The Simpsons : Hit & Run (šifre)

The Simpsons : Hit & Run 
Enter the Options screen and hold F1, then enter the following with the arrow keys. Note: This may crash the game. To avoid this, start a new game and enter the codes at the in-game options screen. 
Code				Effect 
Up - Up - Up - Up		All cards (after beating the game) 
Left - Right - Left - Right	All character costumes (after beating the game) 
Up - Down - Up - Down		All vehicles (after getting 100%) 
Down - Down - Down - Up		Different camera angles 
Down - Down - Right - Left	Drive a toy car 
Right - Right - Right - Right	Higher acceleration 
Right - Up - Right - 	Up	Invulnerability 
Left - Left - Left - Left	No top speed 
Right - Right - Left - Left	One hit destruction
Left - Left - Left - Right	Press horn to jump
Right - Right - Down - Left	Speedometer  
Contributed By: SubSane, WKE235 Unlockables Itchy and Scratchy 
Bonus Movie To unlock this you must have completed the game and must have all collector cards in whole game. Once you've done this, go to the level 3(Lisa's level) and go to the Android's Dungeon(comic shop). Press action key in front of the thing with blue stars. Soon the screen should say "Congratulations! You unlocked the bonus movie!" or something like that. Now you can watch it from movies menu. If you can't take the thing, try talking to the Comic Book Guy first. 
Unlockable.How to Unlock Bonus Movie: Complete the game and collect all collector cards. 

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