The Manx’s Altered Destiny (walkthrough)

The Manx’s Altered Destiny


Table of Contents
1. Story
2. Walkthrough
3. Item List
4. Point List
5. Legal Stuff

1. Story
In Altered Destiny, you’re P.J. Barrett, a yuppie who’s got a stay-in date with
a beautiful girl named Trudy tonight. You just need to remember to pick up your
TV from the repair place on the way home. Unfortunately, things don’t go quite
as you planned. Remember that Conan look-a-like leaving the store as you drove
up? Turns out he got your TV by accident, and when you try to set his up you
get zapped into another dimension. There you’re greeted by the visage of an
alien named JonQuah who tells you his brother, Helmar, has stolen the fabled
Jewel of Light and is using its legendary powers to wreak untold havoc. What’s
more, you’re the only one who can stop him. Not quite what you had in mind for
a romantic evening at home, is it?

2. Walkthrough
You arrive on the planet Daltere on an island in the sky supported by a massive
vine. You’ll probably notice the weird green plants flying by, and that there’s
two paths off the screen, high and low (watch out for the big hole in the
middle!). For now, take the low path east.

You’re standing by two buildings. Enter the smaller one by entering the doorway
on the far side of the screen. Meet Alnar the metalworker. Type, “Alnar, make a
cage.” Take the axe and the sword, then ask Alnar about them until the cage
appears and take it. Leave. You only need the axe and the cage, and you can
only carry so many items at a time, so you can feel free to drop the sword. Go
back to the first screen, and walk through the upside down “V” to reach the
high path. Go down the stairs, and “read the sign” to learn that Vindah, the
diviner, is on a nearby island. Leave, and walk off the screen to the east.

You’re now by the large structure with the network of pools on top of it. Walk
down the stairs and walk underneath the green pool to enter the structure. Ask
Tentro about frags, then pick up a few items. Take the sphere, jar, and tube,
and “point tube at frags” to get four of them. “Examine” the frags in the tube
in the order of pyramid, smallish frag, cylinder, cube. They make up an
invitation to the Order of the Jewel, which is where Helmar stole the Jewel of
Light. Look at the sphere for a story that will yield clues to a future puzzle.
Leave, go back up the stairs and go east again.

Here, walk to the other side of the building and drop the axe, then step onto
the gray rock at the edge. In a minute a gray jellyfish-like creature, the
transporter, will appear. Step onto it (you’re too heavy and crash if you have
the axe) to be carried to Vindah’s island. Walk up to him and ask about
divination to find out he needs an Indella bird to give a reading, and ask
about the bird to find out that it’s attracted to bright colors (pay attention
to his warning about the natural springs). Ask Vindah about JonQuah, Helmar,
the Jewel of Light, if you’re curious about the backstory. After you’re done
talking, ride the transporter back, pick the axe up and go back to the first

Now we need to find a way to get to the surface without sending P.J. to the
morgue. Remember the flying plants? They’re called floaters. Large ones take
you up, but we want to go down, so “grab small floater” when one is close to
P.J. to be carried down to the crossroads. The crossroads are the nexus of the
game’s major areas, so it’s a good idea to drop excess items here. Right now
all you need is the cage and bottle of pigment, so make sure you have those and
take the path to the northwest to the Weird Woods.

From where you start, go one screen east and one north. I’ll warn you to watch
out for the screen east of this one, because if you try to go up the path, the
Hoppa (the “natural spring” Vindah warned you about) will sprinkle you with
pollen that will turn you into a plant. Anyway, climb the web here to reach the
upper level of the forest. Go south to find the Indella bird’s nest. (watch out
for the pools that have holes in the middle). Drop the cage, and then “set
trap,” and “bait trap with pigment” and you’ll have caught the bird. You can
also bait it with popcorn, but you shouldn’t because you’ll need that salty
treat later. Before you leave, go one screen east, get the shell and fill it
with water. Go back and climb down the web.

Go back to the crossroads. We’re not quite ready to see Vindah just yet. Drop
your stuff, and take the south-eastern path to the Forest of Dreams. From the
first screen, go west, south, and east. Notice the green hammock here, which
will be important later. From here, go east, south, and west. Pick up the big
yellow leaf on the ground. You’ll notice a trail in the bottom left corner of
the screen, but we won’t be ready to go that way until much later. Retrace your
steps to the crossroads, make sure you have the leaf and cage, and wait for the
tubes to release a large floater to take you back to the islands.

