Space Rangers 2 (walkthrough)

Space Rangers 2 Walkthrough

 Limona Razvan

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                           Space Rangers 2  Walkthrough

                                    Version 1

 1. Introduction
 2. Races, class and skills
 3. Strategy tips
 4. Main story
 5. Planetary quests
 6. Random planetary missions
 7. Weapons and equipment
 8. Cheats
 9. Credits

  1. Introduction

During the war with Klissans over 300 hundreds year ago, as specified in Space
Rangers 1, every species put to work self-replicated robot modules. After a
while they decided to forget about this technology, save for Maloqs who kept
their machines on a distant planet. When Klissans forces took over, Maloq use
orbital bombardment to nuke robots and klissans together into oblivion. Still
some survive and from the combination of the two races Dominators arise to
shake and conquer the Galaxy. Once again rangers are called to arms to
destroy or find what Dominators want in order to stop a full raging war that
military forces are incapable to win.

 2. Races, class and skills


  Intergalactic Alliance is composed by five races called Gaalians, Faeyans,
Humans, Peleng and Maloqs.

     Gaalians are the most advanced technological and spirituallY race. They
are the result of self-imposed genetically experiments over the millennia who
modified beyond recognition the original form. After a bloody encounter with
Klissans, long before the events set in motion in Space Rangers 1, they decided
to stay in the known Galaxy, emphasing concepts as tolerance, cooperation,
knowledge and peace.

     Faeyans, close friends and followers of Gaalians, are the scientific minds
behind the Intergalactic Alliance and a constant target for Peleng/Maloq

     Humans use trade, diplomacy and communication as main characteristics
in a world divided between two ways of life practiced by Gaalians/Faeyans and
Pelengs/Maloqs. They enjoy warm relations with the first two and a somehow
instable connection with the second group, grace to a wide range of emotions
from tolerance and knowledge to greed and mindless use of force.

     Pelengs use their cunning nature to employ espionage, greed and sick jokes
against themselves and the other races. Always hunting military and scientific
secrets from all their partners, Pelengs work for everybody as long they can

     Maloqs can be defined by brute force and a military way of life, bound by
honor and glory. They despise weak occupations - scientist, thinker,
philosopher, etc.- and have outdated technology when compared with the other
four races. Nevertheless they understand that force and mindless aggression is
not longer enough, giving their bad experiences with Klissans and Dominators
over time.


  You can choose from 5 classes : Fighter, Mercenary, Trader, Corsair and
Pirate. In my opinion the Peleng Mercenary have the best ship, especially
designed to battle dominators, but pirates get better deals with pirate
stations who sell a lot of nodes and repair your equipment. Keep in mind
that Gaalians/Faeyans characters use a more diplomatic approach, while
Pelengs/Maloqs are aggressive and Humans somewhere in between.


 Accuracy - let you use the maximum damage that a weapon can inflict, depending
on the enemy maneuverability. If a Turbogravir weapon have 45-72 damage, a 100%
accuracy allows always a 72 pts damage when firing.

 Maneuverability - reduce the damage inflicted by enemies, depending on their
accuracy level.

 Technical - the equipment size is reduced and the player can control up to 7
probes necessary to explore a unhabited planet for weapons, modules and stuff.

 Trading - basically increase the amount of money you receive for selling
different objects.

 Charisma - high charisma improve people reaction to you and increase the
reward from quests and missions.

 Leadership - allows the use of up to 5 ships in combat, increasing your
surviving chances.

 In my opinion a lonely fighter should increase Accuracy, Maneuverability,
Technical and Charisma skills because fighting and doing quests/missions are
enough to get the money. A trader will need Trading, Technical and Leadership
because his firepower and speed are low enough to accept the help of other
AI controlled characters.

