Twinsen’s Odyssey (walkthrough)

Twinsen's Odyssey

Submitted by: Dj Simo

- Walkthrough

Bear in mind there probably ARE other ways to solve some puzzles,
and a few of the puzzles may be switched in order, but this seemed
to be the easiest and least painful way of getting through them.
Also, these are only the REQUIRED steps, there are other things
you can do as well.

You start off in your house and your Dino-Fly's hurt. Go to your
back room (Get the key first in the drawer next to it) And get
your golden ball, practice with the darts if you like. Go outside
and go to your neighbor's first of all, and check up on your old
buddy. It seems his son is working in the sewers, and made a very
interesting map. Unfortunately, it's old and peeling from all the
icky stuff down there. We'll have to help him later. see your
dinofly, talk to your wife. Yep, this dino's sick all right.
Listen to your wife and go to the pharmacy. She also mentions
picking up a piece for your car on Desert Island, so remember that
like a good husband.

Thief!! Get Umbrella back for that nice little old lady. Hmm,
whenever you go up to this guy he runs.. we'll try sneaking behind
him in "Discreet" mode. Talk to the other man outside, he seems
interesting. Oh, we have a weather wizard? Let's go check him

Well, OBVIOUSLY it's not his fault. It seems our good friend Raph
the lighthouse guard (well not really our friend, a lot of people
don't seem to like him much) has disappeared. After asking his

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