Star Wolves (walkthrough)

Star Wolves

Limona Razvan

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                                   STAR wOLVES FAQ
                                    Version 1.9

 Updates :
02.11.2005 - I put a new tip (r) for hard level. The main difference from
easy and normal is the increased number of enemy fighters and superior
motherships for your enemies.
03.11.2005 - Humanitarian Aid, Arrival in Aquarius system and Competitive
Struggle missions get a new face. Humanitarian Aid could be played different
to avoid taking to much beating, Arrival in Aquarius system fix some
mistakes and Competitive Struggle have one more quest from Patrol base.
04.11.2005 - Added new tips (s) and (t)
05.11.2005 - Added tips (u),(w),(x) and an alternative way to play
Pirate`s Admiral mission. Also i update the explanations on how trainers
could create problems.
06.11.2005 - Added an easy strategy to Corporate Convoy mission and an
advice for Heart of Hydra mission.
23.11.2005 - Added info about ships, missiles and systems.
16.03.2007 - Added an easy way for Heart of Hydra mission thanks to
Dave S. information

Contents :

1. Basics
2. Strategy tips
3. Missions walkthrough/Bugs
4. Cheats
5. Ships
6. Guns and turrets
7. Missiles, rockets and torpedoes
8. Systems
9. Credits


Mainly Star Wolves is a strategy game, so the comand are similar to other
strategy games, with some special features related to team work like missile
defense, repair, cloaking that one or more of your wingmates could perform
if you choose. Don`t forget to go through Tutorial for a more efficient
understanding of game basics .


a. Choose carefully your Hero skills tree . I recommend missile or gunnery ,
maybe systems because in the end missile and repair will make the difference
between wining and loosing .

b. Keep fighters always close to Mothership turrets range of fire in order to
enhance their survival.If a target is destroyed your base ship continue to
fire only on enemy ships getting in her range, so pause and choose other
targets near your fighters. Correct manually on the map fighters trajectory,
because they have the tendency to fly at some distance from Mothership .

c. Prepare your fighters and Mothership carefully before a mission . Pay
attention to repair systems,shields,guns and use missile/rockets with long
range as Avalanche to finish quick strong enemy fighters/battleships.

d. Every mercenary have a main ability, but don`t focus only on that. If
possible invest points in piloting and gunnery, except the case you decide
their tasks should be only repair / antimissile defense, but even then
piloting skills are necessary .

e. Loot everything after a battle. Don`t hurry to leave , except escort
missions when you could always go back after completing the task in hand .
Especially patrol station have around loot from previous fights and sometimes
items sit in space after a trader/patrol clash with pirates .

f. Every station could give you a job .

g. Save a lot before and after a fight or mission . Save in space when a long
trip is necessary. Use Game pause to analyze the situation and change the
commands issued to fighters and Mothership. If you don`t like the outcome to
a fight, load again and change the orders.

h. In my opinion a wing should have the following configurations :
  * 2 - 3 Killer ships, 1 missile carriers, 2-3 repair/antimissile support
fighters. In the beginning 2 killers with Troll or Gnome repair systems
installed and active should be enough until Red Corsair and Heretic join
the team .
  * 2-3 missile carriers, 1 killer, 2-3 repair/antimissile support ships

i. Don`t enhance anything else than piloting and repair skills for EL ,
one of your team temporary member, because you`ll regret this option .
Also don`t enhance dangerous skills for Viper, if you plan to reject
emperor`s side.

j. Get use to constant attacks in space from pirates and others before and
after finishing a battle or quest. They are designed to reduce your
ships number and sometimes your success  .

k. After a battle check the carrier fighter(s)cargo of missile . Put him on
Mothership and install new ones, if nobody attacks .Don`t forget to switch
missile from off to on and viceversa, using special task button according to
your plan .

l. After a while (15 - n.. seconds ) special abilities go away so pause and
use them again.

m. Game pause allows a quick check on enemy fighters type. If they have
Excalibur, Hammerhead and Hrimsturs switch one of your fighter tasks on
Missile Defence.

n. Put points in team members favorite weapon(for example laser on Ace).

o. Buy a long distance scanner to prepare in time the counterattack.

p. The scripts give ships randomly, so if you lose a heavy fighter or a
missile carrier in the battle, is possible than on the next station you
land those fighters are not for sale and you`ll have to accept inferior

r. At hard level the manual is no longer a trustfull source of
information. The pirates and corporation get to use Butcher corvette,
even that the manual say only Navy use it. Also killing this heavy
military ships give you strong turrets as Volcano, so pay attention.

s. While flying around inside a system you could shoot at traders and
loot their cargo. If your wing are strong engage Triad, INOCO or USS
fighters for the same reasons, but not the Patrol or Navy. The last
two put a lot of fight and normally have better equipments than INOCO,
so try shoot on them with ahead planing - save, create strong support
fighters and at least 2 killers.

t. Read carefully Ace instructions on enemy tactics.

u. Always scout the entire system for items. Especially in Bersekr
controled systems are a lot of remains from their clashes with Patrol
and Navy.

w. Trainers do not insure an easy end game. Especially inside Precursor
system luck and carefully thinking keep you through.

x. Wing strategies are essentials to win. Fast and easy to handle
(maneouvrability) ships with guns that have rapid rate of fire, increased
damage and long range could be use to "break" enemy formations. Put the
wing(s) in escort mode and manually establish the Mothership direction to
a path through enemy. While flying in that direction fighters receive less
damage thanks to their superior speed and healing devices, allowing to pause
and take enemy crafts from behind. If a wing have slow missile carrier
install some ECM on them and put 1-2 fighters to healing mode. I noticed
that in big battles support fighters should be set on healing, having also
ECM instaled,to win. Of course this tactic could fail on you if the ECM are
not Squall or Cyclons, pretty expensives systems, because Mystral and Storm
cannot stop third generation missile.


