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 	The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Useful Cheats
Entry Location:
Bring up the console prompt with the `/~ key, then enter the code.

ToggleGodMode - Toggles god mode on and off 
PlayerSpellBook - Add all spells to player 
ToggleMapMarkers - Reveal all map locations 
TCL - Toggle collision on and off 
TAI - Toggle AI processing on and off 
SaveGame [filename] - Saves game 
QuitGame - Quits without going through menus 

Submitted By: super8 samurai 
 	Attributes Cheat
Entry Location:
Bring up the console prompt with the `/~ key, then enter the code.

Player.setAV [attribute] [number] - Sets the indicated attribute to the indicated number; works with Strength, Intelligence, Willpower, Agility, Speed, Endurance, Personality, and Luck 

Submitted By: super8 samurai 
 	Quest Cheats
Entry Location:
Bring up the console prompt with the `/~ key, then enter the code.

MoveToQuestTarget - Moves player to current quest target 
ShowFullQuestLog [QuestID] - Show all log entries for a single quest 
ShowQuestTargets - Show current quest targets 
ShowQuestLog - Show quest log (optional: write 0 for current quests, 1 for completed quests) 
CompleteAllQuestStages - Sets all quest stages 

Warning: using these cheats can mess with your game progress. It can cut you off from experiencing certain characters or plot elements. Make sure you have a clean backup save file before experimenting with these cheats. 

Submitted By: super8 samurai 
 	Appearance Cheats
Entry Location:
Bring up the console prompt with the `/~ key, then enter the code.

HairTint [number] [number] [number] - Set hair color, RGB 
SetCameraFOV [number] - Sets camera field of view, number is in degrees, default is 75 
SetFog [number] [number] - Sets fog, start and end depths 
ToggleFogOfWar - Toggles fog of war on and off 
ToggleMenus - Toggles menus on and off (good for screengrabs) 
ToggleSky - Toggles sky on and off 
ToggleTrees - Toggles trees on and off 
ToggleWireframe - Toggles wireframe on and off 
ToggleWaterSystem - Toggles water system on and off 

Submitted By: super8 samurai 
 	Item Codes
Entry Location:
Bring up the console prompt with the `/~ key, then enter the code. Get objectID numbers from the Item ID FAQs above.

player.additem [objectID] [quantity] 

Submitted By: super8 samurai 
 	Teleport Anywhere
Entry Location:
Bring up the console prompt with the `/~ key, then enter the code. Get locationIDname from the Location ID FAQ above.

player.coc locationIDname 

Submitted By: super8 samurai 
 	Unlock Object
Entry Location:
Bring up the console prompt with the `/~ key, then click on the object you want unlocked.

 	Instant Level Up
Entry Location:
Bring up the console prompt with the `/~ key, then enter the code. Valid number range is 1-255.

player.setlevel [number] 
Entry Location:
Press the `~ button to bring up the cheat screen.

To activate this cheat after bringing up the cheat screen, simply click on the foe you want to be whacked. Then, type in kill, with no uppercase letters. Exit out of the cheat screen, and the guy is dead. 

Submitted By: Gamemaster 
 	No More Bounty
Entry Location:
cheat menu

Type player.payfine into the cheat menu, and your bounty will be paid off. 

Submitted By: CrazyWasabi 
 	Find All Items
Entry Location:
cheat menu

Type in coc testinghall at the cheat menu, and you willl be teleported to a place where all items are. 

Editor's Note: some sources say this area also contains all NPCs and monsters. 

Submitted By: CrazyWasabi 
 	God Mode
Entry Location:
in game play press ~ to enable cheat mode 

Type tgm and press enter. 

Submitted By: adam partell 
 	Skill/Attribute Codes
Entry Location:
Press ~ at any time during game. It will bring up a chat log, where you can input the following:

The most basic hacks are to edit your skills or attributes. You can give yourself any skill level, ect. Type modpcs skill, value then press enter; enter the skill you want under skill, and the level you want under value. You can mod your attributes by typing modpca attribute, value then pressing enter. Same as above, just fill in the blanks. 
WARNING! You can do major damage to your file and to your computer if you input the wrong items under the chat log. Do not type rct. 
For further info, while under the chat log type help. 

Editor's Note: typing rct will cause the game to run a cell test. 

Submitted By: Hax0r 
 	Lock It Up
Entry Location:
Bring up the cheat screen by pressing the `~ button.

After you bring up the Cheat Screen, click on the item you want to be locked. Type in lock, and then put in the number difficulty you want it to be locked at. It should look like this: lock 71 (or whatever number). 

Submitted By: Gamemaster 
 	Ride a Unicorn
Take the Green Road south of the Imperial City until you find the Inn of Ill Omen. Head directly east for a while to find Harcane Grove and the game's only unicorn. If you ride it, it'll become your default horse. 


