Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II-The Sith Lords Jedi Gunman Guide (walkthrough)

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II-The Sith Lords (PC)
Jedi Gunman Guide
Version 3.5
Version/Update History:

Tuesday, December 27, 2005: Finished Version 1.0, all Light side information
added. Submitted to GameFAQs.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006: Added Neoseeker to websites authorized to use my
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Saturday, February 11, 2006: Added a strategy for the Mira/Hanharr fight.
Updated to 2.5

Tuesday, February 14, 2006: Just a minor update. I messed up my Obi-Wan quote!
Eeep! I've only seen Episode III once, come on. I saw Darth Crispy get his legs
lopped off, that was good enough for me. I must thank Adam Walker for the info,
and the props.

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listing for Light Side, so I fixed that, and tweaked the list a bit, again on a
suggestion by him. Thanks!

Sunday, April 23, 2006: Alan Ng, who's email has been omitted by request, told
me how to get Force Sight, some Implant suggestions, and some equipment
suggestions for HK-47, though you may have to cheat to get them. Decided to
take this to 3.5, since I'm a version number whore.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Playthrough as a female, Dark side Jedi Gunman completed, so
most of the information should be fairly complete and accurate. I may have
messed up somewhere, of course, so if you see a mistake, feel free to tell me.
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Written by: Goatboy Damient (thecatillaccat)

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"So uncivilized!"
-Obi-Wan Kenobi

Maybe so, Obi-Wan. But terribly effective! In playing the original KOTOR, I
developed several blaster pistol Jedi, with great success. But it shocked me to
see that no one had yet put up a FAQ for the same thing for the
delightfully-glitchy sequel. Who doesn't just love getting the frozen-screen of
doom in the middle of a big fight, I ask you?

This guide will help you too develop a dual blaster pistol using Jedi, wether
Light or Dark side, who is fully able to gun down almost any enemy in the game
in one or two rounds of attacking, with enough force ability that no one in the
game can resist your attempts to stun them. Except the final bosses, perhaps,
of course. Bloody cheaters.

Table of Contents

A0. Theory
A1. Character Stats
         A1-1. Strength
         A1-2. Dexterity
         A1-3. Constitution
         A1-4. Intelligence
         A1-5. Wisdom
         A1-6. Charisma
         A1-7. Notes
A2. Starting Class and Gender
A3. Skills
         A3-1. Persuade
         A3-2. Repair
         A3-3. Computer Use
         A3-4. Awareness
         A3-5. Treat Injury
         A3-6. Others
         A3-7. Notes
A4. Feats
         A4-1. Two Weapon Fighting
         A4-2. Class Skill: Computer Use
         A4.3. Close Combat
         A4-4. Precise Shot
         A4-5. Other
         A4-6. Notes
A5. Force Powers
         A5-1. Force Speed
         A5-2. Force Stun
         A5-3. Affect Mind
         A5-4. Force Aura
         A5-5. Force Valor
         A5-6. Force Deflection
         A5-7. Force Heal
         A5-8. Force Push
         A5-9. Stun Droid
         A5-A. Force Resistance
         A5-B. Battle Meditation
         A5-C. Revitalize
         A5-D. Energy Resistance
	 A5-E. Fear
	 A5-F. Shock
	 A5-G. Wound
         A5-H. Drain Life
	 A5-I. Force Scream
         A5-J. Special Alignment Powers
         A5-K. Notes
A6. Prestige Class
A7. Sides of the Force
         A7-1. Light Side
	 A7-2. Dark Side
         A7-3. Notes
A8. Allies
         A8-1. Kreia
         A8-2. Atton
         A8-3. T3-M4
         A8-4. Bao-Dur
         A8-5. Handmaiden
         A8-6. Visas-Marr
         A8-7. Disciple
         A8-8. Mira
         A8-9. Hanharr
         A8-A. GO-TO
         A8-B. HK-47
         A8-C. Mandalore
         A8-D. Notes
A9. Leveling Up Efficiently
AA. Equipment
         AA-1. Implants
         AA-2. Headgear
         AA-3. Gloves
         AA-4. Right Arm
         AA-5. Left Arm
         AA-6. Body
         AA-7. Belt
         AA-8. Weapon Set 1
         AA-9. Weapon Set 2
         AA-A. Notes
AB. Game Notes and Tips
AC. Cheats and Exploits
AD. Final Results/Notes
AE. Thanks
A0. Theory

The theory behind the Jedi Gunman is a simple one. Stun your enemies, then use
rapid fire to carve them to bits. Rapid fire pistols can easily be as powerful
as a high-end lightsaber with the right skills and abilities, and I'm out to
prove it. To accomplish this,you need the Speed line of force powers, and a
force power to stun/freeze your enemies. You also need the stats and feats to
make those powers successful, and the feats and equipment to make your tiny
pistols a killing machine that both Robocop and the Predator would be jealous
of. For combat feats, it is recommended you stick with the basic Rapid Shot to
provide you with that extra attack we love so very much. Come with me now on a
wonderful journey to ultimate power! As always, this is just a FAQ, and you can
try whatever you'd like. I'm just here to set you on your way.
A1. Character Stats

A1-1. Strength
Raises to-hit and damage of melee weapons, your hands and fists, and
lightsabers. Completely irrelevant to the build we're trying to create. At
character creation, leave it at 8.

A1-2. Dexterity
Ahh, one of our money stats. Raises your defense, to-hit with our pistols, and
bonus to Reflex Saves. It also adds a bonus to Stealth. You can raise it to 16
in the beginning, but you will likely find plenty of +Dex items in your
travels, and it is better to evenly spread points at first. 14 to start.

A1-3. Constitution
Gives a bonus to your Vitality gained each level, a bonus to Fortitude Saves,
and determines which Implants you can use. Some of the high end implants are
REALLY good and require 18 Constitution to use, but raise it to 14 to start out.

A1-4. Intelligence
Gives a bonus to Computer Use, Demolitions, Repair, and Security, as well as
determining how many skill points you get each level and at the start of the
game. Also, some dialogue options will only appear with a high enough
Intelligence score. Skills in this game are very, VERY important, but still, 14
points here will be enough.

