Warrior Dragon (walkthrough)

Warrior Dragon

           _______  _______  _______ _________ _______  _______
 |     /|(  ___  )(  ____ )(  ____ )__   __/(  ___  )(  ____ )
 | )   ( || (   ) || (    )|| (    )|   ) (   | (   ) || (    )|
 | | _ | || (___) || (____)|| (____)|   | |   | |   | || (____)|
 | |( )| ||  ___  ||     __)|     __)   | |   | |   | ||     __)
 | || || || (   ) || ( (   | ( (      | |   | |   | || ( (
 | () () || )   ( || )  __| )  _____) (___| (___) || )  __
 (_______)|/     ||/   __/|/   __/_______/(_______)|/   __/

      ______   _______  _______  _______  _______  _
     (  __   (  ____ )(  ___  )(  ____ (  ___  )( (    /|
     | (    )| (    )|| (   ) || (    /| (   ) ||    ( |
     | |   ) || (____)|| (___) || |      | |   | ||    | |
     | |   | ||     __)|  ___  || | ____ | |   | || ( ) |
     | |   ) || ( (   | (   ) || | _  )| |   | || |    |
     | (__/  )| )  __| )   ( || (___) || (___) || )    |
     (______/ |/   __/|/     |(_______)(_______)|/    )_)

                              For PC
                           Version 1.0
                         By Chris Zawada
                         User: antseezee
                   E-mail: antseezee@epix.net
                         Created: 01/22/05
                       Last Update: 01/25/05
                    Copyright 2005 Chris Zawada

Author's Note
Traditional RPGs always inspire the Lionheart within us. Whether it be human 
compassion to take role of somebody else and kick some butt, or simply to 
re-illustrate an amazing storyline, most gamers are absolute fanatics of RPG 
games. Warrior Dragon is practically a RPG, in which you take the role of a 
destinated dragon warrior, who must prevent a Dragon Slayer from ridding your 
fellow dragons off the world. If this happens, the greedy Humans will establish 
their presence, and really start to kick your butt. Warrior Dragon is the ideal 
example of a complete rip-off game, almost identical to Dragon Warrior, which 
was an old-school NES RPG. Regardless, it does everything right for a simple 
and basic freeware game, making it more the merrier to play. This guide will 
give you a step-by-step walkthrough the game, along with charts for available 
items. Will you charge in the honor of your glorious race, or be clobbered down 
to the bottom of the food chain?

If you have any contributions, feedback, or strategies you'd like to have 
added to the guide, contact me via e-mail or on GameFAQs. I'll be more than
content to add your segment of information, and will also provide credit. If
you have any questions you'd like added to the Common Questions section, ask.
I simply don't have the time to sit around thinking of questions. Provide me
with what you want to know!

=01/25/05= v1.0
Finished the FAQ. Game was extremely tough with the final Boss Battle. Took me 
over 30 retries, including 3 Restarts to have enough potions in my inventory. 
Aside from that, well worth the wasted sleep and effort.

=01/22/05= v1.0
Started the FAQ. Hoping to finish this by the end of Sunday.

          -    Table of Contents     -
          1) Introduction
          2) Game Basics
             > Controls
             > Menu System
          3) Walkthrough
             > Dracoburgh       (3.1)
             > Dragonfield Park (3.2)
             > Human Aggression (3.3)
             > Dragon Slayer    (3.4)
          4) Items
          5) Armor
          6) Weapons
          7) Enemies
          8) Codes
          9) Common Questions
         10) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines
         11) Proper Credits


- 1) Introduction          -
As RPGs have progressed, we have discovered new and glorious ways to advance a 
fantasy setting. Whether it be creating your own character, and establishing 
his/her reputation in the world, or simply stealing from the poor, it all boils 
down to one element - uniqueness. Unfortunately, Warrior Dragon has none of 
this, so it's certainly not an excellent RPG. Nonetheless, Warrior Dragon is a 
nice basic RPG compiled in C++ thanks to Lumental, as part of a freeware 
project. Obviously, with the reverse title of the well known Dragon Warrior 
series, there must be some sort of base about dragons. That's exactly the 
point. The game tosses you into the role of the Dragons, defending your 
homeland from the humans. Using a simple battle system, exploring unknown 
regions, and completing the quest, you feel a sense of accomplishment after 
playing the game. It simply isn't too bad, isn't too good to get shoved off the 
totem pole.

Anyhow, the exact storyline goes along the lines of this. You're the son of a 
once-great Warrior Dragon, who passed due to unfortunate cirumstances. 
Suddenly, an evil Dragon Slayer has come to your world to rid you from the face 
of the planet. His motives are fueled by imperialism and conquest, to allow his 
own human race to rule over the planet. In defense of your race and country, 
you plan to fend off the Dragon Slayer, and end the ultimate threat once and 
for all. It's somewhat appealing, but only time will tell.


