Syberia (walkthrough)


Syberia - Walkthrough by Allia - v1.0

Table of Contents

  I. Revision History
 II. Walkthrough
    A. "Valadilene"
    B. "Barrockstadt"
    C. "Komkolzgrad"
    D. "Aralbad"
    E. "Komkolzgrad revisited"
    F. "Aralbad revisited"
III. Misc.

I. Revision History

v1.0 - 07.05.02 - Walkthrough complete.

II. Walkthrough

Important items will be highlighted throughout the walkthrough with asterisks,
i.e. Pick up the *polka-dotted cow*.

A. "Valadilene"

Pick up the *advertising brochure* on the bulletin board. Inspect the hotel's
front desk. Pick up the *reception bell key*. Use it on the doll's back on the
desk. Push the red button. Talk to the hotel owner and ask about "Help". He
will help carry your suitcase up to your room.

Go over to the nightstand and pick up the *fax 1*. Call your office on your
cell phone. You'll find the number by scrolling through the memory list. Mr.
Marson says he'll fax an introductory letter for the local notary to you. Go
downstairs and ask the hotel owner about "Mission". He will give you *fax 2*.
Walk over to the table where Momo was sitting. Pick up 2 *cog wheels* from the
floor. Inspect the table to find 2 more *cog wheels*. Exit through the front

Turn left down the street. Go 2 screens, just past the bakery. You'll find a
building with an automaton mounted on the wall next to the door. Pull the lever
in the middle of its chest. Place fax 2 in its hand. Pull the lever on the
right. Mr. Alfolter will let you inside.

Move forward into rear office. Sit in the chair. Ask him about "Mission". He
will give you a *letter from Anna Voralberg*. Leave his office and pick up the
*telescopic key* leaning against the coat stand by the front door. Leave the

Turn right down the street. Go 2 screens. After blowing off Dan's dinner plans
on the phone, move to the door on the right. Inspect the door. Use the
telescopic key on the top figurine. Wind the key on the lower figurine. Pull
the lever to open the door.

Move forward to the fountain. Take the top-left path. Pull the lever mounted on
the pole on the right. A crane will take the metal container into the factory.
Go back to the fountain and take the far left path. Enter the factory.

Inside, go right. Go through the door near the top-left part of the screen.
Move forward to find the watermill controls. Pull the chain on the right to
release the mechanical hamster. Pull the left lever. Go back to the front door
of the factory. Continue left past the metal stairs. After your mother's call,
use the forklift to move the metal container to the machinery. Go through the
door behind the forklift. Walk behind the hanging automaton. Use the wench to
lower him to the bench. Go back around and talk to him. Ask him about
"Production" and he will give you *Oscar's card*. Go back to the front door of
the factory. Go up the metal stairs. Enter the door at the top of the stairs.
Move to the right side of the room and inspect the cabinet. Pull the second
book on the right to reveal a music box. A *music cylinder* will be placed in
your inventory when the music ends. Leave the room. Continue left to a control
panel. Turn on switch #3 on the right, push the left button 3 times until a
golden wood color appears, put Oscar's card in the middle slot, push the right
button. A cut scene will show Oscar's new feet being made. Go back down to the
front door. Go right to the end of the assembly line and pick up the *wooden
legs*. Go back and give them to Oscar. He thanks you and leaves to find his

Go back out to the fountain and take the far right path. Walk up to the house
and go around the right side to the back of the house. We need a key to extend
the ladder, so continue right to the garden maze. Enter the gate on the left.
Go through the first open gate inside to find a small fountain. Inspect the
fountain and pick up the *Voralberg key*. Go back to the ladder and use the key
to extend the ladder. Climb the ladder into the attic. Move left and inspect
the desk. Take the *ink bottle* and *Anna's diary*. Move back to the other end
of the attic, about 3 screens. Click on the light bulb on the ceiling to turn
it on. Momo shows up and wants you to draw a mammoth. He gives you a *pencil
and paper*. Go back to the light bulb area and use the pencil and paper on the
mammoth carved on the wall there. Give the *pencil tracing of mammoth* to Momo.
Follow him outside to the street.

Continue past the notary's house to the end of the street. Click on Momo and
he'll open the gate. Follow him through it. Go through the park, past a boat,
and you'll find Momo sitting on a rock. Walk to the right of Momo to the dam.
Click on the dam handle to try and move it. Go back and talk to Momo and ask
about "Help". He will break the dam handle. Pick up the *broken lever*. Go back
and use the broken lever on the boat oar to pull it closer to shore. Now ask
Momo for "Help" again. He will take the oar back to his rock. Ask him for
"Help" to open the dam. Now we can cross the stream on the path behind Momo's
rock and enter the cave. Pick up the *mammoth toy doll* at the back of the
cave. Leave the park and go back to the front of the hotel.