A1-5. Wisdom
Gives a bonus to your Will Saves, Awareness, Treat Injury, and makes your Force
powers more difficult to resist. Also gives a bonus to defense, if you have
Handmaiden train you (Male only), and certain dialogue options only appear with
a high enough Wisdom score. This is the most important stat for our build, but
I still suggest 14 points here to start. There are many, many ways to raise
Wisdom, especially for the light side.

A1-6. Charisma
Gives a bonus to your Force powers (the same bonus as Wisdom, and these stack),
reduces the cost of using opposite aligned Force powers, and gives a bonus to
Persuasion, and I'm fairly certain it helps in Persuade dialogues. Also adds a
bonus to your allies to-hit rating, about twice that of your Charisma modifier.
Another very important stat, but 14 to start, once again. We can raise Charisma

A1-7. Notes
Many people like to raise their stats to 16, or even 18, at the beginning of
the game, but I think this is foolhardy. It costs 2 or more stat points to get
one point of increase the higher you go up, when you could get much better
overall stats by spending evenly in the beginning.

As you go through the game, there will be several opportunities for free
permanent stat gains. I will list them here, for convenience.

+1 WIS - T3's final upgrade
+1 CON, +1 WIS - Breaking Hanharr (Dark Side only)
+2 STR, +1 CON - Kreia, after you get Hanharr (Dark Side Only)

Also, you can get Light/Dark side mastery bonuses. To get these, you must be as
far as you can go on either the Light or Dark side.

Jedi Sentinel and Jedi Watchman  > +3 CON
Jedi Guardian/Jedi Weapon Master > +3 STR
Jedi Consular/Jedi Master        > +3 WIS
Sith Marauder                    > +1 to 8 extra damage
Sith Assassin                    > +3 DEX
Sith Lord                        > +50 Force Points

Knowing this, we can plan what stat points to add as we level up accordingly.

So, to start off, our stats are:
Strength: 8
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 14
Wisdom: 14
Charisma: 14

The class we will be choosing is Consular, followed by Watchman/Assassin.
Taking into consideration possible "free" upgrades and masteries, I would
suggest this point spread for a Light sided and Dark sided character,
respectively. For simplicity's sake, I will assume you get to level 28 by the
end of the game. Your mileage may vary, of course.

Light Side: Level 4: Wisdom
            Level 8: Wisdom
            Level 12: Constitution
            Level 16: Charisma
            Level 20: Charisma
            Level 24: Dexterity
            Level 28: Dexterity

Not counting bonuses from equipment, this will leave your Wisdom at 20 endgame,
from the T3 point and the Consular mastery. With the +3 Constitution from
Watchman mastery, you will have 18, enough for the stoutest of implants. 16
Charisma and Dexterity will make you into a very dangerous person. Mickey would
be proud of you. Rocky would fall to you quicker than he fell to Mr.T.

Dark Side: Level 4: Wisdom
           Level 8: Wisdom
           Level 12: Con
           Level 16: Con
           Level 20: Dexterity
           Level 24: Charisma
           Level 28: Charisma

Not counting bonuses from equipment, this will leave your Wisdom at 21 endgame,
from the Hanharr point, the T3 point, and Consular mastery. With the Hanharr
point and the Kreia point, this will leave your Constitution at 18, enough for
the stoutest of implants. The +3 Dexterity from Assassin mastery will leave you
with a dexterity of 18 endgame. And with 16 Charisma, your Force Powers will be
very, very hard to resist. Your Exile would make Palpatine cry for mommy.
A2. Starting Class and Gender

Differences between male and female Exiles:
Males get Handmaiden, whereas females get Disciple. Males can also get a bonus
feat from Handmaiden to add their Wisdom modifier to their defense, whereas
females cannot. Certain dialogues, character responses, and events will also
change depending on your gender. Also, I find a female to be simply funner to
play as for some reason, all in all. Males get better bonuses, of course.

As I stated before, we will be choosing Consular for our starting class.
Consulars get 6 Vitality per level, 2 skill points per level, and 8 Force
points per level.

Class Skills:
Treat Injury

You will start with basic combat feats, which will be all you need, and Force
Focus, with Force Focus being the entire reason we are choosing Consular.
Stunning your enemies is absolutely vital to this build.
A3. Skills (Stat that effects it is placed in brackets)

A3-1. Persuade (Charisma)
The single most important skill in this game, and also the only skill that only
the Exile can use. So of course you'd want to raise it, right? Of all the
skills, gives you the most gameplay, dialogue, quest, and reward options,
improves relations with allies, and all around, is the one skill to keep up, no
matter what.

A3-2. Repair (Intelligence)
Used to repair droids, computers, and other machines, and comes up in dialogues
now and then. Affects how much a droid heals with a Repair Kit, and effects how
many components you get from breaking down items. When breaking down items,
only the Exile's Repair skill is used to determine how many components you get,
and at 20 repair (skill plus modifiers), you break down at 100% efficiency.
Also important for getting the Wisdom bonus from upgrading T3-M4.

A3-3. Computer Use (Intelligence)
The ability to slice into computers, and the ability to diagnose problems with
droids and computers. We mainly use it to upgrade T3, which is very important!
I just wish I had this skill in real life. Then I'd make a computer strong
enough to beat the shinola out of both Deep Blue AND Stephen Hawking's

A3-4. Awareness (Wisdom)
Ability to spot hidden mines, and comes up often in dialogues when you notice
something out of the ordinary. Not as high priority as the above three skills,
but put some here anyhow.

A3-5. Treat Injury (Wisdom)
Increases the amount healed by medpacs, and adds some dialogue options now and
then, and is useful in a few quests. When breaking down items at a Lab Station,
the Exile's Treat Injury skill is used to determine how many chemicals you
receive. This skill would be more useful for a Dark side player, as they cannot
heal as efficiently.

A3-6. Others
Demolition ( Intelligence): Place 1 point here at character creation, then
leave it alone. It is useful to have in Peragus, and with stat bonuses and some
equipment, you can handle many of the mines in the game. Recovering or
disabling mines is good for precious experience, chemicals, and you can use
them to open doors or containers your Security skill can't handle. Of course,
an ally can do demolitions far better than you.