  You are a small trader in 23 century space who decide, after an
unfortunate clash with pirates, to set up a mercenary team called Star
Wolves along Ace, friend and former patrol pilot. While being on a station
somebody steal Ace`s fighter and start the game missions .

Patrol Mission
Tips : Buy Miniguns for Hero and a Gnome. Don`t sell the Hatchett .

Create a wing and reach Liquid Oxygen Factory. Start patrolling. Nothing at
Alpha, two fighter and a Mobile Pirate ship at Beta ( destroy them using
only guns and beam up all items), three - four pirates at Gamma ( use
abilities and missile ) and two trader at Delta ( save here and destroy
them for containers ). Reach Oxygen station again,take 1.000 credits and
exit system. Sell everything you don`t need .

Save Lt. Raymond
Tips : Buy a Troll for Ace, better weapons for Hero and long range missile.
       Choose Ace favorite gun lasers if you have the points

On the road to Patrol Station pay a visit to Coriolis Station who gives
you a transport job. Reach Patrol, speak and go deliver the goods,because on
the way you get also the information about Raymond from lt. Garret. Even
that they don`t have the promised money, choose first line of discussion
then parts and goods to end up with a Scorcher laser. Put Ace back on
Mothership, install the laser and recreate the wing. Go to lt. Raymond,
beam up his capsule, destroy fast the pirates using close range missile and
go to portal. On the road put Hero on Mothership and install Avalanches.
Keep fighters close because next to portal two - three Bersekr show up.Use
Avalanche and abilities on them, beam up their expensive lasers and exit.


Help the trader under attack for 150 credits and head for Gloria 42 station
who gives you a Yari for only 2.000 credits. Go back to your client and
transport the uranium. On the way patrol ships interfere, but choose the
lines " Your equipment must be faulty " and " ... I pay 200 credits .."
to get away. Of course this employer also don`t have all the money, so
take a tone of uranium and go. On the way Patrol Station ask for a mission.
First put the Mothership next to portal and destroy Rookie Pirates who lurks
around if they get to close. Then send fighters against the escaped pirate
on a Excalibur. When in visual range paused game, design him as target,
choose abilities and missile ( Avalanche or something long range ).Take 500
credits and exit.

Hunt for the Red Corsair
Tips : Buy a Hammerhead for Hero if you choose missile skills tree. If not
       invest some points in missile and still buy the Hammerhead. Install
       a Gnome and a Troll to Ace`s ship.
       Buy a new turret as War Axe for Mothership if money problem don`t
       affect fighters improvement.
       After a jump Mothership`s shield and armor level get back in place

This is the toughest mission so far and you should expect plenty of
resistance. Avoid the place marked Crash Site if you don`t feel confident,
loot items around Patrol Site and reach " Red Corsair probably here " point
on the map. Attack with long range missile(LRM) using Mothership as cover.
Destroy Pirate Mobile Base and pause game to put the Troll working if Ace
ship need this. Beam up all items left and install missile if necessary. Exit.
On the other side Red Corsair blow up the portal and you have to engage 4-6 ,
maybe more pirate ship.You have two option : destroy the first wave and hide
in the asteroid field for some cover or keep pressing the enemy using
Mothership`s turrets. Install new missile. Head to pirate base, destroy
incoming ships with LRM and also the station. Beam up everything. Put Hero
in the Corsair Excalibur, add systems, missile and weapons, then head to
" Unknown Contact " where Lt. Jobs ask you to cover his exit from system.
Destroy pirate ships near portal,accept Red Corsair in your team and go to
Hideout(left on map) where some Mobile base lie undefended. Blow them, loot
all and exit system.

Making Amends
Tips : It is time to enhance Mothership with turrets and shields(in this
       Buy another Gnome and the best available weapons. If possible forget
       the Gnome,give Red Corsair a long range healing device and put him
       on Repair task when flying.

On the route to station Quiet Bertha dispatch some pirates and wait Heretic
to make his appearance in dialogue. Choose every option that make him give
you back the fighter he stole - yes , he is the guilty one - and follow him.
On the route take the job from the pirate station who want a rival clan
destroyed, without fearing Heretic dissappearance(he simply awaits around
northeast station on map). Reach his whereabouts and head to stolen fighter
in asteroids, where some pirates and a Mobile base engage you. Use short to
long range missile and don`t let the pirate ship from cutscene to go after
help. Loot all. Accept Heretic in your team and exit.Put some points in
black market for Red Corsair

Pirates Treasure
Tips : Put Heretic on Repair/Antimissile tasks. Use Hatchett for this
       because of his 3 system slots
       Hammerhead fits with Red Corsair missile experience
       Enhance fighters and Mothership
       Buy advanced fighters if possible

Keep close fighters in this system controlled by Bersekr(artificial
intelligence units). On the road to he first asteroid you`ll face two wave
of Bersekr Breeze. Destroy it, blow the rock, beam up items, enhance fighter
weaponry with them and head to second rock. After 1-2 wave of Breeze you`ll
have to destroy a Bersekr Chimera battleship near second asteroid and help
in the same time some rookie pirates foolish enough to engage her. Use
abilities and LRM. Destroy the second asteroid and go for the middle one,
protect only by some easy to handle Bersekr Defense Satellite who appear
after you make the rock history. If you want destroy the third rocks south
on map protected by a Chimera or Breeze(scripts "give" you random enemies
here so could be a Chimera, fighters or both ), but the loot isn`t so great.