 	Brotherhood Invitation
If you want to join the Dark Brotherhood, you must kill somebody for no reason other than killing them, and then there will be text in the top left hand corner that says, "Your killing has been observed by forces unknown..." To do this easily, find a hobo and wait until night time. You can find them behind houses or by trees in the town, and when they go to sleep go into sneak mode and attack from behind. Since they have no armor it will be easy to kill them. But to make sure you kill them, poison your blade and use a power attack. 

Submitted By: Jon Lucas 
 	Skeleton Key
At the shrine of Nocturnal, located along the road east of Leyawiin, if you make the proper offering the Daedric goddess will talk to you. She will ask you to find and return the Eye of Nocturnal. If you go to Leyawiin and ask around you will be led to two exterminators, Weebam-Na and Bejeen. Listen in on their conversations and they will say that they fear the trolls will mess with their new "treasure" at Tide Water Cave. Go to the cave and at the end of an underwater tunnel you will find the Eye of Nocturnal. Return to the Nocturnal Shrine, and talk to the goddess. She will then give you the Skeleton Key, an unbreakable lock pick. The pick also gives you a 40 point boost to your security. 

Submitted By: oblivionplayerkev 


 	Easy Money
To get easy money go to the Arena in the Imperial City and bet on a match - bet the highest. Go to the match and use the cheat kill on the person you don't want to win, and you will get a lot of money. 

Submitted By: Casey Rozell 
 	Need More Space
Entry Location:

Carring too many items? Say no more. All you have to do is find a chest in a secure location, preferably the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary in Chedinhal. Once you have found a chest then you can take stuff out of it with stealing and loot it of everything. Next press the left trigger while still in the chest and it will bring up your inventory. Place all items you want to store in the chest by pressing A. Do not worry - your items will not disappear - just do not forget which chest they are in. This can be done with multiple chests. 

Submitted By: skaterdude319 
 	Good Items
There is one simple and easy way to get good items in the game: do the Thieves' Guild quests. You are usually sent to a place where good items are, and once you get up higher in the guild you get such items as Jak Springheels boots (50+ Acrobatics), and when you finish the last quest you will get the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal (the Gray Fox's mask, it acts as a second identity for your bounty when you wear it, and has 25+ Sneak, 200+ Feather, and Detect Life 120ft, all constant effect). 

Submitted By: Eric Kasper 
 	Easy Level-Ups
In Leyawin talk to some people in the streets. They should mention rosinta gallentus and how her house smells horrible. Do the easy quest and then take the staff to darkfathom cave just outside of leyawin. Once you're at the shrine in the cave and you have dropped the staff you can kill the scamps forever. 

Submitted By: Hadriel 
 	Master in Almost All Mage Skills
To do this you must be near a bed. Choose any spell and keep casting it until you run out of magika, and when you do run out, go to sleep for an hour and you will have full magika again. Repeat until whatever level you want to reach. 
This may take a long time but you will reach master level in most magic skills. 

Submitted By: cowlegion 
 	Level Up All the Way for Sneak
Entry Location:
Rufio's place

When you do the first mission for the Dark Brother Hood (A Knife in the Dark) and you are at the Inn of ill Omen, go to the basement where Rufio lives, get down in sneak position and run against the wall. Rufio is sleeping and will never wake up. So, just keep running against the wall and your sneak will begin to level up. 

Submitted By: Hunter Tony Gentile Smith 
 	Easy Speechcraft Level Up
You have to have speechcraft as one of your main abilities, otherwise this won't work. 
When you persuade people, after a while it will say speechcraft skill increased. Just go up to anyone and persuade them like crazy (the way I did it was they're negative first and the positive last, but it may not matter). Keep going and eventually it will say you need to rest. Rest and level up and do it again. 

Submitted By: Goho 
 	Make Your Horse Faster
To make them faster, have a decent restoration skill and have the ability to make your own spells. Make a spell that fortifies speed, but make it touch instead of self. (you can do target but if its just to your horse, that's wasting magicka) I made two spells that added up to be 70 speed and it was hilarous how fast my horse was. I recommend 20 to start with, with the longest duration period you can get. 

WARNING: it's really easy to kill your horse in turbo mode because when you run over cliffs on your horse it gets hurt. That's why I recommend a small number. And since it's really easy to hurt your horse, it's a good idea to get a restore health spell to heal it. You can usually find those spells at churches. 

Submitted By: lpdude690 
 	Lava Swim
In some Oblivion Gates there are pools of lava in your way. (Example: Skingrad Gate, Leyawin Gate) 
In Bravil there's a big gate in your way. Instead of going in the cave filled with deadra to get across, you can swim around the gate. To do this you must have a lot of health because the lava takes away a lot. If you're a Nord you can use woad and your health will go down more slowly. 

Submitted By: fRuShiE 
 	Get Alteration Skill Up Easily
Go to any Mage Guild Hall and buy a lock opening spell (any will do - I used the "Unwelcome Guest"). Find any door that is locked, even if your spell won't open it. Keep using the spell on the door and your alteration skill will go up. 