Security (Intelligence): Place 1 point here at character creation, then leave
it alone. It's useful to have basic Security skills in Peragus, and with stat
bonuses and some equipment, I found that, except for a few containers, you can
handle most of the locks in the game. Use tunnelers or an ally for particularly
stout locks.

Stealth (Dexterity): Simple. Nothing here at all, until you do the Kreia quest
where she asks what your weakest skill is. Then put just one in upon your next
level up.

A3-7. Notes
All the skills except Persuade are used in item creation, but throughout the
game, your allies will be able to handle these tasks admirably, probably far
better than the Exile. With my
recommended stat spread at character creation, you will start with 16 Skill

Place them like so:
4 in Persuade
4 in Repair
2 in Awareness
2 in Treat Injury
1 in Demolitions
1 in Security

This will get you off to a good start. As a Consular with 14 Intelligence, you
will get 4 skill points per level. Until you get Class Skill: Computer Use, max
out Repair and Persuade, then save

the leftover points. Once Computer Use is a class skill, max it, put your
points into Repair and Persuade, and whatever is left over into Awareness and
Treat Injury. After that, 1 point each in Repair, Persuade, and Computer Use,
and alternate 1 point in Treat Injury and Awareness.

As a Watchman/Assassin, you will get 5 skill points per level. Max out Repair,
Persuade, and Computer Use, and alternate 2 in Treat Injury and 2 in Awareness.

At this point, your options change, though. A Watchman will have every skill be
a Class Skill except Demolitions. An Assassin, on the other hand, has ALL
skills as Class Skills. You could put some points into Security and Demolitons
now, if you'd like. I don't recommend Demolitions for Watchmen, though. I
didn't do this at first, but now I realize that I should have.
A4. Feats

A4-1. Two Weapon Fighting
We will be using two blaster pistols, so this feat is absolutely vital, because
without it, we're not going to be hitting anything. Two Weapon fighting reduces
the massive to-hit penalties incurred when fighting with two weapons. Level 1
of this skill tree is worthless, so just use one pistol or, even better, a
blaster rifle until you get Level 2, and upgrade to Level 3 at your first

A4-2. Class Skill: Computer Use
We need Computer Use, so this feat is very, very important, and in our build,
will be the second one we get. Used for many things, but mostly the T3-M4

A4.3. Close Combat
This pair of feats is also very important. Let's face it, you're not always
going to be able to keep a big distance between you and your enemies. These
feats reduce the bonus to-hit your enemies get from engaging you with melee
weapons while you use a ranged weapon, and add to your to-hit when fighting
melee enemies.

A4-4. Precise Shot
This chain of feats is also vital, and will be responsible for much of the
success of your Gunman. They add to your ranged weapon damage, while making it
more difficult for lightsaber users to deflect your shots.

A4-5. Other
Weapon Focus: Blaster Pistol simply adds a +1 to attack rating. Not important,
and should only be taken by Watchmen who have feats left over.

Rapid Shot: You will start the game with the basic Rapid Shot ability, and it
will serve you well enough throughout the game. You may wish to use one of your
final two Watchman points to upgrade it to the next level, though.

A4-6. Notes
For our class choices, you will earn a feat on the following levels.

Consular: 1,3,6,9,12,15
Watchman: 1, 3, 6, 7, 9, 12, 13
Assassin: 1,4,7,10,13

Taking this into consideration, spread your feat choices out like so:

As a Consular: Level 1: Two Weapon Fighting
               Level 3: Class Skill: Computers
               Level 6: Improved Two Weapon Fighting
               Level 9: Master Two Weapon Fighting
               Level 12: Close Combat
               Level 15: Improved Close Combat

At this point, you should switch to your prestige class, either Watchman for
Light side, or Assassin for Dark side.

As a Watchman: Level 1: Precise Shot I
               Level 3: Precise Shot II
               Level 6: Precise Shot III
               Level 7: Precise Shot IV
               Level 9: Precise Shot V
               Level 12: Weapon Focus: Blaster Pistol
               Level 13: Improved Rapid Shot

As an Assassin: Level 1: Precise Shot I
               Level 4: Precise Shot II
               Level 7: Precise Shot III
               Level 10: Precise Shot IV
               Level 13: Precise Shot V
A5. Force Powers

A5-1. Force Speed (Burst of Speed, Knight Speed, Master Speed)
These powers will be used the most throughout your game, and are by far the
most useful. The first level only increases your movement speed, but the second
level also gives you an extra attack each round. Level 3 gives you two extra
attacks per round. Very, very important for carving your enemies to bits. These
powers are supposed to increase your defense as well, but currently, that is
broken and doesn't work. Cannot be used in armor. Universal Power.

A5-2. Force Stun (Stun, Stasis, Stasis Field)
After the Speed powers, this will be your most important ability. Crowd control
is of utmost important, and frozen enemies are enemies who cannot dodge your
attacks. And stunned enemies make your Sneak Attack feat gained from Watchman
or Assassin kick in for extra damage. Light Side
Power. Stasis Field cannot be used in armor.

A5-3. Affect Mind and Dominate Mind
Force persuasion. Opens up many new dialogue options, and can get you more
quest rewards. I honestly always get it because I feel no Jedi is complete
without it, aside from the other
reasons. I would suggest Dominate Mind only for those who go Dark side.

A5-4. Force Aura (Force Aura, Force Shield, Force Armor)
I didn't use these feats except for difficult battles towards the end of the
game, and fighting in the Mandalorian Battle Circle, or fighting the Handmaiden
Sisters. Raises your defense and saving throws, though the defense boost may be
broken and not work. I'm not sure of that. If anyone could tell me, I would
appreciate it. Light side, and cannot be used in armor.

A5-5. Force Valor (Force Valor, Knight Valor, Master Valor)
A skill I found very useful for battles with many enemies, the Battle Circle or
Handmaiden Sisters, or difficult bosses. Raises your physical stats, and the
final two levels provide
resistance to poison. with your already high stats, having them raised by +2,
+3, and +5, respectively, is very powerful. And it also effects everyone in the
party. Spiffy! Light side power, and cannot be used in armor. And if chosen as
your first power, it will allow you to RECOVER the mines in Peragus when used.

