Survivor – Ultimate Edition (walkthrough)

Survivor - Ultimate Edition

Version 1.2

Author: DGH25


1. Version History
2. Introduction
3. Challenges found in Practice Mode
 a. Attack of the No Nos
 b. Blowgun Challenge
 c. Box Your Mind
 d. Bug Trails
 e. Fiji Scramble
 f. Fish Finder
 g. Going Coconuts
 h. Island Slots
 i. Life's a Tapestry
 j. Numismatics
 k. Picture Perfect
 l. Quick Pick
 m. Shadow Boxing
 n. Sounds of the Island
 o. Speed Puzzles
 p. Temple Paths
 q. Thai Twisters
 r. Tiki Towers
 s. Tomahawk Targets
 t. tTt
 u. Typhoon
4. Challenges (and other events) not found in Practice Mode
 a. Survivor Switch
 b. Tribal Folklore
  [more to come]
5. Credits
6. Copyright/Info

1. Version History

Version 1.0 (12/30/2002)
-First version

Version 1.1 (2/5/2003)
-Small spelling mistake corrected
-Challenges section split in two:
  -Challenges found in Practice Mode
  -Challenges (and other events) not found in Practice Mode

Version 1.2 (3/15/2003)
-A challenge has been added to Challenges (and other events) not found in
 Practice Mode section
-Some more info added to Copyright/Info section

2. Introduction

Okay, if you're a fan of the TV show Survivor (like me), then you know the
whole point to the game (so you can skip to the next paragraph).  Basically,
16 people are stranded on an island for 39 days.  They have to live on the
island with limited resources in order to survive.  They also participate in
various challenges in an attempt to win various rewards (including food,
survival gear, and the coveted Immunity).  Every few days, at Tribal Council,
one person gets voted out of the game by the others.  In the end, only
1 person will remain, and that person wins $1,000,000.

In the PC game, you go through a challenge or two, then before Tribal Council
(if you have to go), you have a chance to form an alliance to target someone.
You then go to Tribal Council to vote someone out.  The point of this FAQ is
to help you with the challenges.  I can't help with the other stuff; you're on
your own there.

(BTW, you don't win any real money when you play the PC game.)

3. Challenges found in Practice Mode

And now for the challenges.  This section covers challenges that can be found
in Practice Mode.

a. Attack of the No Nos

In this one, you have 2 minutes to swat flies (called No Nos) as they land on a
bunch of bananas.  You simply move your leaf (with your mouse) over a fly and
click to swat it.  Whoever swats the most flies wins.

-You basically have to be pretty good with your mouse.  When a fly lands, it
won't stay there forever, so you have to be quick.

b. Blowgun Challenge

Here, you have to shoot balloons with a blowgun.  The smaller (and farther
away) the balloon, the more points it's worth.  On the right of the screen is a
breath meter.  When you shoot, you have to wait until it refills to the top
before shooting again.  But once it has done that, it will start to decrease
until you take another shot.  As it decreases, your aim becomes a little more
shaky.  Most points in 2 minutes wins.

-Once again, you have to be pretty good with your mouse.
-Shoot quickly, even when you have nothing to shoot at, so that when you have
something to shoot at, your aim won't be too shaky.

c. Box Your Mind

You'll be shown a circular box with 9 slots in a 3x3 square, and each slot will
have an object inside.  After a few moments, it will be replaced by an empty
box, and some objects will appear on the left side.  You have to drag 9 of
those objects into the slots that you saw them in before.  Once you're ready,
have it checked.  The more objects you have in the correct slots, the more
points you get.  You'll then be shown another box with a new pattern for you to
match as closely as possible.  You'll keep going like this for 2 minutes, after
which whoever has the most points wins.

-Do your best to note which objects were seen where.  If you can't memorize
everything, then at least try to get a certain section, then get those and
check so you can move on to the next box.

d. Bug Trails

Here, you have to move a bug around a sandy field, getting fruit.  However, if
you hit an obstacle or cross your own path, you'll go "splat", and after a few
seconds, you'll move on to another field.  Each fruit is worth a point, and
whoever has the most points after 2 minutes wins.

-Although you can click on the arrows on the screen with your mouse to move the
bug, I recommend using the arrow keys on your keyboard.
-The bug is always moving, and since you can't cross your path, the best thing
to do is to quickly plot out a path as you go that will allow you to get all of
the fruit without crossing your path.

e. Fiji Scramble

This is a basic word search using words related to Survivor.  You simply have
to find the given words (seen on the right side of the screen) in the grid on
the left.  The each word could be seen horizontally (forward or backward),
vertically (up or down), or diagonally (in any of 4 directions).  But be quick,
because the first person to complete the word search wins.

-Treat this like a normal word search, but remember that you're racing others
to be the first to complete it.

f. Fish Finder

This challenge is similar to the game Minesweeper, except the mines are
replaced by fish.  You have a grid, in which some fish are hidden.  You have to
uncover squares on the grid (with a left click) without uncovering the fish.
If you uncover a fish, you'll get a new grid.  You can right-click a square to
mark where you think a fish might be at.  If you uncover a number, that number
is equal to the number of fishes that are touching that square (above, below,
to the left or right, or diagonally).  If you can uncover the whole grid
(except for the squares with the fish), you'll score points and get a new grid.
Whoever has the most points after 3 minutes wins.

