South Park Robotron (šifre)

South Park Robotron

Tip and Hints:
The controls are hard to use sometimes. Because you 
gotta move and fire with 8 different keys. So take 
some time before you really start to play to get 
the hang of the controls.

When into gameplay, stay away from the corners. 
Dont trap yourself into corners. For 2 reasons, 
it is hard to get out of and because every 5 seconds 
4 new bad guys get created in each corner. And if 
they get created over you, you will die!

Before the level starts, look around the level. 
See where everyone is placed. See who you wanna 
kill first. You should always try to kill the Mr. Hat 
guys first because they follow you and are fast.

Always keep shooting, even if not at anyone chances 
are you will hit someone.

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