Submitted By: A sad panda 
 	Arrow Happy
If your character is strong enough to take hits from many arrows then this can help you. Get a bounty, resist arrest, and run somewhere that the guards cannot get to you, but make sure they can still shoot you with their bows. Just sit there and let them fill you up with arrows. 

Submitted By: Jon Lucas 
 	Hiding Weapons on Dagon Shrine
If you're having trouble with the Dagon Shrine quest, before you talk to Harrow, drop your good weapons. After you give him all your things, go and pick up your items again and kick their butts. 

Submitted By: bob5059 
 	Get High Acrobatics
To get high in acrobatics you have to go to a high mountain that you can't walk up. Keep on pressing Y (jump) rapidly and your acrobatics skill will go way up. 

Submitted By: Rob 
 	Personal Punching Bag
Wondering how you can get your hand to hand skill up? Well, if you go to Cheydinhal you can find out without getting in trouble with the guards there. You can beat up Aldos Othran, he's located somewhere in Cheydinhal. But if you ask anyone in Cheydinhal (exept the Cheydinhal guards) about Fines you will get a mission that involves Aldos Othran (A.K.A. Skooma Boy). If you attack him while on the mission you will kill him, you will fail the mission, and you'll lose you're punching bag (Aldos Othran). The mission is called Corruption and Consience. So as long as you don't do the mission you can have your own personal punching bag all to yourself. 

Submitted By: Baked ZD 
 	Easy Stealing
If you go into any shop find items on counters that you would like to have. After you find an item you like, knock it to the floor and push it into a dark corner (by the basement usualy works best), and the shop owner will follow you. Now crouch and wait about a second and the sneak cursor will go blank. Pick up your item and use it as you will or (Thieve's Guild members) sell it to a fence. It's really easy and you don't need to run across rooms or kill people first. 

Submitted By: Crimson_blade_223 
 	Easy Pickings
Are you tired of getting caught by the guards for stealing? Well to avoid this, push the shop-keeper around a wall so he can't see you. This allows you to steal without letting anyone catch you. 

Submitted By: Kolt and Justin 
 	Full Deadric Armor
To do this cheat you must be at least level 20. If you haven't already, do the quest "Unfriendly Competition". At the end of the quest you have to kill a man and his companion. The companion will be wearing full deadric. Kill them both, and you have full deadric. 

Submitted By: submiter undercover 
 	Free Silver Longswords and Shortswords
Join the Fighter's Guild, and fast-travel to Leyawin. Go to the Fighter's Guild there. Go to the third floor and go through the only door up there. As soon as you go through the door, walk straight ahead. There should be a rack with 2 Silver Longswords and 1 Silver Shortsword. There is another Silver Shortsword on a desk in one of the doors on the second floor. 

Submitted By: Jonesb 


 	Item Duplication 
Equip your bow and arrows. Pull back your bow and without releasing, press tab to go to your item screen. Double click your arrows you have equipped. Then hold shift and click on any item to discard it. Press tab again to exit and you will drop the same amount of that item as the amount of arrows you have. This can be used to duplicate expensive items to be sold. You can also duplicate health potions if you are low. 

Editor's note: this glitch may have been fixed in a patch. 

Submitted By: NIk 
 	Levelling as High as You Want Past 50
Since the drain skill exploit does not work in this iteration of elder scrolls, the only way to level as much as you want is to get arrested and serve your time. The game will then pick a skill to permanently decrease. The only way to get the skill back is to level it again. If it is one of your major skills it will increase your progress toward your next level. This means that even after you max out all of your skills, you can just go to jail to lower the skill and raise it up again to continue leveling. I don't know how it picks what skill to decrese, but for me it is usually hand-to-hand or alchemy. If you don't get a major skill decreased the first time, or so, just keep trying. Once all of your attributes are maxed out there is still the advantage of gaining health everytime you level. 

Submitted By: William Clark 
 	Infinite Iron Arrows
Use your map to fast-travel to the Arena. Once you arrive, take the doors on the left to the barracks. After you fight a few battles, and you get a lucky spawn, you should see a blue team gladiator shooting arrows at the target in the corner of the room, near the door. Stand aside so he can shoot 3-4 arrows, then you run up and take all of the arrows he shot! (assuming, that is, he actually hit the target in the first place, he's a really bad shot) Take those arrows and do what you like with them, sell for infinite money, use them in the arenas, or whatever you can think of. Enjoy. 

Submitted By: FrothyOmen 
 	Permanent Boosts
To gain several permanent stat/skill boosts, gain any quest item that has a constant boosting effect on it and cannot be removed (e.g. boots of springheel jak). Equip this item and either get yourself arrested or do a quest in which all your items are removed. When you get out of jail (or get your items back), you will see that the boost is still in effect but you are not wearing the quest item. You can now equip any other item in place of the quest one, but you will not be able to wear the quest item again (though the boost will remain permanently).

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