##### GAME INFO #####
Players: 1
Developer: Lumental
Released: 2000
Rarity: n/a (freeware)
Special Features: Game Saves, WIN98+ compatible
Cover Art on box:
- n/a


- 2) Game Basics           -
The PC isn't exactly a keen controller when it comes to most PC games. While 
it's awesome for strategy games, RTS's, first person shooters, and so forth, it 
doesn't quite have the grip one would need for some continuity. Thankfully, the 
controls in Warrior Dragon are so simple that you don't have to worry about 

KEY representation for each button:

        Arrows = 4-directional arrow keys
     	  CTRL = Control button (lower right)
         SHIFT = Shift button (lower right)

/Game Controls/
          Arrows = moves character on screen, makes menu selections
            CTRL = confirmation/OK button, interaction, select, brings up
                   game menu when not in battle
           SHIFT = cancel/NO button, exit menus

- Controls are simple. Move your character with the directional arrows or make 
menu selections by pressing the corresponding direction. You can bring up the 
main menu by pressing CTRL anywhere. This allows you to save, use items, and 
check your status. The cancel button goes against any selection you made.

/Menu System/
The game screen works quite simple. Whenever you are standing still, your 
current level status will be displayed in a small window. Press the CTRL button 
to pop up the following options:

   > STATUS -{ Maximum HP = How much max life you have.
            -{ Attack = Your attack power, how much damage you do.
            -{ Defense = Your defense power, how much damage you prevent.
            -{ Weapon = Your item equipped which adds to attack power.
            -{ Armor = Your body armor which shields from limb blows.
            -{ Shield = Your extra body armor which can block attacks.
            -{ XP Needed = How much experience you need from battles to reach
                           the next level.

   > ITEM -{ allows you to use any items you currently have in your inventory.

   > SAVE -{ allows you to save the game in five different slots.


- 3) Walkthrough           -
The most important goal of a RPG is completing the game, and in solid fashion. 
It never feels right to make it to the end and simply stop. The idea is to 
unfold the entire story, to learn the moral values at hand, or realize the 
truths behind the actions performed. This section will guide you through 
step-by-step, making level recommendations, where to go, and how to complete 
the game. SPOILERS are present, as cutscenes will be explained.

/Dracoburgh (3.1)/
   *We're brought to a small dragon village where we see three villager dragons
    speaking to the son of the great Warrior Dragon. They tell him that the
    humans have sent a Dragon Slayer over to their world, and he has been
    terrorizing the fellow dragons ever since. His raids have caused several
    children to go missing, and the domination of humans is upon them. It's up
    to you to save them. The villagers give you the rest of their gold, 50
    pieces in total. So much for the big jackpot.*

- Go north of the town well, and enter the Weapon/Armor shop. Purchase a Dagger 
for 25 gold. Now, leave town. You should enter a large Overworld map. Start 
strafing around the town, battling Blue Slimes and Yellow Jackets. Sometimes 
you should avoid the bees, since they have high attack power. Reach level 3-4 
if possible. Visit the town sparingly, especially the Inn to replenish your 
health. It only costs 6 gold to use. You may start to run into Blubbos and Wood 
Grips, which are a real pain. Run away from them, until you can afford 
bigger/better weapons. Keep scrolling around the town until you reach level 3. 
Also, when you hit 30 Gold, make sure to pick up Cloth Armor from the town 
blacksmith. Now, head south, and cut a left into the forest. Follow the 
pathway, but ignore the first path that goes straight up; it leads to a dead 
end. Now, don't progress onward. Try to fight the Wood Grips, and level up. 
Reach level 4, and save up to 60 Gold. Purchase the Short Sword from the 
Blacksmith. Now we're ready to kick butt. Rather than getting bulky armor, we 
can concentrate on getting a high enough attack power to kill enemies in one 
shot. Go back to the forest path.

- Head down the south path, and you should find a mountain cave. Head on in. 
The cave is dark, so you'll have no way of seeing where to go. Start off by 
going up, then right, cut downward, and a sharp right immediately. Proceed 
forward, then down. Go left, and cut the pathway which leads to the farthest 
south as possible. Go right, and you'll discover a chest with 100 Gold pieces.

