Star Wars Supremacy [solve] (walkthrough)

Star Wars Supremacy [solve]

Here's the walkthough for "Star Wars Supremacy"


Star Wars Supremacy

Yes it's a Star Wars game. And, yes, it's a strategy title. As many of you
have found out, however, it's also bloody hard work. Andrew Borelli attempts
to explain all.

Reviewed: PCZ #64, 68%

Supremacy is one of those funny games you either love or hate. For the Star
Wars aficionado or the space opera grognards, there's really one heck of a
game here. But, sadly, many people are turned off by the quirky interface
and mountainous volume of resource management before they get to the meat of
the game. Given a chance, the seasoned Supremacy player can lose whole days
playing this game. But, truth be told, Supremacy can be overwhelming for the
beginner, especially after watching the AI pound another one of your planets
unopposed. Here we'll attempt to clarify some of the more murky details of
gameplay which you'll need to understand in order to succeed. We'll also
provide you with the necessary foundation you'll need to build a solid
overall strategy. Supremacy is too non-linear to try and pin down the one
tactic that always works. The game always starts in an almost completely
random fashion, so you must instead know how to adapt proper basic
strategies in order to capitalise on winning situations ancover from poor
ones. That's what we hope to provide here. With patience, practice and a
little luck, you'll be on your way to galactic dominance. Probably.

The basics
The biggest complaint most gamers have with Supremacy is that the
long-winded interface makes the game cumbersome and unplayable. Getting used
to it is the first step. Firstly, remember that you can drag-and-drop
anything you want from one window to another, as long it is a legal move,
and there's usually more than one way to move something around. The trick is
to figure out the quickest
way to get it there on the screen.
For example, let's say you've got five squadrons of TIE fighters on
Coruscant and you want to move them to a fleet orbiting Chandrilla, a nearby
planet. You could open up the system defences window and click on the
fighter tab to see all available fighters. Then you could click on the fleet
where you want to send
them to bring up the fleet window. What then?
Well, if you like you can drag-and-drop each TIE fighter from Coruscant over
to the fleet window.
This is perfectly valid, and the fighters will move to the fleet. Or you
could click on each fighter with the CTRL button depressed, selecting as
many as you want. Then you could right-click the screen, bringing up the
unit menu. The final step would be to select Move and click on the fleet in
the other window. Ta-da!
Either way, the fighters are on their way. You can use the same principle
when you want to move characters,
ships, ground units or whatever. (And remember, troops and characters don't
need starships to move from one
friendly planet to another, although in some cases it certainly is quicker.)
One thing you don't have to do is repeatedly use the Show Idle function of
the GID.
Early on in the game, you should have a good mental picture of where your
important stuff is.
While Show Idle is a useful assistant, it's a wasted step if you already
know where things are.
If you're getting overwhelmed, ask your agent to help you.

The agent
Most of you will probably want to handle resource management yourself.
However, remember that
your agent

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