Toonstruck – Complete Solution (walkthrough)

Toonstruck - Complete Solution

A gentle start
After the scene-setting intro sequence, walk down the grand staircase and wander
into the room on the right where you'll find the royal scientist, Bricabrac.
Talk to him to discover that he's lost his glasses and, as he's as useless as a lace
bucket without them, nip back out again, run up the stairs and go into the trophy
Here you'll find the king's footman, and a brief chat will reveal that
Bricabrac always loses his glasses in his coat pocket. Armed with this information,
return to the lab and talk to Bricabrac again. He'll now find his glasses and explain
the 'tippety-top' secret mission that you've agreed to undertake. Grab the
bottomless bag and the blueprint and then leave the palace.
Outside, speak to the guards and watch the key that one drops when they
perform their dance. Speak to the guards again and as soon as the mouse cursor
appears, click on the key to pick it up. Head back into the palace and unlock the
door on the left with the guard's key. The door will open to reveal King Hugh's
Get the music box from the chest of drawers and use Flux to search the bed.
Get the voucher that he finds and then roll back the rug on the floor. Read the
note stuck to the mirror and solve the draw puzzle to open a secret passageway
(this will be revealed when both the top draw and the bottom draw are open and the
others are closed.)

My lord, I have a cunning plan...
It's not important yet, but you need to get your hands on the fish and the
gold-plated watering can in the trophy room. It's time to get shot of the
Making sure the rug is rolled back, enter the secret passageway and use Flux
on the loose floorboard. Next, click on the floorboard with the cursor. This
catapults Flux up to the trapdoor so he can unlock it.
Return to the bedroom and click on the rolled-up carpet to replace it over the
trapdoor. Pull the large cord next to the bed to summon the footman. After the
footman has been disposed of, return to the trophy room and get the red fish
that hangs on the wall. Forget about the watering can for now.

Next, leave the palace and head for the town centre (notice the round indentation
in the ground

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