^ From here, I recommend heading back to Dracoburgh. Use the money you have 
discovered in this cave to get the Copper Shield. When ready, head back to the 
same cave you were in from before, right where you discovered the 100 Gold 
chest. I highly recommend leveling up to 5 or 6, because the Snake boss is 
quite a racket to handle. Make sure you purchase the Leather Armor for 80 Gold 
from town as well, when you get a chance, along with a Small Potion for the 
boss fight. ^

Go left, and then proceed straight up. Keep going up, until a pathway to the 
right appears. Go down it, and you'll reach a Y-split eventually. Here comes 
the tricky part. Go diagonally up, and you'll find a chest with an Exploder 
inside. This item is practically a grenade in a sense, and acts as a magic 
projectile. Anyhow, go south. Proceed along the right, and you'll notice a 
Dragon Child near the wall. When you attempt to interact with the dragon, a 
Snake Grunger interferes and denies your access. It's time to kick this snake's 
butt! You'll have to use straight-on physical attacks, because the Exploders
hardly do any damage. A booster from town helps make this battle a breeze, so
get one ASAP! After the battle ends, talk to the young Dragon, and he'll run 
off back to town. I recommend going back, and getting another Booster to refill 
what you missed. When you're ready, head back to the forest path, but go up to 
the left diagonally this time.

/Dragonfield Park (3.2)/
     !STATUS REPORT!: - At least Level 6
                      - Highest Equipment possible from Item Shop
                      - At least 150+ Gold

- Now that you're back at the forest, and heading up to the left, you should
reach a split in the path. Cut a left, and you'll see a desert to your left. 
Here comes the tricky part. There are a plethora of new enemies to face, namely 
Hunters and Stone Fists. Do your best to run away from these guys. Sprint 
across the desert to your left, but go down slightly from the northern 
mountains. There's a desolate town against the left mountains that you should 
enter. It's Dragonfield Park. Inside, you'll find a new weapons/item shop with 
some Studded/Iron equipment, not to mention enhanced potions. The town talk is 
also better, consisting of another parent missing her daughter, a Big Hunter, 
and an abandoned mine that's south. For now, these battles are too intense to 
engage in, but only time will tell. You probably don't have enough gold, so do 
the circular strategy by moving around the desert town, and raise your level. 
It costs 20 gold this time to use the Inn, so it's not exactly a free ticket. 
Try to reach level 13-14 if possible. DO NOT fight any of the Evil Monks. These
guys practically use magic attacks, which equals an instant 30 damage taken. If 
anything, always run from them, and hope for the best.

- Along the way, if you reach 400 gold, quickly go to Dragonfield Park and pick 
up the Steel Sword from the blacksmith. This sword will do extreme damage, and 
help you kill Evil Monks with ease. Since you can kill most of these new 
enemies in a jiff, it will also increase your cash flow, and give you a chance 
to buy the Iron Armor/Shield. Since your next goal is 1500 gold, simply strafe
around the desert, building up your cash. You can find a dragon to the 
southeast who talks about sucking up sand. I'd like to thank M.I.Orikasa for 
bringing this up in his walkthrough to my attention. The dragon to the 
southeast of the town holds a very important item needed for the part
ahead. Keep speaking to the Dragon, and eventually his messages will progress. 
He says you look like a chubby man. Hit yes to eat his muffin, and you'll chip 
your tooth on a Copper Key inside! Now, proceed southward (have some potions 
equipped for good measure). In the lower left corner, enter the forest pathway, 
and it should move downward diagonally right. Now, at the three-way split, 
proceed down, then take a right. Take the down route, then cut another right, 
and proceed downward. You'll find a cave surrounded by four solitary rocks. 
Head on in.

- Move to the right, and you'll notice a large metal gate. Unfortunately, a key 
is needed to open it. Now that you have the Copper Key, this will be easy to 
open! Proceed down to the lower left corner. There are two chests, each with an 
Iron Shield and Iron Armor. By now though, you've probably bought them. Some 
players recommend you save your money up and avoid buying them from the town 
shop, but then you would barely be strong enough to survive in the Overworld 
and truly level up. It's a 50/50 choice up to you. Head back to the middle, and 
proceed along the right paths. You can find a chest with 200 Gold pieces in the 
upper right corner. The dragon girl is located in the top-middle. Find a 
pathway that curls around to the left, and back towards the upper-middle. 

- You'll find the girl being guarded by a Grunger King, which is almost TWICE
as powerful as the Grunger Snake. First of all, get full health, and at
LEAST 2 Elixirs (from Prestia). A weaken item helps, along with a Booster for 
yourself. The problem is the Grunger King does a whopping 50+ damage per 
attack, with a few 35s tossed in here and there. The creature has well over 180
HP. Cast both the Boost and Weaken during the battle to give you the upper 
hand, then simply swipe away with physical attacks. You WILL NOT always defeat 
her regardless of the situation. The game was designed for you to defeat the 
creature when you're close to level 20, but I managed to do it at level 15 with 
only 1 Elixir in storage (she missed on 4 physical attacks). After dying, 
you'll receive the largest single battle reward. Talk to the girl dragon to get 
her rescued. By now, you're just about dead. Scurry back to the desert town and 
get some refreshments.

