Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 1.8 patch

Vampire: The Masquerade - BloodlinesDa ljudi jos uvek nisu prestali da igraju Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines svedoci i izlazak novog patcha za ovu igru. Radi se o  jos jedno u nizu nezvanicnih patcheva koji ispravlja dosta problema u ovoj izuzetnoj igri. Potrebno je da prethodno imate instalirnj 1.2 patch.

Kompletan changelog mozete procitati u nastavku texta. Dok patch mozete preuzeti odavde (27mb).


    * Continued adjusting locations names by changing bus and sewer maps.
    * Restored female Sabbat and put three into the first Hollowbrook map.
    * Corrected a wrong dialogue option for female Malkavians with Nadia.
    * Made cemetery quest easier and fixed Romero raising female firearms.
    * Removed unused subdirectories on two of the Kamikazi Zen computers.
    * Fixed several dialogue errors regarding Beckett, Flayton and Hatter.
    * Corrected dialogue getting cut of at Fu Labs for Nosferatu players.
    * Placed Pearl of Dubai and other cut items in pawnshop and elsewhere.
    * Added the missing Dodge II manual to second Giovanni Mansion level.
    * Created Justicar guards at Giovanni Mansion and fixed a synchro bug.
    * Put the unused male asian nurse model into the Santa Monica clinic.
    * Fixed Carson’s appartment key not being removed when it’s been used.
    * Corrected formatting of a few haven pc emails and the Sin Bin note.


    * Lessened the sway of zoomed weapons and balanced with magnification.
    * Replaced some male hunters at the Leopold Society with female ones.
    * Corrected bug that made it possible to get Ox’s harvest quest twice.
    * Restored original funny answers when not being able to read a tome.
    * Fixed bug of Heather not appearing at the haven for female vampires.
    * Restored original models for the low and high grade computer tomes.
    * Made Yukie give you the Ra blade instead of taking it from Chastity.
    * Corrected wrong name of the cafe and other locations and map names.
    * Provided 1 xp for keeping Zhao alive and modified quest accordingly.
    * Fixed feat conditions in Muddy bum dialogue and a missing variable.
    * Awarded 1 xp for killing Bruno Giovanni and changed log accordingly.
    * Corrected wrong subtitles speaker name for Vandal and other people.
    * Restored many mistyped intimidate options and some answers to Pisha.

Not done (impossible?):

    * When using the console be sure to activate it from the menu only.
    * Before reinstalling the official 1.2 patch clean up the registry.
    * Sometimes Beckett stays in his animal form when first meeting him.
    * Game may hang on Beckett’s "wait" cutscene, reload or use sewers.
    * Nosferatu and Tremere havens do miss the food critic quest reward.
    * In Mings hideout the bar may not move, just reload until it does.
    * Some feed victims stay in trance so don’t bite quest related ones.
    * The news report a bloodbath even if you just sneak-killed Johnny.
    * Tremere Bloodshield stays until it is exhausted, this is no error.
    * Stuttering and slowdowns are memory related, use at least 512 MB.
    * If a container auto-closes right-click the objects to choose them.


    * All dialogues were spellchecked for typos and more by Paul Moloney.
    * Several mistyped variables found could provide additional dialogues.
    * Fixed variables in texts of Ash, Bertram, Boris, Venus and Mitnick.
    * Corrected still not working Hitman quest fix and other related bugs.
    * Adjusted damage values of Steyr Aug, SWAT rifle and Ithaca shotgun.
    * Lowered lockpicking skill needed for chemical substances door to 10.
    * Prevented triggering the building scene before getting Muddy quest.
    * Made Model Citizen quest show failure directly after leaving Tawni.
    * Cleared up the log texts of the Muddy quest and Pishas occult quest.
    * Reconstructed lip-synchro for the misplaced Isaac text moved by Dan.
    * Re-branded Uzi, Mac 10, Glock 17c, Ithaca and both Remingtons guns.
    * Fixed double option with wrong link in the dialogue file of LaCroix.
    * Renamed Purge to Blood Purge and spellchecked all other text files.


    * Fixed Hitman quest bug that showed failure when making them friends.
    * Awarded 1 xp for getting Imalia’s magazine to compensate money loss.
    * Lowered award for rescueing Ash from the Society of Leopold to 1 xp.
    * Adjusted knockback ranges for McLusky, SWAT rifle and the shotguns.
    * Corrected some errors in Hitman quest log, dialogues and doll texts.
    * Fixed bugs in the dialogue files of Ash and Velvet for extra lines.
    * Corrected a bug that kept the Santa Monica haven active for Tremere.
    * Provided 1 humanity point for not telling Hannah that Paul is dead.
    * Modified the dialogue files of Damsel and Isaac to fix bad options.


    * Repaired SWAT rifle crosshair and set damage similar to ‘Jamie Sue’.
    * Made rifles and crossbows use single shots to fit reload animation.
    * Barabus will not be in the Fu Syndicate anymore after you have left.
    * Removed illogical placed flamethrower and Ra blade from Hollowbrook.
    * Chastity will have the Ra blade and a crossbow can be found nearby.
    * Put flaming crossbow, torch and flamethrower at the Leopold Society.
    * Changed damage of blunt weapons to fists < arm < baton < bat < iron.
    * Made CD quest available to all clans as Malkavian lines were there.
    * Fixed Tawni and friend noticing you before accepting Imalia’s quest.
    * Made vendors sell crossbow bolts with Tseng selling a crossbow too.
    * Imalia’s magazine quest is now also available after her Tawni quest.


