The Da Vinci Code (walkthrough)

FAQ/Walkthrough (version 1.01)
By: neeker

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1. Introduction
2. Characters
3. Getting Started

4. The Lourve
5. Saint Sulpice
6. Normandy Mansion
7. Bank of Zurich
8. Chateau Villette
9. Biggin Hill Airfield
10. Temple Church
11. Westminster Abbey
12. Rosslyn Chapel

13. Lourve Revisted
14. Rosslyn Chapel Revisted

15. Visual Database
16. Cheats

Appendix 1: Version history
Appendix 2: FAQs
Appendix 3: Credits 
Appendix 4: Donation


Hi, I'm Lestor Wong. I post on by the 
username "neeker". Feedback for this document can be directed to 
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I don't think I need to explain about the premise of The Da Vinci 
Code. So, without further ado, let's begin.



You'll come across the following personnel during the game:

A professor of Symbology at Harvard University, Langdon is not foreign 
to danger and mystery, as some of his previous adventures have brought 
him close to ancient conspiracies and assasination attempts on his 
life. It's no wonder that intrigue follows wherever he goes. Langdon 
came to Paris to give a lecture. While there, he was supposed to meet 
with Jacques Sauniere to discuss an unknown matter at Sauniere's 
behest. However, a shocking turn of events brings Langdon to Sauniere,
only, not under the situation that he'd expected.

An agent with the Judical Police, Sophie works in the cryptography 
department deciphering coded messages. Though her childhood was tragic 
she has become a strong woman in her own right. However, on this 
particular night, a most bizarre crime scene has come across the desk 
of this cryptology expert.

An inspector of the Judical Police, Facge is well known for getting 
the criminal he's after. He pursues relentlessly and always captures 
the perpetrator. Unfortunately, the bizarre circumstances behind his 
current investigation have given him a great deal to ponder, and the 
most unlikely suspect seems to be the most likely culprit.

The Curator of the Lourve had always been known as a quiet and 
peaceful man, His time away from work was kept very private, and no 
one could ever have known about his secret life at home. Recent events 
have caused mysterious affliations in Sauniere's life to bubble to the 
surface, and now these secrets ge held most dear must be passed on to 
someone soon, or will be lost forever. 

Silas is an albino monk born to a spiteful father and a timid mother. 
She was beaten to death by Silas' father. Silas retaliated by slaying 
his father with a butcher's knife. He then ran to the streets, where 
he grew up as a thief without a name until he was caught stealing 
by dockers workers, and killed one of them as he was being beaten. 
He was sent to prison, damned to spend his life rotting in a cell 
forever. This was until a day when the earth shook and the wall of his 
cell crumbled. he escaped and wandered aimlessly in a delirious fever 
until he passed out. When he awoke, he found himself under the care of 
Father Agringarosa, who gave him the name "Silas". and his purpose in 

The author of over a dozen of books on Grail Lore, Teabing is a world-
renowned expert on the history of the Holy Grail. He was diagnosed 
with Polio at a young age, and was forced to use clutches for the rest 
of his life. He spent several years traveling to famous Grail sites in 
Europe, and obtained a first-class Honors in History before completing 
his PhD. After purchasing Chateau Villette, Teabing retired to focus 
on his life's passion - the quest for the Holy Grail.


Some things that you should know before you start playing this game:

Use your left analog stick to move your characters around.

Use your right analog stick to rotate the camera angle.

When an object or person is interactive, a message will appear at the 
bottom of the screen telling you what button to push to interact, and 
what sort of interaction will take place. For example, X TALK.

When you see the message "Checkpoint Reached" during the game, you can 
save your progress. Any attempts to save the game before a checkpoint 
is reached will be futile. Each level will have at least one check-
point for you to save your progress.

When examining a clue, use the left analog stick to pan the camera.
When you pan the camera over an object of interest, an "examine" 
message will appear, telling you to push X to check it out. If you do 
so, your character will discuss the object of interest and give you 
some important information. Some objects will be automatically picked 
up when you investigate them for your further checking in future.

Push R2 to access your inventory list. 

Move the left analog stick up or down to move through the items, and 
press X to select one.

You can use an item by choosing "Use" for the said item.

You can combine items by choosing one item, selecting the "Combine" 
option, and then select the second item. Only compatible items can be 

You can examine items in your inventory list by choosing the "Examine" 

There are a variety of sequences that require special motions on the 
analog sticks as well as rapid button presses. Pay attention to the 
directions at the bottom of the screen to determine what you must do 
to complete these sequences.

If you fail to push the buttons properly, you'll fail a sequence. You 
can continue to try until you succeed, but failed combat sequences 
may lead to your demise.

The move steathily, hold L1 to crouch and the left analog stick to 
sneak around. This lets you walk silently without alerting your 

To cause a sound distraction, hold L1, and then press R1. Enemies 
near the area will hear the noise and come over to investigate, 
allowing you to ambush them.

When you're near a wall, you can wall ambush your enemies. Press X to 
initiate a wall ambush when you see the message appears at the bottom 
of the screen. From here, you can choose to attack (Square), tap  
(Circle) or exit (triangle) from the ambush.

After you down an enemy, you can press X near his head to drag its 
body away. This is useful when there're other enemies around, and you 
don't want them to wake this downed enemy up. Try to hide bodies at 
dark corners.

When an enemy is facing you, sneak up on him and you can do a stealth 
attack. Press Square repeatedly to initiate a one-hit kill when you're 
within range. At times, you may find weapons to effect a stronger 
stealth attack sequence.

Once an opponent discover you, they'll engage in a fight. You can 
either press Square to attack, or R1 to run away. When either of you 
connects with an attack, you'll go into the Struggle System.

You've three choices to make you engage in a struggle. To attack, 
press Square. This will give you a sequence to press in a short timed 
period. If you hit the sequence correctly, your character will do a 
series of attacks that will greatly damage your enemies.

To push the enemy, use your left analog stick to find a direction to 
throw him towards. Ideally, you should push an enemy towards a wall to 
greatly injure him.

To throw an enemy, press X repeatedly. If you do so correctly, you can 
throw him towards a wall to greatly injure him.

If you fail any of the attack sequences, you'll enter into defense 
mode. The enemy will attack, and you'll need to follow the buttons 
shown at the bottom of the screen to defend the move. If you still 
can't follow the sequence correctly, you'll be injured.

When you get injured, your health bar decreases. When your health is 
low, your character may become dazed, and you may not be able to even 
walk properly.

This is when you may want to heal yourself with the variety of healing 
items that you can find during the course of the game - small/ large 
bandages and First Aid Kits are the stuff that help you regain health.

After the opening scenes, you'll gain control of Robert Langdon. Your 
first task is to examine the body of Jacques Sauniere. Click X near 
the body to do so, and use your left analog stick to pan the camera 
angle. There're four examinable sections here:

1. The Pentagram sign on Sauniere's chest;
2. His clothes;
3. His feet (with a "3" sign beside it);
4. His left hand (with a "7" sign beside it).

Examine each of these for four cut-scenes.

Sophie Neveu will enter the fray next. She passes you a business card 
and a cell phone. Click R2 to enter your inventory list, and then 
select the card. Use the left analog stick to rotate the card to its 
back. You'll find a series of codes, and a number "454" on it. 

Now, use the cell phone. You'll be asked to key in an access code. Key 
in "454", and you'll get a voice message from Sophie. Apparently, 
you're in grave danger, and you'll excuse yourself to the restroom. 
There, you'll meet Sophie and find out some startling revelations. One 
of those is that you've been bugged! The tracker will be added to your 

Fache is losing his patience while you talk to Sophie in the restroom. 
Go towards the basins to find a soap bar. Pick it up, and then combine 
it with the tracker. Now, go towards the windows. You'll need to open 
them, and to do so, you'll have to do a mini rhythm game. Press X 
repeatedly, and then up on both the left and right analog sticks to 
open the windows.

NOTE: Follow the commands on the screen and press the buttons at the 
correct time.

Once you do that, use the soap bar + tracker on the windows, and 
you'll throw them down. This will mislead the Police, thinking that 
you've escaped. The whole lot of them (well, almost) will go after 
the soap bar, giving you some breathing space.

Press Start now to solve an analgram puzzle that is found on the 
crime scene. The riddle is "OH LAME SAINT". Well, if you've read the 
book (or watched the movie), you'd know the answer to this:

                          THE MONA LISA

So, it seems that clues are written on the Mona Lisa. However, the 
clues appear to be written in blood, and wiped away. Which means 
you'll need a UV Light to read them. A UV Light can be found in the 
Crime Investigators Box, and you'll need to access it. 

                        #### CHECKPOINT ####

You'll now control Sophie. Go straight all the way to the end, where 
you'll find a Gate Control. Use it to open the gate. The game will now 
teach you how to perform stealth movement. Go straight, and use L1 to 
crouch and creep past the first two guards when they're not looking 
your way. Beyond them, you'll enter the next room. Another guard is at 
the end of this room, looking at the Crime Investigators box. Creep 
slowly up to him, and you should find a pole on the floor. Pick it up, 
and then creep up slowly to the guard, and press Square to perform a 
stealth attack on him. 

TIP: If you want a one-hit kill, make sure you're close enough, or you 
may miss totally!

NOTE: If you don't manage to kill him off, you'll have to fight him, 
so try to do it right.

Once the guard is disposed, examine the Crime Investigators box. The 
UV Light is hidden behind a bottle of chemicals. Click the chemicals 
to find the UV Light, and pick it up. You'll soon find yourself back 
with Langdon again, in the Mona Lisa Room now. You'll also resume 
control of Langdon.

                        #### CHECKPOINT ####

Use the UV Light on the Mona Lisa, and you'll see symbols on it. A 
Cryptogram! You'll need to solve it, but not until you shine the UV 
Light on every single symbol. Once you do so, you can solve the 
cryptogram by substituting the symbols with alphabets. It's tedious to 
do so, so just key these in:

                             DA VINCI
                           PAINTED THOSE 
                             THAT KNEW
                          BETWEEN BACCHUS
                           AND URIEL LIES
                             THE CLUE

Looks like you'll need to find paintings of Bacchus and Uriel. A guard 
with a strange accent appears from nowhere though, so you've got to 
fight him. Dispose him, and then check out the statue in the middle of 
this room. Notice the glowing symbol on it. This is a sign that a 
secret item is nearby. Collecting these items will unlock some goodies 
for you at the end of the level.

The secret item here is the "SATURN SPHERE". You'll find it 
automatically when you examine the statue. Use the door to the left 
that is facing the statue to access the Grand Gallery next. 

You now stand before Bacchus and Uriel. The clue said that the clue 
lies between Bacchus and Uriel, and the painting between them is that 
of John the Baptist. In this painting, John is pointing upwards, so 
examine the painting above to find something hidden. Sophie will 
suggest that you lift her up. Do so (press X repeatedly) and she'll 
discover the Priory Ring.

Once you do this, the phone in Sauniere's room rings, and fades. 
Someone has left a message, and you'll want to listen to it. The office 
is just opposite where you found the Priory Ring, a little to the 
left. Walk towards it, and then hide at the small gap to the left. 
Two guards will walk past, so stay in crouch position to avoid being 
detected. Once they're gone, go into the office.

Examine Sauniere's desk to hear the voice message. A sister has left 
a voice message, and it seems she's in grave danger. Examine the desk 
again. A statue of a knight seems to have been reposition, and his 
lance is pointing towards a map on the wall. Before you check out the 
map, examine the top right drawer for a Small Bandage.

Now, go to that map, and you'll find that it's the map of the Lourve. 
If the UV Light on the map to find a circle. It's circling the room 
beside Sauniere's Office, which is the Restoration Room. Sophie 
commented that the room is locked, so you may want to lift her up to 
go through the air vent, which is to the left of the map. Do so, and 
she'll past through and open the path for you to enter the Restoration 

Once you're here, go to the bottom left corner of the room (from where 
you enter) to find a First Aid Kit, hidden behind some tall paintings. 
Now, go to the top left corner to find a desk. Examine it to find some 
notes on mixing enzymess. The top right corner of this room has some 
boxes, and you'll find the "ARIAL SCREW" here. This is another secret 

To the right of this room is a table with enzymes on it. If you've 
read the notes on mixing enzymes, you'll know how to solve this 
puzzle. Basically, just mix them in the following sequence:

1. One shot of Chitinase;
2. One shot of Dismutase;
3. One shot of Catalase.

You'll get the Enzyme Beaker. Opposite the enzymes table are some 
crates with a yellow toolbox on it. Examine this area to find a Towel. 
Now, combine the Enzyme Beaker with the towel to form an Enzyme Towel. 

To the left of the chemicals table, you'll find a dirty painting. Use 
the Enzyme Towel on the dirty painting for more clues. 