/Human Aggression (3.3)/
- Now, proceed to the lower right of the desert. Follow the river, and then cut 
a right across the bridge. Now, proceed north to Prestia, and re-fill on items. 
Hold off on buying any of the equipment from the town shop. Get some 
much-needed Elixirs. Now, head to the right of the desert. You should find the 
town of Allegard slightly down from the upper-right. Most of the town has been 
wrecked into nothing more than a heap of trash. Move right and speak to the 
lone dragon.

   *He recognizes who you are, and rewards you with a Gold Key. It unlocks a
    gate which will allow you to travel under the river, and hopefully to the
    location of the dreaded Dragon Slayer. He says to hurry, as the fate of
    their race depends on you. That's a shame.*

    ^^ NOTE: He will NOT reward you with the Gold Key if you didn't rescue the
             two Dragon children in the previous caves. Make sure you kill
             the Grunger Snake and Grunger King in both, and speak to the
             children to rescue them.

- Before heading south, I recommend revisiting Prestia, and purchasing the 
Diamond Edge sword for 4000 Gold. It's a hefty sum, but can be done by killing 
enemies around the town, visiting the Inn, and repeat. The Diamond Edge will 
give you a huge boost in attack power, and is a better choice over the Magic 
Armor (as we'll be getting the famed Dragon Armor soon). One more thing, level 
your character to at LEAST level 24. Also, make sure you purchase 6 Elixirs,
and fill any remaining slots with a Weaken/Boost. The next journey will force 
you to traverse enemy territory with powerful enemies with NO way of getting 
any health whatsoever (except for one Elixir in a chest). When you think you've 
prepared, save your game, and follow the directions. Also, it helps to purchase 
the Magic Armor/Shield, since this is the last time you'll be using your gold.

Once you have the key, go south of Allegard. There's a desert cave in the lower
right corner, right near the river. Head on in. Take the first path upward then 
cut a right. Find the solid gate, and open it with your Gold Key. Now, head 
down towards the bottom, cut a left, and find a zig-zaggy path that proceeds 
upward. It should curl around to the right, and bring you to a set of stairs. 
Head on in. Spiral your way out and around the location. It should bring you to 
a Y-split. Take the southern path, and it will lead to a second set of stairs. 
Head on in. Follow the linear path to the end, and enter the next set of 
stairs. At the next spot, head directly straight down. Cut a right, then
curl around through the bottom, head up, and enter the fourth set of stairs.
Move down and take a right. Curl downward and pick up the chest for a
MUCH-needed Elixir.

- Continue towards the right. Head on up, then left, and down onto the fifth
set of stairs. Move to your left, and head diagonally to the left until you hit 
a horizontal pathway that leads directly to the left. You'll hit a sixth set of
stairs. Head left and look up. You might notice someone who appears green 
nearby. Go speak to him.

   *It's your legendary father! He never died. He just got lost in these damn
    caves! What a shame. Anyhow, he tells you that in order to defeat the
    Dragon Slayer, you must get the Dragon Flame weapon. It's hidden somewhere
    inside his lair and must be retrieved.*

- Head back up the stairs in the name of your fifty-seven year old father! Go 
right, and this time go up one of the paths. Take the upmost path, and then
curl to the right. Go up the stairs. Head towards the left, and take the left 
path at the split. Don't go too far up, and you'll find a chest filled with 500 
Gold Pieces about midway to the left. Now, go back out of here, but go down 
diagonally to the left. Proceed left, then look up, and you'll see the cave 
exit! Leave this horrid place.

/Dragon Slayer (3.4)/
- Proceed north of the cave, all the way until you reach the Dragon Slayer's 
Lair. Unfortunately, you're going to face a new Sorcerer enemy, along with 
the Great Pegasus. You probably have no Elixirs left by now, or any great items 
of any sort. Once inside, head up, and look out for two red banners with "C" 
symbols that look like this |#| |#|. Walk through the small space between them, 
and an invisible pathway will be revealed. Open the chest to receive the Dragon 
Armor. Now, head back out, and move ahead. You'll see the pathway split into 
two. Go right, and at the end of the hall, pluck the Dragon Shield from the 
chest. Now all that's left is the Dragon Flame! Go back to the first room where 
you saw 3-4 pillars stacked on both sides. Go to the top-left corner, and walk 
to the left. You should head through the wall. Now, follow the path. The 
developers made it purposely so it wraps around for more random battles. Get 
the chest in the middle, and you have the legendary Dragon Flame. Head back to 
the main room, then proceed up, and follow the dwindling hall to the throne 
room where the Dragon Slayer awaits. Speak to him.

