Tomb Raider: Legend v1.2 patch

 Tomb Raider: LegendEidos je izdao i drugi patch za Tomb Raider: Legend. Patch podiže vašu igru na verziju 1.2 i ispravlja razne sitne greške i bagove.. Kompletnu lista promena se nalazi u nastavku teksta, dok je link za skidanje ispod.

Tomb Raider: Legend v1.2 Patch 36MB

– Fix for ‘High Priority’ task manager (lock up), in addition to fixing the occasional audio stuttering issue.
– Overall improved performance.
– Fixes and improvements made to Lighting when running the NextGen version.
– Implemented a separate ‘walk’ button for Lara.
– Fixed the issues regarding the breakables when running NextGen.
– Fixes made when running the game using a secondary monitor.
– Refresh Rate option now fully operational.
– ATI CrossFire Movie problem has been fixed.

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