Uporedni test DDR2 memorija

Sajt Driver Heaven je objavio uporedni test DDR2 memorija proizvođača Crucial, OCZ i Patriot.

Ceo test možete pročitati ukoliko posetite ovu stranu Driver Heaven sajta. U nastavku ovog teksta možete pogledati tabelu sa rezultatima ove tri DDR2 memorije koje su ostvarileu PcMark-u 05 kao i sažetak ovog testa.

PC Mark 05 DDR2 uporedni testCrucial's PC2-8000 sticks without doubt look great! In the past we have seen similar LED modules from Corsair, however those didn't have the nicely styled heatsinks or black PCB, additionally they didn't have the blue LED's to illuminate the memory socket area. On a performance level we were happy with the results that Crucial's product gave us and in every test they were not far off the fastest product. The only downside to the modules are the price for a 2Gb kit. It seems the high quality design really adds to the price and while these will undoubtedly appeal to the case modding community they might be out of reach for the general enthusiast. On the plus side Crucial do provide a lifetime warranty, 30 day compatibility guarantee and have some of the best (and cheapest) shipping times/prices available.

We felt OCZ's decision to bring FlexXLC heatsinks to their DDR2-800 range was quite a mismatch, as enthusiasts would probably prefer to part with more money for guaranteed higher clocks offered by the top end OCZ products. Now that we have finished our testing we see that this initial assumption was fairly accurate. The heatsinks, apart from offering a certain cool/geeky factor really don't bring anything to the table. With a reasonable voltage overclocking was decent via air cooling but adding water was rather a moot point as it didn't significantly affect the maximum clocks achievable. That said, despite the unique heatsinks, OCZ have kept the cost pretty low (compared to competitors products with "extreme" heatsinks) and as these sticks offer some excellent gaming performance we have no hesitation in recommending them to mainstream users, though they do fall behind some of the other modules in non 3d tasks. If you do purchase these modules just remember to correctly set the timings in the bios for optimium performance.

This is the first time we have taken a look at some high specification sticks from Patriot so we really had no idea what to expect. After opening the box the first impressions were good with plenty of product information on the main packaging and some nice looking heatsinks on the modules themselves. We were further impressed by the use of correct SPD timings which match those advertised on the Patriot website. Additionally the inclusion of EPP makes life much easier for those building a high specification system which includes an EPP supporting motherboard. The performance of the sticks was excellent in all areas although they did lose out very slightly to the OCZ modules in gaming. Patriot also offer a Lifetime warranty on their memory and this combined with an excellent price point make these modules our highest scoring product in this roundup. Highly recommended.

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