Make your way to Vindah’s island, and give him the cage and leaf. Vindah will
say from the divination that you are a dreamer, but some people accomplish more
in their dreams than others do in a lifetime. Take the leaf and look at it.
Three arrows pointing right, one pointing up. Hang onto it in case you forget,
although you won’t need it until the very end of the game. Go back to the
crossroads. Make sure you have the axe, and then go back to the Forest of
Dreams. We’re going to look into Vindah’s prophecy.

Go to the screen with the green hammock, get in it and then “dream.” After P.J.
stops dreaming about old TV shows, Vindah will pop in for a second and tell him
to stand immobile and show fear you know its source. This will be very
important later.

You’ll find yourself transported to an unfriendly place filled with pools of
acid. “Wake up” and P.J.’s dream-self will get up. Be careful here because if
you die in the dream you’re still dead. Push over the pile of rocks in the
middle of the screen. Now “climb down” to reach the next screen. Carefully walk
between the two trees and talk to Kaylef, the pink critter. Her beloved’s
picture is on the other side of the acid pools. Walk to the right tree and
“chop right tree with axe,” and then “chop left tree with axe” to make a bridge
across the acid pools. You can use the sword for this too, but it’ll dull the
blade and make it useless after just one tree, so get rid of it if that
happens. You might also have to move around a couple times to find the right
spots. However you do it, cross the trees, get the picture and give it to
Kaylef. Pick up the mirror, then carefully go back over to the rocks, and climb
up to where you left P.J.’s body. Walk over to it, “sleep,” and then when you
return to the Forest of Dreams, “wake up.” Go back to the crossroads. We’re
going to pay a visit to the Order of the Jewel, so make sure you have the tube
and shell of water. Take the south path.

At the cliffs, “point tube at plate.” This will open the Order of the Jewel,
but before you go in, “point tube at frags” to get them back. Inside, notice
that creepy face above the door? “Point tube at plate” again to empty out your
frags onto an interior plate to pacify the thing. Now you can get out alive.
Get rid of the tube, you don’t need it anymore. Take the path to the right to
meet Lantra, probably the friendliest creature on Daltere. Ask about her
crystals to find out they need water and light to grow, and give her the shell.
She’ll drop the small pouch and large pouch for you in gratitude. Pick up the
small pouch and drop it again. A round, lens-like crystal will appear. Take it
and the large pouch, which you’ll save for later. Walk off the screen to the

Here we’re in the main hallway. Don’t try to get through the doors; they’re all
locked. Guess they’ve gotten stricter about security since Helmar’s visit. Go
downstairs to the library. In here you’ll meet Towhee and his “zen puppy” Otto.
Look at Towhee to notice he’s myopic. Meaning, he’s nearsighted. Ask Towhee
about the sphere, and then “ask Towhee for scroll.” Read the scroll to learn
about the legendary arrow. Give the lens to Towhee to get a picture scroll. It
tells you about the defoil herb, which turns plants into animals. Leave, and
drop the scrolls. We’re done here, so go upstairs, and leave the room to the
left. Go back to the crossroads.

We’re now going to head to the Canyon of Fear, the most treacherous place on
Daltere, hence the name. Only take the bowl of popcorn and large pouch (don’t
drop it or you’ll lose it forever, and trust me when I say you‘re screwed
without it), and take the northeastern path. Take it slow and easy and save a
lot. There are lots of cliffs to fall off, and you will die a lot. That’s a

Once in the canyon proper, you’ll see a floating blob thing above you. That’s a
Fear. Yeah, Vindah was speaking literally again. Remember what he said to do?
Stand still until it disappears. There’s more on the next screen, and notice
how the remains of one collects in a natural bowl. Don’t get it yet, though.

In this screen there are three exits to the north. Take the one on the left,
and follow it until you emerge from the cave. Above you is a defoil herb.
Remember that from Towhee’s scroll? Maybe you’d better grab it, if they went to
that much trouble point it out.

Go back and take the path that’s in the middle. Follow it out of the cave, and
through another screen. Now you should be able to see the Yula graveyard that
was mentioned in the scroll. Keep following the path, and once you get into the
graveyard, drop the bowl. A flock of Kleegs will run up, eat all of the popcorn
and run away, leaving an empty bowl and a Kleeg with gas. For now, leave them,
drop the herb and “climb bones.”

