Urban Runner (walkthrough)

Urban Runner

Submitted by: Dj Simo
Written by Sander van den Hoek
(First published in the DIRTY LITTLE HELPER Issue August 1996)

(I'm doing this from memory so forgive me if i forget something.)

I'm not so sure if i got the order of the puzzles right, but if you
have a problem, scan this document and you'll find the answer to your

I remember two scenes of which i can't remember for the life of me
when they happened so i'll give the solution to them here:

-Max at the pool hall: knock on the door and use the police badge to
enter. Give the guy the watch.
-Max ending up alone in a restaurant and getting a phone call: as
soon as the FMV is finished take shelter. Then quickly throw the
glasses in the bin.

When you start the game you'll end up in a locked room. Take the
fishing line and hook from the locker.  Use the fishing line on the
stairs. Go up to the door and call the bodyguard. He'll come down
but stands still... he's just asking for a fishing hook in his foot
so don't dissapoint him by not doing it. When he fell down take the
vile from him. Use the vile on the loose brick a the end of the hall
and you'll escape to get in worse trouble...

Escaping from this isn't really difficult but the bodyguard can catch
and kill you so save often. Don't forget to change the fuse to the
place where you want to go to and don't forget to take the wad of
paper from under the bench.

-Activate the wall panel (change fuse to wall panel) and open it.
You'll get a paper that says something like r-g-g-r. These are codes
you can use on the document transporter. So activate the document
transporter and enter the codes for the transporter to go up. You'll
get something important.
Activate the shelves and go to them. Press the switch and search it.
Turn left and look under the bench for a piece of paper. You have
two parts of a manual now, put them together to get the complete
manual. Look at the manual, you'll see instructions for operating a
pump. Haven't you seen a pump somewhere? Activate it and follow the
instructions by letter. You must set the pressure to 6 and another
figure to 576. Do so.  When you're done use the handle on the pump,
go to the right , and you're home free.

Except that Eraser's in your home. Distract him using the
flashlight (on the right), throw the ball at him then take his gun.
After some FMV you end up in the alley. To get rid of the woman take
the plank, open the door and turn the lights on. Then quickly hide.
You'll fool her into thinking you're in the woman's room, exit your
hiding place, close the door and lock it by using the plank on it. To
get rid of the other person, pull the switch on the black box to the
right. Then pull the wire by clicking on it two times. Pour the oil
can over the floor, pull the switch again and wait to see what
FMV time again and after that i believe you end up in a hotel. Use
your police ID on the two girls sitting there to get your key back.
Go up the stairs to room 227. Take the earring that's on the floor.
Use the key on room 227 and a girl will try to prevent you from
entering the room. Give the earring to her and she'll bugger off.
Enter the room. Look at room 225. You'll need to get that room, so
you can spy on room 227 but is has a reservation.... Go down. Ask
the girl to distract the person who works there.
When she's busy, use a match on the bin to start a fire. While
everybody is panicking, quickly look at the file that's on the desk.
You'll learn that the room is hired by club zanzibar. Now don't you
have their phonenumber? Look in your inventory and combine the photo
with the matchbook.
Now you have their phonenumber. Call them using the phone at the
back. Then call the girl at the desk at the hotel to cancel the
reservation. Now go up to her and hire room 225. Go up, enter the
room and look at the card that's lying on your nightdesk. Champagne
reservation... Call room 227 to find out that there's a woman in
there. Order some chamapagne for room 227. You'll see the man
wanting to give the champagne to her. When that happens, go up to
her to enjoy quite a night with her.

After this they end up at a door that's locked. Fiddle for a
while untill someone comes up. They'll automatically hide and when Max
says something like "go up to her" do it immediately. You'll see three
of the four numbers. To get the fourth, use the chalk you got from the
pool room on the lock. Enter the room, look at the hands that's
resting on the keyboard. Then use the glass of water on the man's
right hand. Go up the elevator. Look in the locker  and you'll make a
mess of the place, but you'll get the key. Don't forget to clean up.
Enter the office at the back. Lock it when you're in. Look at all the
papers on the board, get the ink and everything from the desk you can
get.  Look at the safe, use the wire on it, then connect the wire to
your little computer. The codes are 227 and Adda.
When someone comes to inspect the place, switch off the lights, enter
the closet and use the magnet on it to lock it. Wait. When he's gone,
quickly exit the office and hide again in the locker when the guard
comes again.

