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UT3Game Informer je objavio intervju sa Jeff-om Morris-om iz Epic-a. Naravno, u intervjuu se govori o igri Unreal Tournament 3, jednoj od najočekivanijih pucačina ove godine. Intervju sadrži raznovrsna pitanja medju kojima se pominju: nedavna promena imena igre, singleplayer, planovi o demou, itd. U nastavku texta možete videti samo jedan deo intervjua, dok ostatak možete pogledati ovde.



GI: Are you guys going to support Vista and Live for PC?

Morris: We'll be supporting it on some level. It's still being negotiated and discussed right now. There's no real official announcement about it. We're really excited about Vista, but there's no way we're going to leave all the XP players behind. We want to be as inclusive and sell our game to as many people as possible. Vista's cool, and the game browser really solves a lot of problems with saves and things like that, and consumers should have a very real reason to be excited about it. There's also elements like we don't want people to have to subscribe to play our game on the PC. There's a real trade-off, and we need to figure out what the best way to approach that. Right now, it's TBD.

GI: So you say you're pretty close to alpha or a couple of months away?

Morris: We're a couple of months away, we think. We're definitely in the home stretch. UT has been a great project to work on, it's been a dream project for a lot of us who like science fiction, fast-paced multiplayer action games with vehicles. That genre is what UT is really about. Getting to the end where we can make sure we have enough time to polish everything up, implement last-minute "wouldn't it be cool if…" ideas. That's the thing. We need to set ourselves up for success, and to do that we need to start locking down now, so we can start the finaling process, get into QA and spend the time getting all the great visual effects in, making the water look cool-just getting all those nice little details polished out. That's really where we're at right now.

GI: Possibly, a demo this summer? You always release a demo first.

Morris: Absolutely. For the PC, certainly we'll release a demo, because that's where the most compatibility testing you can do is, and it also allows us to solicit feedback. So, you want to know when UT is going to ship? It's about a month after the demo. That's about the time it's going to take to integrate the feedback and what we learned. When we think we're basically done, that's when we're going to do the demo. Then we're going to incorporate that feedback and start all the finaling process and ship very soon after.

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