                        #### CHECKPOINT ####

Head back to the Mona Lisa Room. Along the way, you may have to fight 
a guard or two. When you're back at the Mona Lisa Room, quickly go 
into stealth mode, and creep slowly on the left side of the room. This 
is because a guard will be patrolling on the right, so you won't want 
to end up being found. 

Beyond this room, note that there're two doorways on the right. Creep 
to the left of the left doorway, and stay hidden. Two guards are 
behind these doorways, but they'll soon walk into the room where you 
are, and leave by the door that you came in from. 

Just beside the left doorway is a pole on the ground. Pick it up, and 
then continue walking until you reach the next room. Go down the 
stairs (left or right, doesn't matter). Go into stealth mode again and 
approach the stairs in front to go up. Before you can go further, 
however, a guard will appear from behind the statue in front of you. 
Quickly creep back to the left and hide. Tilt your camera angle so 
that you can see him, because he'll soon take a walk up the stairs to 
the left of the statue. Creep up the stairs, and then up the stairs 
that the guard walked up. Go up to him and stealth attack him with the 

With the guard down, examine the Winged Victory Statue (aka Nike 
Statue) for clues. Then, go up to where you down the guard and examine 
the Hand of Nike display there. You'll notice a hole on the front. 
Use the Priory Ring on it to trigger a drawer, which will give you 
the Fleur-De-List Disc.

                        #### CHECKPOINT ####

Time to escape from the Lourve. Go back down the stairs, and down again 
to find yet another flight of stairs leading to the exit. Two guards 
will walk up though, so quickly hide using the left flight of stairs. 
Go up, and then come down from the right flight of stairs to find that 
the guards have separated. Sneak up to the guard here and finish him 
- if you still have the pole, use it. 

Now, go towards the exit to find the second guard here, with his back 
facing you. Do the usual.

Before you leave, check out the right of the exit to find a glowing 
symbol. Looks like there's another secret item here. Examine the tiles 
and railings nearby to find the "LEAD COIN".

Now, leave via the exit. You'll see a guard in front, but there's 
another one hidden behind the statue on the left. I'd suggest you take 
them on here. After you defeat them, exit the final door to end the 

                    + + + LEVEL COMPLETED + + +
                 + + + NEW PUZZLES UNLOCKED + + +
               + + + NEW CONCEPT ART UNLOCKED + + +              
              + + + NEW BONUS MISSION UNLOCKED + + +


This level brings you to Saint Sulpice, following up on the lead from 
the voice message you heard from Sauniere's phone. You'll begin in a 
bedroom. Notice the dead monk here, but he's of no use to you. Check 
out the table between the two beds to get a small bandage. 

Now, walk across to the opposite room. You'll find the nun who called 
Sauniere earlier, but unfortunately, she's dead. Examine her body, 
paying close attention to her right hand. It seems to be pointing to 
the bed. So, stand beside the bed and follow the instructions on-
screen (X repeatedly, L and R down together) to pull the bed away. A 
floor safe will be revealed, but you can only open it if you solve a 
slide puzzle. There're symbols on this puzzle that make no sense to 
you at the moment, so we'll come back to this later.

Examine the desk in this room to find another clue - Matthew 7:14. 
Needless to say, the numbers "7" and "14" will come in useful later. 
You can now leave this room and use the door on the right to access 
the balcony. 

There's another door opposite, so go through it to another room. Here, 
you'll find a Supply Shelf. Examine it to find an Oil Can and a pair 
of Bolt Cutters. Return to the balcony, and then go back to the first 
area with the dead monk and nun. Go into the little area just opposite 
the door to the balcony.

Sister's Margarite's Room is to your right as you enter. Knock on it, 
and she'll give you some hints. Exit via the other door. Now, you'll 
find a monk showing his back to you. Sneak up to him and do a stealth 
attack on him. Once you dispose him, go straight until you find a 
Chappe Monument on the left wall. Examine the symbols on the monument 
- they look vaguely familiar. Perhaps, you've seen it before?

Anyway, note down the symbols if possible, but I know, it's a lot. 
Nevertheless, go back to the dead nun's room and examine the floor 
safe again. Yes, the symbols on the slide puzzle here are similar to 
the ones found on the Chappe Monument. Your aim is therefore to form 
the word "SION" in the middle row of the slide puzzle. I generally 
suck at this kind of puzzles (reminds me of the one in Trace Memory!), 
but this one is kinda easy. Assmue that the location of the slides are 
numbered as followed:

                             1   2   3   4
                             5   6   7   8

                             9   10  11  12

                             13  14  15  16

where 8 is an empty slot.

Move the slides in the following sequence: 4, 3, 2, 6, 10 to solve 
this pizzle, and you'll be rewarded with the Bronze Slide. 

                        #### CHECKPOINT ####

Go back to the area leading to the Chappe Monument. Notice that when 
you enter this area, there's actually a door to the left leading to a 
flight of stairs. I didn't mention it earlier since it wasn't 
important then, but now you should use the door at the end to access 
the Ground Floor. Once in, go down another flight of stairs and turn 
right to reach a large area.

This area has several "stations" on the walls that are numbers I to 
XIV. Each station describes the events leading up to and beyond the 
cruxification of Jesus Christ. Each station also has a Station Shell 
at the bottom. You may want to check out all the events and the shells 
in the following sequence:

I - Jesus condemned to die
II - Jesus carries his Cross
III - Jesus falls the first time
IV - Jesus meets his Mother
V - Simon helps Jesus carry His Cross
VI - Veronica wipes Jesus' face
VII - Jesus falls the second time
VIII - Jesus meets woman of Jerusalem
IX - Jesus falls the third time
X - Jesus is stripped
XI - Jesus is nailed to the Cross
XII - Jesus dies on the Cross
XIII - Jesus is taken down from the Cross
XIV - Jesus is laid in the tomb

Before you go about doing this, however, there're actually two monks 
patrolling around here that may cause some problems for you. So, I'd 
suggest you take them out first. The first monk is right in front of 
you when you enter this area. Sneak up towards him - somewhere close 
to him, on the left, there's a pole that you can use - and stealth 
attack him to death. A statue with a cross in this area has a Large 
Bandage for you if you need it.

Now, go after the second monk. This one is somewhere in the room, so 
just go around looking for him. Try taking him out in stealth mode as 
well, but even if you don't, you should be quite good with the combat 
system now to defeat him. 

Once done, you can go around checking out the stations. Along the way, 
you'll find many secrets. I'll list them in order:

1. Go to the small area between stations III and IV to find a stand 
for the Book of Eclipses. Read it to find out about a date, 11th 
April. Now, examine the Roseline Piacard on the ground. You'll have to 
solve the puzzle here by inputing a date. Well, you've the date, don't 
you? On the left dial, rotate it to "Aprilis". On the right dial, 
rotate it to "XI". A platform will rise up nearby, and you can pick up 
a Station of Cross Statue (of Jesus carrying the Cross) from it.

2. A Seashell Fountain near station VIII has an Ornate Key. Take it, 
and return to the dead nun's room. Use the key on the Armoire, and 
you'll find another Station of the Cross Statue, this one with Jesus 
lying in his tomb. Return to the room with stations after this.

3. A window between station IX and X also has a secret item - the 
"Tin Coin". Take it.

4. A Locked Grate is on the ground between stations X and XI. Examine 
it, but you've no way to unlock it at the moment.

5. A door beside station VII is locked. Use the pair of Bolt Cutters 
on it. Press X repeatedly, and then L -> <- R at the same time to cut 
the lock on this door. Go through it to reach the Church's Organ. 
First, pick up the Large Bandage to the left of the organ. Then, check 
out the Organ Clock Controls to the right of it. You'll have to put in 
a correct time, and if you remember Matthew 7:14, you'll do well to 
turn the time to 7:14. For the effort, you'll get the Copper Slide. Go 
back to the stations room. 

Once you return, two monks greet you. Dispose them. A candlestick is 
nearby stations V and VI if you want a weapon to use. Otherwise, just 
do the normal.

Now, Matthew 7:14 has another use here. Go to station VII, and examine 
the Station Shell. Use the Station of Cross Statue (of Jesus carrying 
the Cross) on the shell. Now, examine station XIV, and use the other 
Station of Cross Statue (of Jesus lying in the tomb). This will unlock 
the Locked Grate between stations X and XI. Go throgh the grate.

You're now in an ancient tomb kind of area. Check out the crates to 
your right for "Da Vinci's Ornithopter", a secret item. Now, head left 
to find a table with three lanterns on it. Before reaching this table, 
there's also a Large Bandage on the left side. Go behind the table to 
examine it. Notice the Oil Valve here, which means you can use the Oil 
Can you found earlier on it. 

Next, open all the lanterns. Notice the one in the middle has some 
alphabets on it. The slots for the ones on the left and right are 

Remember the slides you found earlier? Use the Copper Slide on the 
left lantern's door, and the Bronze Slide on the right lantern's 
door. Now, you've some Matches in your inventory. Use them to light 
all three lanterns, and the alphabets will be projected onto the wall 
behind you:

                          J E R U S A L E M

Looks like a clue, and you can use it right away. To the left of the 
table is a Tomb End. Push it to the side by pressing X repeatedly and 
then L -> R -> together. You'll unveil the... Tomb Puzzle (duh).

You'll have to refer to the Chappe Monument to decipher to symbols 
here, but hey, that's a long way up! Nevertheless, you've the clue, 
which is "Jerusalem", so you know that you can't run away from the 
alphabets found in the word. To solve this puzzle, you'll have to 
press the buttons in the order of how Jerusalem is spelt. If you're 
lazy to cross-reference, just follow the sequence below:

                        S E. R J L A M E.. U

where "." denotes the first "E" to press, and ".." denotes the second 
"E" to press. Which means, you'll have to press the 4th button from 
the left first, followed by the 2nd button from the left, followed by 
the third buttom from the left... etc. 

Once you solve this puzzle, you'll find a list of all the Grand 
Masters of the Priory of Sion. 

You should now return to the stations room, but lo and behold, two 
monks are blocking the entrance! Kick their butts and leave. If you 
need a weapon, there's a pole behind the tomb that's opposite the Tomb 

NOTE: When I was playing this part, one of the monks got stuck in the 
exit door, so I was able to finish them off without losing any 
health. If you're not so lucky, you may want to use the more subtle 
stealth attack mode. Hide behind the tomb opposite the Tomb Puzzle and 
wait for the monks to separate, and then sneak up on them one-by-one.

When you return to the stations room, another three monks await you, 
but they're scattered, so you can fight them individually. Or, you can 
me be like me and just run away, since the level is ending anyway. 
Once done, go back to the area with Sister Margarite's Room and a 
cut-scene will happen to end this level. Finally. 

                    + + + LEVEL COMPLETED + + +
                  + + + NEW PUZZLE UNLOCKED + + +
               + + + NEW CONCEPT ART UNLOCKED + + +              

You're Sophie in this mission, and you'll begin in front of Normandy 
Mansion. There's two dogs guarding it, and you don't have the keys to 
the mansion as well. Worst still, the birdge leading to the mansion is 
not drawn down. 

Anyhow, go all the way to the right to find a Shed Window. Climb into 
the shed through this window, and then fight a monk that follows. 
Should be easy by now, even if you're Sophie.

There's a shelf here with a blackboard on with the numbers 112358. 
Check out the puzzle box beside this blackboard. This is an easy 
puzzle to solve if you know the Fibonacci Sequence. Basically, if you 
look at "112358", it's actually made up of the following:

1. 1+1= 2
2. 1+2= 3
3. 2+3= 5
4. 3+5= 8

See the logic? So, your task is simply to continue the sequence, which 

1. 5+8= 13
2. 8+13= 21
3. 13+21= 34

And so the password is 132134. Rotate the dials on each to form this 
number to unlock the box, and you'll get the Mansion Key. Leave the 
shed through the door.

Once outside, go all the way to the left to find a boarded door. Press 
X repeatedly, and then L -> R -> together to break the door. Inside, 
there's a Dog Food Locker. Examine it to find a piece of Dog Food. 
Leave this room, and look to your right to find a caged area. 

Go into this area to find two empty bowls. Use the Dog Food on one of 
them, and miraculously, both bowls will be filled with Dog Food! The 
wonders of lazy programming. Anyway, you're now ready to bribe the 
dogs. Go to the left of the boarded up door to find a Bell Pull Chain. 
Press L and R up, and then L and R down repeatedly to sound the bell. 
The dogs will run towards the food bowls and open up the path for you.

Now, check out the Da Vinci Bridge Winch to the right of the bridge.
You'll need to follow the sequence shown on the screen, which is 
basically L down, and then L clockwise. Now, this sequence is hyper 
sensitive, and you'll have to do your best to follow the sequence. 
A little too fast or too slow, and you'll fail. Worst still, you'll 
have to rotate it clockwise about four times, so, I can only wish you 
the best of luck here.

