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 The Sims 2 Family Fun StuffSamo nekoliko dana posle izlaska Open for Business ekspanzije, Maxis i EA Games, najavili su novi nastavak za mozda i najpopularniju i komercijaliniju igru ikada.. Sims 2, naravno. Novi nastavak se zove The Sims 2 Family Fun Stuff i vise je item pack, nego ekspanzija. Igra treba da izadje tokom aprila a evo i liste stvari koje donosi ovaj dodatak:

  • New Décor! – Indulge your Sims’ imaginations with fantasy-themed furniture, a complete underwater kids’ bedroom set, or nautical-themed living room furniture.
  • New Styles! – Hang loose in Hawaiian style clothing or bring out the kids’ adventurous side with exciting costumes.
  • New Stuff! – 60 all new items for your Sims to join in on all the family fun! Below are 3 examples of the new items:
    – Toyboxtopus – This trunk has eight arms that can hold a bounty of toy treasures for your young mermaid or pirate Sims.
    – Dragon Costume – Breathe new life into playtime, birthdays, or costume parties with outrageous outfits.
    – Dreams Alight – Uncover the darkest mysteries of the night, or just find your way to the bathroom with this new desk lamp

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