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Star Trek: LegacyBethesda Softworks je izjavila da je PC verzija igre Star Trek: Legacy, verovatno najočekivanije Star Trek igra do sada, izbačena na Američko tržište. Verzija za Xbox 360, se planira u toku sledeće nedelje. Inače, Legacy je Space Combat Simulacija smeštena u Star Trek univerzum. Igrači se smeštaju u ulogu Admirala, i cilj im je da odvedu svoju flotu do pobede nad svim ostalim flotama. Vi, kao Admiral, birate brodove, oružja, opremu i članove posade koje ćete povesti u borbu. Glavne karakteristike možete videti u nastavku teksta.


– Spans the entire Star Trek Universe. The Original Series, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise. It's all here for you to control.
– Real time Starfleet combat. Engage in large-scale combat with dozens of warships fighting simultaneous battles across vast sections of space.
– Dynamic three-dimensional battlefields. Beautiful space environments filled with fully realized nebulas, wormholes, planets, and stars. Intuitive controls allow players to quickly select targets and destinations in 3D space.
– Detailed weapon effects and damage modeling. Weapons searing with energy and charged shields that surge with every hit. Ships with full damage modeling that break apart, strewing debris and sparks.
– Customizable fleets, ships, and captains. Victories earn Command Points, which are used to personalize your fleet, ships, and captains.
– Single player Federation campaign. Spanning three full epochs (Enterprise, The Original Series, and The Next Generation).
– Robust multiplayer with full Xbox Live support. From small-scale engagements to all-out war involving multiple systems. Matchmaking, stat tracking, and player rankings on Xbox Live.
– Over sixty ships and four playable races. From small scouts and light cruisers to fearsome battleships. Command the powerful fleets of the Federation, Klingon, Romulan, and Borg races. All beautifully rendered with the latest technology.

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