    * After providing Romero with a sexy night he will give you his rifle.
    * Removed Dan’s "Ginger Swan fix", because the quest was not updated.
    * Isaac-Tzimisce dialogue line will disappear after quest is complete.
    * Changed the inventory text of Jamie Sue, Bach’s rifle and Steyr Aug.
    * Corrected some subtitles so the Hengeyokai surprise is not spoiled.
    * Changed lots of subtitles so not every thug is called a Sabbat thug.
    * Edited quest log texts of Necromantic to prevent misunderstandings.
    * Corrected Isaac dialogue options so you can’t get the gift right on.
    * Changed the strange "untie" lines in the Johansen dialogue options.
    * Provided 2 xp for rescueing Ash from the Society of Leopold caverns.
    * Made Bach drop rifle or sword on defeat, may remove teleport light.
    * Removed Yukies untakeble sword and changed the dialogue accordingly.
    * Modified some dialogue of Wong Ho in regard to the white haired man.
    * Wong Ho and hostess will not be in the Red Dragon after he is gone.
    * The White Cloud doors in Chinatown will be open from the beginning.
    * Yukie will not appear before you visited the temple to fit her talk.
    * The Hollowbrook Hotel cutscene will only happen if Heather is alive.

This document details numerous fixes and changes to Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines in the 1.2 patch. The patch will not affect saved games from the retail version of Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines. It is strongly recommended that you disable any anti-virus software before installing.

Minimum System Requirements:

• 3D hardware accelerator card required – 100% DirectX® 9.0c-compatible 64MB video card and drivers
• 1.2 GHz Athlon™ or 1.2 GHz Pentium® III processor or higher
• 384MB of RAM (512MB of RAM recommended)
• Microsoft® Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP
• Quad-Speed CD-ROM drive (600 K/sec sustained transfer rate) and drivers
• 3.3 GB of uncompressed hard disk space for game files and saved games (plus 1.4 GB for Windows® swap file)
• 100% DirectX® 9.0-compatible 16-bit sound card and drivers
• 100% Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP-compatible mouse, keyboard, and drivers
• DirectX® 9.0c (Included)

Supported Chipsets for 98/ME/2000/XP

All ATI® Radeon® Chipsets
All NVIDIA® GeForce™ Chipsets
Matrox® Parhelia™ Chipset

NOTICE: This game contains technology intended to prevent copying that may conflict with some disc and virtual drives.


    * Fixed C++ Runtime error on launch of the game due to older versions of Python interpreter.
    * Fixed Invalid dialog responses due to older versions of Python interpreter.
    * Fixed problem where keys and keycards may disappear from player’s inventory.
    * Fixed problem where binding either Enter or Right Mouse Button to the Use key would cause the inventory window to immediately close after opening. These bindings are now no longer permitted.
    * Added “Inventory Full – Items Dropped” message when player receives items beyond the inventory limit and added inspection particles to the dropped items. This addresses the issue with cameras being lost in the “Model Citizen quest.
    * Fixed problem where a player would have both the vampire and warform models stuck together when both Fortitude and Protean (level 5) are activated.
    * Fixed crash to desktop when the player returns to the boat after rescuing Johansen from the Society of Leopold.
    * Fixed problem where the newspaper would report success in the “Model Citizen” quest even though the player had failed it.
    * Fixed problem where the player can log on to the Theater computer before receiving the “Tangled Web” quest from Mitnick.
    * Fixed problem with haven mailboxes not receiving award for completing the food critic quest. quest.
    * Modified E dialog so that it is easier to receive the “Thinned Blood” quest.
    * Modified Regent dialog so that he now recognizes completion of the Gargoyle quest.
    * Modified Isaac dialog so that he now recognizes completion of the King’s Way and Gargoyle quests.


If you find that you are not accumulating experience points as you complete quests, this is because you have Auto-Level turned on and the game is automatically spending your experience points to improve your abilities and attributes. To disable Auto-Level, access the Character Sheet and click on the Auto-Level toggle button.

Once you acquire a new haven, your Santa Monica haven computer and mailbox will no longer function. Use the computer and mailbox of your new haven instead.

When you are playing a Nosferatu, your grotesque appearance prevents you from using the taxi that appears after you blow up the Sabbat warehouse. Nosferatu characters must travel between game hubs using the hub map found in the sewers.


Most performance problems reported to Activision Customer Support are due to computer systems not meeting the minimum system requirements or not having the latest video and sound card drivers installed.

If these are not the causes of any performance problems you are experiencing, we recommend that you try some or all of the following suggestions.

• Set your desktop to a resolution of 800×600, 32-bit True Color and play the game at that resolution.
• Shut down all background applications.
• Disable any anti-virus software you are running.

• Set the game’s Game Options to their minimum settings. In particular, disable Environmental Effects.

• This game requires a 1400MB swap file. If you are using Windows XP, 98, or ME, make sure that you have “Let Windows Manage My Virtual Memory” enabled, and if you are using Windows 2000, make sure that you have manually set your max swap file size to 1400MB. In addition, make that you actually have enough free space on your hard drive to facilitate the swap file (1400MB).

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