Once done, the bridge will be drawn down. The dogs will run across the 
bridge, but no worries, you've given them food, and they won't bother 
you now. Walk across the bridge, and use the Mansion Key on the Side 
Entrance to Mansion to enter. 

                        #### CHECKPOINT ####

Go left into the next area. There's a cabinet that you can examine 
there. Do so to find the Aeneas Statue. Now, go to the room opposite 
the cabinet to find a Fireplace. Examine it to find three Fleur-De-Lis 
discs on four slots. The second slot is missing a disc, so you should 
use the Fleur-De-Lis Disc that you found in the Lourve (at the Nike 
Statue) on it. Unfortunately, even with the disc in, you'll need to 
remember how the discs are rotated, so you should now go around 
looking for clues to do this.

The top left corner (from the entrance) of this room has a small table 
with a Cupid Statue. Take it, and then find the flight of stairs in 
this room. Take the stairs up.

Halfway through, you'll find some Stained Glass on the left. Examine 
them and listen to the explanation for each picture (four of them in 
all). Also note the directions of the Fleur-De-Lis Discs on top of 
each picture, which are:

          Nibada UP   Tiamat DOWN   Belet-ili RIGHT   Isis LEFT

Now, go up the stairs all the way to find a room on the left. It's 
locked, but the Priory Ring unlocks it. Enter.

Go down the small flight of stairs to the right in this room, and head 
towards the bed. Examine it to find a secret item, the "Da Vinci's 
Tank", hidden in one corner. The dresser to the right of the bed has 
some important clues, so open the top right drawer to find a note with 
a poem:

                   From Her the heaven and earth
                  were torn. From Her the race of 
                   was born. By Her their names 
                   were writ in stone. By Her a
                      healing love was shone.

If you've examine the Stained Glass earlier, the explanation on each 
Goddess will make sense. The poem basically tells of the traits 
associated with the Goddess, in the of sequence Tiamat, Belet-ili, 
Nibada and Isis. So, the solution to the Fleur-De-Lis Disc puzzle is:

                   DOWN    RIGHT    UP    LEFT

Before you go down to rotate the discs at the Fireplace, however, 
use the Priory Ring to unlock the bottom left drawer on the dresser to 
find the Vulcan Statue, and open the middle right drawer for a Large 

Back at the Fireplace, turn the discs in the sequence above. Note that 
the screen is pretty faraway, and you may not be able to see the discs 
direction. I'd suggest sitting closer to the TV screen if you've very 
poor eyesight like me!

Once you do this right, you'll be rewarded with the Venus Statue. Go 
back up to the room with the bed and dresser, and go down the stairs 
again, and head straight into the library. Examine the bookshelves if 
you want, but the important thing to do here is to go the table 
opposite the bookshelves. Examine the table to find a box, which has a 
Jupiter Statue. Take it, and then read the note to the right of the 
box, which has another poem:

                   The key of genders lies within her
                   hands. There's much to do to meet 
                   Hathers demands. First gather all
                       who Venus has spurned. Her 
                   heart demands each loving gaze is

This clue has to do with all the statues you've found so far. It 
basically tells you that all other stautes should be facing the Venus 
Statue. Keep this in mind.

Once you read this poem, the game throws another cryptology puzzle. 
This is like the puzzle you found on the Mona Lisa in the first level. 
The solution is:

                            JUPITER IS 
                           ABOVE VULCAN
                          AENEAS IS BELOW
                          MARS MARS IS TO
                           VULCANS RIGHT

It seems like you're still missing the Mars Statue. No worries though, 
you'll find it soon enough. Take the stairs in this area to go 
downstairs. You'll have to fight another monk, so quickly finish him 
off. Look for a table with a skeleton on its right side, and examine 
it. On the table's left is a large lamp (or whatever it is). Examine 
it to find the... Mars Statue!

Now, leave through the doors (anyone will do) here, and return to the 
mansion's entrance. Notice there's a flight of stairs directly 
opposite the entrance. Go up now.

Midway through, you'll find another room with two paintings on the 
left and right walls. The faraway wall on the left also has a glowing 
symbol, which means another secret item. Check out the painting on the 
left wall to find the "Jupiter Sphere". 

Exit this area and continue up the stairs. Go into the room there, 
and look out for a round table with a Statue Pedestal modelled after 
the Pentagram sign. Use all your statues (you should have six of them 
now) on it. 

Examine the table again, and you'll see that all six statues are 
placed nicely on the left. Based on the poems and cryptology solution, 
you should put them into the slots on the pedestal in the following 

1. Centre: VENUS          (All other statues must face Venus) 
2. Top Left: VULCAN       (Mars is to Vulcan's right, and Aeneas is 
                           below Mars, which means Vulcan is top left)
3. Top Right: MARS        (Mars is to Vulcan's right)
4. Bottom Right: AENEAS   (Aeneas is below Mars)
5. Top Centre: JUPITER    (Jupiter is above Vulcan) 
6. Bottom Left: CUPID     (All the others have found their places)

Putting the statues in place is not enough. You must now rotate the 
statues until they all face Venus. Once this is done, a cut-scene will 
follow, and you'll see that the garden is modelled after this Statue 
Pedestal, where all six statues are in the same positions. Your task 
is to rotate the out five of them so that they all face Venus, like 
what you've just did on the pedestal.

                        #### CHECKPOINT ####

The complication here stems from two issues. Firstly, the garden is a 
maze-like area that is surrounded by high plant walls, which makes 
identifying directions a little difficult. Nevertheless, you'll only 
need to remember that for each statue to face Venus, they've to face 
the front. The game will also prompt you once you've successfully 
rotate a statue to face the front, so you should have no problems 
doing the rotation.

The second complication for doing this is the need to fend off some 
Policemen. As you can see from the cut-scene, they've infiltrated the 
mansion, and are now patrolling the garden area. You can sneak up and
do stealth attacks on them one-by-one, or you can be gung-ho and take 
them on face-to-face. Regardless of your approach, however, do 
remember to drag the bodies away once you're done with one. Otherwise, 
if a colleague finds a body, he'll wake him up and you'll have to 
fightthe bugger all over again. A good place to hide is behind any of 
the five outer statues. 

Do what you've to, and then rotate all five statues to face the 
middle. The Venus Statue will appear, and you'll now gain access to 
the Underground Grotto.   

                        #### CHECKPOINT ####

The Underground Grotto looks something like this:

                   Flaming        1          Flaming
                     Bird                      Bird

      Statue (1)    2                             3    Statue (2)

                         4                  5


The numbers 1-5 refers to the Fire Sconces that you'll need to light 
up. Go to Statue (2) to find a stick, and then walk towards one of the 
flaming birds to light the stick with fire. You now have a lighting 
torch. With the torch in hand, light up the Fire Sconces in the 
following order:

1, 2, 5, 2, 3, 2, 4

If you do so fast enough, the ground will form a Pentagram sign, which 
reveals a secret passage leading to the Laser Etched Key. Watch the 
resultant cut-scene, and the level is complete.

                    + + + LEVEL COMPLETED + + +
                  + + + NEW PUZZLE UNLOCKED + + +
               + + + NEW CONCEPT ART UNLOCKED + + +              


You'll be controlling Sophie, even though you're now reunited with 
Langdon. Walk up to the guard at the bank, and he'll point you to the 
door on his left (your right). Go through it, and then go through 
another two doors to the Atrium. 

The Atrium is huge, but there's nothing important. Just head towards 
the centre door on the left passageway and go into it to reach the 
Private Viewing Rooms.

Ignore the guard here, since he speaks glibberish. Go to the Key 
Terminal on the right at the end, and use your new found Laser Etched 
Key on it. This opens the gate, and you can go right through to the 
next available room.

There's another Key Terminal here that requires the Laser Etched Key. 
Use it, and a cut-scene will show you that a box is being retrieved. 
Unfortunately, you won't be able to gain access to it yet. Examine the 
Key Terminal again, and you'll start talking about the need for a 
password. Now, this is another Fibonacci Sequence. Just listen to the 
conversation, and you'll know that the sequence is 21+500= 521. So, 
the next sequence should be:

1. 500+521= 1021

Yes, 1021 is your password. Examine the Key Terminal again, and key in 
"1021", and press "Enter". Now, you'll get the box with a Cryptex 
inside. Sadly, you've no idea how to decipher it.

Examine the box now to find a tiny hole. Now, go to the table to the 
left, and then check out the drawer to miraculously find a paper clip. 
How convenient. Go back to the box, and use the paper clip on the 
hole. You'll get another riddle poem:

                   Not yet the cup when Jesus broke
                   the bread. Not yet the vessel into
                   which he bled. But more than this a 
                    secret most divine. Whose hiding      
                    place has stood the test of time.

Have you read the book? Or have you watch the movie? Well, the whole 
premise of The Da Vinci Code is the quest for the Holy Grail, and this 
poem basically sums it all up. The solution to the Cryptex is 
therefore "GRAIL".

Go into your inventory and use the Cryptex by rotating the dials on it 
to reflect the word "GRAIL". A cut-scene follows, and it appears that 
the Police are here. The Bank Manager offers an escape route, and 
passes you a vehicle key and the Security Card Level 1. 

                        #### CHECKPOINT ####

Leave now and return to the Atrium. Go left, and then right, to find 
the elevators. Use the security card on the terminal. A cut-scene 
follows to tell you that the guards are already onto you, and will 
ambush when the elevator reaches its destination. Quickly lift Sophie 
up to open a vent in the ceiling of the elevator, and escape through 
that route.

On top of the elevator, open the crank to the left by rotating both 
your analog sticks in an anti-clockwise direction. Do so until the 
door is fully opened, and leave through there.

Go right, and you should see a guard with his back against you. 
Stealth attack him. This *may* alert the other guard, so take him 
out as usual. Otherwise, just go look for him and finish him off as 

There's a room to your left just after you turn right. Enter it to 
find a Large Bandage. Look up at the top right corner of the wall to 
find a glowing symbol. Secret item! Search the shelves on the left, 
and you'll find the "Mars Sphere" on the top left shelf.

Leave this room and continue on the walkway till you reach a door on 
the left. This leads to the Bank Offices. Once inside, Sophie will 
hide into one of the cubicles, so you're on your own. You should see a 
guard walking from right to left in front of you, so sneak up on him 
quickly and knock him out with a stealth attack. There's another guard 
in this area, so locate him and take him out as well.

Now, return to the entrance of this area (where Sophie is), and face 
the area from the entrance's perspective. The bottom left and right 
corners of this room has maps for this area, so check either one out. 
Your next immediate location is found on the bottom right corner of 
the map - a cubicle. Go there, and you should get the prompt to 
examine the cubicle. Do so, and check out the top left shelf to find 
a secret item, the "Da Vinci's Ballista".

Check out the maps for the location of the Admin Office now. Go there, 
and then turn left to open a door to the manager's office. Examine the 
desk, and the bank manager will give you a password, which is 
"867530". Insert the security card, and key in this password.

Unfortunately, the password doesn't seem to be working. The manager 
then tells you that perhaps the IT guys have changed the password. 
Damn. You'll now have to find the new password.

Exit this area, and head towards the Office Manager's Office (check 
the map if you've to). Inside here, examine the painting behind the 
manager's desk first. Looks like you need the trusty UV Light. Use it 
on the painting to find some thumbprints at the bottom. Looks like you 
can actually lift the painting.

Follow the prompts on screen to lift the painting. This reveals a 
safe. You don't have the password to open it, so examine the manager's 
desk now for it.

NOTE: If you don't examine the painting first, you can't examine the 

The password is found in the middle right drawer, and it's "728559". 
There's also a Large Bandage in the bottom left drawer. Go back to 
the safe next, and use the password on it. You'll get the File Cabinet 
Key as a result.

Leave this room, and turn right until you find an opened room, which 
is where the File Cabinets are. Go to the end of the room, until the 
second last cabinet (a low one). Go behind it, and examine the right 
side of it. There're three drawers here, but only the top right has 
something inside, and it's locked. Use the File Cabinet Key to open 
it. You'll find a note that says:

                   Security passwords document. The
                      admin's password is 260924.

Great. Go back to the Admin Manager's desk and insert your security 
card on it, followed by the password "260924". Your card will now be 
upgraded to Level 2. 

Just beside the bottom right map is the security terminal to use this 
new card on. Go there, use it, and a door will open next to it. Use 
this exit, and take the stairs down. Sophie will join up with you.

                        #### CHECKPOINT ####

You're now at the bottom of the Atrium. There're two guards here, but 
you should be able to avoid them by sneaking on the left side of this 
area, and then heading towards a door called Deposit and Server Area. 
Go into this door, and then go through another door on the right to 
reach a new area. 

