The Godfather (walkthrough)

		    THE GODFATHER                        

1. General Information
2. Mission Walkthrough
A. Main Story
B. Side Quests
3. Hints and Tips
4. Version History
5. Contact Information


1. General Information
The author of this guide is not affiliated in any way with EA Games or its
This FAQ is (c) Vladimir Voicu a.k.a. crapu_zz.
The only sites allowed to post this FAQ are:

If you want to post this guide on your site, mail me at

Enjoy the game! And support EA Games by buying it.

2. Mission Walkthrough
There are spoilers in this walkthrough, so if you don't want any of the
plot ruined for you, be warned because the content within this guide will give
away story elements and will present the facts causing the action in
every mission.
I will NOT list the first one, "The Alley", as it is only a training mission,
hence you can do it by yourself. Otherwise, you don't deserve to play this game.
Remember to save often as you can easily die.
If you can't handle it, download
the trainer from
Always look for men with pupeteer signs above their heads.

A. Main Story

2.1. The Enforcer
Answer the phone downstairs in your safehouse.
Get out and initiate the mission by talking to Luca Brasi.
Don't get attached to him! Walk with him and listen to the story.
You will have to teach a lesson to a butcher not willing to pay his
protection money any longer.Enter Emilio's shop and press SPACE to
extort him. Hm! Apparently he is not willing to give you anything.
Well then, there goes the negociation out the window. Ruin his cash
register and cases and he will most certainly crack. Hit him once or
twice, but be careful that his meter does not go red. Get your money
and go after him through the newly opened door. Go upstairs, talk to
the head guy (always the one with the pupeteer sign above his head and
take over your first racket.
Stroll back down and bribe the police officer blocking the door.
Get out of Emilio's shop and hand the money to Luca.

2.2. A Grave Situation
Meet Monk and Paulie at the meeting place marked on your map.
Walk there or just hijack a car. Cutscene initiated :)
Now, let's avenge the Undertaker's daughter and kick some asses.
In fact, those asses belong to two college punks. Crouch after Monk
and Paulie and hit the first one. Smack him into the wall for bonus
points in the artistic impression. Follow the red-dressed punk into
the graveyard and start smacking him into the objects. Note that
this is compulsory. You won't able to damage him otherwise.
Once he starts taking damage, dispose of him as of the one before.
Watch the cutscene, talk to Monk and head on for the Bowery
in Little Italy, where Luca Brasi is waiting for you.

2.3. Sleeping with the fishes
Learn how to shoot from Luca and afterwards drive him to the
Luna Bar in Midtown. He wants to infiltrate the Tattaglias and
asks you to be wary if something goes wrong. Having said that,
these will be his last words towards you. Watch the cutscene to
see him get strangled. Shoot the two goons who attack you and
take cover by hitting CAPS LOCK near the wall. Shoot all the guys
coming out the door in sight. Approach the door and quickly shoot
the two "greenies" in there. Carefully walk to the destination on
the map, killing anybody else along the way and shoot the three guys
including Luca's assasin. After that, head back to your safehouse. You
will have to get rid of the cops however. You can't outrun them but they
are lousier than Tanner behind the steering wheel. Drive close to other
cars in traffic and the cops will probably hit them and thus be stopped.
Get out of the car (read note below) and enter your safehouse. Save.

NOTE: If you can't get out of the car, then you are using a
cracked version. Buy the game, you lowlife! :))

2.4. The Don Is Dead
Go meet Monk at the barbershop (DING! You can extort this place.
Don't forget business extortions and rackets :P).
Watch the cutscene and get ready. Wheeeew! An attack on the
Don's life, Monk mowed down by bullets and his sister, Frankie,
taken hostage. Get your gun out, take cover, and start shooting the
bastards. Kill them and approach the blue destination on the map.
See the guy holding a gun to Frakie's throat? See to it that he
is not going to do it any longer. Shoot him in the head.
Watch the cutscene(cinematic game, eh? ).
Hop in the car and protect the car in front of you driving
the Don to the hospital. Use the same tactics you used in the
mission before. There will be a hold-up on the bridge. Shoot the
two guys and shoot the guy with the pupeteer sign above his head
IN THE KNEE. Do not kill him as you want to interrogate him.
Afterwards hop again in the car and drive FAST to the hospital before
the Don dies. After the cinematic, go to the Corleone compound
and talk to Alfonzo.