 3. Strategy tips

 a. Use the Information centre to track down stations or better equipment, as
in the game manual
 b. A good engine is essential to accomplish faster planetary quests and random
missions,getting more money when you choose a hard level(more money,less time)
 c. Upgrading equipment in scientific bases cost a bundle of money. For example
a Bioslot Ranger Hull with 989 get out from my pocket 656.000 credits.
 d. Pirates change your citizenship for a price and sell nodes
 e. Buy and use probes(Scientific bases)to explore a planet and haul the stuff
abandoned there from crashes
 f. Every ranger centre sell modules in exchange for nodes
 g. Be carefully when buying a bigger hull. Those over 980 usually let you use
only 2 weapons slot and sometimes denies the use of gripper, repair droid or
protection field. Choose one with at least 3 weapons slot, somewhere above
900 and upgraded with modules
 h. Trade is boring
 i. Don`t hunt Dominators with your puny ship in the beginning. It`s a lost of
 j. In hyperspace use missile thrower for maximum damage
 k. Keep your stuff on planets. Space stations tend to be destroyed by
 l. Only planets that are in good/excellent relations will give quests and
random missions

  4. Main story

  After 30 years (game time) the scientists succeeded in making a program for
every Dominator leader - Blazer, Terron and Keller. In the meanwhile you should
try to reduce their influence in the corner of universe they appeared, aka
Gralghar and one-two close by to avoid searching the universe.

  a. Blazer - he looks like a Borg cube . Fly near and speak with him. From the
conversation you get that his great cause is the Utter Victory, a complete
destruction of all his enemies. Enemy mean anyone who don`t share his series
and eventually you`ll offer to download a new military program. He accept, but
ask what do you want to get instead. Choose the option Guarantee that you will
kill me neither now, nor later. After some lines load program `Logical Denial`
and choose from two options : Selfdestruct or Logical mistake. The first one
ensure his destruction and the second one his obedience. In the last case he
he will end up onto a planet in that sector where will be imprisoned forever.

  b. Terron - an oval and yellow radiant shape with blue protuberances. He is
a planet who call himself `Supervisor` and his job is to supervise the Main
Work - reproduction and expansion of his type. Using nanotechnology he
transform everything in elements of his body and he offer the same fate to you.
 Here you`ll get 3 options: - Thank you, maybe next time! ; - Supervisor!
Transformation is my entire goal in life. I`m ready to become dominator. What
must I do ? ; - Terron! I have some very valuable information for you. First
one will end in a battle you against him and his stooges, second mean death
and three more conversation. He refuses first to accept your software and again
3 options: - Thank you, maybe next time! ; - Supervisor! Transformation is my
entire goal in life. I`m ready to become dominator. What must I do ? ; - So,
you are not interested in star transforming ?. The last one let you transfer
the `Energotron` technology and he will start assimilating the sun. If your
encounter happened far away from the sun use a couple of times Space to let
him go near and leave when you got the rangers message.From the scientific
data result that he is not able to sustain more than 1-2gs ( 10-20 years) the
sun heat and his components will melt down after that.

  c. Keller - a blue radiant triangle who surface near random black holes. Look
on the map and find the holes. Getting close you fail to connect and it`s time
to attack. When his hull is half gone, he jumps into the black hole. Follow and
use only missile thrower until he breaks in three parts.Now contact is possible
and you get two options:- Now i`ll show you my readiness.Computer.Activate the
program immediately ; - Keller, connection check, over. The first one make him
regenerate and start the battle. The second one give you some insight in his
mind. I choose two and find out that his main occupation is `analysis`, aka
breaking down objects into components and find out how they work/live.
Eventually you`ll send him into Klissan space to work his `analysis` on them
and find out - first hand, like me in Space Rangers 1 - how much fun they are!

   After all Dominator leaders are gone, someway or another, go back to the
nearest ranger centre and get your biggest reward - a hilarious cutscene in the
honor of the men who saved again the universe ! Also when checking the final
results I find one position below me a ranger called Miss Universe - men ,I get
to date Miss Universe !!!