You should notice a guard right in front of you. Sneak up and stealth 
attack him. Search out for a second guard and finish him off as well. 
From where you begin in this room, head left until you find three 
privacy rooms. The leftmost one has a secret item, the "Iron Coin".
Take it, leave the room, and make a u-turn to find another security 
terminal and a door. 

To the right of the terminal, you'll find an air vent. Lift Sophie up, 
and she can pass through into the next area. You'll play as Sophie 

                        #### CHECKPOINT ####

You're now in the server room. Finish off the guard in front with a 
well-placed stealth attack. Search the area for a room without a door, 
and you'll find another guard inside. Stealth attack him as well, and 
you can gain access to the computer here to upgrade your security card 
to Level 3. 

Leave this room, and then go through the door to the left of the room. 
Continue down the walkway until you reach a terminal. Use the security 
card to open the door, and you'll join up with Langdon again. You'll 
also resume control of Langdon from here. Return to the Atrium.

Back in the Atrium, and the two guards are still here. Go right, and 
sneak through this side until you reach a room leading to Loading 
Docks. Go into this new area.

                        #### CHECKPOINT ####

Here, you'll find a caged door to the right, and a security terminal 
ahead. Use the Level 3 card on the terminal, and the caged door will 
be raised. Go through the door, and you'll find another guard ahead of 
you. Sneak up and stealth attack him.

Now, you should also find another guard standing at the far right 
corner of the screen. He's looking to your left, and somehow, he just 
can't see both of you. You can sneak up to his left side, round to his 
back, and stealth attack him. He won't see you, really! Snatch the 
Large Bandage behind this guard as well, and look into the direction 
that he was looking at.

There's another guard there, and he's walking up and down, looking 
fierce. There's no point sneaking around here. Just go up and finish 
him off. Check the area that he's guarding - there's a yellow arrow on 
the ground pointing to the exit door. Go through this door, and 
continue to the end of the next area. 

You'll find the Armored Truck Door here. Well, since it's a truck, and 
you've the vehicle key from the bank manager, you might as well use 
it. The door opens, and the level ends.

                    + + + LEVEL COMPLETED + + +
                  + + + NEW PUZZLE UNLOCKED + + +
               + + + NEW CONCEPT ART UNLOCKED + + +              


You'll come face to face with two important characters in the story 
during this level, namely, Sir Leigh Teabing and Silas. Chateau 
Villette is the residence of Teabing, and when the level begins, he'll 
brief you on some history about the Holy Grail, etc. All very dry 
stuff that are interesting when you read them (if you like the topic), 
but just very boring when you listen it through during the cut-scene 
because the voice actor sucks. Also note that this is a relatively 
short level, so there'll be no checkpoints for you to save your 
progress, meaning you'll have to sit through the entire level without 
a break. Note also that the whole purpose in this level is to decipher 
a second Cryptex in the possession of Teabing.

Anyway, you'll control Sophie primarily in this level. Start by going 
to the left, and take the flight of stairs down to the basement. Go 
to the top left corner of this area (from where you enter, as usual) 
to find a lot of chairs. A glowing symbol can be found around here 
(just to the right, above the chairs), and you can examine the chairs 
to find another secret item - the "Copper Coin". Take it, and go back 
upstairs where Langdon and the butler, Remy are. Turn left to go 
into the room where Teabing is for a cut-scene.

Teabing will talk about the two Athurian paintings on the left and 
right walls of the room. Take note of the explanation for both, since 
you'll need them for the next puzzle's solution. Notice at the end of 
the rooms, there're three shields displays on each side of the room. 
Go to each and every one of them, and examine them. Each time you 
examine a shield, Teabing tells a story about it. With his input, you 
can now solve the puzzle.

Go to the Gallahand's Shield (the one with the red cross), and take 
it. Bring it to the right Arthurian painting (with an Arthurian Knight 
looking at an angel), and place it at the Knight display there. 

Now, take the Percival's Shield (the one with the heart), and bring it 
to the left Arthurain painting (of a floating grail). Place the 
shield at the Knight display there.

This will open some doors to secret rooms in Chateau Villette. God 
knows why Teabing is so secretive, but well, you've solved this 
puzzle, which is good. Now guess what? More puzzles!

Go into the room beside Gallahand's Shield (let's just call it the 
G-Room for easier typing). Check out the bookshelf on the right to 
find a note, which says:

                        Solomon's Songs
                         Verse 14
                         Line 4
                         Word 3

Exit this room, and go to the room beside the Percival's Shield (P-
Room, thank you). There's a bookshelf on the left, and you can examine 
the Bible on it. You'll automatically check the verse from the note, 
which says:

                    O' my dove, in the clefts of the 
                    In the secret place of the steep 
                    Let me see your form,
                    Let me hear your voice,
                    For your voice is sweet,
                    And your form is lovely.

As you can see, the 4th line is "Let me hear your voice", and the 3rd 
word is "hear". That's the password you need, but for what? Well, head 
back to the G-Room and check out the right of it for a security 
terminal. Examine it to key in the password "HEAR". This will reveal 
the hidden Music Room.

The Music Room has a piano there. You'll come back to it later. A door 
is directly opposite the piano. Open it, and check out the storage 
area. Look around for a small table on the right, and examine it for 
another secret item - the "Venus Sphere". Now, go back to the G-Room.

Go to the chalices displays at the top right corner of the G-Room 
(from the entrance). There're five or six of them there, but Teabing 
mentioned something about a red dragon just now, so you should take 
the Red Dragon Chalice. 

Bring the chalice to the P-Room. Check out the bottom left corner of 
this room for a display stand, and place the chalice onto it. Another 
secret door will be revealed. Go into the next area to find a slide 
puzzle. I really hate these puzzles, but again, this is rather easy. 
Just do this sequence: Bottom Left, Top Left, Top Centre, Bottom 
Centre, Bottom Right, and you'd get a nice picture of someone kneeling 
infront of another. This will open the door to the secret library. 
You really have to wonder why Teabing has to go through all these 
troubles to access a room, considering he's, you know, crippled.

Go into the library anyway, and go right. You'll find a table, so 
examine it as usual. You'll find a Music Sheet, so take it. Continue 
right until you reach a display case. Examine it for the "Da Vinci's 
Warcart", yet another secret item. You should now return to the Music 

Use the Music Sheet on the piano, and you'll have to play another 
rhythm game. The sheet will have the buttons that you'll need to press 
on the piano. Damn, this is SO Trace Memory. Press X to start the 
rhythm, but immediately press the first required button, because if 
you hesitate, you'll miss the first note. Continue for the rest of the 
notes until you play the song correctly. 

When this is done, Teabing will talk about the painting of The Last 
Supper. There're some secrets in the painting alone, and you'll have 
to discover them. Zoom in on the painting, and discover the following 
secrets in order:

1. The V-Shape    -  find this in the middle of the painting, between
                     Jesus and the person left to him;

2. The Grail      -  find this at the top left corner of the painting;

3. John           -  this is the person beside Jesus... turns out that 
                     "he" is actually a "she"!

4. The M-Shape    -  this is the shape form between "John" and Jesus... 
                     it reveals the matrimony (thus, "M") between the 
                     lady, Mary Magdalene, and Jesus.

At this point, you should have enough clues to decipher the second 
Cryptex. But there're more secrets on the painting:

5. Peter          -  find him just to the left of Mary;

6. The Grail      -  find this at the top left corner, as before;

7. Jesus and Mary -  this should be obvious by now.

Now, if you check out the second Cryptex, you should find that it 
requires a 9-alphabet solution. And which better word now than 
"MAGDALENE"? As before, "use" the Cryptex, and rotate the dials on it 
to reflect this password. 

Once done, a cut-scene introduces Silas, the albino Monk/ Assassin.
He's hell bent of getting the keystone, and will kill to do it. In 
fact, if you've read the book and all, you'll know that he was 
responsible for the death of the nun at Saint Sulpice. So, you won't 
want to mess with him... or so you thought.

Teabing tells you to gather some parts and send them down to the 
basement for him to form a ballista. If you don't what a ballista is, 
it's basically a middle-age weapon that is used to hurl heavy 
projectiles at a target. You've to wonder why doesn't Teabing keeps a 
gun or something in his mansion. 

Anyway, the game wants you to form a ballista, so you form it. First 
off, exit from the room that you resume control in. Go to the Music 
Room to find a Globe, which is obviously the said projectile. As you 
approach it, Silas will dash in and ask for the keystone. You've no 
choice but to fight him, but notice when you do so, despite getting 
the buttons right, you may not hurt him. Pressing the buttons right is 
therefore only to prevent yourself from getting hurt. You'll have to 
hold Silas until Langdon finds a pole to knoch him out for a while, so 
quickly send the Globe down to the basement via an elevator.

Go to the P-Room next, and turn right to find the second piece of 
item to form the ballista. Silas attacks again, jumping in through 
the windows this time. Get through the fight sequence again, and you 
can send the part down to the basement as well.

Now, go to the library. Go to the corner that has plenty of paintings, 
and Silas will attack yet again. This guy just never gives up. Fight 
him again, until you get switched to Langdon, and the cue to push the 
bookshelf. Press X repeatedly to push the shelf onto Silas. Watch the 
cut-scene as the third part gets sent down.

With this, the level ends as well - remember to check out Teabing as 
he uses the ballista to send Silas flying! 

                    + + + LEVEL COMPLETED + + +
                  + + + NEW PUZZLE UNLOCKED + + +
               + + + NEW CONCEPT ART UNLOCKED + + +              


You'll find yourself in London, trying to get out of the airfield 
after Teabing's plane has landed. While Teabing and Remy are talking 
to the officers, Langdon and Sophie will sneak away. When you resume 
control, you'll be controlling Langdon. It's raining, and you really 
should check out Langdon's funny "oh, I'm so cold" expression. But 
then again, the police have found you, and are knocking on the door at 
the top left corner of this area. 

Quickly find your way to that door, and push the dumpster to the left 
of the door towards the, er, door. Press X repeatedly, and then 
L -> R -> to do so. A power switch is revealed behind the dumpster. 
Do a sequence of L and R Up and L and R Down continuously on the 
switch to activate the power. 

NOTE: Remember this sequence, because you'll get to do this a lot in 
this level.

The cut-scene shows a rail cabin directly behind you. Go over there, 
and examine the cabin for a Brake Release. To activate the brake 
release, you'll have to do a sequence of <- L <- R and L -> R -> 

Once you're successful, the cabin will start to move. Hide behind it, 
and start walking left. Notice that halfway through, the police 
outside will see you via the fence at the far side. They'll also 
start shooting at you. Thank God for the cabin, which is the perfect 
shield for you!

At the end of the journey, you'll find a door somewhere on the right 
of the left wall. This door leads to the hangar. Go through it to 
reach a checkpoint.

                        #### CHECKPOINT ####

Secret item right away in the hangar! Turn right to find a bunch of 
crates. As usual, examine this lot to find the "Da Vinci's Bridge" at 
the top. 

From the entrance, turn left to find the Biggin Hill Airfield Bunker 
Map. To the right of the map to find a tool box. Examine the top 
drawer to find another pair of the good o' Bolt Cutters. You can 
examine the other drawers but you can't take anything from them. No, 
not the spanner, you can't!

Now, go to the right side of the plane (from it's front) to find a 
gate with a lock on it. Use the Bolt Cutters on the lock, and do a 
X repeatedly, followed by L -> <- R to break it. Cool, you can now 
enter. Go left in this small area to find a ladder. Climb the ladder 
to go up.

There's a Large Bandage on the table at the top right corner of this 
area (from where you enter). Take it, and then go to the Hoist 
Controls on the left. Activate the controls now to remove a large 
crate downstairs. This will reveal a hidden area. 

Go back down to the plane area, and two policemen will attack you. 
Thankfully, Sophie is with you, so no worries. Dispose them, and then 
head into the hidden-just-now-but-not-so-hidden-now area. Check out 
the Supply Shelf on the left to find a Box of Flares. Take it, as 
you'll need it very soon. 

There's a trap door on the ground in this area as well. Open it by 
doing that L and R Up and L and R Down continuously sequence, and then 
climb down.

Now, this area is dark. This is why the Box of Flares is needed. No 
worries though, since you'll automatically use them without having to 
do the R2-select thing. Good AI!

Just follow the path forward until you hit a cut-scene. Go forward 
from where you resume, and then turn left to find a Floor Grate. Do 
that usual sequence now (for the last time - X repeatedly, and then 
L -> R -> !) to open this grate, and then climb the ladder down.

Continue and you'll soon hit another cut-scene. There's a huge metal 
(I think) door on to your right, which is locked. Check out the 
Surface Access Switch right in front, and you'll find that it's 
missing a few fuses. You can't examine any further after this, so just 
leave this box and the door alone for now.