Humanitarian Aid
Tips : Buy a Raptor for Hero and better weapons
       Put Ace on Excalibur
       Buy an advanced healing device
       Enhance Mothership
       Accept fighters support from friendly stations

Here is a difficult mission because you`ll have to protect a transport ship
while fighting a lot of enemy. If Astra transporter get crushed, mission is
lost, so  keep close to her. Refuse secondary quests if Mothership and wing
are not capable to deal with multiple targets. The best choice is to avoid
going straight to Astra. Fly around, keeping a safe distance from her and
engage pirates and Triad ships to clear up the system, but not the Patrol.
The independent base up north have a job for you - take it, will end up
in Llanovar II system anyway. A station near S-E portal give also a mission
in the opposite direction, but you already beam up their research, so receive
a Nebula cloaking system. Then head to Astra. When in patrol base range Astra
open her trap, saying something about your team deeds. Here are two possible
responses :
a. Choose the first one and a patrol pilot ask for your help on reaching
the S-E portal. Accept and stay close to Astra while using fighters wing to
intercept any leftover pirates or Navy/Patrol ships angry on your new buddy.
b. Take the second option and receive a cargo from Patrol without any
destination. This mission is called Succesfully Bluff and you get points
when jumping to Llanovar II.
Advance to north portal where a Triad strike group awaits. Use LRM and
install after the battle missile on Excalibur and Hammerhead if Ace and Red
Corsair exhausted their cargo. Jump. On Llanovar II head to central station
where you get a new objective - visit all three station in system.Destroy
Triad ship(s) close to first one and choose to destroy Triad Mothership
after you reach second station, in order to get extra fighters support from
her.Attack enemy mothership with LRM and abilities to destroy her fast.
Loot.If you reach her near Triad base, loot everything there and destroy also
the trader transport docking ( not all replays get you a freighter , be
warned). Help third station and go to central one who want the Triad counterpart
annihilated. Accept Astra in your team. When reaching Triad base move your
Mothership in all six points to plant the bombs, then run. Go to central for
reward and accept the goods who worth more than 3.000 credits. Exit.

Tips : Enhance Mothership with a repair device, shields and turrets.
       Give Astra a better ship than her yacht, who could be sold for a nice
       Astra and Heretic could handle the repair/antimissile task.It is
       better to put an AMS and a healing system on Heretic ship and a
       healing system to Astra.
       Buy better fighters and install Nebula.

This mission is difficult in the end, when the enemy have the tendency to
kick hard your butt.You have two options:
 a.Go to Central station and accept their mission against Bersekr Breeze
and Chimera, but use only missile/rockets against them. On the way back to
Patrol base visit the Observatory who want an asteroid sample in exchange
for Precursor portal coordinates and face another group of mercenary called
Wild Hunters who charge on you near Observatory, but they are not that
strong like Bersekr. Attack using Mothership their leader Andreea Burn and
focus the fighters on the remaining enemies. Loot. Report to Patrol station
for reward and go to asteroid area where a Chimera and Breeze support ships
have to be destroyed before shooting the asteroid and beaming up the sample.
Go back to Observatory and receive the coordinates. Keep fighters close
because near portal awaits a strong Precursor Guardian ship. Save before
reaching the gate. Use on her LRM and abilities.Beam her strong and expensive
laser - try again if the first time doesn`t get the laser - , then try to
escape Navy ships heading south on map. If not possible engage using
Mothership to destroy quickly their shield,making your wing mission much
more easier.Exit.
 b. The portal is 4-5 square distance on the Observatory left side if you
don`t want to waste time with secondary quests. By doing so you cannot avoid
the Bersekr on the way back and loose some experience points or loot.

Arrival in Aquarius system
Tips: Don`t sell the Precursor laser, even that is worth 80.000 credits.Wait
      for the time when Phantom join you to install it on Ace`s ship .
      Enhance Mothership and fighters
      Buy better fighters/carriers

First reach Patrol Station who want the Outcast pirates fleet destroyed.
Fly with the police support and engage 3-9 fighters and 3 transporters/
military ships ( at hard level even pirates have the money to buy
Butchers - I do, but no way to enhance by main vessel this way ! ). USS
Debris 1 want the system cleared and 3 Bersekr Chimera plus support fighters
destroyed. Avoid flying north of base because those two trader there will
want to join you and you could lose them. Destroy Bersekr with LRM and
abilities - at second navpoint are 2 Chimera, try to block one using
Astra Evil Eye or Hero "freeze" abillities on systems skill tree -, then
go back for money and take the traders along to Administration ship, flying
a few steps in front of them to prevent/destroy pirates attack. When reaching
the Administration vessel they send you to clear area around portal. Make it
quick and use SLM - LRM, because portal ships destruction will mean 6 months
no way out ( no pressure ! ). Go back and exit.

Prospecting Site
Tips : You already now the drill !