 5. Planetary quests

 Tip : Some of them have predefined answers, but the rest get random results
and the same play will not guarantee always the success

    Feeding the xenomorphs

 While landing a local caretaker tells you that a little mischievous xenomorph
mixed up the tablets showing the animals name in 5 cages around the zoo .
Read the books about their shape and feeding habits - a couple of hints in a
water of nonsense - and check the tubes with food. If you don`t like to wait
through trial and error process, here are the answers :
 Cage 1 - Sand Ship - tube 2 Quack Tose Rinel - Blooming
 Cage 2 - Graceful Aishout - tube 3 Khahapt globules and hydrocarbon tincture
 Cage 3 - Swamp Phatklink - tube 1 Vazze Criambusine
 Cage 4 - Big Habbath - tube 4 Granulated sparklings and tube 5 Glandulos Noo
 Cage 5 - Klissan proto-shpock - photons

 As a reward you get to read the true info about each animal nature and the
little xenomorph who mixed up the tablets.

    Coach Clerks Unlimited

 Apparently clerks all over the galaxy are more than simple paper pusher and
this competition is the living proof. A team of 5 competitors called Ashot,
Bibik, Cutter, Domer and Elfer will compete in 10 probes, each requiring
different abillities : Iike Bana (IQ, Logic), Energy Modeling (creativity),
Encyclopedica (knowledge), Wrestling (strength), Plumpush - Swamping games
(craftiness), Stone Sculpture Making (strength, creativity), Encyclopedic
cheats (erudition, knowledge), Cyborgdrom ( IQ, Creativity), Air Bats(strength,
craftiness) and Virtual Space Battle (knowledge, logic).
 I found that you can win using 2 options :
 a. Calculate your moves.In order to do this choose wrestling first in training
sessions and put Ashot(1) against Bibik(2) and Cutter(3) against Domer(4).The
winners compete again and you`ll find the more powerfull or in case of a draw
2 people with strength. Next should be individual probes like Energy Modeling
and Encyclopedica where you pick people with very good/good performances,
usually not those with stregth. By now each one has at least one good point -
strength, creativity, knowledge and don`t forget to note what else they can do.
Choose Plumpush and Iike Bana in the end to put craftiness along strength in
one people and IQ in the left one. The last 5 probes require 2 abilities in
one person and by now you should now who goes where (if not bribe the gym
manager for illegal training). Before each round visit the bar and train the
same clerk for IQ (Maloq), knowledge (Peleng) and creativity (Human). Play and
pray because you never now the real intellectual level of your clerks before a

 b. Go for luck . Choose the first one who show outstanding qualities in
wrestling, Plumpush and Iike Bana and those very good/good at Encyclopedica
and Energy Modeling. Use the bar trainers and again pray.

    Repair a DND player

 An old  faeyan DND player got the habit to chew 90% of discs after somebody
`very evil` play with him in a wrong way . After you get the info pick 2 and 8
and the DND will chew only 10% - hey, I`m good with tools !

    Elus Game Tournament

 Now this a brain washer quest! Go to bar and speak with your former classmate
Max, who wrote a doctorate thesis about Elus, to find the basic rules and the
motives behind your new job ( ranger I mean ) - zero academic results!. Elus
is played using 8 figures with 2 colors (blue, yellow), 2 size (big, small)
and 2 types (circle, lozenges), a bunch of rules from whom you find out 6 in
the begginig and one interesting turn - the rule in play for each round is
unknown. Basically you`ll guess the rule looking how figures get in the first
3 rounds, but Elus has 23 rules :
 - choose a figure of the same color
 - choose a figure of the same size
 - choose a figure of the same type
 - choose a figure of a different color
 - choose a figure of a different size
 - choose a figure of a different type
 - if the last figure is a lozenge, choose a blue one, if not choose one of
   the same size
 - if the last figure is yellow, choose a big one, if not choose a small one
 - if the last figure is yellow, choose a circle, if not choose a lozenge
 - if the last figure is blue, choose a circle, if not choose a lozenge
 - if the last figure is blue, choose a big figure, if not choose a different
 - if the last figure is blue, choose a big figure, if not choose a circle
 - if the last figure is a circle, choose a blue figure, if not choose a yellow
 - if the last figure is a circle, choose a small one, if not choose a big one
 - if the last figure is a circle, choose a yellow one, if not choose a small
 - if the last figure is big, choose a lozenge, if not choose a blue one
 - if the last figure is big, choose a circle, if not choose one of the same
 - if the last figure is big, choose a circle, if not choose a lozenge
 - if the last figure is big, choose a yellow one, if not choose a blue one
 - if the last figure is big, choose a yellow one, if not choose a lozenge
 - if the last figure is big, choose a blue one, if not choose a yellow one
 - if the last figure is big, choose a blue one, if not choose one of the same
 - if the last figure is big, choose a blue one, if not choose one of another