Go the only path down left. You'll soon light the fuse again. Go till 
the end, and then turn right to find a flight of stairs leading up to 
another area. Go up, examine the door, and you'll find that it's 
locked. Use your Bolt Cutters and do the usual. Enter.

You're now in the controls room. Go straight and through another door 
(this one isn't locked), and you'll find the first Auxillary Fuse Box 
in this area. Examine it to find three 50 AMP fuses. Take them all, 
you'll need them.

From here, turn left until you reach another huge room with railings 
and a ladder to climb down to another area. Ignore the ladder for now. 
Instead, turn right, and then right again (it's like doing a u-turn 
while driving) to find an area with another Auxillary Fuse Box. 
There're two 300 AMP fuses here. Take them as well.

From here, turn and look directly opposite this fuse box. You may or 
may not see a door at a very, very far end, but it's there anyway. Go 
all the way there, and use the door to access the next room. 

In this room, head towards the Elevator to the Control Tower. Use it 
to go up to the tower. When you resume control after the ensuing cut-
scene, check out the third Auxillary Fuse Box here to find three more 
300 AMP fuses. Take them as usual. 

Return down, and you'll find a Policemen there. Sometimes I think 
they add in these buggers just to prolong the game. Beat the crap out 
of him, and then leave this room and return back to the huge room with 
a ladder that you didn't use earlier.

You'll see another Policeman right away at the far left, but you can 
stealth attack him since he's walking. I'd suggest you do so, because 
another one is around here, somewhere. Finish the first one off, and 
then search for the second one. You know what to do with him.

Now, return to the ladder beside the railings, and use it to climb 
down to the lower area. You're now ready to resume the power to this 
place. Go all the way forward to find the Main Fuse Box. To the right 
of this is the Main Power Switch, and to the right of this switch is 
the Main Fuse Box Schematics. 

Use your favorite item, the UV Light, on the Schematics. This will 
reveal the plan for how the fuses should be placed in the Main Fuse 
Box. Remember the locations by hard, or just use this:

                  300    300    ---    300    300

                  300    300    ---    300    300

                  ---    ---    ---    ---    ---
                  50     50     ---    ---    ---

where 50 and 300 depict where the AMP fuses should go, and "---" 
depicts an empty slot. Do note that when you first examine the Main 
Fuse Box, there'll be some fuses placed into some slots already, and 
some of them are just wrongly placed. I'd suggest removing them all so 
that you can focus better. If you take all the slots as I suggested, 
after placing all these slots, you'll still have two 50 AMP fuses with 
you. They're now officially useless.

Which the fuses in place, you can now pull the Main Switch. And guess 
what? They want you to do THAT sequence again! Do so, and watch the 
cut-scene that follows. This place is funny lighted up!

Before you leave this lower area, there's a secret item to find here. 
To the left of the ladder, there's a small path leading to a hidden 
area. Go there, and then check out the wall for a glowing symbol. 
Examine the engine near the symbol to find the "Mercury Coin". It's 
very small, but very prominently displayed at the top right area.

Now, go back up, and then through the entrance near where you found 
the first Auxillary Fuse Box. Go through the next door again, which 
will lead you back to the flight of stairs that you took to come up 
here earlier. Go down, and turn left.

Immediately crouch and you'll see another (duh!) Policeman walking 
from right to left. Sneak up and finish him off. Go to where he came 
from to find yet another glowing symbol. As with earlier, examine the 
engine there to find the "Mercury Sphere". Cool.

Now, return to that large metal door. It should be easier now, since 
the power is up. But lo and behold! Near the door, there's ANOTHER 
BLOODY POLICEMAN. Vent your frustration on him by giving him a full-
blooded attack sequence. Throw him to the wall repeatedly if you want 
until he passes out. Throwing an enemy to the wall is damn fun. I'd 
suggest throwing him against the huge metal door.

NOTE: Of course, you can always stealth attack if you want...

Now, you can pull that Surface Access Switch that you couldn't examine 
further earlier. God bless THAT switch-pulling sequence.

Go forward, and then left all the way until you find a ladder. Use it 
to climb up to the next level, and you'll find another ladder. Climb 
up again to reach the outside (thus, the "Surface Access" Switch that 
you've to pull earlier).

Landgon goes into his I'm-so-cold expression again, and you can 
finally save the game now.

                        #### CHECKPOINT ####

Last area before the level ends. There're two Policemen talking here. 
Since they'll be the last ones that you'll face, I'd suggest that you 
just go out and beat the crap out of them. Once done, look for a Gas 
Tank that has a caged-up section. Use your Bolt Cutters to finish off 
that lock on it (yes, another bolt-cutting action is required). 

You're now required to do a L and R anti-clockwise movement to open 
the valve on the Gas Tank. Just follow the pace of the rotation shown 
on screen, and you should be ok. The gas will now be released, and 
you'll need something to create a diversion so that Teabing can be 
excused from the incessant questioning.

There's a ladder leading to the roof of a higher building here. Go 
find it, it's like, seven o'clock of the valve that you just rotated 
(I think, but if it's not, go find it, there's only one ladder that 
leads up from ground level). 

Up there, you'll find... another Policeman! Before you finish him, 
check out the direction that he's heading. Now, clobber time. Go 
towards where he's heading to find some Flares. Use the flares, and 
watch the place explodes - fire + gas = a lot of explosion.

And this is when the level ends.

                    + + + LEVEL COMPLETED + + +
                  + + + NEW PUZZLE UNLOCKED + + +
               + + + NEW CONCEPT ART UNLOCKED + + +              



This level is quite possibly the longest in the game, so it be some 
time before you can see that "Level Completed" note.

YOu'll begin outside the church, as Sophie. Langdon and Teabing talk 
about a coded message, so go check your inventory list for it. God 
knows when it comes into your possession, but that isn't important. 
This is another one of those cryptogram puzzles, and you'll need to 
form the following:

                             OUTDOORS THE 
                            GRACEFUL WATER
                             YOU WILL SEE
                            DEDICATION YOU
                            MUST FIND THE 

Watch the cut-scene, and you'll find yourself all alone, trying to get 
into the church, while the two dudes find another way in. First off, 
go to the church's door to find a Bulletin Board. Examine all the ads 
and then examine the Handle to open the glass panel. You'll find the 
Golden Key at the bottom right corner of the board.

Before you try to find a door to use the key on, turn around and face 
the opposite of the church. Go find a hidden path on the right (when 
you're facing the opposite) of the opposite building. I've drawn a 
rough sketch of where the hidden path is (depicted by a down arrow). 

NOTE: You can also find a hidden path on the left (when you're facing 
the opposite). This leads to the same area, so it's up to you which 
path you want to use.

             -------------CHURCH DOOR--------------

              |      |||                            | |
              |      |||                            | |
              |      |V|                            | |
              -------- ------------------------------ ----


Go through the hidden path into the back alley of the opposite 
building. Follow the path until you find a trash bag underneath a 
window. Examine this window to find a secret item, the "Silver Coin". 

Next, go back to the church's door, and head left from there until you 
find a locked gate. Use the Golden Key on it to trigger a cut-scene. 

                        #### CHECKPOINT ####

The bad guys shown in the cut-scene are generally quite tough to 
fight, since most will require a six-button sequence to register a 
successful hit. As such, when you see that Samuel L. Jackson lookalike 
in front, try not to engage. Instead, pick up the shovel just behind 
him (remember to press L1 to enter into Stealth Mode), and then use 
the shovel to register a stealth attack. 

Go forward to find a long hallway that are divided by several arcs. Go 
to the last on your right, and enter this area to find another secret 
item, the "Moon Sphere". It's in the Pile of Boxes to your right in 
this area. 

Go back out, and right (from where you exit - you were walking left to 
right to find this last arc, now you're just walking backwards). Enter 
the first available arc (some others are blocked by railings), and go 
through the path to find a flight of stairs up. Enter Stealth Mode, 
because there're two guards up there talking. Be patient, and wait 
for their conversation to end. 

One of them will come down this flight of stairs. Stay in crouch 
position there, and then as the guy approaches, punch him until he's 
KO-ed. I'm not sure whether this is a bug or not, but I managed to 
finish him off without having to go into a struggle sequence at all, 
all the while with the other guy not knowing a thing.

Now, go up, and sneak up on the other guy. There's a pole somewhere 
here, so if you want, grab it and deal this chap a stealth attack. 
Once you're done, this area will have no more enemies, and you can 
explore it to your heart's content.

Not that there're many things to do. First off, go to the area that's 
above the arcs to find a Wheelbarrow. Examine it to find a pair of 
Shears. As usual, when you find something, take it. Go back to the 
area where you knocked out the second guard, and check out the 
fountain there. The fountain has four planters surrounding it. The 
planter closest to the (back of the) church is "examinable". Use the 
Shears on it to unveil a Copper Engraving. 

Check the engraving, and you'll find the all familiar Priory sign. 
Which means, Priory Ring time. Use the ring on the engraving to get 
the Rough Metal Shard. 

Adventure over for Sophie. For now . 

                        #### CHECKPOINT ####

You'll be Langdon now, somehow separated from Teabing, and somehow 
trapped in a cell. A guard is taunting you from outside the cell, 
through a window. Ignore him, since you'll be getting back at him 
real soon. But first, check out the pallette in this room, and move 
the crate on the right to find a Metal Rod.

The table to the right of the cell also has an item for you - check it 
out, and then move the box on the left to find a Piece of Cardboard. 
There's another table here with a chair that can be moved. Pull it out 
to find a Small Gear on it. Take it, of course. 

Now, go to the door and examine it. There's a gap below the door, and 
it seems like you can slot something thin through it. Piece of Card-
board, man! Use the cardboard at the gap, and you'll slot it through. 

The next thing you should do is to examine the keyhole. Seems like a 
key is stuck there! Metal Rod, baby! Use the rod onto the keyhole, and 
the key will drop onto the Piece of Cardboard, allowing you to pull 
the cardboard back into the cell with the key on it. You'll now have 
the Basement Key, but I mean, who'll just leave the key in the 
keyhole after locking somebody up?

Anyway, use the key on the door, and you're now free.

Sneak up onto the guard now - he should be watching the TV - and 
finish him off with a well-placed stealth attack. Before you go 
anywhere else, go back to the cell, and go into the room opposite it. 
Check out the File Cabinets on the right of this area to find the "Da 
Vinci's Paddleboat", Secret item, obviously.

Go back to the TV room, and go to the far right area to examine a 
door that leads to the Catacombs. Unfortunately, you'll need Sophie 
to help open this door, because the bolt there is too heavy for one 
person to lift up. You'll be back here later.

Instead, go through the door just right to the TV. You'll now be in 
the church's main hall, which looks roughly like this:

           | CABINET |                                  |
           | w/ DOORS                                   |
           |                                            |
           |                                            |
           _                                            |
        TWO                                             |
        GUARDS                                         |
           _                                            |
           |                                            |
         D |                                            |
         O |                                            |
         O | YOU |                  ONE GUARD | CABINET |
         R ----------------------------------------------

If you go straight ahead, you'll find two guards in a tomb room on 
your left. They're talking non-stop, and they take forever to finish, 
so don't bother about them first. Instead, go right, and you'll find 
another guard there. Stealth attack him, and then examine the cabinet 
near him. There's a Large Bandage and a Small Gear on it. Great.

Now, sneak to the other cabinet. This one has doors, so open it, and 
you'll find another Small Gear. By now, the two earlier guards would 
have completed their long-winded conversation. Sneak in to stealth 
attack them one-by-one, since one of them will be pretty close to 
where you're. Take out the other once you're done. 

From the entrance to this tomb area, turn left to find a study table. 
Check it to find a Large Gear. You're now done with this place. Return 
to the TV room now, and go to the area left of the TV to find a Gear-
Box. You should have one Large Gear and three Small Gears with you 
now. You'll need to rearrange them as shown below:

Once done, the screen will zoom out to tell you that you're 
successful. Pull the switch beside the Gearbox now (damn, another does 
of THAT sequence!) to open the Door to Basement. Which means you can be 
reunited with Sophie very soon. Phew!

                        #### CHECKPOINT ####

You'll play as Sophie again, and you're still at the fountain area 
waiting for Langdon to find a way in. Now that he has opened the Door 
to Basement, you can now enter the church. 

Go back down that flight of stairs where I told you to punch one 
guard to oblivion earlier, and return to under the arc walkways. Wait 
for a while when you're on the stairs, as two guards are engaging in 
a conversation. After they're done, they'll go their 
separated ways, with one turning his back to you just after you turn 
right from the stairs, and another going outside. 

