Three Sisters’ Story (walkthrough)

Three Sisters' Story FAQ
A complete guide to the game
created by YuSaKu
i. Game Details
ii. Game Description
1. Controls
2. Characters
3. Walkthrough
4. Extra Stuff
5. Credits
6. Locations
7. Contact Information

NOTE: This H-Game is intended for Mature Audiences ONLY!!! It includes a LOT of
f'ing, (mostly involving underage girls), so unless you're a sick-ass pervert
like the rest of us, beware.
i. Game Details

This is your basic H-Game, but with a twist. It seems that you can't have
sex with whomever you want, but have to stay faithful to your girlfriend,
or else you get a bad ending. The good ending is worth the extra work though
If you like RPG's, or remember the old Kemko-Seika® games for the NES, then
chances are you will like 3 Sisters. Not all H-Games are bad. I stand up to
defend my passion. We will not be labled as sick perverted voyers any longer
we will...wha?*gets hit by a mob of angry teenage girls fighting for women's
rights* King....Rod..ney...k
ii. Game Description

The one that started it all! I was a boy when my father threw himself under
the tracks of an oncoming train on the Yamanote Line in Tokyo. He had been the
president of a powerful trading company, but had been under siege by an enemy
in a power struggle that I didn't understand at the time. With my father gone,
it fell upon my mother to lead the family and try to pay off Father's debts.
She wasn't up to the task, and was buried next to my father less than a year
later. My older brother Eiichi and I were separated, then, passed around the
family like unwanted guests. We had lost everything.

Last summer Eiichi appeared again on my doorstep. He had prospered in the years
since I'd seen him, and had built a successful trading company. "Koichi,"
he said to me, "I found out who was responsible for our father's death: the
current head of father's old company, Shoji Okamura."

When he asked me, "Will you help me avenge mother and father?" I agreed

So I became his hatchet man. My job was to approach the Okamura family,
especially the three Okamura sisters -- sexy, grown-up Yuki, short-tempered
but sensitive Emi and the innocent Risa -- and gather information on the
Okamuras for my brother. After six months, I had gotten to where I was
eating dinner at their house regularly. This allowed me to bug Shoji's
office take documents out of his trash, and copy files off his computer.
I reported everything to my brother faithfully.

I was never sure if the information I was providing was doing any good,
but gradually, it became apparent that Shoji Okamura's business was failing.
He grew more and more desperate, and one day he disappeared completely. The
happiness of the Okamura family, who had taken so much from us, had been
stolen piece by piece. My brother swore he wouldn't stop until Shoji Okamura
was driven to the point of taking his own life, even if it meant pushing
the Three Sisters into lives of prostitution and worse.

The only problem is, I had fallen in love with those same three sisters...

One of the most popular English-translated bishoujo games to come out of the
1990's, Three Sisters Story combined a complex dramatic story with beautiful
female characters and many twists and turns as the game winds through its
rich story. Can you stop your insane brother and save the three sisters from
his wrath?

1. Controls

Enter/Left Mouse Click: Select an action or option
Escape/Right Mouse Click: Cancel action/load/save game or quit
Arrow Keys/Mouse: Navigate through actions/options

SPECIAL NOTE: The Arrow Keys are more accurate than the Mouse for this game.
2. Cast of Characters (In order of appereance)

Read the opening story for more details.
You know who you are...I mean, come on...

Yuki Okamura
Yuki is the oldest of the Three Sisters. After her father left she has
become the head of the house. She's like the big sister you never had.
Yuki is always calm and reserved. Ever since her father's disappearance,
she has had to quit school and works to support her family.

Emi Okamura
Emi is your girlfriend, and the second oldest daughter of the Okamura
family. She is short tempered and can be very violent at times. This
is all an act she puts on though. Emi hardly acknowledges you as her
boyfriend, but it's pretty obvious how she feels.

Risa Okamura
The youngest Okamura. She is always happy. Her speech and actions make her
seem like she's 12 years old (but she will be turning 18 soon, we're all
assured). Risa trys to cheer up Emi a lot during the game, but could it
also be a way for her to get "very close" to Sonoda-san?

Chie Makino
Chie of class 1-D is an introvert. So much so that she doesn't talk to
anyone. There is a reason for this though. Her father did some pretty nasty
things to her when she was younger (incest is best.....I think not). She now
hates all men, and pretty much everyone else as well.

Your Sensei(Teacher). Keiko is, at times, very cold towards you, but she is
warmer than most of the teachers in your school (That says a lot for the
Japanese Educational System, eh?). Keiko is a member of a very rich family.
She can be really naive at times, but she never forgets how to give out

The school Nurse. Junko is not your typical school nurse. She sleeps almost
all day and cures illnesses in a most, peculiar way. Well that's if you are
a guy at least...