Kim Shumov from Triad desire to preserve his control on a Uranium site and
buy your protection. Reach the place, fight everyone who get close without
moving to far, waiting the 2-4 enemy waves of USS and pirates to get close
enough so Mothership turrets could slice them. After that protecting site
quest is complete and you have 2 secondary quests at the same time : helping
Kim Shumov and respond to a trader call for help. I choose to split my team
sending 3 figters to help the trader and Mothership plus 2 in Kim`s aid.
Loot at all battle points ! Exit .

Uranium Convoy

A Triad mine give the task to protect 2 transporter full of uranium, but they
move directly to portal,without consulting to you except some emergency
situations. Keep not far in front of them, destroy fast pirate attacks and
somewhere near the portal you have to deal with an ambush. Use LRM ,
telling in the same time to transporters to wait, then go straight to portal
protecting his both side to allow transporters safe jump and head back to
loot items from previous battles.

Competitive Struggle

Your job is to destroy 3 Inoco uranium convoys. Let the first one to pass
through and destroy the Inoco wing near portal to reduce enemy number. After
that crush 3 convoys heading or coming in the area between portal and the
first two uranium mine. Visit the Patrol station and head to the illegal Triad
mine. Kill transporters in range. Loot. Exit.


Go close enough to station USS Debris 4000 to see her and wait for convoy.
When in range, pause to analyze, use LRM and loot fast, keeping an eye to
USS and Navy reinforcements who attack in full strenght with 2-5 wave of
Bidents and light/heavy fighters. Save before/after each battle. Exit.

Pirate`s Admiral

Outcast clan admiral was bust by Navy and you`ll have to convince Patrol
Station to give him back. Save a little bit before reaching Patrol Base.
Now you`ll have two option :
a. If money are few and you want to simply crush everyone, without much
trouble, engage with SRM/LRM and abilities, concentrating first your fire
on Stone Arrow military ship or putting Mothership only for this task.
Loot, install missiles if necessary and choose between two options :
 1. Since the Admiral is dead you could just exit
 2. Head back to Outcast clan coordinates and engage the battle for their
    treasure, destroying first support fighters.Exit.
b. The second option is difficult because you`ll keep the fire on Stone
Arrow minimal. Target manually some Patrol/Navy fighters and when they
get down pause and repeat the manual targeting. This way Stone Arrow
get minimal damage. When all enemies around Patrol station die, Stone
Arrow ask for pity. Go to Outcast position and engage a second wave
of Navy in the way. Repeat manual targeting to keep Stone Arrow
alive. When in Outcast range their Admiral let the navy pilots free,
but keep the cruiser. This was a really disapointment for me, because
I played this difficult option hoping to get my hands on Stone Arrow
and ditch that easy-to-fall Mothership. Nop!! In my opinion are no
ways to cheat the game in giving you a better flagship and the
outcoming missions are very tough.


Right after you jump Bersekr destroy the portal and engage everyone around.
In similar situation engage Mothership on enemies and wait until every fighter
leave base to pause, create the wing(s) and engage them also. Only base
number two up on the map have survivors, so go there and protect the
Autopilot Bots that are going to repair the portal. Put Mothership on the
portal right side and figter on the left side to ensure maximum cover. Attack
fast Bersekr in scanner range to avoid Bots damage and wait for Navy ships to
jump in. After that they ask you to participate in the destruction of four
Bersekr battlegroups north on map( Some games Navy crush one of them,
sometime they don`t ). Get close to the first one in the left side and
engage, trying to use SRM/LRM and abilities( keep Astra luck in hand for
those other three groups ) for a quick win. If the Mothership armor get
damage wait for the Chromium device to heal her and engage other in the same
manner. Loot and exit. From my experience in hard level the navy destroy
3 Bersekr groups if you destroy fast the first one - less work !

Nest of Hydra

Easy mission because you have plenty of Navy support. Follow their ships
down to encirclement area to free another group, keeping close and attacking
without missile or abilities. When the blockade is over go for Bersekr
flagship, a battlegroup who include a Super Chimera, a Chimera and Breeze
support fighters. Use plenty of missiles/abilities and go back to beam up
items on every conflict point on the way here. Exit.

Heart of Hydra

A difficult mission because you have to do it all alone. After 1-2 small
fights with Breeze ships EL make her entrance in your team. Put her in one
of your reserve ship and choose between 2 options :
 a. go for her ship ( Raptor )
 b. if the ship you give is better or you have more other don`t bother and go
    for Mainframe first.
Keep close fighters and Mothership on the way to avoid any casualties. In
the spot concentrate the fire/missiles/abilities on Super Chimera to destroy
her and after that engage the remaining 2 Chimera and Breeze fighters. Blow
up the Bersekr station, loot all over the system and exit.

There is also an easier way, submitted by Dave S. Thanks, Dave :


I have an alternate and easier route to succeed in the heart of hydra
mission. Fly around the back of the mainframe avoiding the chimera and
supper chimera, and position ships directly opposite but behind
mainframe. Kill the single chimera ship, and then just blast hell out
of the mainframe - this causes all remaining beserker units to be
destroyed - including the chimera and super chimera.     Dave

Corporate Convoy

Kim Shumov from Triad ask again for your help. Because this mission involve
plenty of enemies you could choose from two strategies :
a. EASY. Stalk and kill every pirate/USS ship in the system you encounter,
similar with Humanitarian Aid mission. Stay away from Kim Shumov(Triad)
ships until you`ve done.
b. DIFFICULT. Create 2 wings with Hero and Ace as leaders and one healer for
each team, option that involves buying an AMS device for Astra also. Reach
contact point, then head to second mine and third one where USS fighters
should be engaged fast with SRM/LRM. At fourth mine you could give a hand to
his owner by choosing line three in dialogue option. Now start the messy part
of this job. USS and pirates aren`t that strong to became a danger for you,
but if they destroy Kim convoy mission is lost. Because of that use those 2
wings on escort settings, one for each Triad transporter and mothership
slightly in front, checking always the situation on the map. Every danger
need to be removed right away, no matter that it is in front or sideways
and after that the wings and Mothership should take their places on the road
to portal. When you reach the portal an USS team jump in, but is enough to
recreate one wing and engage them using AMS if appropriate. Wait for
transporters to jump and go back at every battle site for items and exit.