Now, you can either be gung-ho and attack/ stealth attack them, or 
you can simply sneak past both of them to the Door to Basement. This 
door is just opposite of the second and third arc if you're walking 
from left to right from the stairs. Rough sketch:


           |ARC|    |ARC|    |ARC|    |ARC|    |ARC|    |ARC|

Enter the door to join up with Langdon.

                        #### CHECKPOINT ####

You'll now resume your role as Langdon. Retrieve the Basement Key from 
the door if you want, but what you'd really want to do now is to bring 
Sophie to the Door to Catacombs, where you couldn't open a door 
earlier. With her around, you can lift the bolt on the door by 
pressing X repeatedly.

                        #### CHECKPOINT ####

There's a Small Bandage to your left from where you resume. Two guards 
are talking, so wait for them to finish as usual. One of them will 
walk towards you after the conversation, so you can either stealth 
attack him, or just take him on head-on. Either way, the other guy 
won't notice, since he'll be quite far away by now.

Continue down the linear path inside the Catacombs to find the other 
guy. Finish him off as well. The fighting isn't over though. As you 
carry on in the Catacombs, you'll come across two more guards, who're 
(duh!) engaging in another conversation. As with earlier, one of them 
will walk towards your direction after the talk, and you can down him. 

In this area where these two were talking, there's a Crypt on the left 
wall. Examine it the bottom right corner of it to find a Templar Seal. 
This is the first of three that you'd need to solve a later puzzle.

Now, carry on walking in this linear path, and you'll end up fighting 
the second guard from the second conversation. It's all getting a 
little confusing, but just put him to sleep. There's a right wall 
around here (search around if the guard isn't at the "right place") 
that has another Crypt. Examine it, and move the Cardboard Box on the 
left to reveal the hidden Templar Seal. This is the second of three.

NOTE: If the second dude's body is blocking the path to the Crypt, 
simply drag him away.

Continue on in this very long path until you see another guard in 
front, looking to his right while examining about the Electrical 
Switch. Dispose him, and then check out the Electrical Box. Your task 
now is to push the buttons in this box in the correct order. Now, 
there's like, 48 permutations (?) to this, but to save time, you 
should just press them in the following sequence:

                             ( 2 )  ( 4 )

                             ( 3 )  ( 1 )

NOTE: Remember this sequence, since you'll need to use it three more 
time later in a frantic chase scene.

A cut-scene will follow, showing two switches that're now on (with a 
red button on each, so they're easy to find). The first switch is to 
your immediate left. Examine it, and do that all too familiar sequence 
to push it down. The metal gate beyond this area is now opened. Go in, 
search the table, and you'll find a Small Bandage and another Templar 
Seal. This is the third of three.

Now, you'll need to backtrack. Somewhere along the way, you *should* 
encounter some guards who've either awakened or have just entered 
into this area. Regardless, there're so many of them now that I've 
lost count. Just fight anyone who blocks your path, and then, while 
along the way, search for the second switch with the red button. It 
can be found on one of the left walls as you backtrack.

As with the earlier one, push it down with the usual sequence, and the 
metal gate beside it will open. Walk into this area to find a Pillar 
Monument. Examine it, and then put all the Templar Seals into the 
empty slots. You'll now have to do one of those disc-rotating puzzles. 

Like the Fleur-De-Lis Discs puzzle in an earlier level, this one will 
zoom out, and make it difficult for you to see. Anyhow, turn the four 
seals in such a way that the top (the white part) faces the following 

         10 O'Clock    4 O'Clock    12 O'Clock    2 O'Clock

Another cut-scene follows, and Sophie comments that you could've 
trigger something at the Front Courtyard of the church. More 
backtracking, then!

                        #### CHECKPOINT ####

Walk back to the TV room. Along the way, you'll encounter lots of 
guards. Finish them off, and then dispose off the one at the TV Room 
as well (he has since awakened from his slumber). From here, go 
through the door that leads to the church's main hall (refer to the 
ugly ASCII diagram earlier when you were here). With Sophie around, 
you can now lift the bolt on the church's main door. Press X 
repeatedly to do so, and then head out to Front Courtyard. This is 
where you began this level.

Go right up to the Stone Opening that was revealed because you've 
successfully decrpyted the puzzle on the Pillar Monument. Examine it 
to find the Sharp Metal Shard. You should have two metal shards by 
now, after Sophie found the Rough Metal Shard on the planter at the 
fountain earlier.

Two guards will appear to fight you now. Somehow, Teabing is also 
around, but he'd be of no use in a fight. Just dispose these two 
dudes, and go back into the church via the main door.

Now, remember the tomb area where you found the Large Gear earlier? 
Refer to the earlier diagram of this area and it's basically that 
opening that says "TWO GUARDS". Go in there, and head towards the top 
right corner to find a Shield. Examine the shield, and you'll notice 
that it's missing two pieces on the top left and bottom right corner. 

Place the Rough Metal Shard on the top left corner, and the Sharp 
Metal Shard on the bottom right corner. Hey presto! The Shield is 
complete, and you'll find some weird symbols on it. You don't need to 
remember them though, since the game will show you the contents when 
you need them to solve the next immediate puzzle.

Now, this is actually a tomb area that I mentioned earlier. There're 
many crypts lying around here, and the game specifically wanted you 
to solve a puzzle on the one that says "Dark Effigy". If you're facing 
this room from its entrance, the Dark Effigy's location is as follow:

                     | |   | |        | |   | |
                     | |   | |        | |   | |
               | |   | |   | |        | |   | |   | |
               | |                                | |
               | |   | |   | |        | |   | |   | |
                     | |   | |        | |   | |
                     | |   | |        | |   | |

Examine the Dark Effigy, and the placard will say "Here lies W. 
Marshall". A puzzle will follow, and the symbols you saw earlier on 
the Shield will appear on the left in the form of a table, with each 
combination of two symbols depicting one English alphabet. The 
contents of the Shield will appear on the right, and you'll have to 
decipher the symbols. This one should be easy, and the answer is 

Now, you've the solution to another Cryptex in your inventory. Rotate 
the dials to form "RICHARD", and you're done.

Once this is solved, watch the cut-scene as Remy (Teabing's butler!) 
and Silas (!) appear. Sophie and you will somehow find their way to 
the Catacombs, and she'll be separated from you. Silas will now give 
chase, and you'll have to run for your life before he shoots you to 
death with his gun.

Thankfully, there's a checkpoint right here!

                        #### CHECKPOINT ####

Now, this is the frantic chase scene that I mentioned earlier. You're 
in the Catacombs, and you'll need to run away from Silas while he 
shoots at you continuously. God knows where he gets all the rounds. 
The greatest challenge here is not the puzzles that you'll encounter 
(and need to solve quickly) along the way, but the really crappy 
camera angle - it'll pan to Silas shooting at you from behind, and 
you can't really see what's in front of you.

Nevertheless, you'd only need to know that you've seven puzzles to 
solve in quick succession as you run away from Silas. I'll break them 
down as follow:

1. A boarded-up door blocks your way after a short run. Engage the 
puzzle, press X repeatedly, followed by L -> R -> to break it. One 

2. After another run, you'll come across an Electrical Box and Switch. 
Examine the box to find a similar puzzle as before, when you need to 
hit the buttons in the following sequence:

                             ( 2 )  ( 4 )

                             ( 3 )  ( 1 )

Do so, and the Switch to the box's left will be activated. Engage in 
that usual switch-pushing sequence to open the gate beside it. 

3. Continue running and you'll face another boarded-up door. Press X 
repeatedly, followed by L -> R -> to break it, as usual.

4. Another Electrical Box and Switch. Do the same as before, but this 
time, the gate beside it will be jammed halfway through. Quickly 
engage it, press X repeatedly, and then L and R Up together to lift 
the gate. 

5. Some distance later, you'll find another Jammed Gate. Do the same.

6. Another distance later, another Jammed Gate! Damn! Do the usual.

7. Finally, the last one puzzle. It's another Electrical Box and 
Switch thing, so do the usual, and you'll hit a cut-scene.

It seems like you've now successfully escaped from Silas despite all 
your efforts, but Sophie arrives to save the day. And with this, this 
long level is finally over.

                    + + + LEVEL COMPLETED + + +
                  + + + NEW PUZZLE UNLOCKED + + +
               + + + NEW CONCEPT ART UNLOCKED + + +              


You begin this level at the Westminster Abbey, as Langdon, and it 
seems that your immediate task is to search for Newton's Tomb. Turn 
around to find the Westminster Directory, and you'll notice that 
you're at the Main Hall, while Newton's Tomb is just nearby. 

Before you go there, however, go behind the directory, and examine the 
statue on the left to find the "Gold Coin" at its bottom right corner, 
a secret item. Now, it's time for Newton's Tomb.

Newton's Tomb is behind a shiny fence-gate on the right if you're 
facing the Main Hall with your back towards the directory. Once in, 
you'll comment about the possibility of electrocuting a guard there. 
Go forward and push the standing lamp (X repeatedly) so that it'll 
fall into the puddle of water that this guard is standing on. This 
will send him to his maker. Amen.

Now, go straight ahead to find a stone wall. Examine it to find the 
second secret item in this level - the "Sun Sphere". 

Go over the Newton's Tomb now (it's on the right of this area from 
where you began). Examine all the items on it: the Celestial Orbs, 
the Planets, Sir Isaac Newton himself, the Latin Inscription, the 
Books and the Prism. 

Examine the Prism further and you should find a Hole on it. The 
magical Priory Ring comes into use again. Insert it into this Hole, 
and the Sub Orb beside it will slide out. Take it, and a scroll with 
be revealed inside. The scroll has FIVE poems (Sauniere's likes to 
write, apparently), which give you the clues to solving the next 
major puzzles in this level.

The first poem goes like this:

               The father of the English poems of yore,
               Whose Canterbuty tales held moral core,
               Clockwise around a shield stops the name,
               Of he who can absolve your sin and shame.

NOTE: I'll list the rest of the poem as we progress.

This first poem is actually taking about Chaucer the Poet. If you do 
a search on him on the Internet, you'll find that his works include 
The Canterbury Tales, which more or less confirms that there's a 
puzzle to solve at his tomb. Go back to the Westminster Directory and 
check out the location of Chaucer's Tomb, and then go there to check 
it out.

At the top of Chaucer's Tomb, you'll find four discs that show the 
characters from The Canterbury Tales. Examine them all to find out 
who these people are. The rightmost one is the person called the 
"Pardoner", who absolve all sins and shames. So, this Pardoner guy is 
your man. 

The bottom area of Chaucer's Tomb has a slide puzzle, which looks like 
this in the beginning:

                            | R | P | A |  
                            | D |( )| R |  
                            | E | N | O |  

where ( ) is an empty slot. Place the Sub Orb into this slot to 
activate the puzzle. 

Now, remember that the poem mentions about "clockwise around the 
shield". The Sub Orb is the shield here, and the starting point for 
this puzzle is the letter "D". Click on "D" to move it to the middle 
slot, and then "R" (top left corner), followed by "P", "A", "R" and 
then "D" (which is in the middle now) again. Notice you're just 
clicking the alphabets in a clockwise direction. With the click of 
"D" the second time, the puzzle will be solved, like this:

                            | P | A | R |  
                            | R |( )| D |  
                            | E | N | O |  

If you read it from the top left corner, in a clockwise direction, it 
basically says "PARDONER". Cool, puzzle solved! A Large Ring will 
appear in the middle slot. Take it, and I'll now show you the second 
poem on the Sub Orb's scroll, which says:

              Though many tried his words defined the rose,
              In iambs writ' this man of loves and woes,
              A word you'll find that lies within the prose,
              Which here denoted grants a ring repose.

                        #### CHECKPOINT ####

"This man" that the poem is talking about is actually Shakespeare. 
The Shakespeare Statue is just to the right of Chaucer's Tomb, so head 
over there and examine it. Unfortunately, you'll find a note saying 
that the Shakespeare Statue is currently "under restoration". 

If you check the Westminster Directory thorougly just now, you'd have 
notice about the area known as the "Art Restoration Hall". It's just 
after this area called "The Cloister", and The Cloister is basically 
the room to the left of the one leading to Newton's Tomb. But before 
you go there, go to the right of where Shakespeare's Statue is 
supposed to be, and you should find a Workman's Cabinet. 

Examine the cabinets handles, and open the cabinet. On the left is 
an Old Coat. Examine it, and you'll push it to the right. This will 
reveal the pockets beside the coat. Seach the pocket, and you'll find 
a Brush.

Now, you can go through the door to the Cloister.

Once you're in, you'll find two paths to take - one forward, and one 
to the right. Ignore the right path for now, since it actually leads 
to a door with a lock. Instead, sneak forward. A guard ahead of you, 
so use the crates to the left and hide. As you get closer to the 
guard, you'll suggest that perhaps you can loosen the lights on the 
ceiling, and send the lights onto the guard. So, what're you waiting 
for? Press X to loosen the lights, and watch as you totally murder 
this guy. 