A5-6. Force Deflection and Force Redirection
Also very, very important. The majority of enemies in the game use blasters,
and since you don't use lightsabers, these powers are necessary to provide
defense. Level one stops blaster bolts, level two bounces them back. Without
these, you won't last very long in a heated firefight.

A5-7. Force Heal (Heal, Improved Heal, Master Heal)
Oh, these are wonderful. Throughout this game, you WILL take damage, and this
will take care of it quite readily. The later levels of this power also
neutralize poison, and poison and stun, respectively. And with Light side
mastery, it's so cheap, you can cast it all day, and all night. I have found,
also, that even for a Dark-aligned Gunman, you'll have than enough Force Points
and Force regeneration to make use of this. So why not go for it?
Light side power. Get it!

A5-8. Force Push (Force Push, Force Whirlwind, Force Wave)
Pushes back your enemies, damages, and stuns them. With your strong force
abilities, you could keep hitting your enemies with this over and over until
they died, but there are better and faster ways to get the job done. Universal

A5-9. Stun Droid (Stun Droid, Disable Droid, Destroy Droid)
Immobilizes and damages droids. Can be useful for shutting down turrets for a
round or two, as those can do lots of damage in large numbers, but all in all,
not the most useful set of powers. Light side power.

A5-A. Force Resistance and Force Immunity
Raises your resistance to enemy force powers. Can be useful against certain
tough bosses at the end of the game, but not the most useful powers, overall.
Universal powers, cannot be used in armor.

A5-B. Battle Meditation (Battle Meditation, Improved B.M., Master B.M.)
I've grown to like Battle Meditation, especially for this build. Adds to attack
rating, damage, Will saves, and VP regeneration of your entire party for 20
seconds. Rarely, it pops up as a dialogue option, to influence the course of
storyline battles. Worth considering!

A5-C. Revitalize ( Revitalize, Improved Revitalize, Master Revitalize)
Raises dead allies in battle. I think I've used this once in the entire time
I've had this game. Get it if you have nothing better to put your points into
near the end of the game.

A5-D. Energy Resistance (Energy Resistance, Improved E.R., Master E.R.)
I only recently discovered the use of energy resistance, since I started using
Consular as my beginning class. Stops a set number of points of energy damage
from getting through, and the later powers in this tree affect the entire
party. This can really help, negating much of the damage blasters would have
done throughout the game, and in tough lightsaber fights. And, it lasts a long
time with each cast. Get while still in Peragaus, and keep it turned on as
often as

A5-E. Fear (Fear, Horror, Insanity)
The Dark side version of Stun, basically. But the Fear line trounces the Stun
line, because Horror has an area of effect, whereas Stasis does not. Dark side

A5-F. Shock (Shock, Force Lightning, Force Storm)
Absolutely overpowered. Force Storm can clear entire rooms, whole mobs in two
shots or less. And it only gets more powerful as you level up. For our Dark
side Gunman, this will be an important weapon. A clever use of stunning,
pistols, and Force Storm will destroy any group you come into contact with.
Dark side power. Cannot be used in armor.

A5-G. Wound (Wound, Choke, Kill)
I'm angry. So angry I'm going to become a Sith. This power stuns one enemy, and
deals them damage. If you hit an enemy who's life bar is half or less with
Kill, it's a guaranteed win. In the first KotOR, this also came up in a
dialogue or two, and let you put fools in thier place. But in this one?
Nowhere. Nothing. Way to drop the ball, Obsidian. This is the best part about
being a Sith! Dark side power.

A5-H. Drain Life (Drain Life, Death Field)
Damages an enemy, and heals your Jedi. Death Field also has a huge area of
effect. This can be useful in a pinch, but our build is strong enough that
those pinches rarely come. And Heal will take care of it, Dark side or no. But,
still. Somewhat useful. Dark side power. Cannot be used in armor.

A5-I. Force Scream (Force Scream, Improved Force Scream, Master Force Scream)
This one is interesting. It does decent damage, and lowers your enemies base
stats, which can be useful. But your guns and Force Storm are more useful
still. But if you wanted to make an armored Vader-ish Jedi, it can be used in
armor and so it would be useful, I suppose. Dark side power.

A5-J. Special Alignment Powers

Force Enlightenment
Instantly uses the best of your Force Speed, Force Aura, and Force Valor powers
all at once, for a reduced cost. Pity you don't get it until you've almost
finished the game. But, highly, highly useful, nonetheless.

Force Crush
Power. Pure, unrestrained power. Deals 1-10 damage per each of your Jedi's
levels, and knocks the enemy down. Even if the enemy makes asaving throw
against it, it knocks them down and does a good amount of damage. Use this on
single enemies and bosses towards the end of the game. Over and over and over.
Haha! I like it better than Enlightenment. It's just cruel.

A5-K. Notes
This list is now complete, so let's get to it. Now, we are starting as a
Consular, and Prestige-classing into a Watchman/Assassin. We get no Force
powers for our first Consular level, so our force power progression will be
like so:

Consular: 1 on level 2, 2 on level 3, 1, 1, 2, thereafter, for a total of 20
Force Powers by the time you change your class.

Watchman: 2 on your first level, 1 per level thereafter, for a total of 14 at
Character Level 28.

Assassin: 1 per level, for a total of 13 by Character Level 28.

Consular/Watchman: 24 total powers.

Consular/Assassin: 23 total powers.