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaam! PROMOTION TO ENFORCER

Afterwards meet Clemenza at the Falconite in Little Italy.
He'll express his concern regarding the Don's security.
Go back to the hospital and protect the Don
from another attempt on his life.

2.5. Intensive Care
While you are waiting outside, Frankie will pop up and thank you
for saving her life.
Talk to the guard inside and you will lose all your weapons.
Yeah, yeah, i know it sucks, but do not worry we will get some
of them back immediately. Go check on Monk, taking a close look
on his health bar.
An assasin will shortly show up. Execute him with your bare hands.
You will meet Michael Corleone who will ask you to help him protect
his father. Go to the basement together with Frankie
(no need to worry about her, as she does not have any health bar).
Take all the rooms and kill every goon you see. Be sure to lift up
their ammo. You can get a shotgun in the guards room. After you have
killed all the bad guys, Frankie will drive off in the ambulance
to alert Tom Hagen, the Don's consigliere.
Head back up to find Michael.
As you get up the stairs dispatch two other goons. Talk to Michael
and afterwards go meet another Contact as asked, on Mott Street.
Meet Clemenza at Gabriel Villas Taylor Shop in Little Italy.
Find him in the back room and he will send you to Rosa's place...

2.6. Fireworks
Get to Rosa's bordello (let's name things straight :D).
Talk to Paulie, Monk and Sonny upstairs. The Police Chief will
show up and take Rosa in for interrogation. Go downstairs,
hit the cash register and bribe the cop. Go through the alley
and strangle the guards as prompted.
Make sure you kill all of them and do not get seen.
If a cop sees you, you have 25 seconds to take him out or the alarm
will be sounded. Enter the door on the right at the end of the alley.
Kill the three cops inside and talk to Rosie to check on her.
She'll be just fine. Now let's get that annoying police sergeant.
Go to the roof using the elevator and hit him once or twice.
Punch him further but do not kill him like that. Make it seem like
an accident and throw him off the roof by pushing him over the ledge
(grab him and walk with him near the ledge). Talk to Rosa and go
to the Corleone Compound.
Talk to some guys around and you will find out about some hits
you can perform, about taking over warehouses etc. Do so.
Walkthrough for these side missions in an upcoming version.

2.7. Death to the traitor
So...let's see who betrayed The Don. Clemenza will inform you
the instant you arrive at his house that it was Paulie and now
you will have to kill him. Head up for the second floor and
fetch the dynamite. Look down and dispatch of the two goons
harassing a chef and he will repay you with some ammo and a
health bottle.Talk to Clemenza and walk with him through the
alleys and crouch when you are near the bar. Storm through the
bar. Watch out for the ones in the pool room (three). Plant the
bomb behind the counter, as marked by the arrow. Afterwards, run
quickly out of the room. A guard with a bassebal bat will show up
from the room to your left. Dispatch of him and run VERY fast outside
the bar.

NOTE: In the room the guard is coming out of, there are 2000 $. You
can pick them up, but you will NOT make it out unless you have decently
upgraded your speed ability.

Paulie will run like a chicken and you get the honour of doing him in.
He will run to a closed area where he will start shooting explosive
barrels. When he is in the back of the area and hasn't got whany other
way out, crouch and wait patiently. He is also crouching behind a crate,
but he will eventually start shooting at you. When he does, quickly pop
him in the head and go talk to Clemenza.
By now, the cops will have found out about your deed (news travel fast in
this game, don't they?) and you will have to escape them. Use the tactics
from earlier chapters (like 2.3.)
After all this killing you deserve a reward and this will actually be a
new safehouse, Paulie's former appartment.