Continue right past the hotel to the church. Go right around the church.
Continue forward to the back side of the church. Enter the door here. Move
forward into the room. Inspect the cross hanging on the wall. Take the *key*
from behind it. Now inspect the dresser on the left side of the room. Use the
key on the lock. Open the second drawer down. Take the *purple punch card* and
close the drawer. Open the third drawer down, then turn the handle on the right
side of the drawer to make it open further. Take the *Voralberg key* from the
back of the drawer. Leave the room and go back around to the side of the
church. Inspect the cabinet mounted on the wall next to the door. Put all 4 cog
wheels from your inventory in their proper place in the cabinet. Pull the
handle to enter the elevator. Move forward into the new room and inspect the
automaton. Put the purple punch card in the slot. Go back outside to the front
of the church. Continue left to the mausoleum with the automaton on top.
Inspect its hat and use the Voralberg key to open the gate. Enter the mausoleum
and walk back towards the crypts. Inspect and open Hans Voralberg's crypt.
Inspect the coffin and pick up the *Valadilene voice cylinder*.

Go back to the factory (far left path at fountain). Inside, go up the metal
stairs to the room with the music box. Put the Valadilene voice cylinder in it.
Take the *Hans-Anna mechanical toy* from the top of the music box. Go back
outside to the fountain. Follow the top-right path to the train station and go
inside. Move forward and get on the train. Go inside and ask Oscar about
"Mission". He says you need a ticket. Get off the train and ask Oscar about
"Mission" again. He will give you a *train ticket* and *train release permit*.

Go back to the notary's house. Inspect the stamping machine on the front desk.
Open the top and use the ink bottle. Put the train release permit under the
stamp. Push the red button. Pick up the stamped permit and return to the train
station. Get on the train but don't go inside. Walk across the train to the
other side of the station. Walk down to the front of the train. Use the wheel
on the winding machine to extend the arm. Pull the lever to wind the train
springs. Use the wheel again to retract the arm. Now go inside the train. Go
back to a room with shelves. Inspect the left set of shelves. Put the 2
cylinders from your inventory on the top shelf. Put the Hans-Anna mechanical
toy on the pedestal in the center of the room. Finally, put the mammoth toy
doll on the bottom-right table. Go back and give Oscar the train release permit
and train ticket.

B. "Barrockstadt"

Get off the train on the left side. Walk left past the train onto a set of
stairs. Continue forward, not over the bridge, until you come to the
stationmaster. Pick up the *hook* laying on the ground. Ask the stationmaster
about "Mission". Go back past the train towards the Wall until Kate comments
about the winding machine there. Go back to the train and Oscar will want to
talk to you. Go inside the train and Oscar tells you the university rectors
want to see you. Go left from the train to the stairs. Go right over the bridge
and out the station to the right, not the open door in front of the stairs.
Continue down the stairs outside. Ask the barge captain for "Help". Go back up
the stairs and walk right into the courtyard, not through the door into the
station. Walk across the courtyard, past the bandstand and saber-tooth tiger
statues, and go inside the university.

Move forward inside the university and go left down the hall to the first door.
Enter the library here. Move right and climb the ladder. Pick up the *Mushroom
Guide* book on the right that is upside-down. Climb back down and move back
left to the door. Walk down the stairs here. Pick up the blue *Amerzone book*
on the bottom-right table. Exit the library and continue left down the hall
into the rectors' office. Ask the rectors about "Sauvignon" and "Money". Leave
the office and walk to the other end of the university to find Professor Pons.
Ask him about "Hans" and "Sauvignon". Leave the university and go back to the

Get the mammoth toy doll from inside the train. Go ask the stationmaster about
"Sauvignon". Walk back to the stairs and go right across the bridge. You'll
find the stationmaster on top of the bridge. Ask him again about "Sauvignon".
Go back and give the mammoth toy doll to Professor Pons. He will open his
laboratory for you at the end of the hall.

Inside the laboratory, inspect the cabinet on the left. Pick up the
*Barrockstadt voice cylinder*. Move further into the laboratory and ask
Professor Pons about "Sauvignon". Inspect the sink on the bottom-right. Pick up
the *test tube holder* and *Yangala-Cola powder* bottle. Go ask the rectors
about "Sauvignon".