My suggested level up pattern for our build, both Light and Dark, would be like

Light side
Consular: Level 2: Force Valor
          Level 3: Energy Resistance, Burst of Speed
          Level 4: Affect Mind
          Level 5: Stun
          Level 6: Heal, Force Deflection
          Level 7: Force Aura
          Level 8: Force Shield
          Level 9: Stasis, Knight Speed
          Level 10: Improved Energy Resistance
          Level 11: Knight Valor
          Level 12: Improved Heal, Force Redirection
          Level 13: Force Armor
          Level 14: Battle Meditation
          Level 15: Master Speed, Stasis Field

Watchman: Level 1: Master Valor, Improved Battle Meditation
          Level 2: Master Energy Resistance
          Level 3: Master Heal
          Level 4: Master Battle Meditation
          Level 5: Force Resistance
          Level 6: Force Immunity
          Level 7: Stun Droid
          Level 8: Disable Droid
          Level 9: Destroy Droid
          Level 10: Force Push
          Level 12: Force Whirlwind
          Level 13: Force Wave

Dark side
Consular: Level 2: Burst of Speed
          Level 3: Energy Resistance, Affect Mind
          Level 4: Fear
          Level 5: Shock
          Level 6: Horror, Wound
          Level 7: Dominate Mind
          Level 8: Force Deflection
          Level 9: Force Lightning, Knight Speed
          Level 10: Force Choke
          Level 11: Drain Life
          Level 12: Force Redirection, Insanity
          Level 13: Improved Energy Resistance
          Level 14: Battle Meditation
          Level 15: Master Speed, Improved BM

Assassin: Level 1: Force Resistance
          Level 2: Master Energy Resistance
          Level 3: Force Storm
          Level 4: Death Field
          Level 5: Master Battle Meditation
          Level 6: Force Immunity
          Level 7: Kill
          Level 8: Force Scream
          Level 9: Improved Force Scream
          Level 10: Master Force Scream
          Level 12: Cure
          Level 13: Heal

This may not be the best power-up progression, but it worked well for me. You
might want to get the Cure line sooner for Dark side, or get others before
Wound and Choke. I also messed up on writing my notes, so the above Dark side
list may be incorrect. But, it still works. Right? Feel free to send me
suggestions, or modify as you see fit.
A6. Prestige Class

For our Prestige class, we will be choosing to become a Jedi Watchman or Sith
Assassin. To change class, you must be either very Light or very Dark side,
which will cause Visas to attack and join you. When you reach Level 15,
immediately talk to Kreia to change your class. Why, you may ask? The answer is
simple, really. SNEAK ATTACK. The theory of the build is to stun, then carve to
bits. Sneak Attack is a feat that Watchman and Assassins gain that does extra
damage when
attacking from being Stealthed, and against stunned or otherwise immobilized
opponents. We won't be using any stealth, so the final part is what we are
interested in.

Stun the enemy, and let your superior and highly specialized pistol skills and
your basic Rapid Shot ability work in tandem with the bonus damage provided by
Sneak Attack to decimate just about any enemy you will encounter.

Jedi Watchmen get 2 more Feats, and one more Force power than Sith Assassins,
and have much higher saving throws. Sith Assassins on the other hand, get much,
much more Sneak Attack damage, and another Class skill. Our build in Feats,
stats, and skills works equally as well among Light and Dark side, so don't
stress too much about this.
A7. Sides of the Force

A7-1. Light Side
The Light side of the Force is the power of good, and opposes the Dark side and
the Sith at every turn. Generally, Light side powers are used to buff (boost
stats), to heal party members, and have almost no direct attack skills. For our
build, the most useful power we will use will be the Stun tree (Stun, Stasis,
Stasis Field). Many of the powers you will not wind up using, but Force
Enlightenment, is highly, highly useful when you finally get it. In general,
you will have less money and items as following the light generally forces you
to give people your money, give up quest rewards, not manipulate your way into
larger quest rewards, and basically be a goody little two-shoes. Also, many of
the dialogues and actions to gain influence with your allies are
inherently Light sided in nature. Save before talking to them, and if you find
it hard to control your alignment, hold off on talking to them until you've
taken your Prestige class.

A7-2. Dark Side
The Dark side are the forces of evil, chaos, destruction, lawyers, politicians,
and Wilford Brimley, and seeks the destruction of the Jedi. Dark side powers
are mostly for direct attack, and crushing your opponents. Therefore, to get
them to work, you pretty much need to become a Consular. While you wont get as
many buffs, and will have a harder time healing, you'll kill people so quickly
that it won't matter much. Force Crush, the special alignment power, is also
more useful than Force Enlightenment, by far. Being Dark side will also allow
you to get better items and more money, through taking advantage of people,
stealing, and using the Force to make people do as you want. You will lose Dark
side points in influencing a lot of characters, but I've noticed that you can
always, always get them back, oftentimes through gaining influence with other
characters. It balances out, a little.

A7-3. Notes
Nuetral alignment MIGHT come in the future. But that ought to be enough for
A8. Allies

A8-1. Kreia
-Joins at Peragus
-Mentor ability grants an Experience bonus while she is in the party.
-Force Chain ability makes any buffing type powers used on you or her affect
both of you.

Kreia, as a character, I found very useful. First of all, her stats are higher
than is normally possible for a character, which kind of miffs me off...but
anyhow. She is a Neutrally-aligned Jedi Consular, and thus can use any Force
powers very well. As a Light side player, I gave her the main Dark side powers,
such as the Shock tree, the Terror tree, and Drain Life, and gave her the basic
powers such as Battle Meditation and Force Speed. Being that she is Neutral, I
also gave her the Cure tree.

For her stats, raise her Wisdom as you level her up. For feats, give her the
Dueling tree, Finesse: Melee Weapons, Finesse: Lightsaber, and whatever else
you feel is appropriate. Keep up her Awareness and Treat Injury skills, both
for Medpac use, and to take advantage of those high skills at the Workbench and
Lab Station. Give her some good robes, and a good upgraded melee weapon. Switch
to a lightsaber once you finally find one. I recommend making the Exile's
lightsaber single bladed and giving it to Kreia.

Later in the game, as always happens, her Force Storm cleared rooms in seconds.
Place her on Jedi Support, and turn her loose.

She is immune to your influence, and likes when you are cold and calculating,
thus her influence options are mainly Dark sided in nature. But do NOT go
killing innocents for no good reason.

A8-2. Atton
-Joins at Peragus
-Atton comes with his own special armor, that gives a bonus to saving throws,
decent defense, and does not restrict the use of Force powers. Keep him in this
until you turn him to a Jedi and get him some good robes. If you find no good
robes, keep him in his Ribbed Jacket.
-Scoundrel's Luck is a feat that grants Defense bonuses as Atton levels up.
-Survival is a special feat that increases Atton's saving throws as his
Vitality goes down.
-When knocked down, there is a chance Atton will get back up if another member
of your party is still standing.

Normally, I do not level Atton up until he becomes a Jedi. By saving your
levels, you get more Jedi levels later, and thus more Force abilities. But
Atton is a Scoundrel. And do you know what that means? SNEAK ATTACK!

