Unreal Tournament 3 beta Demo

Unreal Tournament 3 beta DemoMidway i Epic Games su objavile beta demo igre Unreal Tournament 3 veličine 741 Mb koji možete da preuzmete sa sledećih lokacija: 3D Downloads, 3D Gamers, 4players.de, ActionTripCGO.ro, eXp.de, FanGaming, Fileaholic, FileFront, FileShack, Fragland, Gamestar.hu, GH, PixelRage i UTCity.

Beta demo sadrži  Deathmatch and Vehicle Capture the Flag maps: HeatRay, ShangriLa and Suspense koje možete odigrati protiv botova ili drugih ljudi online, o sadržaju demoa pročitajte više u nastavku teksta.

HeatRay (Deathmatch):
This battle takes place in a night-time urban setting. Players battle over who gets to use a Dark Walker super weapon after it is spawned by a passing drop-ship. If you manage to get it, be sure to rack up the kills quickly since everyone will be gunning for you. The Dark Walker is like a giant piñata — when it dies it drops a U-Damage and a Berzerk power-up. If you want to stay hidden from the Dark Walker keep an eye out for the Invisibility power-up.

ShangriLa (Deathmatch):
A stark contrast to HeatRay's moody setting, ShangriLa is a sunny, tranquil map set high in the Izanagi Mountains. This map is designed in the traditional style of big Team Deathmatch maps, so it should please the most hardcore UT Deathmatch players. Fight over the U-damage in the central courtyard, or try to control the Shield-belt alley. You can find jumpboots in a vulnerable spot at the end of a dock, but the risk is worth the reward as they will go a long way toward helping you control the map.

Suspense (Vehicle Capture the Flag):
Set on a massive suspension bridge deep in Axon territory, this map is a playground of gameplay possibilities. It's a favorite in Epic office playtests because you can find almost all the Axon vehicles, as well as the Redeemer super-weapon. Whether you are sniping from the bridge towers, camping with the tank, towing hover-boarding flag-runners from your Raptor, controlling the redeemer from underneath the bridge, bombarding from afar with Hellfire SPMA artillery, or doing fast attacks with Manta's and Scorpions, everyone will find something they love doing in Suspense.

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