-Check out one of the Minesweeper FAQs on GameFAQs for tips on this.

g. Going Coconuts

This is basically a memory game.  You have to uncover 2 coconuts at a time.  If
the objects inside those coconuts match, they remain uncovered.  If not,
they'll be covered up again when you select another coconut.  First player to
successfully uncover everything wins.

-If you don't have a match, try to remember what you saw there so that if you
see a similar object elsewhere, you'll know where a pair can be found.

h. Island Slots

This is sort of like a combination of Slots and Yahtzee.  When the 5 wheels
stop, it may or may not result in a scoring combination.  If there is a scoring
combination, you can either add it to your point total by clicking Bank, or you
can hold some wheels and spin again in the hopes of getting a better
combination.  You can hold and spin as much as you want, but you only have 3
minutes to get as many points as possible.  Most points wins.

-These are the scoring combinations and their values:
  One Pair - 2
  Two Pairs - 3
  3 of a Kind - 5
  Full House - 10
  4 of a Kind - 25
  5 of a Kind - 50
-This depends mainly on luck, but some strategy is also involved.  You might
want to go for the big points early on, but when time is running low, you
might want to consider Banking whatever scoring combinations you get.

i. Life's a Tapestry

Here, you have to slide strips of the tapestry on the left side of the screen
so that it forms an image that looks like the image on the right.  Once you
think the images match, click Check This.  The first player to match the 2
images wins.

-Some sections of a strip may look similar, so be careful.

j. Numismatics

Here, you have to place sets of coins (in various shapes) on a grid.  The
current shape you'll be dropping is shown on the right.  You can rotate the
shape by right-clicking.  When you place the shape, the gold coin in that shape
will be placed in the spot where you clicked.  The object is to form complete
squares/rectangles of coins of at least a 3x3 size.  When you do, the coins in
the square/rectangle will disappear and you'll score points.  If the field gets
too full, you'll have to wait a few seconds, then the grid will be cleared.
Most points after 2 minutes wins.

-Try not to leave gaps or open holes on the field that are inaccessible by any
shape.  If you end up with one, try to clear the coins surrounding it to make
room for it.

k. Picture Perfect

You'll be shown a picture that came from any of the first 4 seasons of
Survivor.  Memorize the picture as best you can, then click Begin to cover up
the picture.  You'll then be asked 3 questions based on the picture.  You get 5
points per correct answer.  After 3 questions, you can choose to either go to
the next picture or answer a 10 point bonus question based on the current
picture.  If you take that question, you'll have the option afterward of taking
another bonus question worth 15 points before moving on to the next picture.
Most points after 2 minutes wins.

-Only take the bonus questions if you think you still know enough about the
current picture.  Remember, you do have a time limit, and there are more
pictures that you could go after.

l. Quick Pick

You'll see a group of tiles on the left, and you have to click on the one that
matches the tile on the right.  You get a point if you're right.  Most points
after 2 minutes wins.

-Take it slowly at first.  The tiles do look similar, but with different colour
patterns, so try to be careful.

m. Shadow Boxing

You'll see an image on the right side.  Along the bottom of the screen are a
bunch of slides, and you have to drag 3 of them to the left projector to form
an image similar to the one on the right.  If you're successful, you'll get a
point and you'll get a new image to form.  Most points in 3 minutes wins.

-The colours of the shapes on the 3 slides are red, blue, and yellow.  In the
image, you may also see other colours.  Remember:
 red + blue = purple
 red + yellow = orange
 blue + yellow = gray (don't ask; I know it doesn't make sense, but that's the
way it appears for some reason)

n. Sounds of the Island

You'll be given a sequence of notes, and you simply have to repeat it.  Another
note is added to the sequence each time that you're successful.  If you screw
up, you'll have to start at the beginning of a new sequence.  After 2 minutes,
whoever has successfully completed the longest sequence wins.

-Remember to pay attention.  If you have to write the sequence down, do it.
-Since only your longest completed sequence counts, if you screw up, the only
way to increase your score is to get back up to where you were at before and
continue from there.

o. Speed Puzzles

You'll be shown a 4x4 picture on the left.  It will then be split into 16
pieces and placed on the right.  You have to quickly and correctly reassemble
the picture back on the left.  Once you succeed, you'll get another picture.
Whoever correctly reassembles the most pictures in 3 minutes wins.

-Not much to say here.  Just remember what the picture looks like and
reassemble it.

p. Temple Paths

You'll be given a map, and using the tiles at the bottom of the screen,
assemble a path between the 2 temples.  The path must also include parts of a
path already placed on the map, and the path cannot go through squares marked
with a forest, mountain, or river.  The first person to correctly assemble the
path wins.