2.8. Horseplay
Do some sidequests if you wish. When you want to go on with the
main story,pick up a phone (for instance one at your safehouse).
You will meet up with Tom Hagen, the Don's consigliere is sent to
deal with Hollywood star Jack Woltz,who apparently has something
against the Don's godson. Follow Hagen in his crawling towards the
stables. Try to keep near him as you can be otherwise easily spotted
by the guards. After he kills Woltz's favourite horse you will have to
take the lead. Crawl. I mean it, in generally, crawl the whole mission.
Silence the first guard (right click + left click + X by default) by
choking him to death.Creep up the stairs. Enter the house and time
your moves after the maid and the buttler, since they are (sort of)
innocent so you can not, under any circumstances, kill them. If you
do kill them, you will fail the mission. Crouch to the room on
the right and kill the guard with the back towards you, either
by choking him, either by using the garrote.
Move up the stairs and dispatch of the guard on the top floor.
Again, creep up and wait for the maid to finish her flirt with the guard.
Once she is out of sight, choke him too. Head for the checkpoint at
the end of the hallway and watch the memorable cutscene. Anyone recall
the scene from the movie?

2.9. A Recipe for Revenge
Okay, so Michael wants to take out Sollozzo. Drive to the restaurant and
go throughthe back alley. Crouch and move forward, killing the two guard
along the way (use the garrote). You'll be at the back entrance so hit SPACE
to convince the guy to open up the door. He will do so. Plant the gun
and watch Michael Corleone in action. After he has killed the Capo,
drive him to the docks as he intends to escape to Sicily. This car chase
is trickier because the opponents seem to be cleverer. Other than that,
there are more of them. Use every opportunity to smash them into
oncoming traffic. Bear in mind that if your car is set on fire,
you will fail the mission. It takes one or two tries but you will make it.
Talk to the family member with the (by now well-known) sign above his
head to continue the story.

2.10. Now it's Personal
So it seems Frankie has prepared a romantic evening for you two lovebirds
Music, maybe something to drink, everything seems perfect until
some Tattaglia family members decide to ruin your evening.
They kiddnap Frankie right before your eyes.
Interrogate the goon in the appartment to find out that they
have taken her to the Old Chapel in Brooklyn.
Phone Monk,meet him and then hoof it to the church.
Sneak through the Crypt (brr), kill the goons standing in your way,
head into the cathedral and watch the cutscene...

2.11 The Silent Witness
This is a really short mission. Interrogate the Tattaglia capo and
head for the funeral home. Kill everything in sight using
the walls for protection.
Be carefulwhen you approach Bruno Tattaglia, because his bodyguards
have big, powerful shotguns.
Don't beat him to death because you have to make it seem like an accident.
Throw him in the oven.

2.12. Sonny's War
Sonny decides that now the Cuneo's need to be taught a lesson.
So he wants to go on a rampage and who other than you can be
chosen to accompaniate him? So, drive to the bar and do not worry
about timers throughout the mission since you can easily get to your
destination. Get inside the bar through the door on your right and
prepare for a gunfight. If you have taken some businesses over by now,
then you must know their classical layout. If not, then read closely.
(And start extending your influence, for God's sake...) Right at the
entrance there is a guy with a Tommy Gun who can really cause you some
trouble. At the end of the bar there is a entryway you should take.
Open the door and shoot the barrels. They will explode killing everyone,
thus saving valuable time and ammunition for you. If there still are some
goons standing (or crawling), dispose of them before advancing. However,
the Tattaglia capo in the back is not at all easy to crack. If you are
street smart enough, you can just punch him once or twice in the face.
If not, shoot his knees or shoulders and he should cooperate.
After you have cracked him, hop into the car and drive to the tramyard,
avoiding the other mob cars. Sonny will shoot everything out however,
so you can hover around them. When you approach the yard, avoid the
trucks blocking the entrance by steering left throught a small space
between one of the trucks and a building. If you are lucky, you will
also overrun some mobsters.
Storm into the bookshop and extort it if you wish. Afterwards, you have
yet another classical scenery. Open the double doors to the cage area
and kill everything in sight. Open the other set of double doors and
watch out for the guys hiding behind some crates. Shoot them, climb the
stairs, kill the last two goons and interrogate the capo in the room.
You can kill him afterwards or not. My advice? Toss him out the window.
It'll earn you some respect also.