Then go ask the stationmaster about "Sauvignon" and he will unlock the door to
the garden. Go left across the bridge over the train tracks. Continue left down
the path to the garden. Outside, follow the road to the end where you can pick
some *Sauvignon grapes*. Back at the bridge, go right instead of crossing the
tracks. Use the Sauvignon grapes on the birds at the base of the ladder. Now
you can climb to the top of the ladder. Inspect the eggs on the back of the
mechanical bird. Use the test tube holder to grab the *Cuckoo's egg*. Go back
down to the bridge by the front of the train station. The stationmaster will
give you a *wine bottle*.

Go to the bandstand in the university courtyard. Walk behind it to find a door.
Put the cuckoo's egg on the right side of the balancing scale, then turn the
wheel to open the door. Go inside and climb down the ladder. Start the
bandstand by pulling the lever on the floor to the right. Return to the rectors
and ask them about "Money" to receive a bag of *money*.

Give this money to the barge captain and he will give you a *lock key*. Back
inside the train station, walk left past the bridge to the lock control booth.
Inspect the glass panel on the booth and use the lock key to open it. Press #,
4, 2, and then * to lower the water level and open the lock gates. Go back and
ask the barge captain about "Locks". He will move his barge into the lock. Now
press #, 4, 1, and then * to raise the water level and let the barge through
the lock. Go around to the front of the train and ask the barge captain for
"Help". Attach the hook to the end of the chain he throws. Follow them down to
the winding machine and you receive a call from Professor Pons. He is about to
begin his lecture, so head back to the university.

Inside the university, go forward towards the mammoth skeleton and up the
curving stairs to the lecture hall. After the lecture, go to Professor Pons'
laboratory and pick up the mammoth toy doll and *paleontology notes* from his
desk. Return to the train.

Walk across the train to the winding machine on the other side of the tracks.
Use the wheel and then the lever to wind the train springs. Go back inside the
train, use the Barrockstadt voice cylinder on the pedestal in the middle of the
room. Then put the mammoth toy doll back in its place. Ask Oscar about
"Mission". Get off the train to the right after it stops. Go left around the
ticket booth to the far door in the tower wall. Upstairs, go down across the
wall and into the office. Ask the captain about "Mission". Inspect the
telescope, push the top-right red button until the picture is clear. Now
inspect the wine glasses on the captain's desk. Use your wine bottle on the
wine glass first, then the Yangala-Cola powder. Zoom out and the captain will
drink the mixture. After seeing there is no enemy, the captain gives you an
*exit visa*. Go back down to Oscar at the ticket booth. Give him the exit visa
and he'll give you a *train ticket*. Go inside the train and give Oscar the
train ticket.

C. "Komkolzgrad"

Get off the train and head towards the giant. Climb the ladder into it. Inspect
the shelf above the bed. Take the *Komkolzgrad voice cylinder*, *Hans'
designs*, and the handle. Inspect the control panel on the right. Use the
handle on the control panel. Move the handle up twice, then press the red
button to wind the train springs. Move the handle down twice to return to the
ladder. Go down the ladder and back to the train. Go inside to the back bedroom
of the train. Pick up the *metal sheers* from the floor. Click on Oscar to
untie him. Use the Komkolzgrad voice cylinder on the pedestal in the middle of
the next room.

Go back up into the giant. Move the handle up once, then exit onto the ledge.
Inspect the hole in the wall. Use the metal sheers to make the hole bigger and
climb inside. Move forward into the room and inspect the shelves on the left.
Pick up the *spark plug*. Go back into the giant and move the handle down once.
Climb down the ladder. Walk past the train to the other end of the train
platform. Pull the handle to bring up the elevator. Ride the elevator down.

Inspect the machine on the left. Use the spark plug on the top of the machine.
Slide the lever across the top of the machine. Continue into the shaft. Enter
the elevator  at the other end of the shaft.

Move right and upstairs to the organ. Inspect the pianist sitting at the organ.
Pick up the *screwdriver* laying on top of the organ. Go back down past the
elevator and around the corner. Inspect the metal plate on the ladder here. Use
the screwdriver to remove all 4 screws. Climb the ladder. Enter the director
Borodine's office through the left door. Ask him about "Mission". Go back down
the ladder into Helena's room. Inspect the open drawer at the back of the room.
Take the *press cuts* book and *letters to Helena*. Call Mom on your cell
phone. Go back and ask the director about "Mission" again. Leave his office and
board the monorail just outside.