   *The Dragon Slayer proclaims to be a hero of the human race, ridding the
    world of you lizard fiends that inhabit it like a mildew near a bathtub.
    Unfortunately, he says you think you're a great warrior, but you have no
    chance against him. Little does he know that we have the eye of the dragon!
    Say yes to engage him to the death!*

- This boss is INSANELY hard. When I say insanely, I usually mean you need 
maxed Elixirs with the highest level possible, and pure luck. I managed to 
defeat him with 5 Elixirs in stock, a Boost, and still got HORRIBLE luck. Start 
off the battle by casting the Boost to increase your attack power. I found the 
Weaken to be useless against the Dragon Slayer. Must be a boss immunity. 
Anyhow, now, simply physically attack whenever you get a chance. His attacks 
will do anywhere from 45-99 damage, with the 99 happening at various times. 
Cure yourself whenever you're 80 or lower. Keep attacking. I actually missed 
him four times in a row! It got that bad. He has well over 700 HP, and it took 
me 3 hours of retries (to have enough Elixirs in stock) to defeat him. Good 
luck on this faithful challenge!

   *After the battle, a brief text message is flashed saying the battle is
    complete. The Dragon Race was victorious, and no longer do the dragons have
    to worry about a human threat. The war is over, and was decided between
    two destined warriors. We're then forwarded to a sunset amongst a brick
    castle, where a brief 5-line poem is displayed. It basically says to fight
    for what is right, and to never give up. Credits are shown consisting of
    two people. You made the scales proud, my friend.*

                          ___====-_  _-====___
                   __--^^^      //     \     ^^^--_      THE
                  _-^         // (    ) \         ^-_       END
                 -           //  |^^/|  \           -
               _/           //   (0::0)   \            _
              /            ((     \//     ))             
            -               \    (oo)    //               -
           -                 \  / /   //                 -
          -                   \/      //                   -
        / /|           /      (        )      /           | 
        |/ | /_/_/_/  _/  (   /   )  /_/  _/_/_/ | |
        `  |/  V  V  `    V  _(| |  | |)_/  V    '  V  V  |  '
           `   `  `       `   / | |  | |    '       '  '   '
                            <(  | |  | |  )>
                           <___| |  | |___>
                           ^^^^ ^^^  ^^^ ^^^^^


- 4) Items                 -
As with any adventure game, you need items to assist you on your journey. This 
section quickly lists many of the items found during the game with their 
effects. Note that some of them are quest items.

   ______________ ______ ___________________________________
  |  NAME        | COST |         EFFECT                    |
  |Booster       |  12  | Doubles ATK/DEF for fight         |
  |Small Potion  |  10  | Cures HP                          |
  |Exploder      |   8  | Performs one-hit explosive attack |
  |Medium Potion |  30  | Cures HPx2 effect                 |
  |Weaken        |  80  | Lowers enemy's stats for battle   |
  |Elixir        |  60  | Cures HPx3 effect                 |
  |Super Exploder| 100  | Performs larger explosive attack  |
  |Copper Key    |  ??  | Opens first locked gate           |
  |Gold Key      |  ??  | Opens second locked gate          |

>> The Copper Key can be found by talking multiple times to the dragon standing
   SE of Dragonfield Park.

>> The Gold Key can be found by rescuing both Dragon Children, then talking to
   the lone dragon in Allegard. Allegard is located East of Prestia.

>> All other items can be purchased from town shops or chests. Their effects
   are self-explanatory.


- 5) Armor                 -
Armor shields your character when the going gets tough, and helps minimize 
damage to a thread-like degree. This section will list the available armors in 
the game, including shields as well.

   ______________ ______ ___________________________________
  |  NAME        | COST |         EFFECT                    |
  |Cloth Armor   |  30  | Small DEF bonus                   |
  |Leather Armor |  50  | Medium DEF bonus                  |
  |Leather Shield|  80  | Small EVA bonus                   |
  |Copper Shield | 100  | Medium EVA bonus                  |
  |Studded Armor | 300  | Medium DEF bonus                  |
  |Iron Armor    |1500  | Heavy DEF bonus                   |
  |Iron Shield   | 500  | Heavy EVA bonus                   |
  |Magic Armor   |4000  | Excellent DEF bonus               |
  |Magic Shield  |2000  | Excellent EVA bonus               |
  |Dragon Armor  |  ??  | Ultimate DEF bonus                |
  |Dragon Shield |  ??  | Ultimate EVA bonus                |

>> The Dragon Armor is found by walking between two red banners right near the
   beginning of the Dragon Slayer's Castle.

>> The Dragon Shield is found by heading down the right hall at the split in
   the Dragon Slayer's Castle. It's inside a chest.

>> A Magic Shield, Iron Armor, and Iron Shield can be found inside chests in
   various caves.


- 6) Weapons               -
Probably the most sought after item in a RPG, weapons help provide offensive 
threats for each of your characters. Without a handy weapon, your person might 
as well bat some clay down while they're at it. This section will briefly list 
the available weapons in the game.

