Titan Quest expansion info

Titan Quest U najnovijem izdanju PC Gamer magazina izašao je članak o Titan Quest ekspanziji. Igra će se zvati Titan Quest  – Immortal Throne i treba da izađe početkom sledeće godine… Sledi lista novih mogučnosti i poboljšanja:

  • 1 new Act (size of All Greece & offer 10-15hrs of gameplay)
  • 30 new Quests
  • 20 new Monster types
  • LvL Cap at 75
  • 1 New Complete mastery "Dream Mastery" , ='s 8 New Classes
  • Scrolls (1 shot Buffs) @ Merchants
  • Enchanters (Merchants) remove Relic/Charms for a price, item or charm is destroyed in the process. Not sure if you pick which one heh
  • Enchanters allow access to Alter of Creation! Lets you create your own Artifacts (if you have all the items needed) VERY expensive
  • Caravans in ALL the Major Cities supply access to your Character's storage Vault!!!! Which CAN be accessed by ALL/ANY of your toons!!!
  • more than 250 Uniques (Weapons & Armor) in addition to 100's of new common pieces than will combine with the affix system, new relics & charms

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