Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse (šifre)

Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse

Use a text editor to create a file named init.txt in the game folder. Enter the
following lines in the file to allow unlimited ammunition and health in the game.

cheat_deathless_player 1
cheat_infinite_ammo 1

Submitted by: Haspa

Bonus sequence:
Play the Stubbs vs. Chief Masters Dance Battle and get a
"Perfect" rating in all rounds (including the bonus one)
to see a bonus sequence with a hovering limousine.

Developer commentary:
Collect the hidden hippo heads in Insane mode to hear a developer
commentary track.

Funny comments:
Sometimes people will say funny things, such as:

"You're gonna die! Again.."
"I see a Zombie."
"Have some punch!"
"I'll show you hard science!"
"Let me give you a hand!"
"I loved that arm!" (cry)
"Aw, my mother gave me that arm!"
"Forget science! Kill! Kill! Kill!"
"My beautiful mind!"
"Not the face!"
"Why did I choose science? I could've been a talk show host!"

Funny hand gesture:
When you throw your hand, occasionally it will put its
middle finger up to you. This also happens when you jump as the hand.

Killer jeep:
On the level before last one there are army men driving in jeeps. Kill both of them
without making the jeep flip over. The driver should die under the jeep and come back
as a zombie. He will be dead under the jeep and when he get back up the jeep will kill

Sod-o-Mobile on building:
On level 2, get in a sod-o-mobile. Go around looking for another one. When you find
one, have it go near the front of a building (about two meters) then blast it. It
should fly up on top of the building. Note: This only works with the sod-o-mobile not
with the jeep or tank.

Flip police car:
When you have the chance to throw your organs, go up to a cop car and throw it at the
car. Let the liver explode, killing the cops inside the car and to flip it.
Note: Sometimes the cops do not die.

Spinning legs:
When using the head, blow it up near someone. If you are lucky the legs will land in
front of you spinning, then stick up at you in the ground.

Holding hands:
When you use the hand put one somewhere where you can remember it. Then, eat a brain and
use the hand again. Go to the other hand that you left behind. Put it directly in front of
it, placing it with the fingers. Move forward a bit and get out of hand mode. They should
look like they are holding hands.

Talking sheep:
On the farm level, let the sheep escape and go to the trees. A sheep will be there and it
will say "From this day onwards zombies and sheep will be friends."

Singing chain saw man:
On the farm level, leave a chain-saw man alone for a while. Let him kill your zombies.
He should start singing "Otis Munday had a farm, E I... E I... duh what's the last line

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