   _____________ ______ ___________________________________
  |  NAME       | COST |         EFFECT                    |
  |Dagger       |  25  | Minor ATK bonus                   |
  |Short Sword  |  60  | Medium ATK bonus                  |
  |Steel Sword  | 400  | Large ATK bonus                   |
  |Diamond Edge |4000  | Excellent ATK bonus               |
  |Dragon Flame |  ??  | Ultimate ATK bonus                |

>> The Dragon Flame can be found in the NW corner of the first "big" room with
   3-4 Pillars near the walls. In the NW corner, walk to your left, and you'll
   hit an invisible tunnel. Follow it till it spirals to a chest in the center.

>> All other weapons can be purchased from town shops.


- 7) Enemies               -
Enemies are constant threats in the world, often dangerous to your allies, and 
random on appearance. Warrior Dragon incorporates the well-known random 
appearance battle system, where enemies are "sectioned" off at certain zones. 
The farther you progress on the Overworld, the tougher the enemies get. This 
section briefly describes each enemy with their given reward after a battle.

 &|BLUE SLIME|& &REWARD: 1 Gold, 1 XP
 - One of the most basic creatures in the game. A simple pile of slime that
does small leaping attacks. Barely does any damage. Great for getting quick and
easy kills right off the bat.

 - These creatures are more aggressive, and typically go down after 6 HP in 
damage. Try to get some armor before battling these guys first, but you'll find 
yourself visiting the inn often. Imagine yellow-striped bumble bees, because 
that's exactly what these are.

 &|WOOD GRIP|& &REWARD: 3 Gold, 2 XP
 - Pretty much the roots of a rotten tree. These guys are cursed, wretched, and 
want to take their vengeance out on you. They have great attack/defense, and 
can do heavy damage. Try to avoid until at least level 3.

 &|BLUBBO|& &REWARD: 5 Gold, 3 XP
 - Reminds me of Flubber on narcotics, Blubbo is a giant dinosaur-like flabby
creature with extreme strength. It can stomp down its fist on you like a rain
of fury. Does very high attack damage, until you raise your Defense stats.
Tends to miss on some attacks. Has high HP, but can be killed in two physical

 &|SPIDER|& &REWARD: 7 Gold, 3 XP
 - Pretty much a bright blue spider that has VERY high HP, but mediocre
attacks. The idea is to attack him several times doing lots of damage to make
his life quick and painless. Not much of a threat compared to poisonous

 &|CRAWLER|& &REWARD: 6 Gold, 4 XP
 - This is a more primitive version of the Tunneller. It basically looks blue 
colored, and similar to a Rock Worm. It does decent damage on attacks (8+), but 
its HP is fairly low.

 &|TUNNELLER|& &REWARD: 11 Gold, 6 XP
 - This is the mini-boss of the first cave in a sense. While he spawns normally
as a monster, his power is supreme, granting him the title. The Tunneller looks
like a massive Onyx in Pokemon terms. He's composed of rocks strung together to 
form a grinding rock worm. His defense is fairly good, but watch for his 
extreme 14+ HP attacks. Concentrate on killing him, or simply running away. The
rewards are worth it though.

 &|TREE CLAW|& &REWARD: 9 Gold, 8 XP
 - A tougher version of the Wood Grip, the Tree Claw has a much higher defense,
and also does extreme damage on its attacks if not well prepared. Fortunately,
the Copper Shield makes this guy a jiffy to beat.

 &|SUPER BLUBBO|& &REWARD: 16 Gold, 11 XP
 - Quite an honor to fight in battle, Super Blubbo's are on some form of 
foreign opium. These monstrous blobs of muscle can bash you down with 10+ HP 
attacks. I highly recommend being at least level 5, along with a Small Potion 
for backup. Great reward if you can defeat him.

 &|HORNET|& &REWARD: 16 Gold, 6 XP
 - Quite possibly one of the more annoying mid-way enemies you'll face, Hornets 
are upgraded Yellow Jackets. The biggest problem is that they're evasive, and 
pack a PUNCH for a small insect. Be at least level 6, and don't be afraid to 
use potions to heal yourself. Their attacks range from 8-16 DMG, and often, 
have more life than you'd expect.

 &|STONE FIST|& &REWARD: 35 Gold, 28 XP
 - Ideally the final form of the Wood Grip, the Stone Fist is a solid black
rock only found in the deserts. This annoying creature bashes you with
tremendous proportions, usually inflicting solid damage. Fortunately, its
accuracy per attack is minimal, but it does have 30+ HP. Great rewards for
killing them.

 &|GREY SLIME|& &REWARD: 8 Gold, 4 XP
 - An upgraded version of the Blue Slime, Grey Slime isn't much more of a 
significant threat. It's basically slightly more powerful, with a couple ounces 
of HP added on. The rewards aren't too great though, so don't worry about them.