-There is a limited number of tiles to be used, so don't waste them.
-There is usually only one solution, and you usually need all of the tiles to
complete the path.

q. Thai Twisters

You'll be given a set of letters which, when unscrambled, forms a word or
phrase.  You'll also get a clue for the word/phrase.  Assemble the word/phrase,
then have it checked.  If it's right, you get a point.  But if it's wrong, you
lose a point and you'll have to try again.  You can choose to skip to another
word, but that'll cost a point as well.  Most points after 2 minutes wins.

-If you've built up a good lead and you think no one else can catch your
current score before time runs out, and you get stuck on a word/phrase, you
could consider waiting for time to run out and not risk losing points.

r. Tiki Towers

You'll see 4 tiki towers on the right side.  Try to memorize what they look
like, because after a few moments, they'll be taken apart and all but the
bottom pieces will be placed on the left side.  You have to reassemble the 4
towers from the bottom up, keeping the patterns consistent.  The first player
to correctly reassemble the 4 towers wins.

-Try to focus on 1 tower at a time, but if you get stuck, then turn your
attention to another.

s. Tomahawk Targets

You're basically throwing tomahawks at targets.  The tomahawk will be moving
horizontally until you click, then it'll move vertically.  Click again at the
right height to throw.  There are 5 rounds, each round has a different target
formation, and you'll have 45 seconds in each round to throw 4 tomahawks at the
targets.  Most points after the 5 rounds wins.

-Once the tomahawk is moving vertically, wait for it to move down, then click
when the lower part of the handle is over the intended target.  It may take a
few tries to get the timing down.

t. tTt

tTt stands for Thai Tiki Towers.  Here, you have to remove a set of tiles, one
at a time, from a pile.  But to score, the tiles in the set must be either all
similar or all different.  Once you've cleared a pile, you'll be given a new
pile.  Most points after 2 minutes wins.

-Take a moment to see whether you should go for all similar or all different
before removing tiles.  Remember, you can only remove tiles that are not
covered by other tiles, so be careful.

u. Typhoon

Here, you have a rock spinning around on a wheel, and you click Stop to stop
the rock.  There are various point values that you can land on (from 1 to 15),
and when you land on one, you get that amount of points.  But if you want a lot
more points, there is also a Jackpot space, which starts with a value of 50 and
increases as you land on it.  There are some bad spaces, though.  Half takes
away half of your points, and Bankrupt takes away all of your points.  You keep
spinning for 2 minutes, after which whoever has the best score wins.

-If you're confident with your timing, go for the Jackpot.  But remember that
it is surrounded by a Half and a Bankrupt, so be careful when going for the
-If you think no one can catch you, then stick with the smaller point values.
You don't want to lose all of those points, after all...

4. Challenges (and other events) not found in Practice Mode

You'll come across each of these challenges and events at specific points in
the main game.  You can't play these in Practice Mode, so I guess I'll help you
to prepare for them.  (I haven't gotten through an entire full game yet, so I
don't have everything here yet, but I'll update this FAQ whenever I get the
chance to continue through the game.)

a. Survivor Switch

Found: Episode 4, Day 1

Tree Mail:
Challenges of brain and brawn
Are nothing compared to this
Your world will turn
Your head will spin
As you stand upon the disc

At this point, things could very well change for you and the others.  You'll
pick a wooden disk.  Underneath it is a colour corresponding to one of the
tribes.  That colour determines which tribe you'll be in for the next few
episodes.  You might stay with your current tribe, or you might switch to the
other tribe.  It all depends on luck.

-You'll get 10 seconds to pick a disk before the others start claiming them.
You don't have to pick before the 10 seconds are up, so you can wait until
there are fewer choices if you want.
-If you've picked a disk, and there are still some unclaimed disks left, you
can switch to another disk.  You can do this as much as you want until all
disks are claimed.

b. Tribal Folklore

Found: Episode 10, Day 2

Tree Mail:
You've been here a while
So your very next trial
Will allow you to show
Just how much you know
About the many faces
Of the Marquesas.

This is basically a trivia challenge.  You have X minutes to answer as many
questions as you can.  These questions will be about the locations and tribe
names from the first 4 seasons of Survivor.  Each question is multiple choice,
and there are 2 possible responses to choose from in each question.

-You'll have to know various things about Pulau Tiga, the Australian Outback,
Africa, and the Marquesas.  You'll also have to know the meanings and other
things of the tribe names from those first 4 seasons.  You might have to do
some research on those things to do well here.
-If you've played the challenge before, and you get a question that you've
already seen, try to remember what you responded the first time and if you were
right or wrong.  Remember, there are only 2 choices for each question...

[more challenges and events to come]

5. Credits

-CBS (for airing the TV show that this game is based on)

-Infogrames (for making this game, which is definitely better than the first

-GameFAQs; DLH.Net; (for hosting this FAQ)

-myself (for writing this FAQ)

-and, of course, you (for reading this FAQ)

6. Copyright/Info

If you have any questions or comments about this FAQ, if you want to contribute
some extra tips to this FAQ, or if you see this on any site other than those
listed below, please contact me at  If you are going to
e-mail me about this FAQ, please put "Re: Survivor FAQ" in the subject line so
I won't accidentally delete it (just to be safe).  If you do contribute extra
tips, and I decide to add them to this FAQ, you will get full credit for those

Copyright 2002-2003 DGH25

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