NOTE: You can find some money on the roof. Take the elevator to get there.

Go all the way back out to the car where Sonny is waiting. Drive to the
warehouse. Follow Sonny's lead when you get there and shoot the goons.
Use the exploding barrels to your advantage. When you get to the end of the
warehouse, pay attention to the truck on the right. Shoot it in a timely
manner,otherwise it will attempt to overrun you. Enter the warehouse, seek
cover behind a crate and shoot all the goons. Interrogate the man in the back
to end this pretty long chapter.

2.13. Change of Plans
Answer a phone and you will be ordered to meet Sonny back at the compound.
Do so. After the cutscene, hop in a car as fast as possible and start chasing
Sonny's car. This is probably the most annoying mission, as it is full of
timers. This chase hasn't got any timer, but Sonny can not escape. This means
you have to stick close to him until the cutscene is initiated. This is pretty
difficult, mostly because he seems to drive perfectly (if so, why did you have
to drive him earlier in the game?) and does not smash into any oncoming traffic.
Your sole chance is to quickly change lanes when you see a car in front of you,
drive on the other way if possible, shortly do everything so that you don't
smash into other cars too often. Eventually you will make it.

NOTE: Notice his route. Sonny drives from the Compound on Canal Street, takes
the first exit to the right and continues onward from there.

Watch the cutscene, although the ones who saw the movie already know what will
happen. Immediately start following the mobs before you. This chase is a lot
easier as it takes place mostly on 4-lane way where you can easily sneak through
traffic and you don't have any time limit or condition. Get to the warehouse,
but stop the car just before it. Get down and crouch. Pop the three guys at the
entrance (aim for their heads) and enter the construction on the right of the
entrance. You can find there a health potion and a shotgun, which I seriously
doubt you don't possess by now. Shoot everyone out, using the crates for cover.
Remember the layout of the warehouse you stormed with the late Sony last quest?
This one is exactly the same, so work your way to the blue cross indicated on
your mini-map. Interrogate the toolbooth worker who will redirect you to a club
in Hell's Kitchen. Drive there without speeding because the time limit is really
a wide one. When you get there, watch out for a shotgun guy and for a goon
with a Thompson just left of the door.

WARNING: Their position may vary, depending on the time you took getting there.

Again, get to the blue cross, shooting everybody along. (The layout is also
identical to any other bar.). In the target room you will find Ricardo Barco
and his girlfriend. Barco will not tell you anything if you hit him or thrash
everything around him. The key is just pressing SPACE in front of his girl.
You will threaten her and she will ask the Tattaglian to tell you everything.
He will do so. After you find out who was the one who ordered Sonny's
assasination, you have 5 minutes to get to the Corleone compound and tell them
what you found out. This time limit is pretty narrow, but you should be able to
pull it through using the "lane changing and swinging" tactics.

