dunks in the wastebasket
    had a puck in [his/her] pocket
    was wearing shin guards
    had a N.Y. Rangers T-shirt
    mentioned the Stanley Cup

    had a lottery ticket
    had a racing form
    had an ace up [his/her] sleeve
    was looking for a poker game
    had a book on speleology
    had a hat with a lantern
    was carrying a rope
    had bat guano on [his/her] shoes
    had a crystal ball
    was reading tea leaves
    was carrying tarot cards
    had a book of the I Ching
    was carrying a spanner
    was carrying a fan belt
    had a lug nut in [his/her] hand
    was carrying a wrench

    was humming a scherzo
    had a Mozart T-shirt
    was humming a fugue
    had a Scarlatti tape
    had a Willie Nelson tape
    was listening to Hank Williams
    was picking a tune on a banjo
    was dressed for a square dance
    had a David Bowie tape
    had a Fats Domino T-shirt
    had a Talking Heads tape
    had The Boss on [his/her] shirt
    was humming Rigoletto
    had a Pavarotti T-shirt
    had a ticket to The Ring
    was whistling an aria

Also, the structure of clues is much less complex than in "Where in the 
World."  The special scripts are listed below:

"You're getting too close, shamus." appears when you're in the right 

"A V.I.L.E. henchman!  You must be on the right track!" appears several 

A simple "No one like that has been seen around here." occurs when you 
take a wrong turn.

Here are the following places you can visit:  Library, University, 
Historical Society, Auto Club, Visitors Center, Tourist Bureau, Athletic 
Club, Stadium, Sports Center.  No employees are identified in this game.


Name                        |Hair |Food    |Sport     |Hobby      |Music  
Heidi Gosikh                |blond|Southern|hockey    |auto 
Venus Pencil                |blond|Southern|hockey    |auto repair|opera  
Brenda & Cobina Vanderbilt  |red  |Creole  |football  |spelunking 
Wendy Pauper                |red  |Creole  |football  |gambling   |rock   
B. B. D. O'Brien            |brown|seafood |baseball  |spelunking 
Polly Esther Fabrique       |brown|seafood |baseball  |fortunes   |opera  
Gypsy Rose Lasagna          |black|Tex-Mex |basketball|fortunes   |rock   
Carmen Sandiego             |black|Tex-Mex |basketball|gambling   
Mylar Naugahyde             |blond|Southern|baseball  |gambling   |opera  
Sheriff Paul Drive          |blond|Creole  |baseball  |auto 
Sven Galli                  |red  |Tex-Mex |hockey    |fortunes   |rock   
Titus Canby                 |red  |seafood |football  |spelunking 
Alexander Graham Edison     |brown|Southern|basketball|auto repair|opera  
Ken Hartley Reed            |brown|seafood |basketball|spelunking 
Benjamin Hana               |black|Creole  |hockey    |gambling   
Karl La Fong                |black|Tex-Mex |football  |fortunes   |rock   


  At the end of a certain number of successful missions, you receive a 
promotion.  Here is each rank along with the range of successful 
missions it corresponds to.

Gumshoe          0-1
Jr Investigator  2-3
Investigator     4-6
Sr Investigator  7-9
Inspector        10-13
Sr Inspector     14-17
Jr Detective     18-22
Detective        23-27
Sr Detective     28-32
Master Detective 33+
Carmen is the 39th you will catch, which will put you in the hall of 

With each rise in rank, you will be forced to go through one more city 
to capture Carmen or her accomplice.  To explore a city takes 6 hours, 
with 3 hours in a flight.  If there are eleven cities, you will need 99 
hours total.  But you are given only six days total, and with nine hours 
for sleep, you won't get there in time.  You'll need to pass through a 
city on the first clue.


Carmen's hair has changed from brown to black.



1.0.1 added very minor details about the script 6/14/2001
1.0.0 submitted to GameFAQs 12/1/2000

Thanks to ftp.apple.asimov.net(/pub) for reminding me this game existed.  
Thanks to Kahei, without whose hex editor the script would likely never 
have been done.

schultza@earthlink.net with any constructive comments.

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