Be careful, because as always it’s easy to fall off and die, plus the webs
can’t hold much weight and if you’re carrying more than the pouch and the item
you’re up there to get, they’ll crumble. Walk to the west, until you get to the
skull with the arrow embedded in it. Then carefully walk back onto the previous
screen, until you’re back where you started, and climb down. Get the bowl, herb
and Kleeg, then make your way back out of the canyon. On the way out, walk (as
always, carefully) over to where the Fear slime collected on the second screen,
and “put slime in bowl.” After that, carefully walk back to the path and return
to the crossroads.

We’re going back to the Weird Woods. Make sure you have the axe or sword (if it
hasn’t been dulled) and the herb and large pouch before you go.

From the entrance, go one screen north and two east, and start walking up the
path. The Hoppa will sprinkle you with pollen, but this time it’s necessary.
Head west (and hurry) until you’re “by the light,” and enter the light to be
transported to an arena of sorts. Read the message engraved on the platform,
then prepare to fight the guardian monster by having P.J. “wield sword” or
“wield axe.” Walk right and your platform will float out to meet his. As soon
as they connect, start pressing right repeatedly to force the monster backward,
off the platform. After he falls off, fall off yourself. You survive, however,
because of the Hoppa’s pollen.

You reappear in a place with a bunch of floating platforms. Quickly eat the
defoil herb to keep from becoming a plant. Look at the mound of stones for some
points and advice, then carefully walk down the stairs and over the platforms
to where JonQuah is (do you hate falling off ledges as much as I do by now?).
Another set of stairs will appear, so take them down.

You’re now above a field of vicious clamchops. You need to get over to the
platform that JonQuah’s hovering above, so now throw the large pouch to create
a bridge. Walk over to the platform, which will start to descend like an
elevator. While it’s going down, look at the walls for points. In this next
room, you need to walk on only the tiles with large circles on them and end up
on the upper right side of the room. Walk onto the blank tile to the right of
the last circle one, and you’ll end up in the final room. JonQuah will give you
a silencer. Turn it on, then fall off the platform to arrive back in the arena.
Make you way out of the Weird Woods to the crossroads.

Make sure you have the following in your inventory: the mirror, the silencer
(switched on), the Kleeg, the bowl of slime, the jeweled arrow, and possibly
the leaf in case you don’t remember the directions. If you do, you’re ready to
invade Helmar’s castle. Take the east path to the Forest of Dreams, working
your way through it back to where you found the leaf. There’s only one way to
go so don’t worry about getting lost. Once you’re there, go southwest to reach
Howler Lake. If you went here before, P.J. was lured to his doom by the
plaintive cries of the lake’s inhabitants, but since you have the silencer--and
switched it on, right?--you’ll be safe as long as you don’t enter the water.

Helmar’s island is a little too far to swim to, so “use mirror” to signal a
creature called a boteman to give you a lift. When he finally stops, walk up
and “enter boteman” to be carried to the island.

Once you arrive, you might notice some scary pink plants appearing out of the
ground. Quickly “squeeze Kleeg” to destroy them. Before we start exploring the
island, also “pour slime on P.J.” There are two kinds of dangerous plants to
watch out for on the island: one is a bright purple fungus that’ll give P.J. a
fatal allergic reaction if he walks over it, so don’t, and the others are red
trees that shoot thorns. Since you coated yourself with Fear slime, the thorns
can’t hurt you. From here, go east once, then on the next screen walk through
gaps in the masonry and follow the path up, then west. On this next screen, be
careful of the golden orbs; they’re the eyes of a killer Yerka, so don’t get
too close. Walk west, then go south on the next screen. From there, take the
path leading north to the left of the one you took onto this screen, and walk
through the red trees. Once past them, you’ll be at the entrance to the castle.
Walk up to the hole in the front and “put arrow in hole” to open the door.

Once inside, you’ll find yourself at the bottom of a shaft. Walk up to the
center and “pull rope” to start pulling yourself up. About three screens up,
you’ll see an opening in front of you. When P.J. is in front of it, type “jump”
to go through it. If you go all the way up the shaft you’ll find Helmar, but
he’ll just zap you. You’re now in a maze of sorts, but remember the directions
on the leaf? Right three times, then up, so go east for three screens, then
approach the middle section of the north wall and a portal will appear.

You are now finally face-to-face with Helmar. Since you’ve proven yourself a
worthy foe by finding the secret way into his throne room, he gives you a fair
chance to defend yourself before he blows you away. His power comes from the
Jewel of Light. Do you have anything that might protect you from light? Pick
the mirror from the menu to reflect Helmar’s blast back at him and knock him
out. JonQuah will be freed, the universe will be safe, and you’ll still be in
time for your date with Trudy. Although she might wonder how you got Fear slime
all over yourself…

Congratulations! You used my walkthrough to beat the game!