Yuko Uchimaru
Yuko is a @%#$*&#^@%!. She has little to no consideration for anyone.
There must be something you can do to set her straight. Yuko could really
use something......that's hard on HER.....heh heh.

Kumi Akimoto
The most shy person you will encounter in this game. Yumi is so shy,
in fact, that when guys come to watch her practice R.Gymnastics, she
chokes every time. Yumi needs to get used to guys (That's right, break
her in....okay, I'll shut up now...).

Eiichi Sonoda
Your big brother. Eiichi vowed to be rich again when your father died.
He now owns a trading company, and gets you everything you could ever want.
Eiichi seems different these days though. Could he really mean harm to the
Three Sisters?

Mana-san is a office worker by day, stripper by night. She works at the
Ran-Pabu downtown. She helps you out a few times during the course of the
game, if you do something in return for her, that is. A lot like Hiromi
from Runaway City....

Aki works at a love hotel downtown. She is also involved with your brother.
She gathers information on big businesses and sells the information to the
"highest bidder". She knows quite a few things about Eiichi's Company.
If only you could get her to talk...

Chisato Fujimura
Chisato was an excellent student until her parents began having marital
problems. Now Chisato is in trouble for stealing money from a man she
met through a telephone club. Going to the Telephone club is the best
place to start looking for her (Duh).
3. Walkthrough

This is a simple, tell-all walkthrough. It contains many spoilers, so I have
broken it up into sections. if you want to discover the game plot on your
own, only use this as a reference, in case you get stuck, or want to know
how to get the good ending.

The First Day

Talk and Think your way through the two scenarios until you are at school.
At the end of the day, you see that Emi is not there when it's time to go
home. First look all around the room. Then Look For Emi until you can't find
her in the room. Afterwards, Think about Emi and you'll notice her shoes
are gone. She has left the room, and you should too. Next Look and Think
around the third floor until you can't find her. Check every classroom on
that floor, then go to the second floor. When you get here, Look and Think
then go to room 1-A. This is Risa's room. Talk to her until she asks you
to walk home with her. Tell her you want to look for Emi some more then
leave the room. Now search every room and go to the library. There's nothing
special here but you do meet a new Character. Now go to the forth floor but
don't forget to check your classroom first it's 2-B on the third if you
can't remember. Now if your on the forth floor check all the classrooms.
Now go back to your class and look one last time and go back to the first
floor. Now go to the Teacher's Office to visit a new Character. Then check
the Nurse's Office for yet another new Character. After you search the
Nurse's Office go to the School Yard and look. You'll need to Talk a
few times and Think before the option to Talk to the Track Team appears.
Here you'll meet a new Character. Next search the Gym Look at all the
sports teams and finally Think and Talk/R. Gymnastics. You'll meet a new
Character. Now go back to the School Building and talk to Risa again.
You've checked everywhere and have no other choice then to leave. You'll
meet Emi in the park on your way home. When she asks if you are cold say
Yes and Go to Her. When you get home you'll see Eiichi's Car in the
driveway. You run into the house to find Eiichi attacking Yuki.
After the ordeal you find go home. Think until you get a call from Eiichi.
Talk to Eiichi. After the scene you'll go back home. Think until
Yuki calls you. Make sure you save your game as soon as possible.
A choice is coming up that effects the ending you get. When you go to
Yuki's room talk to her until she asks you to Stay with her tonight.
If you Accept her proposal, you will get the bad ending. If you Refuse,
you will be on your way to getting the good ending. Save two games, then
load the clone and do it to her anyway, then restore the good
save and continue.