   Good luck !

   Saving Rolan

 Rolan is the nephew of a very important government member and some bad guys
keep him as hostage. On his planet the truth reveal himself - Rolan got a loan
from a local gang called Iroquois (!) and they get tired waiting the money.
Speak with his wife, find what jobs you can do to earn enough cash in the local
currency and hints about possible dangers. Then start working on your brand new
truck. This is the easy way out from this quest, but are many other options as
long you respect three rules : Never get bellow 70 l fuel ; Always repair the
truck hull at 100% ; Don`t try to run when fully loaded .
 Solution : first do a couple of runs to mines, get coal and sell him at the
plant in Shpick town. On the road to mines stop always at Mo`s to refuel and
pay the toll to gangsters only when you are full or under 75% truck hull.
Repair yourself back to repair shop and around 200-300 credits go to the
spinach farm. Load a full 10 t cargo and sell it to the mines. Don`t try to run
or assault the Iroquois SUV around repair shop and spinach farm because they
are heavily armoured, just pay the price. The rute is Shpick - Mo`s - Mines -
Mo`s - Shpick - Repair shop - Spinach farm - Repair shop - Shpick - Mo`s -
Mines etc. Do this for a while, take the passengers and speak with trucks on
the road to gain as much money, then head to the Iroquois camp, pay Rolan`s
debt, go back to airport and return to ship.
 There are, of course, bigger fish to fry. Dump site sell iron and you need
5 tones to allow the guy from repair shop mount some spikes, necessary when
dealing violently with the SUV`s on the roads guarded by Iroquois thugs.
A Peleng in Scorpion Bar sell a shotgun, people in need of transportation
and money have bullets, the sheriff want to break a money safe, etc.

   Jumper device field test

 Some crazy scientists want to test a Jumper prototype that already killed
a couple of guys and let others without important parts of body ! There are 4
yellow platform, 4 red, 5 violet, 4 blue, 3 green and the final point. Your task
is to jump from yellow to green taking in consideration the distances between
platforms and the Jumper energy consumptions. The steps are : Yellow 3, Red 4
and replace battery, Violet 4, Violet 3, Blue 3, Green 3, Final point. As
suplement you need to charge 2 battery jumping around 2 platforms with 5 sphere
in the following order : first platform - 1 and 3; second platform - 1 and 2,
change battery, 3 ; first platform - 4 and 5, change battery, 2 ; second
platform - 4.

   Foncer racing tournament

  Ask Slybooth about foncers, race and tournament. In short the foncer is a seat
with a powerful engine, field generator, antigravitational turbine and
maneuvering slides. The maximum speed is 1000km/h, the race have 3 rounds and
the track 11 segments of different difficulty and length. Go the draw and great
the other competitors to find out their style :
 - Peleng - speed and maneuverability, but he like taking risks
 - Maloq - protection over speed and maneuverability ( slow )
 - Faeyan - maneuverability
 The best foncer is the Vortex with good engine, 330 protection and excellent
maneuverability, the last being essential to avoid damage. The race have 3
different places to run - stone plateau, canyon and horizontal (meadow).
 The best strategy is to use Full throttle on horizontal, Move easily through
the dangerous parts ... and Brake slightly in the most dangerous places when
reaching the stone plateau and canyon. While the Peleng will hit the wall and
the Maloq is slow, the Faeyan is quite a match. Pick Full throttle on
horizontal and Move easily through the dangerous parts ...on stone plateau and
canyon, using Brake slightly in the most dangerous places only in the canyon if
he is leading the races. If not don`t hesitate to choose one time Get power to
protection field in the stone plateau and ALWAYS keep your eyes on the foncer
damage .