 &|EVIL MONK|& &REWARD: 65 Gold, 23 XP
 - Probably the most powerful enemy you will reach in the desert, Evil Monks 
use magic attacks (although it does not show them). Thankfully, their low 
defense makes them susceptible to taking damage. However, you will only be 
successful in killing them if you have AT LEAST the Steel Sword equipped, not 
to mention a decent shield to evade their 20+ HP attacks.

 &|METAL SPIDER|& &REWARD: 20 Gold, 14 XP
 - An enhanced Spider is really nothing to worry about. These pesky little 
fellows have extremely low HP for an upgraded enemy, and their attacks are 
mediocre. Defense is very weak.

 &|PARASITE|& &REWARD: 34 Gold, 18 XP
 - The final form of the Crawler is quite a haggling sight. This rock worm is 
very powerful attack wise, but has slightly low HP for a powerful enemy of his 
sort. The rewards aren't exactly eye-opening.

 &|HUNTER|& &REWARD: 40 Gold, 35 XP
 - Ah, the first human presence in your dragon world is a hunter. Hunters look
similar to well-equipped knights, ready to kick your butt. They have an
excellent balance of offense/defense, not to mention about 35+ HP. You'll need
a Steel Sword at least to take them down, along with a Small Potion for backup.
The XP reward is worth the fight.

 &|STEEL HORNET|& &REWARD: 35 Gold, 25 XP
 - The final form of the Yellow Jacket, the Steel Hornet has some of the 
highest EVA skills of any enemy. Thankfully, its HP isn't too high, although it 
does pack some spicyness in its bee sting move. Not a rewarding fight in my 

 &|PEGASUS|& &REWARD: 65 Gold, 35 XP
 - Pretty much a giant magic-like horse that uses a strategy of high defense to 
succeed in battles. Its attack power is decent, but the high defense will make 
it tough for the quick kill. They'll usually get a few hits on you before the 
battle ends.

 &|GOBLIN|& &REWARD: 75 Gold, 40 XP
 - Found in the steppes below the desert, Goblins are high HP creatures with
decent defense, and the ability to attack with average power. They don't sound
like much, but you'll have plenty of trouble unless you have Iron Armor/Steel
Sword equipped.

 &|GREAT PEGASUS|& &REWARD: 90 Gold, 48 XP
 - An upgraded form of the Pegasus only brings more chaos and trouble to the 
table. Besides good defense, their attacks are outstanding, which makes them a 
toughie in battle. Since these guys are common in the Desert Cave, it's best to 
fight them with high HP, and trot it out with low life.

 &|SNAKE GRUNGER|& &REWARD: 75 Gold, 50 XP
 - Reminds me of Medusa with a tint of holyness, the Snake Grunger is the CAVE
1 Boss, and a tough opponent to face. For starters, the Exploder you gained 
right above the boss seems to do no damage, so don't waste it. Secondly, you
need to have decent defense if you want to fend off the 15+ HP attacks. Having 
a Small Potion helps, but isn't necessary. If you have the Copper Shield this
should be a breeze. Try to buy a Booster from the town item shop, and use it in
this battle to get a huge stamina increase.

 &|FIGHTER|& &REWARD: 120 Gold, 50 XP
 - The upgraded Hunter is quite a nuisance to fight in battle. These massive 
humans are well-equipped with the finest of goods, and have powerful attacks 
(30+ HP) that can be threatening to even witness during battle. My best 
recommendation is to have a good shield to evade their slunky attacks, and keep 
on knocking down their 100+ HP bar. Awesome rewards for killing them, but 
you'll need a Medium Potion to replenish after the battle.

 &|DARK PREACHER|& &REWARD: 135 Gold, 45 XP
 - The upgraded Evil Monk wears a blue robe to signify power. Not to mention
his gruesome 40+ HP attacks, the reward is worth the time and effort due to his
low life bar. Only problem is that these guys are dispersed along with
fighters, making the battle truly tough to even figure out.

 &|SORCERER|& &REWARD: 165 Gold, 62 XP
 - The final Evil Monk form is a crimson-red disguise to be wise about facing.
It has extremely powerful attacks, but only medium HP as expected. Great 
rewards for killing these dangerous foes. Found right before you hit the Dragon
Slayer's Lair.

 &|GOLD PEGASUS|& &REWARD: 175 Gold, 82 XP
 - The final form of the Pegasus is one heck of a problem to deal with. This 
monstrous monster has over 100 HP, but great defense, and a devastating 50+ HP 
attack, regardless of your power.

 &|GRUNGER KING|& &REWARD: 180 Gold, 100 XP
 - The most powerful enemy in the game (besides the Dragon Slayer) is the
upgrade of the Grunger Snake from before. Rather than a simple Medusa-like
creature, we face a Medusa on some form of genetic enhancements. The Grunger
King does anywhere from 35-65 damage per attack, which is almost insane when 
compared to traditional enemies. Combine this with a huge amount of HP (170+),
and you'll start to have problems. The easiest way to defeat this vile creature
is to cast a Boost on yourself, a Weaken on her, THEN do straight-out physical
attacks. Always heal yourself with an elixir when 50 or below health.