Routine Transport
Stealing of Prototype

These two missions exclude themselves and my advice is to go for second one
because you end up with Wyvern, the strongest light fighter in the game. For
walkthrough purposes I present both.

Routine Transport

TS - 1732 Orion transport wait next to portal to be escorted to INOCO
station. In the way use AMS against some pirates and speak with Ayaki
base who ask to check on their lost ship. Reach INOCO base , where cpt.
Jordan want 5 minutes break and go check Ayaki ships, after asking INOCO
about their fate. Destroy pirates in the spot and go back. Choose a positive
approach when speaking with Astra`s father and accept his gift, then destroy
near base and on the road to portal all pirates ships trying to steal the
cargo. Near Hapha portal a USS team jump in and you have to use fast/strong
missile to dispose of them. Go back to loot and exit.

Stealing of Prototype

Captain Kidd start presenting the mission parameters and suddenly a nearby
station get under attack by his men. My advice is to help the station by
choosing to destroy Kidd`s men now - no middle man, no sharing the spoils!-
and after that go near INOCO station, blow up defense fighters and beam the
Wyvern. Leave fast before to many Navy fighters pump in and near portal
dispose those Triad ships trying to steal the light fighter under the excuse
that they order the mission !.

Dirty Job
Help to Science

Practically is the same mission with different clients. It doesn`t matter
which one you choose as long Phantom character get a hand from you. His
abilities will come in handy in the next battles.

The scientist called Phantom wants some crates with prototypes to be
transported to USS and Triad bases. Because they don`t understand how
this gadget works, you are sent back to scientist asteroids and obligated to
engage their fighters after Phantom beam him up on Mothership. Destroy
enemies fast and exit. Put Phantom points on precursor and alien technology to
allow their weapons to be installed in your ships. Also EL leave your team,
so is time for some new arrangements.

Rout of Pirate`s Base

Find the Emperor agent called Viper who want to kill the traitor inside
royal administration and destroy USS training base. To do that you`ll need
special equipment placed on a ship near by. When reaching the place you
notice that pirates destroyed the ship and you have to follow them to get
back the stuff. Blow up their ships, making sure to enhance Viper`s Tiger
first and beam up the Radio Pod without the mission cannot be completed. Put
the Pod on the meeting place and go hide in the clouds. After the cutscenes
smell the USS agents tracks to their station ( if you lose them, USS
training station is the second one north on map), destroy support fighters
and wait the Navy to blow up the base. Viper join your team. Loot all and
leave. On the way stop at Abandoned Plant. You should have enough money
yo buy an ASCL laser and an Gunslinger heavy fighter for 100 k each.

From now one some missions will be available only 1 - 3 time in a row, then
gone forever. I present them all, without mentioning the order of appearance
and disappearance, only their degree of difficulty. Nevertheles you will
have eventually to take a side, so I split in two the directions this game
put you after the mission called S.O.S., with a small mention :
choosing emperor side give fortune and glory, while corporations side will
lead eventually to freedom, after you destroy their teams(no other way),
but nothing else. Just freedom for all.

Minister Discharge

Is simple if you follow the indications. Fly to information officer, then
head to weapon depot where a bunch of pirates should be destroyed because
of their " involvement " in stealing the weapons destined to your mission.
Head fast to mining station, use strong missile against minister Fergusson
and all abilities in order to destroy fast his escort. Beam items if you
can and leave fast.

Special Offer

Triad corporation want 2 stations destroyed. Take inside system portal to
pirate station and clear the way around her for support fighters and 1 bomb.
After that use inside portal or travel to supply station where you have to
plant the bomb in the right place and go. After that Triad agents want to
blow up USS central station. Here is a slight catch - even that Phantom
suggest to delay a little bit the attack on patrol ships in order to obtain
the access code, if you fail is no fatal consequences. Head to central
station, put Phantom back on Mothership and wait for him to hack the uranium
transports computer and direct them against USS station, action that
require a close position next to transporters. Beam everything and leave.

Lost Convoy

Check first patrol station, then Triad base for information. The corporation
will give you the last known coordinates for the USS convoy if you blow up
some pirates making problems. Do it, go back for coordinates and on the road
keep an eye on eventual pirate attacks. On last known location you`ll met
for the first time the aliens mention it on news. Save before,in the middle
of action and after the battle, because this is a good opportunity to replay
and study your enemy strong and weak points. In my opinion their ships are
weaker than Bersekr fighters, but all the same use abilities and missile
to keep them one constant pressure. After the fight beam those nice Aliens
guns and obey USS order to clear the area, because if you try to robe the
convoy the mission end here, without earning your money or at least loot
after USS destroyed fighters.