Go right around the corner. Continue forward and go up the stairs on the left.
Walk right around the rocket. Go up the stairs and into the capsule. Walk past
the cosmonaut and pick up the *vodka* bottle laying on the floor. After the
cosmonaut leaves, go back inside the capsule to the back. Inspect the shelf on
the left wall. Pick up the *key* and *Space Project cancellation letter*. Go
back outside and down the steps. Walk down by the cosmonaut. Turn the wheel
here. Walk back up by the capsule and inspect the console near the rail. Insert
the key. First move the lever with the left arrow, then the lever with the up
arrow. Now move the middle lever up to turn on the water. Go back down and walk
right past the cosmonaut.

Continue right around the launch pad to the airship to get the "Airship"
keyword. Go back around the left side of the launch pad and upstairs to the
launch pad control room. Inspect the console on the right. Pick up and use the
*Voralberg key* on the console. Open the rectangular panel below the On/Off
switch and connect the 2 wires there. Turn on the power switch. Pull out the
square-shaped *blood testing apparatus* from the right side. Go back to the
cosmonaut and ask him about "Airship" to get the *airship key*. Unlock the
airship and pull the lever inside. Go back to the control room area and use the
blood testing apparatus on the cosmonaut. Go inside the control room and put
the blood testing apparatus back into the console. Press the far left button,
then the 2nd button from the left. Click the hole on the blood testing
apparatus, not the handle, to put a new blood sample inside. Press the 2nd
button from the left again, then the 3rd, and finally the 4th.

Exit the control room and go left. Pick up the red *crank handle* on the ground
by the boxes. Go down and left past the capsule to the stairs behind the
rocket. Use the crank handle on the siren at the top of the stairs. Go back to
the airship and use the lever again.

D. "Aralbad"

Exit the airship and enter the hotel. Leave the manager and go down twice.
Inspect the closet on the left and pick up the green *detergent* bottle. Go
back by the manager and open the curtains on the front window. Go outside and
use the detergent on the fountain. Go back inside and ring the bell on the
front desk to get rid of the manager. Go behind the front desk and inspect it.
Push the red button on the edge of the desk to open the gate. Pick up the
*hotel brochure* on the right. Inspect the guest register. Note Helena's access
code is 1270. Go through the gate into the pool area. Go left twice, inspect
the keypad on the right. Enter the code 1270, then pull the lever. Continue
around the pool 2 more screens. Enter the door here, pick up the *temporary
code* card laying on the floor to the left. Exit this room, go left, go up into
the hall. Pick up a *crystal dish* from the table. Go back to the keypad and
enter the temporary code, 0968. Go right, put on the gas mask hanging on the
right wall. Go forward to the gazebo at the end of the pier. Talk to Helena.
Get off the gazebo and inspect the bell on the bottom left next to the railing.
Take *James' bell*. Go back 3 screens towards the pool house. Inspect the bell
pole next to the railing. Put James' bell on it and pull the chain. Go inside
and hang the gas mask on the wall by clicking on a hook. Go to the bar and talk
to James, the wheelchair automaton. He will go out and get Helena. Ask Helena
about "Hans". Inspect the cabinet inside the bar below the counter. Pick up the
jar of *crystallized honey* and *lemon*. Leave the bar and walk around the pool
area to the hot-tub. Use the wheel on the wall to turn it on. Put the jar of
honey in the tub to create *liquid honey*. Return to the bar and inspect its
controls. Put the lemon in the top-left, the honey in the top-right, and the
vodka next to the honey. Press the I/O button in, then the second piano key.
Use the lever on the right, then press the third piano key. Press the button
with the honeycomb symbol, then the lemon button, then the ice button, and
finally the bartender button at the far right. Put the crystal dish on the
counter to the right of Helena, then talk to her. Return to the airship.

E. "Komkolzgrad revisited"

Go up the stairs and inspect the cage door. Use the metal sheers on the lock.
Inspect the pianist. Use the screwdriver to get *Oscar's hands*. Go back down
the stairs and continue forward. Enter the elevator at the top-right of the
screen. Continue forward through the shaft to the other end. Pull the elevator
lever there on the right. After the explosion, go back and climb outside
through the ventilation duct. Inspect the box on the left and pick up the
*dynamite*. Go to the front of the train and talk to Oscar, then go inside the
train. Go out and use the dynamite on the giant.

F. "Aralbad revisited"

Get off the train and go up to the winding machine at the front of the train.
Use the wheel, then the lever to wind the train springs. Ask Oscar about
"Mission". Follow Felix into the hotel. Go to the front desk and inspect the
box sitting next to the television. Pick up the *mammoth automaton*. Go to the
bar and talk to Helena. Go out onto the pier. Talk to Hans. Game over.

III. Misc.

If you find any corrections that need to be made in this FAQ, please email me
at I will gladly credit you in the FAQ.

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