Sta cemo igrati tokom leta

Mozda vas interesuje koje ce igre izaci tokom avgusta. Spisak mozete naci ovde:

8/2  Metalheart (Strategy First)
8/8  No Surrender: Battle of the Bulge (Ubisoft)
8/8  Madden NFL 06 (EA Games)
8/9  Advent Rising (Majesco)
8/9  Sacred Underworld (Ascaron)
8/10 Rhem 2 (Got Game)
8/15 Squad Assault: Second Wave (Got Game)
8/15 Battleground Europe (Tri Synergy)
8/16 RYL (Planetwide)
8/16 Dungeon Seige II (Microsoft)
8/19 Battle of Britain II: Wings of Victory (Shockwave Productions)
8/23 Namco Museum 50th Anniversary Arcade Collection (Namco)
8/30 Jetfighter 2015 (Take 2)

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