Urgent Call

You receive an " invitation " from the Deneb frigate captain to join
imperial forces in a system infested with Alien ships, where you get
2 jobs :
a) support the attack group against an alien fleet
b) scout the area and spot their flagship, then join imperial battleship
Stalingrad in order to destroy it.
What to do :
a) attack using two ships set on heal and one on missile defense
b) by the time you join Stalingrad, alien flagship use a portal to jump
inside system far away, but she is half strong because of previous
encounters with imperial fleet. Close in, use strong LRM and torpedoes if
you have it, beam what you can and enjoy the victory. You could go after
the remains of corporations fleet who engaged by her own the aliens, but I
advised against it. In that area you`ll fight a swarm of interceptors and
2 - 5 big ships, so be ready to lose some of your fighters and take a
pounding on the Mothership.

Hired Law

This job involve the assassination of a key witness against USS boss. Deal
with eventual alien ships on the way, go to orderly location and head to
target site where navy have been prepared an ambush. Deal fast with them,
speak with the orderly again and choose between two options :
a. attack the patrol station to kill the target
b. destroy the transport and his navy/pirates support ships
If this become difficult, send the fastest ship to destroy the transporter,
while the mothership and his fighters keep enemies from protecting
the transporter.


In the moment you jump in Alien forces is all over you. Clear the area and
head to Stalingrad. The admiral in charge want your team to protect Cretey
station and capture for study one of their small gun, missile launcher and
fighters. First two are easy, because every destroyed ship give this items.
The third one is a little tricky - Cretey was able to create a special
energy field, but in order to capture their ships you have to stay around
that field and destroy all attacks as fast you can, hoping that one or more
fighters get caught. Normally they fall pretty fast. After that protect
the convoy from Cretey to Stalingrad, where the admiral ask to scout the
location of a possible enemy activity. Use the fastest light fighter and
the Ghost system received as reward, search fast the area - of course,
Alien fleet are there ! - and join the imperial strike force. Don`t stay
" up close and personal " to strike force, because their are going to
support heavy enemy fire, but try to protect Stalingrad by destroying all
Alien Gunship ( missile carrier ) and Frigates who attacks him using LRM,
torpedoes and Mothership concentrate turrets fire ( loosing Stalingrad
imply loosing the mission ). Beam all and head back to Cretey where you
could find some Alien ships still trapped in the energy field. Take it all
and go. Sell those ships, because you can`t use it.


This is the crucial moment. Just after jumping in, you`ll get in the middle
of a fight involving imperial fleet, on a side and corporations fleet, on
the other side. If you choose corporations, you lose Viper who become a
fierce enemy. Destroy one side, loot all and check the distress call.
Leave using the same portal you get in, because the one next to the
distress call doesn`t work.

For now one your path split in two , the first one - fame and fortune ! -
being considerably easy that the second one - freedom for all ! - :


Your target is a INOCO convoy, protect by a swarm of corporations and Alien
ships. You have two option :
a. stealth - use those clocking devices to reduce enemy scanner angle of
detection, flank them and take the transport from one side, destroying him
fast with powerful LRM. My option is to install a clocking device for
the entire team on one of my fighter and separate ones to others, but save
and see what`s good for you.
b. Because Mothership`s speed is pretty low and you have to fight your way
through a lot of enemy, choose 1-2 fast fighters to engage the transport
and use Mothership and his remaining fighters to slow down the enemy, like
in the mission Hired Law .

Golden Key

Head to Emperor Glory battleship, fighting the Aliens on the way. There
a pompous admiral send you in the direction of a navy convoy who get
ahead without protection. Destroy alien ships and beam the Precursor
Skull, necessary to open the Precursor portal. Put Phantom on Mothership
and place her next to the portal, allowing the scientist to figure out the
codes. Keep fighters around Mothership and destroy incoming attacks from
corporations/Alien ships. After a while you get to jump to the other side
and set right away 3 ships to heal and 2 as killers to dealt with those
strong Guardians. Install their lasers. Check those two energy sources,
expecting heavy resistance from Guardian ships, then head to Star Hammer.
The next task is to acquire some power cells. Carefully place the Mothership
next to left/right side of each power source, where two satellites are still
linked by an energy line and beam the power cell. Head back to Star Hammer
and destroy in the same time all four satellites. It`s difficult to establish
a 100% success strategy for this task. I choose 4 identical ships with the
same weapons and skills for their pilots - at least, close ! - , I  put them
in front of each satellites, saved the game, pause the action to issue
the attack command and after that I let it play. It is possible not to work,
so you could change the pilots or the ships. Other options involve missile or
the use of mothership against one - two satellites in the same time with
her ships charging alone or in pairs each satellites. After completing the
tasks Star Hammer autopilot engage and is time to face EL. Use 3-4 missile
carrier with full load of torpedoes and Alien guns, 1 - 2 Killer ship and
1-2 fighters set on heal. When close to portal EL supership emerge and
some carboncopy ( AI copy ) of your team pilots. Charge directly EL using
torpedoes and all abilities, keeping Mothership a little bit behind because
EL`s lasers break through your shields like their are not even there. After
all torpedoes hit ( keep missile attack button working, save and pause to
evaluate the situation ) engage EL fast with the Mothership powerful
turrets, because her destruction assure the end game. EVEN THAT THE
to kill EL before make sushi of you. After that the game is only
cutscenes showing the Star Hammer devastating power against Bersekr
Chimeras and entire systems, with you emerging as a powerful admiral,
serving the emperor.