The Second Day

Talk and Think your way through the first scenario until you are
talking with Keiko-Sensei. Like before, when you get back to class
Emi is not there. But you notice that her shoes are still there.
Time to go looking for her again. Check all the rooms then go to
up the forth floor. Check all the rooms. You'll find something,
but it's not what you're looking for (LMFAO). Next, go to the
second floor. Go to 1-A and talk to Risa-Chan, then check all
the rooms on that floor and then go to the Library. You
might run into Chie again. After Chie gives you the cold
shoulder (again), go to the first floor. You should save before
you do anything else. Now go to the Nurse's Office. If it's
locked, go to the School Yard and look for Emi. If it is not go
in. Now Junko will ask you for a really big favor. She wants you
to help three girls get over there problems:Chie, Yumi, and Yuko.
Junko will instruct you to do "anything" to help them, and then
offer you condoms. You must always use the condoms in order to
get the good ending. Now you can either save and help the girls,
or go back to class and meet up with Emi. If you choose to help
the girls, here's what you need to do. The easiest girl to help
is Kumi. Simply go to the Gym and talk to her. After you are
backstage, think. You come up with three choices. You must make
her enjoy being watched, so choose 3. Ask her to do the Forbidden
Drill. Remember the condom!!! Now save, then go back to the
Library. Talk to Chie till she gives you the cold shoulder for
the third and final time. Go to Chie's classroom, 1-D, and ask
about her, as well as the other girls. Now go back to the Nurse's
Office and ask Junko for another condom, and the treat
(if you want). You aren't finished yet. Save the game and go to
the School Yard. Talk to the Track Team until Yuko tells
you to get lost and you say to yourself "Reminds me of someone...".
Now go back to the Gym. Kumi will ask you to "Watch" her again say
'You're Alright' then leave. Go back to the School Building. Now
go to your class and go home with Emi. Don't worry about Chie and
Yuko you'll take care of them tommorow. Now when you get home
Emi will want to go shopping and tell you not to peek in on her
while she is dressing. Change your clothes and you can peek in
on her if you want to, it doesn't effect the ending of the game
(do it!!!). It doesn't matter what you do, you'll still go downtown.
While you are downtown, you will meet a new Character and find out
why Yuki asked you to sleep with her last night. When you meet Mana,
ask her about Yuki a few times and she'll point to a woman that
just started working there today.....Yuki-San!? After you leave,
you'll see Keiko with Eiichi. You have no choice but to Lie to Emi.
You pretend you didn't see anything, then you automatically volunteer
to follow them to make sure it wasn't them. Save your game. They go to
the park. Now you can either stay and listen in on Eiichi, or go home.
If you stay, you will meet a new character. Later you will end up at
home. Think until you go to sleep.

The Third Day

Think and Talk until you get to school, and before you know it,
it's time to go home. Time to go help Chie and Yuko and then
it's time to confront Keiko about Eiichi. First save your game
(as always), then go to the Teacher's Office and talk to Keiko.
After she tells you off, leave and go to the library to look for
Chie. You should find her in a corner of the Library. Chie?!
Speak to her. She will tell you about her crush on Yuko (!!?!).
Now save your game, then go to the Nurse's Office and ask Junko
about Yuko, then go to the School Yard and Talk to the Track Team.
After Yuko tells you to get lost again, go back to the Library.
Look for Chie and wait 'till you say "I'll ask her next time I
see her...". Now go back to room 2-B and you should go home with Emi.
Don't worry about Chie and Yuko, tommorow is another day
(Is the name of this school Pussy high?). When you get home Risa
will ask you to go with her to get her homework at school.
When you get there Go to the Night Office to find Keiko and Eiichi.
What the!? Risa sees what's going on in there and starts
masturbating (!!?!) She then asks you to Take Her. Refuse her
if you want the good ending (but save and go do it
anyway....oh lord help me jesus look at...ummm, sorry).
Save your game as soon as possible. Now keep thinking until
you go to sleep.

The Forth Day

Today is Risa-Chan's Birthday. Talk and Think until Eiichi shows up.
Afterwards Answer the phone and say 'Yes'. After the ordeal you will
be in your room. Save, then Think until Risa rings on your doorbell.
Risa will ask you to make her a woman. Refuse her if you want the
good ending. If you refused the previous night and decide to
accept now, you'll pop Risa's cherry.

The Fifth Day

Today you must help Chie and Yuko. After you tell Emi you need to
do something go to the Library. You'll find Chie crying in the same
corner. Don't forget protection once again. You do wan't the good
ending, don't you? Anyway, save your game and go to the Nurse's
Office and ask Junko for another condom and, of course,
the present. If the door is locked, just go to the Gym and talk to
Kumi. Tell her she's alright again and go back to the Nurse's Office.
If it's still locked Save, Quit, and Load and see if it's not
locked. If it is, keep alternating between the Gym and the Nurse's
Office until it is unlocked. I had to do this on one of maybe five
games, so this glitch doesn't happen that much. Finally if it is
unlocked, do what is stated above. Junko will tell you
that you're still not finished yet. Save and go to the Teacher's
Office. After Keiko kicks you out again go to the School Yard.
Talk to the Track Team. If Yuko is there simply go to the Library
and talk to Chie and then go back to the School Yard. If Yuko is
still there Save, Quit, Load and try again. If Yuko is STILL there,
try going to the Gym then Leaving then Talking to
the Track Team again to see if she is there. Once you go to the
School Yard and Yuko isn't there, talk to the Track Team, then
Ask about Yuko and the Track Team will tell you she's "over there".
Look For Yuko until you go behind the Gym. Yuko?! Ask her about Chie
and Don't Bother when she asks if you want to do it again.
Now Save and go back to the Nurse's Office. If the door is locked,
you know what to do. Now ask her for a condom then the present.
What's this, a forth girl???!!! I think Junko-sensei is just a
tease...Oh well. When you go to gather evidence you'll be able to
help this surprise new Character. Save and then go back to 2-B.
Go home with Emi. Now Think and Get Ready. Now when you get
downtown, you have to Go to the location in which Aki works.
Aki is the name of the woman that was in the Park with Eiichi.
Now go to the Fashion Health. Order AKI. Now you have to
please Aki for her to talk. Afterwards go to the Telephone club
and wait until it says "Wait Patiently" in the options bar.
Don't get impatient and keep clicking because "Exit" will
replace the Wait command for a call slot. Now wait until Chisato
calls. She'll tell you meet her in the Park. Go to the Park and
meet with her. When you have the choice to either "Go for it" or
"Talk to Her", choose talk. After you talk you'll get to the choces
"Do it" or "Don't Do it". They both have no effect on the
ending. Now go to the Lingerie Pub and ask Mana to see if anyone
in the club has any Information on your brother. Afterwards, go
back to the Park and wait for Eiichi. Use all the equipment
you have to get the evidence you need. Now go back to the Lingerie Pub
and when Mana bargains with you to tell you all she knows,
respond with 'Hell Yes' (cool option - thanks JAST!!!).
Now when the choice comes up to either 'Sit back & Relax' or
'Be Forceful' choose 'Sit back & Relax', unless you
want the holy fuck beat out of you. And once again, choose
'let her do her thing'. When you get all the information you need,
Yuki will be waiting outside. You have to lie to her. When you get
home Emi will be in your house. She will beg for you (finally!!!),
but you must Talk to her first. Tell her Everything. You will get a
call from Eiichi. He wants you to meet him in the park at 6PM, with Emi.