Also, to the left where you loosen the lights is a small alcove. 
There's a Large Bandage there, so take it if you need. Next, continue 
forward until you find a door on the left. This leads to the Art 
Restoration Hall. Enter.

There're two guards right in front of you. Fortunately, this room is 
dark, and they can't see you from afar. Go to the immediate right of 
this area to find a Light Switch. Use the switch, and a light will be 
turned on. One of the guards will be alerted, and will walk towards 
your location to find out what's happening. Crouch and hide in that 
corner. The guard will come all the way, but will not check where 
you're hiding. Once he turns his back towards you, stealth attack him.

Now, quickly drag his body away into the dark, and then go left (a 
little further from the Light Switch you just used) to find another 
Light Switch. Use this switch now to turn on another light. The second 
guard will be alerted, and walk towards your location again. Stupidly, 
he'll walk past your position without noticing you. Quickly come out 
of hiding when his back is towards you, and stealth attack him.

You should now go forward, and then turn right at the end of it. 
There's a small room to the left, which you can access. Go into this 
room, and pick up the Large Bandage here. There's a Fuse Box at the 
bottom right corner of this room (from where you enter). Use it, and 
another light will be turned on. A guard that's inside the restoration 
area will come out to investigate. Once he passes the room, go out and 
stealth attack him.

By now, all the guards here are downed. Go into the restoration area 
(where the third guard came from), and check out the pallet to the 
right. The top left box has a pair of Bolt Cutters inside, so take it 
as usual. This would be useful for that locked door I mentioned 

From where you entered into this area, check out the left for two 
crates that're covered by blue cloths. Examine these crates, and 
you'll find another secret item, the "Da Vinci's Codex Arundel" on top 
of one of the crates. 

The Shakespeared Statue is found at the top left corner of this room 
(from where you entered). Examine it, and pay attention to the Scroll 
on it. It's extremely dusty, and you won't make out the words on it. 
You've already gotten the Brush from the Workman's Cabinet earlier. 
So, it seems that you'll need something to remove the dust. And no, 
the Cleaning Supplies at the foot of Shakespeare's Statue doesn't 

Backtrack to the place where you loosen a ceiling light earlier. Turn 
left at the end (which is basically the right path leading to a locked 
door when you first entered The Cloister). You'll find a guard there, 
but you can easily finish him off. 

Examine the locked door now, and use the Bolt Cutters on the lock. 
The usual X repeatedly, followed by L -> <- R trick will break the 
lock. Enter.

This area is dark as well. Search the pallet immediately to the left 
of the door, and move the top left box to reveal a Light Switch. Use 
it to turn on the lights here.

You should now find a Workbench. Examine it, and check out the second 
box at the bottom left corner of it. You'll find a bottle of Marble 
Cleaner. Combine this with the Brush, and you'll get... the Soapy 

Go back to the Shakespeare's Statue, and there'll be another guard 
there. Down him, and then examine the statue again. Pan to the scroll, 
and then use the Soapy Brush on it. Hey presto! The scroll becomes a 
Clean Scroll! You'll read the contents, and find that Shakespeare's 
finger is pointing to the word "TEMPLES". Another clue? Perhaps? 
Well, this is indeed "the word you'll find that lies within the prose" 
that was mentioned in the second poem. We'll come to use it later.

Anyway, the second poem also mentioned about a ring. Remember the 
Large Ring? Now, you see Shakespeare's finger, and you've a ring? 
What do you do? Slot the ring into the finger, of course! The result 
is a sliding drawer at the bottom of the statue, and you getting the 
Hand Crank.

You must now solve the puzzle related to the third poem, which says:

             The first child king of England made his place,
             Where now he rests inside confessor's grace,
             The bard's denoted word will help your find,
             A way to help release a king of kind.

                        #### CHECKPOINT ####

"The child king of England" in this poem can be easily found on the 
Westminster Directory - King Henry III's Tomb. See? These puzzles 
aren't that difficult. Backtrack to the Main Hall, and take out any 
guards you see along the way (I'd believe there's one at The 
Cloisters, but I can't really remember). At the Main Hall, go to King 
Henry III's Tomb (or go to the directory to check its location if you 
haven't already done so), and examine it. 

On the tomb, you'll find another one of those Holes, which you can 
insert your newly found Hand Crank into. Do so, and you can start 
cranking the letters. Now, the "Bard" in this poem refers to Shake-
speare, obviously, and so "the Bard's denoted word" would be 
"TEMPLES", which you already know. So, rotate the cranks until you 
form the word, and a drawer will slide out at the bottom. From it, 
you'll gain the "king of kind", the King Symbol.

Easiest to solve poem so far, yes?

You'll have to solve the fourth poem now, which says:

             The cousin of the Queen Elizabeth,
             In Somerset the Baron lost his breath,
             His mother with a Soldier ran away,
             But not before the Knight had made her day.

Notice the four characters that appear in this poem, which are 
bascially members of chess pieces. Remember the sequence of their 
appearance, but I'll come back to this soon.

Opposite King Henry III's Tomb is a scaffolding. Examine it, and pan 
down to the left rear wheel and right front wheel. Click on them to 
unlock the locks on these wheels, and you can move the scaffolding. 
Go to the left side of it, and then engage in a pushing sequence to 
move it aside. 

A locked door is revealed behind the scaffolding. As with all doors 
with a lock, the Bolt Cutters come in handy here. Break the lock, and 
you'll now have access to St. John's Chapel.

The tomn that you'd want to examine is Baron Hudsen's Tomb, which is 
directly opposite the door you just entered. You'll find a chess 
board that's all but one piece complete. The empty space can be filled 
up by the King Symbol in your invetory.

Once you do so, you'll have to engage in a button-pressing puzzle. 
Remember the sequence in the fourth poem? The Queen comes first, 
followed by the Baron. But, even though the Soldier is next, he didn't 
come before the Knight, so the Knight would be the third in line 
instead. This means that the correct sequence to press the chess 
pieces would be:

1. Queen
2. Baron
3. Knight
3. Soldier

A drawer slides out from underneath, and you'll get the Unusual 
Cylinder from it. Watch the cut-scene, and then fight off the guard 
who suddenly appears after the scene is done. 

Before you leave this room, however, search for a box on the floor.
Empty its contents (books, etc.) to find a First Aid Box, and take it 
if you want.

Now, the fifth, and last poem:

             Think back on all that you have observed,
             And find the knight with whom you first conferred,
             He seeks the orb that ought to be his tomb,
             But only if the seed lies in its womb.

Ok, direct clue: Knight with whom you first conferred in the West-
minster Abbey? Sir Isaac Newton, of course ("Sir" is a symbol of 
Knighthood, if you didn't already know). You also saw orbs and such 
on his tomb, so that's the place you should go now.

Once you're back in the room with Newton's Tomb, another guard appears 
from nowhere. Destroy him, and then search your inventory for the Sun 
Orb and the Unusual Cylinder. Combine them to form the Sun Orb 
Cylinder. Check out Newton's Tomb again, and go directly to the Sun 
Orb Cavity. You know what to do next - insert the Sun Orb Cylinder 
into the Sun Orb Cavity, and another drawer slides open with a torn 
scroll, which says:

             This final puzzle will reveal the word,
             That frees you from the losses you incurred,

There's an empty space below the torn scroll, and, somehow, you've a 
piece of torn scroll in your inventory as well. I can't remember where 
I got this, but I guess it's part of the scroll in the Sun Orb? 
Regardless, place this scroll underneath the scroll found in the 
drawer, and the whole poem will look like this:

             This final puzzle will reveal the word,
             That frees you from the losses you incurred,
             Your family reunion is at hand,
             See through the picture and you'll understand.

A picture will now form in front of you. You'll need to swap the 
tiles around on the picture to find a password that's hidden inside. 
This must be one of the most troublesome puzzles in the entire game, 
because my TV's resolution really sucks, and it took me like 30 
minutes to solve it. Therefore, thank God for Eric Waechter, who 
emailed me the PDF version of his FAQ/ Walkthrough for this game. It 
includes a great solution picture to this puzzle:

Notice the password in this picture: "PAYENS". Payens is actually the 
founder of the Knights Templar, and you comment that the picture is 
showing a Templar Church.

Anyway, you won't get to solve the Cryptex in your inventory right 
away, because Remy appears again in a cut-scene. However, when you 
watch through the cut-scene, you'll finally realise that (for those 
who hasn't read the book or watch the movie) Teabing is actually the 
"Teacher" behind all these crap! He kills off Remy, and then forces 
you to hand over the Cryptex. Eventually, you'll switch to Sophie, 
and will have to ask a question to distract Teabing, so that Langdon 
can solve the Cryptex.

During this very long cut-scene, you'd reach a Checkpoint, so save 
your game just in case.

                        #### CHECKPOINT ####

Now, your first question to Teabing would hinted to you, about Teabing 
talking about the Grail being in the possession of the worthy. So, ask 
him: "I thought you told us only the worthy can find the Grail!"

Teabing will retort, and this switches you to Langdon. You'll have to 
solve the Cryptex quickly, because once Teabing finishes talking, 
you'll switch back to Sophie. I managed to solve until "PAYE" at this 
point, just for your information.

Once you switch back to Sophie, she'll "suddenly" come to the 
conclusion that if Teabing is the Teacher, and the Teacher is involved 
in the murder of Sauniere, then: "You're responsible for my grand-
father's murder!"

Back to Langdon now. Quick! Finish the Cryptex! I managed to complete 
"PAYENS" at this stage, and if you do so as quickly, you'd only need 
to watch the rest of the cut-scene, which will provide a hint to the 
true origins of Sophie. Go take a pee or something, since it takes 
forever. But when Langdon says: "I've to protect Sophie... and the 
Grail!", the level will end.

NOTE: This whole confrontation with Teabing feels like playing the 
last chapter of Trace Memory all over again, when you're taking on 
Richard, and asking him a hell lot of questions!

                    + + + LEVEL COMPLETED + + +
                  + + + NEW PUZZLE UNLOCKED + + +
               + + + NEW CONCEPT ART UNLOCKED + + +              


Last level of the game, and it's a rather breezy ride. You'll assume 
the role of Sophie, and will begin at the Rosslyn Chapel, the Templar 
Church in question.

From where you begin, turn around to the back of the chapel to find a 
Baptismal on the right wall. There's a Stone Lid there, so take it. 
On the left wall, directly opposite the Baptismal, is a Wooden Chest. 
Examine it, in particular the Marks on the Floor. You'll comment that 
this chest seems to have been moved about, which opens up the cue for 
you to pull it when you exit the examination.

Go to the side of the chest, and engage in the usual pulling action. 
Press X repeatedly, and then L and R Down together to pull the chest 
away. Examine the Floor that was previously hidden under the chest, 
and you'll find a Loose Stone. Examine the Loose Stone now to find 
the Daisy Disc. This is your first disc of three in this level for 
solving a major puzzle.

Now, head back to where you began in this level, and check out the 
right wall for a red curtain. There's a rope just to the right of the 
curtain, which you can pull. Do so by engaging in THAT sequence again 
(altough a little shorter than Langdon's switch-pulling sequences!), 
and the curtain will be opened. Behind the curtain is a Stone 
Sculpture. Examine it to find an empty space that has the shape of the 
Stone Lid that you found on the Baptismal earlier, so place the lid 
onto this space. You'll get the Lily Disc for your efforts from a 
drawer that slides out below the curtain.

Go back to the back of the chapel, and examine the higher walls for 
sculptures of some angels. They're all holding banners in the 
following sequence:

     1st Angel    2nd Angel             3rd Angel    4th Angel

       HOPE         TRUTH                FAITH        COURAGE

From the Faith Angel, you'll find a Matchbox. As with before, there 
must be some use for it later, so grab it. As you leave these angels, 
remember their sequence, as you'll soon return for them. But for now, 
check out the left wall (from where you began the level) for the other 
red curtain. Pull the rope to unveil an "Object" behind the curtain. 
You can't read what's on the Object, but to the left of it is a 
Candle. Since you've the Matchbox, simple use it on the Candle to 
light up the area, and you'll find a Latin Inscription, which Langdon 
promptly translates:

                          Wine is strong,
                          The King is stronger,
                          Women are even stronger,
                          But truth conquers all.

Truth conquers all? Well, this is a clue, isn't it? Go back to the 
Truth Angel (which is why I told you to remember the sequence), and 
examine it. You'll hit a cut-scene, and then switch over to Langdon 
for a brief moment, just so that he can lift Sophie up to the Truth 
Angel. Do so by pressing X repeatedly, as before.