When getting out from portal Navy ships ask which side you support. I lie,
avoiding the clash and head to INOCO station. This is Capture mission,
played on the other side. Destroy the ship who placed a beacon on the
transport and head to destroyed station. Here INOCO officials tell you
that they want peace with the aliens, correcting the emperor`s mistake.
Their scanners have been located the Alien mothership, making your job
the escort of a special ship with scientists and technicien close to their
big ship in order to speak with them. The emperor posses already the
first communication prototype, but he choose the war in order to
become absolute ruler. When in range the communication device start to work
and the good relationships are established once more. Head back. The new
mission involve the convoy protection till New Jerusalem portal. Take your
fighters and go fast to portal where you have to engage multiple navy wings
under Viper`s command. Use LRM and abilities to destroy them before the
convoy reach the portal. Await his depart, loot and leave.


The task in hand is reaching Precursor portal, after a lot of skirmishes
on the way with Navy. When close scanners reveal that the scientists convoy
is already jump in, so you have to destroy Stalingrad and his escort fighter.
After a while the convoy and the Star Hammer jump back. Destroy the convoy
and his protection. Put Phantom on Mothership and take a position close to
Star Hammer, allowing him to hack the computer. Beam all items. Head to
Endor portal, fighting through eventual resistance .


Star Hammer should reach New Kyoto portal. Triad officers disclose the
meeting location, where a lot of USS and INOCO operatives awaits. Here they
ask to give in the Star Hammer and take your reward, the weapon being
prepared to destroy the emperor and seize absolute domination in space.
Actually it doesn`t matter if the answer is no or yes, because either way
they want to make you history. So engage dozens of corporations fighters
and, if still breathing, EL show up for the final battle. You now the drill
from Golden Key mission, but is harder, practically nuts, to hope that you
could win after so many battle. If the miracle pump in and win, the game
suggest to go in Llanowar independent system where neither the emperor or
the corporations could have access to Star Hammer. FREEDOM FOR ALL !
End Game.

None , thanks to a very nice and stabile engine. The only complaint,
valuable for others games too, is the almost impossible to win
final clash. First time I simply react to the final battles, making split
seconds decisions without keeping track to what I did. So when I
replayed the game I get my ass kicked bad, because I tried to create a
strategy before enter the combat and , of course , " no plan survive
the first encounter with the enemy ! " ( Andromeda ).

4. Cheats

I find one cheat on a German site involving the placement of new scripts
in the game folder called Cheatsstwolves and 2 trainers named
pz-swolvestrn5 and swolvestrn6. They are easy to find on the net, if
you search. Unzip the trainer on desktop, but do not open it. Play the
game and press Alt + Tab. If doesn`t work right away try until you get
back to Windows. Because sometime the game doesn`t stay on the bottom
bar, press right away after you see the desktop image Ctrl + Alt + Delete.
Minimize Windows Tak Manager, open the trainer, close Task Manager and
press Star Wolves to get back on track.

Some of this descriptions you could find also in the game manual. Since no
control on fight and first person guns checking is allowed, you have to think
thoroughly in order to achieve better results. Sometimes the turret version
of a gun have different specifications and Alien/Bersekr weapons cannot be
used without special adaptation, meaning you have to put points in this
ability for one of your wingmates. Check ship speed/maneuverability and gun
rate of fire, damage and range to enhance team survival ( see my Star Wolves
faq, tip x ) and try the best combination fitted your purposes. Since a
table is to big for notepad I mention ships/guns/missiles/systems
characteristics before the actual presentation to reduce space consumption.
Also I choose to present only things you can use, so alien fighter and
gunship description are not included.

  5. Ships

The following characteristics should be taking in consideration when buying
a ship : 1.Shields, 2.Armor, 3.Speed, 4.Maneuverability, 5.Sensor range,
6.Big gun slots, 7.Small gun slots, 8.Rocket/Missile slots, 9.System slots.

Brigand  1)20/20 ; 2)40/40 ; 3)700 ; 4)70 ; 5)135 ; 6)1 ; 7)- ; 8)- ; 9)1
Yari       30/30     50/50     800     80     135     1     -     -     1

  Special Purpose Fighters
Hatchet    30/30     70/70     700     70     135     -     2     -     3
Trident   450/450   300/300   1305     90     135     -     3     1     4

  Recon Craft
Raptor    130/130   130/130    850     90     135     -     4     -     3

  Superior Fighters
Excalibur  50/50     70/70     750     80     135     1     -     2     2

  Light Attack Fighters
Naginata   50/50     90/90     700     60     135     -     2     2     1

  Light Fighters
Stormcrow 120/120   100/100    900    110     135     1     -     1     2
Tie-Fly   100/100    80/80     950    120     135     -     2     1     2
Evil Eye  200/200   200/200   1000    120     135     1     -     1     3

  Heavy Gunships/Missile Carriers
Hammerhead 40/40    110/110    600     60     135     -     2     2     1
Bident    140/140   200/200    750     70     135     -     2     4     2
Hrimsturs 350/350   450/450    850     80     135     -     1     4     2

  Heavy Fighters
Cleaner   110/110   250/250    800     90     135     2     -     -     2
Tiger     320/320   320/320    900    100     135     2     -     -     3
Gunslinger 450/450  430/430    950    100     135     3     -     -     2

  6. Guns and turrets

Generally accuracy should be your main concern when buying something, because
high accuracy ensure also high damage. T stand for turret. Every weapons
have : 1.Damage, 2.Rate of fire, 3.Range, 4.Accuracy, 5.Type