The Sixth Day

When you get to school today, you have to show Keiko the evidence you
got, but not before you go to see Junko-Sensei. Save your game, then
go to the Nurse's Office. Ask Junko for the special Present....
Now go to the Teacher's Office and show Keiko the evidence you have
collected. Save your game beforehand though. Now, you have the
choice of either Slaping Her into oblivion, or to Embrace Her.
Neither of these affect the ending, but they both have very
different outcomes (out'comes'....LMFAO). After you
are finished here, go back to your classroom. Then go to the Park.
Eiichi doesn't show up. You have to go save Emi now. When you arrive
at Kaisan Corp., you will Enter the building, but then get kicked
right back out by Akiko, the hellish female security guard.
Whatever you do DON'T USE FORCE. Now, when you are all back
outside, select "Making a Plan". You will have to call Mana on her
cell phone to come and let you in through an emergency side-door.
Once inside, Mana will help you get the elevator clearance ID
key card from the Guard. When Mana says wait 30 seconds, don't take
it lightly. Wait exactly 30 seconds (use a watch to count it off),
then barge into the room. Keep checking the Guard until you get the ID
key card and the Baton from her. Now go up to the next level and search
all the rooms, except the one on the Far Left. There are guards there.
Now when you search the Room on the Right you'll find a woman in need
of some help. It seems that her perverted boss is about to help
himself to some poon-tang pie. Teach that bastard a little lesson,
and then search him for the next ID card. Then go up to the next
level. While on this level, just search every room until you find
a computer that is still on. Search it a few times and Akiko will
show up, ready to fight. Now Look at Akiko. Keep on until Risa
shouts "NOW!" and knocks the Baton out of her hand. Now Torture
her until she tells you how she got up to this level without an ID card
(You do this by f'ing her up the @$$, a MUST-SEE, it's hilarious!!!!).
Now go on up to the top floor. This is where Eiichi is holding Emi
hostage. You can't enter his office without a purple ID card. Go back
and to both storage rooms. Then go to the Control room and Look and
Operate. When you go to leave, Risa will tell you she can see Eiichi
and Emi on the monitor. Eiichi is trying to rape Emi. When you finally
come face to face with Eiichi, Provoke him. You'll be back in the
Storage room. When you all smell the smoke, the rest, my friend,
is up to you.

NOTE: You can get one of two possible endings.

GOOD END - Don't sleep with any of the Okamura sisters other than Emi.
Helping the girls at school is okay, as long as you use the condoms
Junko-Sensei gives you.

BAD END - Give into temptation and *F* any slit in sight. I suggest saving
beforehand and going back and having sex with Yuki and Risa
(Risa especially.....oh my GOD!!! ;)
4. Extras Section

1. Shoji Okamura is the father of the Three Sisters
(think. Where have you heard that name before??)

2. There is a picture of Rei from Evangelion in the Telephone Club!

3. Akiko is the name of the guard at Kaisan Corporation.

4. Seasons of The Sakura, Runaway City, and Three Sisters' Story
have mostly the same backgrounds......

5. Check out how much Hiromi from Runaway City and Mana
look and act just alike.
5. Credits



THANK YOU: Junko Asanuma, Neon Genesis Evangelion,
Hentai Otaku Everywhere, and of course the Artists.
6. Locations Authorized to Display This FAQ - - should they ever decide to publish it

If you want to post this FAQ on your site, Email me


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