Adda will go to the warehouse now to figure a few things out.
Go in the van and take the thing from under the blanket, look at the
postcard and search his jacket a few times. Exit the van. Use the
thing you got from under the blanket to retrieve the document from
the right. When you've done that, put the thing back under the
blanket. Read the file you have. Scan all the things you got for
phonenumbers. You should get the phonenumber from the girlfriend of
the vandriver and the phonenumber of the warehouse. Call the
girlfriend to get another phonenumber. Now, enter the car at the back
and call the warehouse, then use the other phone to call the
vandriver and connect the two hooks together to safely exit the

Now you get to choose if you want to be Adda at the newsroom
or Max at the hotel. You have to complete both scenes so it doesn't
matter which you choose. I'll start with Max at the hotel. To hide
the police id label, open up the bar, take the whiskey bottle and put
the id under the label.
To hide the document, pour the ink over it. It has now become unusable
for the inspector. Finally, to hide the capsule, put it in the bowl
of caramels. Wait for the inspector to come, he'll search the place
but will find nothing. He'll try to get you in his car, but as soon
as you get the chance pour the inkt over his nice, clean blanket.
He'll get pissed and bends over in the car, close the trunk and
that's the end of the scene.

Now for Adda at the newsroom. Get the mail. You will find an
unopened envelope. Boil the water to open the envelope. Put max'
message in it and close the envelope using the glue. Enter the room
and give Freddy his mail. He will find Max' message. Now "accidently"
push over the box of paperclips so Freddy can put the file in the
raincoat. Talk to Freddy and he will ask you to make some coffee.
Make some coffee and enter the room again. Pour the coffee over the
inspectors raincoat. Now you have an excuse to take the raincoat
away. Adda will take the necessary things from the raincoat and
that's the end of this scene.

As far as my memory serves me right, the cemetary scene is
next on the list. You can choose to switch between Adda an Max but
don't bother. First Max must do his thing on the cemetary for Adda
to get anywhere in the lab. So, give the whiskey to the driver to
get some info. Go up to the service and look at the doctor's glove.
Now exit the cemetary and go up to the cars. Look in the middle car
and you'll see another glove lying around in the car. So that's the
doctor's car. You must prevent her from getting back to the lab so
what better thing is there to do then puncture the tyre? Use the
keyring on the valve of the rear wheel. Enter the car from the back
and get the pills and the musical score. Mix the pills and the
whiskey and give it to the driver. That puts him out of the way so
there's no way the doctor can get back in time.

Now go to Adda at the lab. Get the stick and use the caramels
on it. Use the stick in the mailbox to get a juicy file concering
security breaches. Read it and put it back. climb over the walls and
into the garden. Get the binoculars and use them. Scan for three
camera's with the binoculars. If you got one you'll see something
glittering. If that happens click the mouse to uncover a camera. If
you've got all three put the binoculars back. Get the key from the
birds nest and go inside. Get the glasses, the taperecorder and
basically everything that's in the drawers and bin. Repeat the
searches until she says: "zere is nottin leftttt" Go outside and use
the taperecorder on the birds. Go inside again and go up to the lock.
Use the glasses on it to reveal the letters a through g. You must
play a tune on this to open the door. Look at the musical score.
It's a song and eight notes are circled. Turn it backwards to learn
which notes resembles the letters on the lock. I believe it must be
something like: e,e,f,g,g,f,e,d.

Enter the lab. Use the wirecutters on the electrical wire by
the safe. Then use the wire on the cut up electrical wire to get "one
hell of a short circuit" You'll get some microfilms. Scan them using
the microscope. FMV time again.

After that Max ends up in a alley where he has to win marcus'
watch. This is quite tricky but it you'll win it. Now for the three
locks. Look at the document where you poured the ink over. It now
says something like this: 4-2-1. This means that you must insert a
keyring four times into the left slot, 2 times in the middle one and
1 time in the right.

Max is in a room now where the doctor and Lev are discussing.
Go right. Use the bell on the windows sill. Go left and wait in
front of te door.  The idea is to enter the room exactly the moment
when the timer goes off. Attack Lev with a knife. Lev escapes and
kills the doctor. Remember what the doctor tried to scribble on
the floor before she died. Use the magnet on the lock to escape.

Adda and Max now go up to the office. Look at the elite file
and find the notes about the watch. Follow the notes and you'll
activate it. Also remember to assemble together the card schematic.
Use the activated watch on the hole in the wall. You're now inside
the office and they will go to the secret room. Switch to Adda and
find the laser (in the drawer), the remote control (beneath the
drawer where you found the laser) and the incesticide(behind the
desk) Use the remote control. Enter room A2 and maximize the heat
in this room. Use the remote control on the thing on the wall. The
room explodes. Wait for the other two guys to come in. Kill the
fat guy with the laser and Lev with the incesticide. Now switch to
Max. Activate the console by pressing the power button at the top
left. Insert the fourth card from the left in the machine and press
switches 2, 3 and 6. Now you must enter the codes. Remember the
microfilms? It said MIV, CLI and the doctor scribbled an X on the
floor. These are latin for 1004, 151 and 10. These are the three
codes you must enter. Don't forget to enter the right keyring after
each code.

That's the end of the game.........

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