Titan Quest patch v1.30

Titan QuestTHQ je izbacio novi patch za ovu RPG igru, sa kojom igra dostiže verziju 1.30. Patch ispravlja mnoge greške u igri, popravlja njenu stabilnost i dorađuje balans. Za detaljnu listu izmena pročitajte nastavak teksta, a patch se može preuzeti sa sledećih lokacija:

Patch za verziju 1.01 (10 MB)
Patch za verziju 1.20 (12 MB)



– Fixed a bug where screen shake would occur across all players in a multiplayer game when it was caused by one player
– Fixed a bug where Merchants dialog would not play in some localized languages
– Fixed vitality damage resist so it shows properly in the UI
– Fixed a bug where disabling the day/night cycle did not work in a multiplayer game
– Fixed a crash bug where projectiles would travel outside the rendered gameplay space
– Fixed a crash bug where the physics engine could attempt to access objects after they had been removed from the world
– Fixed a crash bug where the game could possibly attempt to update the location of a character that had already died
– Fixed a crash bug affecting defective monster patrol points
– Fixed a crash bug involving target leading with projectiles
– Made code adjustments in preparation for Titan Quest Immortal Throne expansion including version compatibility and MOD compatibility
– Fixed virtual memory test to allow for machines with more than 4 gigs of virtual memory

– Increased the unique item drop rate on boss chests on both first encounters and subsequent playthroughs
– Increased the unique item drop rate on Epic and Legendary "exclusive" monsters
– Reduced the difficulty on Typhon on normal difficulty level
– Fixed several pieces of common equipment with extreme armor values
– Fixed an issue with the Ancestral Warrior skill where it was not improving as skill points were invested at higher levels
– Adjusted the Study Prey skill

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