Victoria – Revolutions (šifre)

Victoria - Revolutions

Submitted by: RM

Press [F12] and then type in the cheat you want to use.

Code          Result
difrules    - Play Like a God  
fullcontrol - Total Control  
handsoff    - Hands Off  
nofog       - Remove Fog of War  
norevolts   - Defeat All Rebels  
nowar       - AI Can't Declare War  
showid      - Show Province IDs  
manpower    - Add Men  
nolimit     - No Troop Limit  
leadership  - Add Leaders  
money       - Add Money  
prestige    - Add Prestige  
transports  - Add Transports  
neville     - AI Folds to Demands and Suggestions  
badboy      - Tells You if You've Been Bad

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