The Dig (walkthrough)

The Dig

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Warning: The following is a walkthrough of The Dig. It contains information
that will help you solve the game. Please, DO NOT READ FROM START TO FINISH.
You'll spoil the game. Besides, you should be self-reliant and try to 'dig'
yourself out. Ha! I just made that up! Humor! I need an agent...


Outside the shuttle, examine the TOOL CHEST. It's called the FLYING PIG. Use
PEN ULTIMATE (it's in your inventory) to talk to core about the pig. She'll
deploy it into space. In space, use the pig. You should pick up all the
tools inside the pig. Then use pen ultimate to talk to Borden, ask him about
the nuclear bombs. He will tell you where you should put the first bomb.

Go to quadrant 2. You'll find a TARGET SURFACE. Use ZERO G DIGGER to smooth
the rough surface. Then you can setup one of the bombs. Remember to use the
ARMING KEY to activate the bomb. Talk to Borden again he'll tell you where
to put bomb #2. Go to quadrant 3. A BOULDER block's where the 2nd bomb, you
should use the shovel to move it. Place bomb, use ARMING KEY. Now leave to
shuttle. Talk to every one in shuttle, and watch bombs go boom.

You and your team should go back to Asteroid and go down into a crevice on
the asteroid. Examine ODD PORJECTIONS. Use digger on the projections. A
METAL PLATE is found, you should find more, about 3 maybe, once you find
them all push them all, there is a large one you can fit through, go in it,
inside you can see a pedestal, go to it pick up the plates and put the on
the indentations

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