The Road to El Dorado (walkthrough)

The Road to El Dorado

Submitted by: Mehedi Hasan

In this game the 1st level is too hard. If any body won the 1st 
level I think he also able to won the other level. 1st level is 
too hard. So I give a walkthrough of 1st level of this game. If 
you get a problem in any level of this game, just e-mail me at
I try to solve your problems.

1st Level
First take the poster. Give 1 paseta from your inventory pressing 
ENTER to the corn seller for buying a small pack corn. Now go 
to corner of the area. There is a hen. Give corn to the hen. 
So you can catch the hen. Go to the hen's shop at the other side 
of this area. Sell the hen to the shopkeepers. He gives you 5 paseta. 
Now you go to the cafe and give the stranger 5 paseta for playing 
Dice. He advice you how to play paseta. At last you won a map if 
you won. Now go to the dock gate. A fat man never allows going in 
that way. But a short video shows you that the guard who stands 
the opposite of the dock gate, going inside with another guard. 
So you can now go to that gate and do it. Get into the house in 
right side. Go over the first door. Talk with the thin man. Go 
back and go over the second door. A little boy not allows you 
to go. Go to the near of the barrels. Press action key. Default 
key is . So Migual hide into a barrel. Go to the boy. He 
has runaway. Take the slingshot. Go over the next door. Now you 
are in a roof. Go to the next door in roof. Go...Talk with Mazelo 
(who looks like a fool and talking with his darling). Talk again 
the thin man about Mazelo. And talk again Mazelo about the thin 
man. And then follow Mazelo. He brings you to the thin man. Then 
the thin man goes away and Mazelo is in the duty. Talk with him 
again. So he talk with his darling. Go near the big wooden door 
and open it. An ox attack Mazelo. You shot to the ox with slingshot. 
Go another side where you saw a woman dress. Put the poster on the 
wooden fence. The ox breaks the fence. Now take the dress. Go to 
the first area. So Tulio change his dress. Now go to the dock gate. 
The fat man talks with Tulio. Migual go to the door in crouch mode. 
In dock area go near the barrel and press action key. So again 
Migual get in to the barrel new go near the carrots barrel and 
take a carrot. Remember when two guards turn back, only that time 
you should go. Otherwise the guard see you and you fail. When you 
get the carrot, you hang it in the wood that stand front of the 
donkey. So the donkey try to eat and he run. Then the machine is 
start. Go to the backside. There is a handle. Push the handle and 
go up. Then get in to barrel. The other player must also do this 
work. So two players Tulio and Migual enter the ship and you win 
the first level.

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