2.14. Order to Kill
You and Monk need to find the mole inside giving information to a Fed agent,
located in a Barzini controlled business. This is not going to be easy at all,
since the Barzinis are the strongest family and they take A LOT of shots.
Meet Monk at the designated place. Prepare a Molotov and throw it in just as
the door opens. If you don't have a cocktail, then get your gun out and watch
for the three goons in the hallway. Work your way to the last level of the bar,
killing everything in sight. Take cover and always hug walls. Aim for the head,
because it is a tremendous help if you kill opponents in one shot, not to say
anything of the ammo you save. When you get up, Monk will kill the Fed, thus
killing the chance of finding out who the rat is.
What now? The phone rings... Guess what! Monk is the rat! When you regain
control, run like hell out of the building and hop in the car. Drive to the
next waypoint, but be careful not to hit too many cars, because this time the
limit is narrower. When you get there, kill all the guards in the room. Now you
have two ways: either vault on the low ledge into the next room (which i would
not advise, because you can be easily shot by some other mobster who came in by
surprise) or just by following the stairs. Enter the bar finally and crouch
behind the counter in the bar. Pop out and aim for the head. When there is only
Monk left, he will run out, trying to mow you down. Pop out from behind the bar
or use a wall for cover and empty your gun into his body. Take care because his
shotgun can cause some serious damage.
Afterwards get out of the bar and the mission is over. Talk to the family member
outside to initiate the next quest.

2.15. It's Only Business

2.16. Baptism By Fire

B. Side Quests

B1. Assassinations
These are contract kills given by members of the family like Clemenza,
Tessio or Al Neri. They are listed in an aproximate order since you
can receive them randomly.
Reward: Reward for kill + Reward for Bonus Objective

NOTE: You must fulfill the bonus objective also if you wish to become
Don of NYC.

1. Eliminate Mike Saleri
This guy threatened Emilio the Butcher. You can find him just behind
the butcher shop in Little Italy. He is the one you extorted before,
so now it's time you protect him. Kill Mike Saleri with a baseball
bat or with your fists.
Tactics: Run up to him and kill him as required.
Bonus Objective: Use Melee Combat
Reward : 500 +2500 $

2. Eliminate Donnie Marinelli
Marinelli has evidence that Don Corleone is bribing a dirty cop. He is
becoming greedier and greedier so he must be silenced. This guy is in
the Ambassador Social Club in Brooklyn.
Tactics: Run up to him and kill him as required.
Bonus Objective: use a baseball bat
Reward : 500 +2500 $

3. Dispose of Tony Bianchi
Bianchi is a Tattaglian capo, friend of Donnie Marinelli. He is very
dangerous and he is planning now his vengeance. He can be found in
a brothel in Little Italy.
Tactics: Run up to him and kill him as required.
Bonus Objective: use a garrote (DING! strangle him)
Reward : 500 +2500 $

4. Take care of Freddie Nobile
Freddie Nobile is a Tattaglian consigliere, who is usually laying low.
However, he has a weakness for women, especially those in St. Martin
Hotel in Little Italy. He carries a special powerful weapon. The Don
doesn't want to be associated with the murder of a consigliere so you
have to remain unseen.
Tactics: Either wait so he can't be seen by the maid or by his two goons
(improbable) or just wait for the maid to leave and plug him in the head.
Afterwards kill his two goons and bonus condition is achieved.
Bonus Objective: Make sure nobody has seen the crime.
Reward: 4000 + 20000 $

5. Kill Johnny Tattaglia
Johnny Tattaglia is a vice-capo. He is planning to avenge to Consigliere's
death. Prevent him from doing that.
Tactics: Either throw him into the oven or just throw a Molotov at him, thus
killing his men also.
Bonus Objective: Let Johnny burn.
Reward: 4000 + 20000 $

6. Dispose of Plinio Ottaviano
Plinio Ottaviano is the owner of a warehouse in Hell's Kitchen. He is selling
dynamite to other Stracci members. Kill him at once.
Tactics: Throw a Molotov at him or use some explosives. Your choice.
Bonus Objective: Let Plinio burn/
Reward: 1500 + 7500 $

7. Kill Leon Grossi
This guy is a Stracci capo who is blowing up Corleone buildings. Do him
in before he starts a mob war.
Tactics: Go to the X on the map, crouch and be prepared for a gunfight.
Use crates and barrels to hide and shoot his goons. Shoot Leon in the knee
if possible, but DO NOT kill him. Grab him and throw him in the stove.
Bonus objective: Throw Leon into the bakery stove
Reward: 1500 + 7500$