Bring Atton to a Level 11 Scoundrel, and he will gain very good Sneak Attack
bonuses, as well as some good Scoundrel's Luck bonuses. Train his feats for Two
Weapon Fighting, Close Combat, Rapid Shot, and Precise Shot, and keep him using
pistols, even after he's a Jedi. Give him some basic
Force Powers depending on what alignment you have him under, as he won't be
using them that much, his purpose is to use pistols very, very well. For his
stats raise his Dexterity as you level him up.

Turn Atton to a Jedi by talking to a man in the Refugee Sector of Nar Shadda
who knows about his past, and asking him about it. With high enough influence,
you can follow the chain of conversation to turn him into a Jedi Sentinel. He
generally likes you trusting him, and complimenting him on his skills. And not
invading his mind using the Force. He also seems to enjoy when you murder

For skills, level up his Demolitions and Stealth, mainly. He will be our main
guy for making items that require those skills.

A8-3. T3-M4
-Prologue, Peragus, Joins when leaving Peragus
-You can upgrade items anytime by talking to T3 while he is in your party, but
he cannot create or break down items.
-If you have less than 11 Computer spikes, he will make some for you.
-If Revan was set to Light side in the beginning and you have enough influence
with T3, he will have a message from Carth and Bastila.
-Repair him three times (Requires 24 Computer Use and Repair, which is why we
focused on those skills) to gain a +1 Bonus to your Wisdom. Very important!

What can I say? I like T3. And not only for the yummy Wisdom bonus, he's just
groovy. He has very high skills, and you should have him focus on the Class
skills he comes with. Can be useful for making items, but generally Bao-Dur is
better. It all depends on what equipment you find for them, really. Use whoever
you can get highest. For Feats, get the Feats that raise his abilities with his
skills, and then work on Two Weapon Fighting, and getting him to do good with

Raise his Dexterity and Intelligence as you level him up. He works very well in
a triple-blaster pistol onslaught with the Exile and Atton! You should have
seen those Serocco thugs was pathetic, in a way.

As has been said, repairing him enough times will get you a bonus. This
requires good influence with him. Influence with T3 can be gained mainly by
being nice to him, and complimenting him. His influence gains are Light sided
in nature.

Equip him with the best Droid armor you can find, some good upgraded pistols,
and either +to skills or combat equipment, depending on what you want to use
him for. His Shock Arm is usually a good optional weapon, as is something that
will stun. Set him to Droid Support.

A8-4. Bao-Dur
-Joins at Telos, Surface.
-Can instantly destroy any shield or force field. (Using hand to hand combat)
-Talk to him on the Ebon Hawk, and he can make energy shields, if you don't
have too many Energy and Mandalorian Melee Shields.(Stops doing this after you
build your lightsaber)
-Can become a Jedi
-Cannot wear ANY Jedi Robes

Oh, I like Bao-Dur. I like his character, I like the fact that he is a skill
point machine. He begins in a special class all his own, Tech Specialist. While
getting many, many skill points in this class, it is offset by the HUGE
handicap of gaining absolutely no defense bonus as he levels up.

Bao-Dur can be turned into a Jedi. All this requires is influence, and to talk
to him once your influence is high enough. You cannot get influence through
dialogues with him, only by taking him with you while you do things on other
planets. All of his influence gaining actions are inherently Light-sided in

He becomes a Jedi Guardian, if you want to make him one. I always keep him as a
Tech Specialist. Pump up his Intelligence score, give him items to raise
skills, and keep him unarmed, as he does the most damage that way. But try to
keep him out of combat, and give him the heaviest armor you
can find.

With all those intelligence points, Bao-Dur will be your main man when it comes
to making upgrades, unless you found few good +skill items, and many +skill
Droid parts. Just keep his Class skills high and give him Cross-Class Skill
feats, because that is his purpose.

A8-5. Handmaiden
-Joins at Telos, Hidden Academy
-Male characters only
-Special ability is Echani Strike, which increases unarmed damage and adds a
chance to knock enemies down.
-Can learn a special Feat from her, Battle Precognition, which adds your Wisdom
modifier to your defense.
-Can become a Jedi
-Through her, you can exploit a glitch in the game. (See Cheats and Exploits)

Handmaiden is a melee beast. She-Hulk, if you will, only much more articulate.
Only male characters will get her in their party.

There are many things you can do with the Handmaiden. You can earn a Special
Feat by asking her about the Echani style of fighting. You can turn her into a
Jedi Guardian, which is much better than her Soldier class. To do this, spar
with her at your Character Level 10, 14, and 18, defeating her each time. Get
her influence up, the influence options are mostly Light sided of course, by
making her put some clothes on after you are done sparring to learn of her
mother. (I
preferred her without the clothes...^_~) Learn more about her mother from
Kreia, then follow it up with Handmaiden, and she will accept your training.

Do not level her up as a Soldier. At all. Not only will this make her easy to
defeat in your unarmed duels, this will save her levels for the superior Jedi
Guardian class. Give her Two  Weapon Fighting feats, and equip her with two
lightsabers or a double-blade lightsaber later in the game. Until you have
these, use the staff she comes with. For her stats, mainly raise Strength and
Dexterity. Leave her in her mother's robes, they will suit her well.

A8-6. Visas-Marr
-Get far along in Light or Dark alignment, and watch the cutscene. Prepare for
a lightsaber using enemy, and enter the Ebon Hawk. Defeat her in battle and
spare her to have her join you.
-Can gain a special Feat from her called Force Sight
-Stats are COMPLETELY unsuited for a Sentinel. How annoying!

Visas...I find confusing. While I like her character's personality, her
statistics annoy me. Greatly. Give her one Charisma point, then raise either
Wisdom or Dexterity, depending on if you choose to give her Light or Dark side
powers. Keep her on the Two Weapon Fighting path, and also  give her the
Toughness feats, as she has pathetic Vitality.

