Warhammer: Mark of Chaos v1.72 US Patch

 Warhammer: Mark of ChaosPojavio se novi patch za igru Warhammer: Mark of Chaos. Patch je težak "skromnih" 330MB i možete ga skinuti sa ove lokacije . Novine koje zakrpa donosi  možete pročitati u nastavku teksta.




New Features
– Added new host options to multiplayer games:
– Friendly Fire
– No Hero
– No Siege
– No Mercenaries
– No Items
– More units capture reinforcement and refill camps faster.
– Support for multiplayer clans.
– Undo (right click) and reset options in the skill tree.
– Displaying cannon accuracy information.
– Updated Gamespy SDK.
– Tooltips for all main menu buttons.
– Enemy/Ally names are displayed in the army mouse-over tooltips.

– Fixed crash that occurred when a player tried to load a custom multiplayer map that was not available in the game directory.
– Fixed crash that occurred when making a 4 player AI game custom setup on Internet.
– Fixed bug that prevented melee units to attack moving enemy units properly.
– Fixed bug where the resistance updates provided by certain items were not displayed properly.
– Fixed bug with Prince on Dragon's skill Implacable Heart.
– Fixed bug that occurred when trying to save a replay after watching a replay.
– Fixed bug where Ignore function in chat lobby only affected private messages.
– Fixed bug where Restoration of Isha skill affected and healed heroes that were in duel.
– Fixed bug with Command skill Blessing of Grimnir.
– Fixed bug with Combat skill Rune of Striking.
– Fixed bug where Sigil of Sigmar's magic resistance bonus doesn't stack with Glimmercloak.
– Fixed bug where HP increase for certain units following gained levels did not carry over between missions.
– Fixed some inconsistent upgrade restrictions between Army Composer and Reinforcement Camps.
– Fixed bug where victory or defeat message did not appear.
– Fixed tooltip descriptions for Standard Bearer and Musician.
– Fixed bug where units could be upgraded with weapons and armour not normally available to them.
– Fixed a crash that occurred when using Plague on a friendly hero with Lightning Shield.
– Fixed bug that allowed players to have nearly unlimited gold to make armies for Multiplayer.
– Fixed bug with gold value becoming negative with no initial army created.
– Fixed bug where defenders on siege maps could have their morale broken by Attackers just walking in. Now morale loss is limited to 50%.
– Fixed a crash that occurred when attempting to cancel Customize Army save window.
– Fixed bug where using the slash commands in game lobby could cause graphical UI problems.
– Fixed bug where Packmasters remained on map after Giant Rats have been killed.
– Fixed bug where upgrades that were normally not available for certain units were purchasable at Reinforcement Camps.
– Fixed bug with purchasing Champion upgrade at Reinforcement Camp.
– Fixed bug where private messages from the lobby sent to players that were in game did not get received.
– Flee button allows goblins to kill NPC handgunner unit_
– Fixed bug with Great Eagles purchased from reinforcement camps that always appeared at level 2.
– Fixed bug where Level 1 Trolls purchased at Reinforcement Camps came out as Level 2.
– Fixed bug where Resistance did not update when using the Knights of Khaine ability.
– Fixed bug where Prince on Dragon could not put any points into Bladestorm Combat skill.
– Fixed bug where top-tier duelling skills did not function when used against an enemy hero in multiplayer.
– Fixed bug where Elector Count on Griffon had the same icon for Crushing Blow and Cannot Capture.
– Fixed bug where players could not proceed through tutorial if disable border scrolling was active.
– Fixed some text bugs.

Balance Changes
– Supernatural Resilience skill now decreases the attacker's chance to hit by 5% per level.
– Blessing of Asuryan spell – Mana cost decreased from 300 to 225, cooldown time decreased from 60 to 45 sec, lifetime increased from 20 to 30 sec, chance to hit increased from 15% to 20%, bonus per level decreased from 5% to +4%.
– Flames of the Phoenix spell – Chance to hit increased from 10% to 15%, duration decreased from 3 to 2 sec, bonus per level increased from 1 to 2 sec.
– Cloak of Warding now gives 10% shooting resist instead of 15%.
– Shield of Ptola now gives 10% shooting resist instead of 15%.
– Morrian Ring now gives 5% shooting resist instead of 10%.

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