       Escort for the Maloq Prince

  Only a dedicated ranger like you can be a loyal escort to the Maloq prince
Tardym Ka`Boom and his wife Hanna `Looks Killer`. Land and ask a couple of
questions to the master of ceremony and a shaggy character who, by the way,
knows how you can meet Corsair Santa Clause !
 Now go to the ceremony and pick the following lines, keeping in mind that
you have to butter up both : Pick the suit with belts, sword-belts and
weapons; Great the Maloqs as fit; Jab the prince full force on the jaw; Great
the Prince`s wife; Kiss the Princess hand; Put the basin in the middle, fork
on the left and drive the knife into the table on the right; Serve blood;
Stand to the side of the prince and wait till the first course is over;
Remember a romantic story of your feelings towards a Princess who had been
kidnapped by hyper - pirates; Backhand him right into the ear just for the
kicks of it and hint that his face could suffer a lot damage from Mr.
Iron-tray here; Mix 5 hiphops,2 water, 3 repulsator or another (they drink
everything); Like sunrays they shine ...; Kill your glass in one swing,
providing your heirs with a considerable insurance policy; Give the beautiful
shells to prince Tardym; Give the super-rifle to Princess Hanna; Give the
backpack to Prince`s sons; Well, to be completely frank with you ...; Go out
and take a walk in the garden around the Government Palace;Approach the

       Pilot Testing for Z-45/6 a category

 So the Pelengs need this driver license to smuggle drugs and they hire a
ranger to do the job in exchange to a considerable amount of money. On the
planet you`ll find 3 rooms with different examinators: Laho-khan (Gaalian,room
1), Dalany Highbrow ( Faeyan, room 2) and Sniperman Hogger ( Human, room 3).
Get inside the first one to find out that the emaciate Gaalian is in love with
Bugbubba from the document control department and he want a date. Accept to
help him, Go to the document control department, Listen to conversation, Enter
and face 3 womans. Of course she must be the Maloq. Head over there and choose
military journalist as profession on your way to the canteen, where the entrance
fee is 150 cr ( I know, cheep, but effective ! ). She is big so order plates
full of calories like Lorelai (first menu), Baked tailpullers (second) and
Special Gablingkot (third menu). Eat and burp. No she is in trance and you have
to pick the line saying Shrill out her name and she will write the place and
time for your date ( I was a Peleng character and dating a huge Maloq is pretty
funny, from distance I mean !). Go back to Gaalian, take the papers and head
to the practice line. Fire the meteors without going up and down more than 2
times and get back to ship.

       Swarokok medicine

 Apparently homemade potions to cure wounds are greater than their synthetic
counterparts and you`ll need one small bottle of this wonder cure made by
Maloqs to earn the money. The quest imply hunting down swarokoks and bring back
10 paws, but only the front right one from six paws that the animal posses.
The animal could be trapped using a net and a knash as bait or killed with
a knife and club.Killing with a knife and club presume high skill and strength,
while hiding require a good concealment. Keep in mind that results are random
and you could take 10 paws first time or after more moves.
 Solution : Slip of a couple of flowers ( in reality there are flowers and
fruits. Red petal raise health; first and second unknown flowers raise
concealment and skill; first and second unknown fruits reduce health-raise
strength/skill and reduce skill-raise health/strength ); Try to catch a couple
of knashes; Make a club out of the tree; Start hunting. What to do ?
 a. Train a little; Come to cartanga and shake its stock ( until skill is at
least 96% ); Get back to hunting; Lie down and have a rest ( to increase
strength/health); Take your knife ...; Wait until the swarokok jump at you and
then slash its throat.  REPEAT until the knife is gone
 b. Train a little; Use the huge log ( increase streghth at 100%); Get back to
hunting; Lie down and have a rest; Use the club; Haul off and struck him with
the club. REPEAT until the club is gone or IF ARE NOT ENOUGH PAWS GO TO c.
 c. Bait him with knashes and attack with either a club or bare hands. If
this is not enough reload the quest and try again.