You can gain influence with her just by talking to her and being nice to her.
And really, get all the influence you could ever need with her in one good
conversation. Use her if you want, but I didn't find much use for her in this
build. Alan Ng tells us how to get Force Sight: "To get Visas to teach you
Force Sight, you need to have lots of influence with her (not a hard task for a
light Jedi) and then ask her how the Miralukas are able to see through the
Force. After that, the "How do you see through the Force?" line opens up.
Follow it and with the right influence, you can see! Be mindful though that you
only get one shot at this line and failing the influence check will force you
to quickload again (if you want the Sight)."

A8-7. Disciple
-Found in the Enclave's Sublevel on Dantooine
-Female Characters ONLY
-Acts as a portable Lab Station
-Can become a Jedi

Disciple is the female-only character who doesn't compare to the Handmaiden at
ALL. He's decent as a Soldier, and even has good stats. But his personality,
frankly, gets on my nerves. All you need to do to get influence with him is
talk to him, and say the right things. He likes you to be as goody goody as
him, and to love the Republic to death. But as a Dark female, I couldn't seem
to get influence regardless. And he becomes a CONSULAR. He is NOT made for a
Consular, he has no Wisdom and Charisma. Forget this goober. What a bloody

A8-8. Mira
-Light side or Neutral ONLY
-Comes with her own special armor, that gives +5 to defense, cuts damage from
melee attacks, and doesn't restrict use of Force powers. Keep her in this until
you find her some good robes, and if you don't, do not remove her Ballistic
Mesh Jacket.
-When she is leading the party, the party cannot set off mines. Spiffy!
-Has a Wrist Rocket Launcher. You can make Rockets for it at the Workbench.
-Can become a Jedi

Mira has her uses. In several areas, Goto's Yacht being one of them, her
ability to keep the party from setting off mine's is a godsend, and to me, is
her main purpose.

She can also be turned to a Jedi Sentinel. The best way to gain influence with
her is through her "Why don't you kill?" dialogue string, if you have a
decently high awareness. Otherwise, most of her plus-influence events are on

I used to level her up at first to fight Hanharr, which is a tough and annoying
But Carl Russ ( told me a better way. Throw on a stealth
belt, set up a minefield, jack her up with an Alacricity Implant, and let the
big jerk follow you and blow himself to bits. This can be done at any level,
even her starting level, which lets you save levels for her to use as a Jedi.
Take her along the Dueling tree, and keep her with a single blaster pistol, and
get the required feats for it. Demolitions is the only skill that's of real
import. Oh, and her Wrist Launcher is practically worthless. Boba Fett must be
rolling in his grave...>_<

A8-9. Hanharr
-Automatically joins on Nar Shaddaa
-Has Armor Proficiency, but can't wear armor. The hell?
-Has a special feat called Wookie Rage, that adds to his damage, but lowers
-By "breaking" him in conversation, you can gain bonuses to your stats.

Hanharr is basically a Sith Marauder without the Force Powers. Give him
equipment to raise his Strength, Two Weapon Fighting, and some good upgraded
blades, and watch him rend the fleshies.

-Joins after Goto's Yacht.
-Can go into stealth mode without any items.

Think T3-M4, with less skills, and a lousy personality. Getting inlfuence with
him IS kinda neat for story purposes, though.

A8-B. HK-47
-Found in a cargo hold on the Ebon Hawk. You must find the parts to rebuild him.

I'll admit to being a bit biased. I love HK-47. He's funny! But, sadly, you
will have more effective party members. He just doesn't get feats fast enough,
and he's a bit brittle, as are all the droids. But give him a good upgraded
blaster and bring him along for the meatbag quotes anyhow.^___^ Get influence
with him for some Revan backstory, too. Alan NG suggests the Droid Capacitor
Armor, Droid Assassination Module, and the Droid Anatomy Library, all of which
are excellt pieces of equipment, but says you may have to use the giveitem code
to get the Armor and Assassination Module. I'll leave it to you to figure that

A8-C. Mandalore
-Joins at Dxun/Onderon
-Mandalore's Dex Bonus is useless because of his armor.
-Is immune to Fear and Horror
-Has switchable implants that give +4 Str, Dex, or Con, or that will let him
regenerate faster.

Hmmm...well, I like Mandalore. I liked Canderous, too, so there's reasons for
that. He starts out with ranged feats and a ranged weapon, but just like in
KotOR, he's meant for melee!
Give him some Two Weapon Fighting and some good blades, and +Strength
equipment. His armor can't come off, but put a +Defense Overlay and a
Strengthening Underlay Mark V in there.
His implant switching is found under the same menu you use to view Force
Powers. I recommend sticking with the +Strength one. The +Dex one is worthless,
and Constitution and Regeneration are hardly an issue for a Soldier.

A8-D. Notes
What I recommend doing is giving your allies Force Powers to compliment theirs
and your alignments. If they are Dark side through your influence, Dark side
powers. If you are Light, Light side powers. Give Kreia powers opposite your
alignment, to cover all your bases.

A9. Leveling Up Efficiently
Do everything you can to gain experience. EVERYTHING. Be sure to leave no quest
repair every droid you can, recover every mine and unlock every door and
container with Security.

Don't use computer consoles to shut down Droids or kill enemies, kill them
yourself! More experience! Take Kreia, for the experience bonus, while you're
at it. It DOES add up, after a while.
AA. Equipment

AA-1. Implants
Your Constitution rating determines which implants you can wear. 12 , 14, 16,
and 18 all carry with them their own sort of Implants you can equip. Our main
stats are Dexterity, Wisdom, and Charisma. Thus, Implants that raise these
would be optimal, but use the best you can find or make at the Lab Station with
Kreia. I found little better than a Pheromone Package for the longest time>_<.
Near the end of the game, I found a Mental Boost Implant, and that more than
made up for the lack of a good implant throughout the rest of the game.
Alan Ng suggests the Advanced Combat Implant (Con16), because it gives you
Weapon Focus and Specialization for Pistols and Rifles.

AA-2. Headgear
Again, any headgear that gives a good bonus to your main stats would be ideal.
There are several that give bonuses to Dexterity, and some ranged weapon Feats,
and I used these until I was lucky enough to find a Circlet of Saresh (Light
side only, Wisdom +5). The  Multi-Spectral Target Assessor is good, if you
equip the Advanced Combat Implant in order to use it.

