Total Overdose (šifre)

Total Overdose

Submitted by: Amber

On 50000 global score you will have unlimited ammo for hand grenades,
handguns and sawn off shotguns.

Submitted by: Lazenka

If you cant get over a high place, use my trick.Make sure you got lots of health and
a grenade launcher.Stand with your back facing the part you want to get over.
Aim the grenade launcher near the ground and shoot.The blow should send you over.
If you want to get over a gate stand on top of a blown up DEA van and do the same thing.
I got it right to go to the DEA place but it was locked.

Unlimited ammunition:
To get unlimited ammunition for the following weapons, you must collect the indicated
number of weapon icons scattered around the city.
60: Unlimited grenades
70: Unlimited hand gun ammunition
80: Unlimited sawn-off shotgun ammunition
90: Unlimited grenade launcher ammunition
100: Unlimited rocket launcher ammunition

Mission select:
Complete all game missions to replay any mission of your choice.

Dual pistols upgrade:
Collect ten weapon icons.

Dual rifles upgrade:
Collect twenty gun icons.

Health upgrades:
Collect ten health icons to upgrade your total health. This can be repeated.

Stamina upgrades:
Collect ten stamina icons to upgrade your total stamina. This can be repeated.

Play as Ram:
Complete The Good Son mission.

Play as Ram's brother:
Complete The Father mission.

Bike in the Bull Ring:
Complete the Kill The Bull mission.

DEA and military vans appear:
Complete the mission Make Elvez Sing mission to make locked DEA and military vans appear.
After the game is completed some of them will become unlocked.

Racing cars appear:
Complete the Steal The Wheels mission.

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