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Tomb Raider 3



This is the place to learn (or brush up on) Lara's basic moves. She guides
you step by step through an exercise routine in the indoor gym (downstairs
just off the main hall) and swimming pool (just beyond the gym), as well as
an outdoor assault course and shooting range.

As in TR2, there are some secrets to be uncovered even at this early stage.
Lara's moved her treasure room, and she's added a race course for
practicing on the quad bike. This track is where the hedge maze was located
in TR2 (to the left as you exit by the front door). You'll need a key to
unlock it, though, and finding that key is a bit of a challenge.

Finding the Race Track Key

The training level begins in Lara's bedroom. In the closet next to the bed,
you'll find some flares. Once you've got them, exit the bedroom and go to
the left along the mezzanine, past the stairs down. Use the button to open
the door to the attic now; you'll be coming down this way. Continue to the
music room. Go through it to the left into the library. Find the loose book
in the first bookcase and pull it to turn off the fireplace. Go into the
fireplace and climb up the left wall into a secret passageway. Follow it to
a room with a switch and a couple of wooden crates. Pull the crate on the
floor once. Behind it are some more flares.

Climb up and pull the box in the doorway twice. Go around it to the right
and push it once to open up the doorway into the attic. Now you've got a
clear path downstairs. If that pesky butler gets in your way, just lead him
to the refrigerator downstairs in the kitchen and lock him inside for the

The switch opens the basement door, which is downstairs just off the main
hall on the way into the gym.

The door is timed to close after a little while, so you'll have to hustle.
Light a flare if you need it to navigate the dark attic. Pull the switch,
press the Look key to get Lara's perspective back, then roll. Run along the
ledge, go right through the doorway, across the attic, and make a hard left
into the stairwell and down. Use the Sprint key on the straight-aways but
release it, if necessary, to navigate the curves. Once you make the right
out the attic doorway, immediately jump to clear the railing. Aim for the
middle of the stairs so you can side flip to the right over the banister.
That'll save you running down the staircase. Roll and sprint through the
open door. Now catch your breath on the way down to the basement.

Continue on to the huge fish tank. Note the position of the RACETRACK KEY
on the bottom of the tank just beyond the leopard print chaise longue.
Pull/push the crate under the opening in the ceiling and climb up into it.
Follow the passageway to the opening above the water. Jump in and swim
around to pick up the key. Return to the opening and climb out. Now take
your prize out to the garden for some well-won joyriding.

(NOTE: To get off the quad bike when you're finished, press Roll + Left/Right.)

Getting the Quad Bike out of the Track Area

After many months of trying, someone's finally figured out how to get the
quad bike out of the race course and drive it around the grounds.

Lara's Treasure Room

Lara's new treasure room is located off the main hall, on the right as you
enter through the front door. The switch that opens it is in a closet on
the opposite side of the main hall. To get in, first go to the swimming
pool. Press the button behind the diving board to open the switch closet.
There's no hurry getting there; this door isn't timed. This next part is,
however: Throw the switch, roll, take a running jump, then sprint toward
the door, pressing Jump to somersault through as it comes down.

When you've warmed up sufficiently, you can also compete for the best time
in the assault course and racetrack-try to beat your friends' times or
simply best your own record. Now you're ready to tackle the real adventure!

(NOTE: To get from the training level into the actual game, approach the
front gates to start a new game. Or, escape to the menu ring, choose the
passport and flip the pages to select a new game or load a saved game.)


ANTARCTICA PART 1: ANTARCTICA Kills: 30 Items: 28, plus a CROWBAR, 2 keys
and 4 save/power-up crystals Secrets: 3

Be sure to find all the secrets so you can access the bonus level at the
end of the game. Note that one of the regular pick-ups here will be the
UZIS if you didn't get them in a previous level.

Objectives: First, get onto the ship to lower the inflatable boat. Use this
to get to the compound. Turn on the generator and get the gate control key.
Use it to open a gate that will enable you to reach Dr. Willard's office.

An FMV sequence precedes this level: Lara is the sole passenger on a
helicopter flying to the RX Technologies base in Antarctica. A storm blows
up, and the pilot loses radio contact with the base and is forced to land.
In a moment, the ice beneath the copter begins to give way. Lara scrambles
for the exit and jumps free just in time. The pilot isn't as fortunate.

Walk-through: Lara has made it to the ship, the RX Explorer, anchored near
the base camp. There are Desert Eagle clips in the water to the right. Jump
in to retrieve them and climb out of the water onto the small ice island as
quickly as possible. Alternately, you can pick up these clips after you
have the inflatable boat.

(NOTE: The light blue exposure meter on your screen plummets rapidly in the
freezing water. Once it's depleted, Lara will quickly die if she stays in
the water. You may be able to get around this in tough spots by saving your
game underwater and reloading. This resets the exposure meter. Just be sure
you don't accidentally save as Lara is about to drown!)

If you aren't already on the small ice island near the start, jump onto it
now. Once there, turn to face the HUT. Just across the water, you'll see an
ice ledge that's flat on the left side and slopes up on the right. Take a
running jump to grab the ice ledge just to the left of the point where it
bends. If you grab too far to the right, Lara won't be able to hold on.

Go past the hut. (NOTE: it contains SECRET #3, but you'll need to find a
key to unlock it. You'll get the items behind the ice window from behind in
a moment.) Take a running jump across the channel. Climb up onto the snow
ledge just to the right. Walk up the ledge until you get to the steep ramp.
Turn around and jump up to the ledge on the right. From there you can take
a running jump to the flat spot at the top of the ramp. Jump to the top of
the ice arch. (NOTE: You can see a med-pack behind the sheet of ice farther
down the channel. You'll get this a bit later.) Cross over the arch and
jump into the cave on the right. Now pick up the things you saw earlier--a
large med-pack, flares, a rocket and a save/power-up crystal.

Go back across the ice arch and down to the left. Continue along the shore
parallel to the ship. When you reach the water, swim for the square ledge
ahead and climb out quickly. Give Lara a moment to warm up, then swim to
the far ledge near the wall. Climb up the snow at the corner and jump up to
grab the handholds on the ceiling. Traverse nearly to the end and drop to
the block below. Jump over to the deck of ship.

ON THE SHIP: Drop down into the hold. Go down the ramp into the engine
room. Kill 2 red-jacketed crewmen. Climb up behind the engine and pull the
switch to open a trapdoor behind you. Drop down and kill another crewman in
the hall. Go up the ramp, where you'll meet another RX Techie. Press the
button to open the door opposite. Go in. (NOTE: The doors with buttons here
and below near the engine room lead to a connecting hallway. You don't need
to open them.)

Go down the ramp to the right toward the yellow pipe. Another guy in a red
jacket tries to mess with you. Take him out, grab his Desert Eagle clips
then drop down through the opening in the floor. As you go up the passage
below another guy sneaks up behind you. When you kill him, he drops some
Uzi clips. Climb up the ladder and press the button near the porthole to
drop the yellow boat into the water.

Climb back up to the room with the horizontal yellow pipe and go back into
the next room. Climb up through the opening in the ceiling and follow the
hallway to the upper deck. Go around to the right toward the stern. When
you come to a break in the outside rail, take a standing jump-grab into the
opening in the ice wall. Drop down to find SECRET #1--MP5 clips and a
save/power-up crystal. (NOTE: If you don't already have the MP5 ASSAULT
RIFLE, you'll get it here instead of clips.) Climb out and jump back to the

ICE WALL AT THE BOW OF THE SHIP: Go to the front of the boat to the angled,
off-white metal thingey that was holding up the boat. (OK, so I

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