       The Rock Concert

  A dream come true - for a night you will be AC/DC ! To win the purse is
necessary to hire a band ( guitarist, keyboardist, bass player, drummer) and
sing to win the big prize. Solution :
 When you wake up on the first day in the hotel open your laptop :
 a. check mailbox for some funny stories and quest indications
 b. enter the instrument search and buy Strings and Drumstick for 50 cr each
 c. Search through library and buy the books signed O. Hippie, Chvakha Cheet
and the antology , receiving a paper volume of the antology because you are
the number ... who read it.
 Go out from hotel and check the following places in town, but always check
your physical condition - if the phrase You are sleepy ! or You are very tired
appear go back to hotel and take a nap :

 Tatoo parlor - get a guitar tatoo, pierce a ear and ask for musicians to hire
 Pub - speak with the Gaalian and answer 867 at his quest. You could get strings
and drumsticks or listen an advice; Approach the bass-player, listen the music,
ask him to join and give your Poetry Book ( he is only at night in the pub )
 Long Street - speak with the guitarist and hire him
 Rock club - speak with the maloq owner and hire him as drummer
 Pool room - play a hand to win some money, then get close to keyboardist and
hire his services after you beat him one time at pool
 Studio - buy a 5 min song with 50 cr; Train each individual to killer and the
band to unique, but keep an eye to your physical condition;
 Pub - if you have the time play the song in the second/third day to get the
 Sleep the last night and go to make a good show, without drinking on the way:
 a.Select music actions and pick one after another Perform a great vocal party,
Play a shredding guitar solo, Play some cool bass-line, Play a wicked keyboard
solo, Play the drums the punk-rock way, Sing romantically
 b.Select Special Effects and pick Fireworks along the scene (they burn a
drum, but the drummer got his solo) and Artificial Rain to create a magic
water effect.
 c.Select Show and pick Undress ( to show your tattos ) and Run around the
stage and scream hysterically.
 d. Back to music action and choose Just sing and play
 In the end go to the interview and enjoy the victory - AC/DC IS BACK !

   Intergalactic Tournament - Hyper Jumping Plasma checker

  Go the hotel library to understand the rules and pick this numbers :
 3 5 6 4 2 1 3 5 7 6 4 2 3 5 4

     Presidential Candidate

   Usually the planet is a former prison for all criminals, regardless the
species and gender. Still this is not a democracy, because the loser will get
shoot on site. The first thing to do - check what races dominate the planet.
 If Gaalians and Faeyans do, pick answers related to cooperation, science,
knowledge, tolerance , etc. If Peleng/Maloq have the upper hand pick greed,
heroism, business, military, strength, etc. Humans will be in the middle, so
you`ll get over 50% of their vote regardless the options and this is a good
thing. If possible try to catch the attention of a four race, increasing your
chances to win against Abu Linkoln Husseyn (!!). Keep also in mind that all
species love freedom and hate unjust taxes, but over all they are interested
in local problems and less in the galaxy fight with dominators, so avoid ranger
poster and slogans. First you`ll have to establish a platform. Choose according
to the dominant races your opinion about taxes, budget priority, defense
potential, free press, physical training and sport, science and education.
 Then is time to do the real work and this convincing the people that you are
the right choice. There are some ways to do this, as following :
 a. Press conference - answer the questions as mentioned before
 b. Start canvassing the crowd with 6 options : Street posters - one time
(despised by Gaalians), Stereotrailer - one time (hated by Humans), T-shirt -
one time (hated by Maloqs), Badges - two times (despised by Maloq and
Faeyans), Leaflets - three times (irritating for Gaalians, Pelengs and Humans)
and Spam - unlimited (despised by all). The best choice are the leaflets with
military/business/science images and slogans like Vote for freedom, Protect
your way of life, etc.
 c. Black PR - mainly a hired team will made up dirty news about your rival
concerning one species. If it work you gain at least 10 %, if not the press
will find out and make you lose points.
 d. social events - go to prisons, museums, military bases and promise
freedom, budgetary increases, etc.
 e. watch forecast and stereovision to gain information about Abu Linkoln and
change tactics regarding one or more species

