Supreme Commander (šifre)

Supreme Commander

Submitted by: RM

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file
before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "game.prefs" file in the
"c:documents and settings<username>local settingsapplication datagas
powered gamessupremecommander" folder.
Add the following lines to start of the file:

debug = {
enable_debug_facilities = true,
cheatenable = 1

Then, press ~ during game play to display the console window. Enter one of the
following codes.

Result                                                       Code
Teleport selected units to pointer location                - Teleport
Increase your storage capacity for all raw materials by
10,000 and fills camps completely                          - BlingBling
Toggle full map                                            - SallyShears
Toggle all units cause no more damage                      - Nodamage  
All units and building on killed with death animations     - KillAll  
All units and building on killed without death animations  - DestroyAll  
Kill unit or building with death animation                 - Kill  
Kill unit or building without death animation              - Destroy  
Show/hides extra information at the left edge of screen    - Show act  
Unit creation menu                                         - PopupCreatUnitMenu
Take over other player; -1 is spectators.                  - SetFocusArmyPlayer <-1 to 7>   
Change gravity; 4,9 is default.                            - Sim_gravity <number>   
Change the player color                                    - SetArmyColor <name> <r,g,b>   
Damage indicated unit; use negative value to heal it.      - DamageUnit <number>  
Units and buildings are immediately build, research
immediately completed                                      - ai_freebuild  
Units, buildings, and research do not cost anything        - ai_instabuild  
Give name to selected unit                                 - RenameUnit <name>   
Assign console command to key(s)                           - IN_BindKey <key or combo>   
Shows all key bindings                                     - IN_DumpKeyNames   
Change game speed                                          - WLD_gamespeed <-10 to 10>   
Set game speed to default                                  - WLD_resetsimrate   
Increase game speed by 1                                   - WLD_increasesimrate
Decrease game speed by 1                                   - WLD_decreasesimrate
Return to main menu                                        - Quit   
Exit to Windows                                            - Exit  

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