 Light fighter guns
M-91 Maksim II     1)2 ; 2)180 ; 3) 60 ; 4) Low ;   5) Small
M-100 Minigun        2     270      60      Low        Small
M-126 Black Jack     5     120      65      Low        Small
M-133 Mace           5     160      65      Low        Small
M-150 Tetsubo        6     200      65      Medium     Small

  Kinetic weapons
M-106 Poleaxe (T)   15      60      70      Low        Big
M-11O War Axe (T)   15      90      70      Low        Big
M-200E Volcanic (T)  9     154      65      Low        Big
M-201 Gattling (t)   9     205      65      Low        Big

  Plasma weapons
HCB-2 Melter (T)    95      15      70      Low        Big
HCB-5 Inferno      170      15      70      Low        Big
HCB-5 Inferno (T)  170      20      70      Low

  Particle Accelerator
MD-1 Thunderbolt(T) 105     17      80      High       Big

M-79 Scorcher       55      15      75      High       Big
M-79 Scorcher (T)   65      15      75      High
AM-2 Rapier         75      15      80      High       Big
AM-2 Rapier (T)     85      15      80      High
M-801 Polaris (T)   45      45      80      High       Big
ASCL (T)            60      45      80      High       Big

  Other weapons
Bersekr`s Laser     20      30      75      Medium     Small
Alien`s Gun         16     180      70      Medium     Small
Precursor`s Cannon  50      85     100      High       Big

  7. Missiles, rockets and torpedoes
A lot of them to choose for every pocket. Of course LRM ( long range missile )
are the best and expensive choice, but for easy level and first 5-10 missions
SRM ( short range missile ) are a good option. The description include :
1.Damage, 2.Anti-PRO, 3. Range, 4.Quantity

S-16 Mini          1)20 ;   2)N/A ;    3)60 ; 4)16/16
S-4 Dart             35       N/A        60      4/4

HT-4 Eraser         250       Poor      120      1/1
HT-6 Hellbringer    400       Standard  150      1/1

SRM-6E Piranha       35       Poor      125      3/3
SRM-8M Dagger        45       Standard  135      3/3
SRM-15 Warhawk       60       Ultimate  140      3/3
LRM-7 Starshark      50       Poor      350      2/2
LRM-9 Avalanche      70       Standard  450      2/2
MIRV Swarm           80     4 warheads  130      1/1
MIRV Tornado         80     6 warheads  140      1/1
ALRM                 90       Ultimate  600      2/2

The only way to use it is to destroy some alien gunship and loot the items.

Alien Nanotechnology 10       Ultimate  250      1/1

Alien Launcher       70       Ultimate  150      5/5

  8. Systems
Star Wolves is a "systems game" because their use insure survival, items and
the necessary points to spend on mercenaries skills tree. A good use of this
according to fighters/Mothership strong and weak points make the difference
between death and life.

   a. Anti-Missile Systems

  Anti-missile Chaff Systems
ECM Mistral - effective ECM factor 10 ; ECM Storm - 20 ; ECM Squall - 30 ;
ECM Cyclone - 40.

  Active Anti-missile Systems
AMS Boxer - efficiency factor 15 ; AMS Gladiator - 25

  ABM Systems ( capital ships )
ABM Blinder - efficiency factor 15 ; ABM Haze - 25 ; AMB Myst - 35

   b. Long Range Scanners
Scout - detection range 160 clicks ;Eagle - 160; Ranger - 175 ; Sentry - 190;
Hawkeye - 190 ; Spy - 210 ; Parallax - 220

   c. Shield Amplifier

Bastion - shield energy increase by 20 sp and recharge rate by 0.5 sp/sec ;
Citadel - 30 sp and 1 sp/sec ; Stronghold - 50 sp and 1 sp/sec ; Prototype -
90 sp and 2sp/sec ( available only after Help to Science mission )

  Capital Ships
Scutum - 100 sp and 0.5 sp/sec ; Aegis - 200 sp and 1 sp/sec ; Shiva - 300 sp
and 1 sp/sec

   d. Repair Systems

  Emergency ( Manual activation )
Troll - restore up to 150 hp in 15 sec ; Werewolf - 300 hp in 15 sec

  Automated ( working non stop ) ( fighters )
Gnome - 1 hp/sec ; Kobold - 2 hp/sec

  Ranged ( set fighter in healing mode to use it )
Cleric - repair rate 1 hp/sec ; Redeemer - 2 hp/sec

  Automated ( working non stop ) ( capital ships )
ARS Chromium - 1 hp/sec ; ARS Nickel - 2 hp/sec

   e. Engine Amplifier
Tarpan - maximum speed increased by 10 % ; Mustang - 20 %

   f. Weapon Booster Systems

  Emergency ( Manual activation )
Snowstorm - increase rate of fire by 50 % for 75 sec; Blizzard - 100 % for 90

  Weapons R.o.f. Increase System ( working non stop )
"F" prototype - 50 % ( available after Help to Science mission )

   g. Anti-Laser Defence Systems
Diamond - block in some degrees lasers fire damage

   h. Stealth Systems

Shade - decrease RCS ( radar cross-section ) of your craft by 30 % ; Shade
Mk 2 - 45 % ; Ghost - 60 %

Nebula - decrease RCS of all craft by 40 % ; Black Hole - 60 % and enemy sensor
efficiency by a factor of 2

9. Credits

All the credits go to XbowSoftware, 1C Company and to those fans
who put a question/answer on the Elemental Games company forum.

Copyright 2005 Limona Razvan

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