   Island on lease

 The Pelengs want to lease an island from a planet wide known for her
administrative trapes, in order to build a leisure station for the brass.Land
and meet a watchman called Ge Chevara (!). Go to the corridor, enter the
secretariat, approach the secretary, ask her name, play 21 until you get her
watch and glasses, give back her objects and get the papers, find out
where is the register, look inside the garbage can, get the hat and put it on,
go to the basement, search, go back, go to the commandant and find out where the
clerk is, go to WC, enter second cabin, answer a couple of questions, go back
to the secretary who will stamp the papers, go to house master and answer some
questions, find that he is no authorized to sign the papers, go to the head of
transportation shop who want a fish, visit the commandant and ask about fish to
get a rod, go outside, go to the lake, get into the lake and look for something
on the bottom ( a bloodsucker), attach the bloodsucker to the line ...,go back
to ministry , go to basement, cast the line into the hole and catch a fish, see
again the head of transportation, get the papers, leave. Yuh !

    International Robot Combat Tournament

  Welcome to BattleMech where three people - John `God` O`Damned, Zen Cha-Cha
and Steel Sylvester wait to crush your skull inside a robot armor. You have an
average robot, who can be upgraded from 1.000 cr and 3 weapons - Blaster, Rocket
launcher and Torpedo tune. For protection people use a power shield against the
blaster, antirocket maneuvers against rockets and a noise generator to jam the
torpedoes homing signal. A robot can carry 10 ammunition sets,2 blaster charges,
2 rocket sets, 2 torpedoes and 4 sets at your disposal. Go to bar before each
round and find out your opponents weakness and strength from the Peleng and
Maloq characters. Leave the crowd last, join them before the last match and give
a toast in the honor of the last opponent to find about him. It`s possible
before the last round to visit first the boxes, upgrade torpedoes - lethal -
and go to the bar and arena after. Strategy example: If Zen Cha - Cha had a
discharged power shield and use rockets/antirockets maneuvering get more blaster
charges and 1-2 torpedoes. In battle hit him with blaster shoots and torpedoes,
avoiding his rockets with antirockets maneuvering.

   Destroy the secret Peleng base

 On a unhabited planet the famous Peleng Lyakusha ( pirate ) called Borzukhan
established a secret base that you have to locate and destroy. Land, speak with
Carl who offers 1000 cr bonus for the Borzukhan alive and three possible
location for his base - Mountain (N), Forest (SW) and Underground caves (E).
You get a laser gun, several grenades and a special explosive device. Climb into
the flyer and pick the following lines :
 Circle over the camp and look around, Fly to the smoke trace,Land carefuly not
far from the fire, Listen to the Peleng conversation, Continue listening,Shoot
the pirates ..., Search the Peleng bodies, Examine the man, Speak with him and
take him back to camp, Go SW, Land and look for the lyakusha cabin, Kick the
door in and ..., Stun Borzukhan with the stunner and get him back to camp, Go
E, Go down to the sea ans inspect the rocks more carefully, Enter the grotto,
Look for the secret passage, Carefully cut out the lock ..., Go right, Enter
the left door, Shoot the Peleng, Set the explosives , Leave.

   Diving  quest

 An alien ship crashed underwater and now she send a distress signal. You get
a bathyscaph with random diving depth, a location and some hints about diving.

 Please, God, don`t send me underwater ! If someone now how to solve this
quest mail me and I will post it.

   Managing a sky resort

 You need to earn 1000000 cr before a time limit managing a resort with 1
hotel, 1 restaurant, 1 sky lift and one beginners track.

I want to say thank you to Erik Mohn ( who provided
the solution below for this rather difficult quest.

