Vanguard – Saga Of Heroes (šifre)

Vanguard - Saga Of Heroes

Easy money:
Submitted by: RM

There is a hidden quest that has great money for lower levels. Walk around
directly west of The Beacon of Hafeez al' Azzimat, on the continent of Qalia.
Soon after walking around a raider named Bhidrahi will spawn behind you and
start attacking. It is a easy solo kill at level 9 or 10. Loot the body and
recover a Bhidrahi's Symbol. Open your items bag and right click on Bhidrahi's
Symbol, which starts a quest. Walk back to The Beacon of Hafeez al' Azzimat
and find a NPC named Bhadran Atiasa. Give him the Symbol for an easy 2 silver.
You might have to kill some Raiders around the same area to make Bhidarhi spawn.
Bhidrahi will only spawn once.

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