3. Item List

Found: Yula graveyard in the Canyon of Fear
Use: Unlock Helmar’s castle

Found: Alnar’s hut, first island
Use: Chop down trees in dream, fight aRRaRRa

Bottle of pigment
Found: Tentro’s workshop, first island
Use: Bait cage to trap Indella bird

Found: In inventory at the start of the game, full of popcorn
Use: Distract Kleegs (with popcorn), hold slime

Found: Alnar’s hut, first island (ask for it)
Use: Catch Indella bird, give to Vindah for divination

Defoil herb
Found: Canyon of Fear
Use: Cure effects of Hoppa’s powder

Found: Tentro’s workshop, first island. Must be carried with tube
Use: Reveal entrance to Order of the Jewel, pacify Order guardian

Found: Across the acid pools in the dream
Use: Give to Kaylef for the mirror

Found: Yula graveyard in the Canyon of Fear, sick and immobile from eating
Use: Destroy the killer flowers on the landing of Helmar’s island

Large pouch
Found: Order of the Jewel, from Lantra
Use: Creates a bridge over the clamchop field when thrown

Found: Forest of Dreams
Use: Give to Vindah for divination, afterward has directions for navigating
Helmar’s castle

Found: From Kaylef, in exchange for the image
Use: Signal the boteman, reflect Helmar’s attack

Picture scroll
Found: Order of the Jewel library, in exchange for small crystal
Use: Clue about defoil herb

Found: Order of the Jewel library
Use: Clue to entering Helmar’s castle

Found: Weird Woods, upper level
Use: Holds water

Found: Pool of Light world, from JonQuah
Use: Keeps you from dying at Howler Lake (must be switched on)

Found: Canyon of Fear
Use: Pour over P.J. to protect him from the red thorns on Helmar’s island

Small crystal
Found: Drop the small pouch
Use: Give to Towhee for the picture scroll

Small pouch
Found: Order of the Jewel, from Lantra
Use: Drop it to get the small crystal

Found: Tentro’s workshop, first island
Use: Clue about the arrow

Found: Alnar’s hut, first island
Use: Chop down tree in dream (renders sword useless), fight aRRaRRa

Found: Tentro’s workshop, first island
Use: Holds frags, allows entrance to Order of the Jewel with frags

Found: In the Weird Woods
Use: Give to Lantra in exchange for two pouches

4. Point List

Eat popcorn: -2

Ride large floater up: 2

Get axe: 5
Get sword: 3
Get cage: 2
Get tube: 2
Get jar: 2
Get sphere: 1
Get frags: 5
Call transporter: 3
Ride small floater down: 4
See Vindah’s divination: 20

Weird Woods
Climb web: 3
Bait cage with pigment: 2
Catch Indella bird: 5
Get shell: 5
Fill shell with water: 2
Read message in arena: 2
Get sprinkled with Hoppa pollen: 5

Forest of Dreams
Get leaf: 5
Get in hammock: 4
Dream in hammock: 4
Wake up: 4
Push rock pile: 6
Chop right tree: 4
Chop left tree: 4
Get picture: 10
Get mirror: 10

Order of the Jewel
Use frags to open door: 10
Use frags to pacify guardian: 15
Give water to Lantra: 7
Get small pouch: 4
Get large pouch: 4
Get lens: 10
Get scroll: 5
Give lens to Towhee: 7
Get picture scroll: 5

Canyon of Fear
Get defoil herb: 15
Kleegs eat popcorn: 5
Get arrow: 15
Get Kleeg: 10
Get Fear slime in bowl: 5

Pool of Light
Beat aRRaRRa: 15
Eat herb: 10
Look at mound: 2
Make bridge: 5
Read writing on walls: 4
Cross tiled room: 9
Get silencer: 15

Howler Lake/Helmar’s Castle
Signal boteman: 10
Use Kleeg to kill flowers: 15
Use Fear slime on P.J.: 5
Use arrow in hole: 3
Jump through opening: 5
Find entrance to Helmar’s chamber: 11

5. Legal Stuff
Altered Destiny is copyright 1990 by Accolade.
This walkthrough and its contents are copyright 2007 The Manx (David Anderson)
and may not be distributed, in part or in whole, without the express consent of
the author. I can be reached at if you’d like to praise my
work, submit a correction, ask for permission to host the walkthrough, offer me
a job, etc.

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