Starsky & Hutch (šifre)

Starsky & Hutch

Submitted by: sanam
Use a text editor to create a file named "local.ini" in the game folder. 
Add one of the following lines to the "local.ini" file to activate the 
cheat function. 

Note: You can also disable a code by using 
"=FALSE" instead of "=TRUE" in the text entry.

Effect local.ini entry:
All cars in episodes/seasons      FE_UNLOCK_ALL_CARS=TRUE  
Always advance to next mission    CanAlwaysPlayNext=TRUE  
Can skip conversations            CanSkipConversations=TRUE  
CPU auto-play                     PlayerUseAI=TRUE  
Create super profile              FE_CREATE_BEST_PROFILE=TRUE  
Disable all sound                 DisableAllSound=TRUE  
Disable conversations             PlayConversations=FALSE  
Disable gun icon in HUD           TurnOffThatFeckingStupidGunIcon=TRUE  
Disable most civilian traffic     UpdateCivilianTraffic=FALSE  
Disable skid marks                DISABLE_SKID_MARKS=TRUE  
Free Roam mode                    FE_ENABLE_FREE_ROAM=TRUE  
Locker                            FE_ENABLE_LOCKER=TRUE  
Maximize visual range             MaxVR=TRUE  
Monstertruck                      MONSTER_TRUCK=TRUE  
Never run out of visual range     NeverRunOutOfVR=TRUE  
Show HUD                          Show_HUD=TRUE  
Skip video card selection screen  SKIPDEVICESELECTION=TRUE  
Speed mode                        SPEED_CHEAT=TRUE  
Start game paused                 StartGamePaused=TRUE  
TV Specials                       FE_ENABLE_TV_SPECIAL=TRUE  
Wide wheels                       CARLOS_FANDANGO=TRUE  
Wobbly car                        FUNNYBONES=TRUE

all car          - rko
unlimitate time  - lks
always turbo     - raw
unlock all       - samck

Submitted by: Sunny

Me and my friend jayram found the best cheat,you can unlock all the cars, 
specials etc.... by typing your profile name as "VADKRAM" THEN YOU WILL GET EVERYTHING 
UNLOCKED enjoy!!!!!

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