You'll resume control as Sophie, after grabbing the Rose Disc from the 
Truth Angel. All three discs to solve a major puzzle have now been 

It's time to head towards the front of the chapels. There're three 
altars there. You can ignore the left and central ones, but in the 
right altar, you'll find a Ceiling Journal. Read the journal to find 
out the following:

                   Five-course vaulted ceiling:
                   Daisies represent Innocence, 
                   Lilies represent Purity,
                   Sunflowers represent Adoration,
                   Roses represent Love.
                   This is the most complex. It showcases 
                   stars in the sky, a crescent moon, 
                   one small star, a dove, a sun and 
                   an open hand underneath.

This riddle is the key to finding the Holy Grail. As you leave the 
altar area, you should encounter three pillars from left to right. 
Examine them all, and listen to Langdon explains the stories about 
these pillars, which are the Master Pillar, the Journeyman Pillar and 
the Apprentice Pillar respectively.

To the right of the Apprentice Pillar is the Star of David Gate. 
Examine this gate, and you'll hit a disc-placing puzzle. There're 
three missing slots in the Star, and they're "Innocence", "Purity" 
and "Love". 

Now, remember the contents of the Ceiling Journal? Put the following 
discs into the correct slots:

1. Daisy Disc into "Innocence";
2. Lily Disc into "Purity"; and 
3. Rose Disc into "Love".

The gate opens! You can now go right through it to the Sacristy.

In the Sacristy, examine the right wall for another Stone Memorial. 
It has another Latin Inscription, which Langdon translates:

                   This is the centre of the Earth,
                   And by rectifying, 
                   You shall find the Hidden Star.

You'll remember something about the "Earth" that you encountered in a 
previous level. You know, Chateau Villette. Ballista. Globe? Well, 
there's a globe at the top right corner of this area. Examine it, and 
you'll get the cue to spin it. Do so, and you'll find a missing piece 
on it, presumably the "centre of the Earth". 

From where you begin in the Sacristy, look to your left to find a path 
that leads to another room. There's a display of the Bleeding Angel on 
the left wall here, and you can examine it to find an Oddly Shaped 
Stone. Return to the globe and insert this stone into the missing 
space. The globe will now be opened, and you can take the Star Disc 
from inside. 

Go back to the room with the Bleeding Angel display, and take the 
only path into yet another room. There's a Stone Slab right infront 
of you, so examine it. You'll find an empty space where you can place 
the Star Disc onto. This will trigger yet another picture puzzle. 
Thankfully, this one is VERY MUCH easier than the one with "PAYENS" 
on it, so I'll just leave it to you to figure it out. If you still 
can't figure it out, use the following hints.

HINT 1: The "frames" of the picture are pretty much defined, so work 
on them first.

HINT 2: Stars in the sky, a crescent moon, one small star, a dove, a 
sun and an open hand underneath.

When you solve this puzzle successfully, you'll hear a click some-
where. It seems that a trap door has been unlocked somewhere, but 
where is it? Well, it's underneath the Wicker Box that is near to the 
Stone Slab. Push the Wicker Box aside with X repeatedly, followed by 
L -> R ->, and you'll find the trap door to the final area of the 
game - the Secret Library. To open the trap door, you'll have to do 
that dreaded sequence one more time - they just won't let you go!

Once you enter the Secret Library, check out the right wall for two 
Murals. Examine them and listen to more of Langdon's stories. Now, 
check out the Sacrophagus in the middle of the room. It used to house 
the remains of Mary Magdalene, but it seems that her tomb has already 
been removed. 

Now, examine the top right area in this room to find the last secret 
artifact of the game, the "Da Vinci's Codex Atlanticus". If you've 
followed this walkthrough all the way, you'd have found all secrets. 
If not, you may want to redo certain levels to find the missing ones.

You should now go to the top left corner of this room to find the 
Photo Album. Check out the left page, and then the Newspaper Clippings 
on the right page to trigger a cut-scene, which explains the true 
origins of Sophie. Apparently, SHE IS THE... I'll leave it to you to 
find out.

You'd have nothing to do now, except to watch the ending, which 
includes a scene from the movie of Langdon finding the location of 
Mary's tomb.

                    + + + LEVEL COMPLETED + + +
                     + + + GAME COMPLETED + + +
               + + + NEW CONCEPT ART UNLOCKED + + +              


This is the first of two bonus missions that you unlocked from the 
first level. As you progress by finding secrets, new puzzles are 
unlocked in these missions. Whether you do well in them has no 
bearings on the ending. They're only included to add value to the 
game, and I thought it's nice touch for puzzle lovers to have a go at 
these added puzzles.

You'll be controlling Langdon in both of these missions, and the one 
in the Lourve is basically a series of Cryptogram puzzles. Almost all 
of them are found on the paintings of the various levels you're in, in 
the Main Gallery. They locations of these puzzles are as follow:

                       |                         |
                       |                         |
                       _                         | Westminster
            To Mona                              | Abbey Painting
            Lisa     <--                         |
            Room       _                         |
                       |                         | Temple Church
                       |                         | Painting
                       |                         |
                       |                         |
                       |                         | Biggin Hill 
                       |                         | Airfield Painting
                       |                         |
                       |                         |
                       |                         | Chateau Villette
                       |                         | Painting
                       |                         |
                       |                         |
     Normandy Mansion  |                         | Bank of Zurich
             Painting  |                         | Painting
                       |                         |
                       |                         |
           The Lourve  |                         | Saint Sulpice
      Museum Painting  |                         | Painting
                       |                         |
                       |                         |

The last painting, the Rosslyn Chapel Painting, is found in the Mona 
Lisa room, on the right wall.

Check out every painting, and use the UV Light on them to find the 
Cryptograms. The solutions to all these are based on the logic of from 
the very first Cryptogram in the first level. I'll just list the 
answers down here:


                            YOU SHOULD NOT
                               HAVE RUN
                             SAUNIERE NOW
                            TELL ME WHERE
                                IT IS


                           THE SISTER MUST
                              HAVE BEEN
                            CALLING PRIORY
                             MEMBERS WHEN
                               SHE WAS


                               ITS THE
                           PRINCESS SOPHIE
                               KEY MY
                             PROMISED ME


                             IT IS THE
                          CRYPTEX THIS IS
                          BASED OFF OF A
                           DESIGN BY DA


                           THE LEGEND OF
                          THE HOLY GRAIL
                            IS A LEGEND
                            ABOUT ROYAL


                            BROUGHT US
                            TOGETHER TO
                           FOLLOW THESE
                            CLUES FOR A


                          SILAS TAKE THE
                          KEYSTONE FROM
                            MR LANGDON
                          TEABING IS OUR
                            HOSTAGE NOW


                          TEABING FELT
                           THE TRUTH
                          CRASHING DOWN
                           ON HIM THE
                          GRAIL WAS LOST
                           TO HIM


                         THE QUEST FOR
                          THE GRAIL IS
                         THE QUEST FOR
                          THE DIVINE IN
                          EACH OF US

After you complete all the puzzles, you won't be able to leave the 
Lourve. Just exit the game to access the second bouns mission.

While the Lourve Revisited level is a haven for Crytogram puzzles, 
this level is more for those who enjoy anagrams. 

You'll begin in the Sacristy. Go forward to find the jukebox for 
playing the music tracks from the game. This is a really cool 
inclusion. It almost reminds me of finding the soundtrack secret in 
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. 

If you enter the room with the trap door leading to the Secret 
Library, you can check the "Secrets Found" table on the left. This 
displays all the secret items you've found during the course of your 

Go back to the Sacristy, and head back up to the area where you find 
the altars and all. There're EIGHT altars (Anagram Pedestals) in all, 
and each has an angram puzzle. The solutions to them all are:

2. REMY LEGALUDEC                - (The Merchant)
3. SOPHIE NEVEU SAINT CLAIR      - (The Queen)
4. BEZU FACHE                    - (The Soldier)
5. SILAS                         - (The Priest)
6. SISTER SANDRINE BIEIL         - (The Bard)
7. LEIGH TEABING                 - (The Baron)
8. ROBERT LANGDON                - (The Knight)

In between the Anagram Pedestals of Teabing and Langdon, you'll find 
an Altar Note. Examine it, and key in the notes based on the 

1. Priest
2. Knight
3. Soldier
4. King
5. Queen
6. Bard
7. Merchant
8. Baron

NOTE: I've no idea about how to do this sequence, but thanks to Eric 
Waechter again for the tip.

You'll then be informed that all contents in the visual database has 
now been unlocked. To see them, go to the Main Menu, and choose the 
Options, and then Extras options.

                        #### CHECKPOINT ####

Somehow, the game gives you a Checkpoint here, so you may just want 
to save the game one last time for remembrance's sake. 

That's all, you've completed The Da Vinci Code.


I can't show the Concept Arts here, but on the Visual Database, you 
can find the following:


  |   I    | II III  |  IV   |   V    |   VI    |  VII   |  VIII  |
  | Saturn | Jupiter | Mars  | Venus  | Mercury | Moon   |  Sun   |
  |  Sign  |  Sign   | Sign  | Sign   |  Sign   | Sign   |  Sign  |
  | Saturn | Jupiter | Mars  | Venus  | Mercury | Moon   |  Sun   |
  | Sphere | Sphere  |Sphere | Sphere | Sphere  | Sphere | Sphere |
  | Lead   |   Tin   | Iron  | Copper | Mercury | Silver |  Gold  |
  | Coin   |   Coin  | Coin  |  Coin  |  Coin   |  Coin  |  Coin  |


                       |                    |
       I Da Vinci's    |  II Da Vinci's     |  III Da Vinci's
         Aerial Screw  |     Orinithopter   |      Tank
                       |                    |
                       |                    |
       IV Da Vinci's   |  V  Da Vinci's     |  VI  Da Vinci's
          Ballista     |     Warcraft       |      Bridge
                       |                    |
                       |                    |
       VII Da Vinci's  |  VIII Da Vinci's   |  IX  Da Vinci's
           Paddleboat  |     Codex Arundel  |      Codex
                       |                    |      Atlanticus
                       |                    |

I ripped these off from the Cheats Codes page for this 
game. If you really need to, go to Codes at the Options Menu and key 
in these codes:

Vitruvian Man         God Mode (infinite health).
Sacred Feminine       Double Health.
Phillips Exeter       One Hit Fist Kill.
Royal Holloway        One Hit Weapon Kill.
Clos Luce 1519        Level Select.
Apocrypha             All Visual Database entries Unlocked.
Et In Arcadia Ego     All bonuses Unlocked.


Version 0.5: Basic information completed. Walkthrough for first five 
levels completed. (5.29.06)
Version 1.0: Guide completed. (6.3.06)
Version 1.01: Added a donation section, for those who wanted to help 
contribute to my wedding funds. No obligations, obviously! (6.4.06)


Questions that I know people will ask:

Q: How do I solve this/ that/ whatever... puzzle?
A: All puzzles solutions are clearly covered in this walkthrough. 
Please READ through it and FIND the answers! Only email me if I 
really did make a genuine mistake, and I'll amend it accordingly and 
provide credit.

Q: Left? Right? Why are the directions you specified in the guide 
different from what I experienced?
A: The Da Vinci Code is a game with a 3D cam. During the action,
orientation could be altered as you fight an emeny or look around to
check out your surroundings. The direction I put down are always 
1. from where you begin at the start of the screen and, in situations
where left and right is automatically defined by the camera, 2. from
the orientation of the screen, regardless of whether your characer/s 
is/ are facing the front.

Q: How do I do this/ that/ whatever sequence?
A: This would include stuff like "How do I cut the lock?", "How do I 
open the window in the restroom?", "How do I pull the switch?", 
"How do I fight Silas?", etc. Seriously, if you can't follow the cues 
on the screen, I really can't help you. Every action sequence/ 
struggle system in this game can be done by even a casual gamer, even 
my wife. The button-pressing sequences are never in the league of 
Indigo Prophecy, so you'd only need to practise, practise and practise 
till you can do them. Good luck. 

Q: Which is your favorite level?
A: It has to be the Westminster Abbey. I love riddle puzzles, and I 
had the most fun with this level.

To conclude, please DO NOT email me on any of the above questions 
anymore! They'll be binned without reply. Thanks.


2K/ The Collective: Not a great game, but the puzzles are enjoyable 
Dan Brown: Great consipracy theory fiction.
Eric Waechter: Author of the other FAQ/ Walkthrough at the moment. 
Thanks for the tips (the PDF file rocks!) and encouragement.


If you like my work, and would like to extend a little donation, you 
can PayPal it to lestor_wong at After living with the 
missus for a few years, we've finally decided to host our wedding this 
November. Every dollar counts for me now. There's, however, totally no 
obligation, of course. Cheers.

Copyright Lestor Wong 2006.

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