AA-3. Gloves
As always, look for gloves that raise your basic stats. There are a couple sets
of gloves that will raise Dexterity or give ranged weapon feats. Throughout
much of the game, I used a pair of Jal Shey Perception Gloves, and switched to
a +Security/Demolitions/+Repair/+Computer Use pair as needed. Endgame, I wanted
energy resistance, so I used a pair of Nagai Combat Gloves.

AA-4. Right Arm
This one is easy. On the Harbinger, you will find an armband that belongs to
your Exile. Put it on here, and never take it off.

AA-5. Left Arm
This one is a little tougher. Here, you will want a shield.
Throughout most of the game, I had the strongest shield I could find or make
that would stop Energy damage, for the times I ran into lightsabers. Sometimes,
I'd put on a melee shield, if the situation warranted it. Later in the game, I
recommend placing a Verpine Prototype Shield here. It will serve you well.

AA-6. Body
Early in the game, you're not going to have much choice when it comes to armor,
and may wind up sticking with the Miner's Uniform for a bit. Even Light armor
is out, as this will restrict your use of the Force. No good. Find the best
robes you can. Many give some small bonus to Wisdom or Charisma, and a rare few
give better ones. Some can be upgraded with Underlays. Throughout much of the
game I used a Jal Shey Neophyte Armor, upgraded with Energy Resistance
upgrades. I didn't find anything better until I ran into the Ossus Keeper Robe
in Onderon Palace. And THIS is the perfect Jedi robe. I  upgraded it with a
Biorestorative Underlay Mark V for the healthy Constitution boost. GET IT AS

AA-7. Belt
There are a few choices when it comes to belts. Never use a stealth field
generator. Try to find a belt that will give either good saves, or protect you
from Mind Affecting, Horror, Fear, and Stun. I was lucky enough to find a Nerve
Amplifier Belt early on. If you get one, stick with it,  unless you need a
+skills belt for a difficult task.

AA-8. Weapon Set 1
This is quite a bit harder. Early on, it's tough to find good pistols. I used
upgraded Field Survival Pistols and Scout Survival Pistols (made at a
Workbench) early on, until I could find better ones in the shops. I don't
reccomend this now, however. Use a good upgraded Blaster Rifle until you find a
couple decent pistols. Later, you can also make Watchman Blasters at the
workbench, which is a good, solid  weapon. And NEVER use Sonic Blasters of any
kind. I swear, they never hit anything.

I was lucky enough to find 2 Sith Disrupters at a store. I like Disrupters, as
the damage they do cannot be stopped by shields. The Onasi Blaster, Zabrak
Heavy Pistol, and Mandalorian Ripper/Disintegrator are also good. Just use the
best you can find. NOTHING is as important as your guns. Upgrade them with the
biggest energy damage upgrades you can find, and use nothing that will lower
your to-hit ratings. You use two weapons, they'll already be low. I used
various Beam Splitters, Rylith Power Cells, and Accuracy Scopes throughout much
of the game. The Energy
Amplifier upgrades are also a possibility. Endgame I had two Mandalorian
Rippers, upgraded with a Crippling Scope MKIII, a Pure Rylith Power Cell, and a
Beam Splitter Mark III. Too bad I couldn't find any Mandalorian

AA-9. Weapon Set 2 could make a set of weapons designed for droids, but I recommend
placing the Plasma Torch here. Or a lightsaber. Never know when you might need
to bash something open, right?

AA-A. Notes
Components: Save as many items as you can until the Exile has a total repair
skill of 20. At this point, you can break items down, and lose no components in
doing so. Use your allies with the highest skills to make upgrades, equipping
them with items that will raise their skills when you do so.

Bao-Dur can handle Security, Computer Use, and Repair. T3 can handle some of
this as well, depending on what parts you've found.
Atton can handle Demolitions and Stealth
Kreia can handle Awareness and Treat Injury

IMPORTANT: DON'T WASTE COMPONENTS! Don't concentrate too much on allies you
don't plan to use often. You need all the components you can get to make a
powerful set of weapons and armor for your main squad. And before you return to
the Jedi Academy once you've found all the Masters, take Kreia's stuff off.
You've been warned...
AB. Game Notes and Tips
The beginning of the game is going to be annoying in parts. You won't be able
to defeat the Handmaiden Sisters in any duels, you won't be able to kill as
quickly as you would like, and there are times you'll need to be patient. After
Telos is when you'll begin becoming a wrecking machine, as this is when the
good Feats, Force Powers, and equipment start popping up. Patience, Patience,

I made the mistake of not upgrading my blasters or having decent ones before
going to the lower levels of the Enclave, and the Deadly Laigreks were
surprisingly tough. I was also dumb enough to bring Bao-Dur. ALWAYS keep your
guns upgraded. Take it from me.

Later on, you'll be able to cast Force Powers all day long and not run out at
all. Not even scratch the surface. You'll have so much FP it's crazy, so go
ahead and abuse!

Guh, the cave on Korriban is annoying for us Light siders. You can't regenerate
Force points in there! Eeeee! Be careful how much FP you use in this longish

SAVE, SAVE, SAVE. Glitches are fond of popping up...speaking of which, it's
time for...
AC. Cheats and Exploits
So you wanna cheat? Okay! I don't do it, but hey, if you want to, go for it.
Let's start with the Handmaiden Robe Trick! After sparring with Handmaiden,
have her put some clothes on. She will put on a unique robe that only she can

Take it off of her. Ogle for a moment.

Ask her to put her clothes on again. You will get another one. Take it off. Ask
her to put it back on...over, and over, and over.

These break down for a large amount of components, and sell for a very good
price. You can get as many as you want this way. Go crazy!

And, save before talking to a shopkeeper. When you look at his items, see what
he has. Don't like it? Reload and try again, until you get what you want. It's
randomized each time! Would make getting good robes and pistols MUCH easier.

On Korriban, there will be a room where Kreia is confronted by your allies. You
can choose to side with Kreia for Light side points, or help them kill her for
Dark side points. The battles are easy.

After this is done though, Kreia won't disappear. You can do this over and over
again, getting as many points as you want.

To get past this glitch, simply do nothing. Don't take a side. Apathy is death!

I won't go into the infinite experience glitches, you cheaters. That would
unbalance my guide!



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