U planu 300 i Saw igre

300Novooformljeni izdavač video igara Brash Entertainment , danas je objavio da je sakupljeno 400 miliona dolara koje će upotrebiti ekskluzivno na razvoj igara po filmskim, TV i muzičkim licencama. Prve igre koje se očekuju pratiće licence filmova "Saw" i "300":

Company has projects in the works based on movies from five studios and has multigame deals with several of them. It's already working on a dozen movie-based titles, including one based on Lionsgate's "Saw" franchise and another, sources confirmed, based on "300." First games will come out this holiday season. While Brash is remaining tight-lipped about its initial release slate, one title will almost certainly be tied to "Saw 3."

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