Universal Combat: A World Apart v1.00.03 patch

Univerzal Combat3000AD,
Inc izado novu verziju patcha za poslednji nastavak svoje igre . Patch
dize igru na verziju 1.00.03 i ispravlja razne bagove i poboljsava
performasne irge. Patch se instalira preko auto update-a, a kompletnu
listu promena mozete videtu u produzetku teksta.

  • Performance improvement revisions to planetary terrain rendering.
  • Performance improvement revisions to skeletal character model collision detect.
  • Performance improvement revisions to global collision detect.
  • Revision to planetary terrain site textures. No longer rendered as Black at high altitudes.
  • FIXED: If you set a planet as a jump target (SHIFT+9), then saved
    the game while in HJ transit, when the game was restored, the game
    would crash when the craft emerges from HJ and about to enter the
    planet because the planet data may not be stored in the saved game.
  • FIXED: NPC crafts emerging from planet to space in a region with
    more than one planet/moon, would randomly emerge outside the wrong
    planet/moon they egressed.
  • FIXED: The ASSETS.INI table was out of synch when the ITEMS.INI was updated with new additions. This caused player
  • controlled threat assets (SAMs etc) to fire the incorrect ordnance.


FIXED: Requesting a tow ship would sometimes select a station in the single player galaxy.

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