 &|DRAGON SLAYER|& &REWARD: Game Complete
 - By far the most gruesome enemy in the game, the Dragon Slayer is a massive 
black-armored Knight who kills dragons for a living. He believes himself to be 
the savior of the humans, although he's rampantly killing your dragon race off 
like flies. He's equipped with a powerful Human Flame Sword that does 
equivalent (if not more) damage than your Dragon Flame Sword. He also have 
overwhelming HP (700), which is why it's best to have several Elixirs in your 
inventory when fighting him. Use a Boost at the beginning of the battle to 
double your attack power. Weakens seem ineffective on him. Don't be surprised 
if you miss him on attacks. He's quite evasive.


- 8) Codes                 -
Believe it or not, there are no official codes for this RPG. Trust me. The game 
got to a point where I felt they were the only resort, but freeware games 
usually have NO replayability. There are no codes, hacks, or patches of any 
sort. You must use your keen gaming skills to rule out on top.


- 9) Common Questions       -

)) Gameplay ((

<< What would you rate this game? >>

- From what I've seen, for a freeware RPG, it's average. The game is basically
a quick mirror image of Dragon Warrior for the original NES system.
Unfortunately, there's no character development, no other joinable characters,
minimal available items, and a "level-up here and there" feel. At certain
times, it feels like a chore to level up, as you have to be strong enough to 
move on. The game forces you to level up, rather than placing you on any 
interesting side quests to burn time. For a freeware RPG though, it does have a
varying amount of enemies, a few perky bosses here and there, and IS
challenging. I could barely defeat the Dragon Slayer boss without 5 Elixirs and 
MAX level. It has decent graphics, similar to an RPG Maker game. Most of the
music consists of basic MIDIs, however, the worst part is the gameplay system. 
The battle system is too simplistic, the menus are almost non-existant, and it
just seems too watered down to be fun. Regardless, I rate it a 5/10.

<< How do I acquire this game? >>

- It's entirely free. It was released in 2000 as freeware, to supposedly add to 
Lumental's gaming library. Just put a search in for "Warrior Dragon PC", and 
I'm sure you'll find a download link.

<< Why is the final boss so hard? >>

- I have no friggin' idea. The cheapest tactic the developers tossed in was 
making the Dragon Slayer equally powerful to level 25, which is insane, because 
MOST players wouldn't have enough elixirs to heal their health. His attacks are 
too powerful, and the overwhelming amount of HP can really crush players out 
there with hopes of defeating him on low Elixir stashes. I guess humans really 
are more dominant than dragons.

<< How come no one will join my party? >>

- Because the game was designed for you to be alone. YOU are the destiny of the 
dragon race. You don't need any dragons to help you kick butt. The game tries 
to establish ideals of proving your destiny to be true.


- 10) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines -
This FAQ/Strategy Guide/Walkthrough is my own published work, and copyrighted
by Christopher Zawada. Whatever you do, DO NOT edit this FAQ in any way. DO
NOT steal anything from this FAQ. If you want to use some information in your
own guide, simply ask me. If you want to place this guide on your website,
either link to the GameFAQs game page, or download the file and place it on
your own web server. Basically, you can post this on your website as long as
its in ORIGINAL form, and not linking directly to GameFAQs. Aside from that,
all proper credit is due when necessary. Also, don't even think about selling 
FAQs. Trying to prosper off of other people's work will get you in big time 
trouble (coming from an eBay seller myself).

This is a list of the current known sites that host my FAQs:

- http://www.gamefaqs.com/
- http://www.ign.com/
- http://www.neoseeker.com/
- http://www.cheatcc.com/ 
- http://www.cheatplanet.com/


- 11) Proper Credit         -
I'd like to thank the following people for their help in making this FAQ 

)) CJayC (( for constantly updating GameFAQs, and dedicating his entire life 
to it. Takes a lot of effort to keep a site going this long.

)) M.I.Orikasa (( for your FAQ helping me with one missing item - the copper 
key. I couldn't figure out where to find it, and now it makes sense because of 
the dragon to the southeast of Dragonfield Park. Thanks!

)) Rootsecure.net (( for providing a useful ASCII generator to help create the 
title. Quite a useful tool.

)) The-Underdogs (( for providing a link to this awesome freeware game. Still 
one of my top favorite sites out there. Thanks again.

  "Some people make sacrifices to make other people happy." - Chris Zawada
  "Frrrrrreeeeeeddddooooooooooooooommmmm!" - William Wallace, Braveheart

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