 Solution : This is reguarding thi SKI RESORT quest. I dont remember the
order but i ended up with this: ECONOMIST VERY IMPORTANT




HAD 3 DAYS LEFT. When you are done it as if you want to do it til you reach
10.000.000 no time limit.


 6. Random planetary missions

  Random missions came in four ways :

 a. Assassinations - the targets are usually fast pirates and liners ready to
jump or hide on planets and bases rather than sustain a long fight. You need
a fast engine, over 600 speed and 1-2 Rethone/Electronic Cutter to slow them
 b. Transportation - speed and over 30 parsec jump capability is enough to
pick the harder level ( more money, less time )
 c. Escort jobs - insure the safety of a diplomat, liner and transport ship
over a specific number of days. Protect them in case of battle. Usually
diplomats are fast, so be sure your engine is good enough.
 d. Safekeeping a system - protect all civilian ships in a system over a
number of day against attacks

 7. Weapons and equipment

 Usually the first 3 items in every category are the weakest and the last 3
a must, because they are powerfull and resistent to damage.


  Energy : Industry laser, Lezka, Rethone, Wave phaser, Matrix Cutter,
Atomic Vision, Disintegrator, Turbogravir, Vertix

  Fragment : Fragment Cannon, Flow blaster, Multi resonator, IMHO-9000

  Projectiles : Missile-thrower, Torpedo apparatus


 Hulls : Gravicore, Mesostructural, Rogust, Bromed, Chrobyte, Nanoobtect,
Polymorph, Bioslot
 Comments : I saw Nanoobtect with 1056 hull and Bioslot with 989, but the
most important thing is to ensure at least 2-3 weapons slots

 Engines : Diving, Singular, Branchiaeduse, Flow-type, Splash-type, Gravitone,
Stancer, Temporal.
 Comments : Temporal engine is the best choice with 1000 speed and 41 parsec
jumps. Using modules you could enhance further this characteristics.

 Fuel tanks : Hyperliquid, Condenser, Reductional, Protobubble, Positional,
Endocluster, Gyroscope, Tecrine.
 Comments : The best Tecrine I found had 92 fuel tank and up to 140 with
the right module.

 Radar : Wave, Subtransfer, Octone, Beam, Cataur, Neuroflow, Ethane,
 Comments : The best Zero-contact has a range of 4000 km

 Scanner : Trasion, Vortex, Neuroprod, Molecular, Colloid, Tecktor, Denuclear,
 Comments : A quantor can scan a ship up to 47% protection shield and more
with modules.

Gripper : Actuator, Telekinetic, Plasmathread, Ectogene, Piezatrone,
Wholewave, Microtone.
 Comments : Microtone ca grip up to 500 and I didn`t found objects bigger than

Protection Field Generator : Short-wave, Polarizing, Mesonic, Mesh-type,
Zone-type, Microlevel, Ultraplasmatic.
 Comments : The last one ensure a deflection around 50 - 60 % without modules.

 Repair droid : Biotic, Suspensor, Tracking, Dowel
 Comments : There are many other types, but I don`t remember . The best Dowel
I found was capable to repair up to 62 points without being enhanced.

 8. Cheats

All of these cheats are activated by holding down Shift+Ctrl, then typing the
code. Some codes need to be entered in a specific area or part of the game. Each
of these cheats has a cost in cheat points, which are replenished at the rate of
1/day. If you try to activate a cheat you do not have the points for, you will
be informed of your current number of cheat points.

   When the Equipment screen is open

 bigmoney - 10.000 cr
 hugemoney - 100.000 cr


 packing - reduce the weight of all items to half
 superhull - increase hull size
 repair - fly into the sun and repair all items
 drop - nearest ship drop everything not necessary to move

   Ranger station

 rangerpoints - 1000 pts

   Military base

 nextrank - get the next rank


 boom - destroy all enemy unless Keller is present

  9. Credits

 Credits go to 1C Company for a highly enjoying game and to all people that
posted questions and answers on forums.

  Copyright 2006 Limona Razvan

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