8. Dispose of Oscar Zavarella
Zavarella is a Stracci capo who molested an 18-year old girl.
Punish him for his action and make sure he suffers.
Tactics: Find a family member with a pupeteer sign above his head.
He will tell you where to find Oscar's hiding place.
NOTE: You might already see a blue X on your map. Sometimes it shows
up, sometimes it doesn't. I don't know yet why this happens...
Tactics: Shoot every goon protecting him, but beware the two guys with
shotguns. Also make sure you don't accidentally shoot Oscar. When it's
just you and him, pop him in the knee, in the shoulder and finally in
the chin.
Bonus Objective: Shoot him in this sequence: knee, shoulder, chin
Reward: 1500 + 7500$

9. Kill Bobby Marcolini
Bobby Marcolini is a Cuneo soldier, responsible for the death of a friend
of Clemenza. This kill MUST look like an accident.
Tactics: Approach his location on the map, but stop your car before you
reach the bridge. Get down, prepare your guns and kill the goons, watching
out for shotguns. Bobby will run on a platform under the bridge. When you've
killed everybody get to him, grab him and throw him over the ledge.
Bonus Objective: Make it look like an accident - Throw him off a roof or bridge.
Reward: 1500 + 7500$

10. Silence Jack Fontana
Jack Fontana is the Stracci’s consigliere. His guards are always around him and
sound the alarm whenever they sense danger, this meaning whenever they see a gun
Fontana's location is unknown yet, but he usually roams the area of New Jersey
Tactics: Nobody will have anything against you as long as you do not pull out
your gun. Approach the back of the house, grab Jack and strangle him to death.
Deal with his goons afterwards or just run.
Bonus Objective: Strangle him with your bare hands
Reward: 5000 + 25000 $

11. Kill Salvatorre Stracci
Salvatorre Stracci is the don’s son and the new vice boss of the family.
He wants to gain some advantages by destroying the Corleone warehouse in
Hell’s Kitchen.
Tactics: This can be tricky. Stop the car infront of the warehouse and enter it
WITHOUT having a gun out. Hit CAPS on the opposite wall on the left and start
shooting the goons. When you are through with them, walk up the stairs on the
right. Pop some of the guards and run towards the orange X on your map. Kill
some of the guards here, also, but NOT all of them and more important than
anything do not approach the stairs. From down here, crouched behind a crate,
start shooting your target, who is upstairs.
If you can't kill him or if you started climbing up the stairs, he will run and
initiate the bomb. Don't run after him. Instead run out the door you came in
towards the entrance of the warehouse, where you left your car. Pop him in the
head before everything blows to pieces.
Bonus Objective: Kill Salvatorre before he blows up the building
Reward: 5000 + 25000 $

3. Hints and Tips
* Always hit CAPS near a wall. You can easily shoot the goons afterwards.
* Don't drive like a maniac or you will end up having a high wanted level.
Instead swing through traffic at high speed rate.
* Start expanding your influence early on with the Tattaglia's and the Cuneo.
Don't take on other families until later on in the game.
* Try to perform as many hits as possible and respect the execution style
if you wish to become the Don of New York City
* Always use the map. If you need to get somewhere within a time limit, always
plan your route by using the map. Be attentive and pick the shortest way.
* If you are doing the assassinations and at a certain point in the game, you
don't see any orange dot on the map, this means you have to continue with
the main story
* Again, let me underline, that if you are having troubles getting out of the
car in 2.3. this means you are using a cracked version of the game. Buy the game
and do NOT mail me asking how you can get a working crack.
* Sometimes, in assassinations you might not see a target mark above the heads
of the ones you are to kill. This is due to a bug, so far i noticed. You will
have to work out who the target is, but this is not that difficult, as targets
are always dressed differently compared to plain mobsters. Again, mail me if you

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