Solitaire (šifre)


Submitted by: Aditya

After you know that the game is over, instead of [dragging and dropping] 
or [double-clicking] on each cards to put it in the right place, just 
[[right-click]] in the game window and the cards will directly start 
falling down as normal.
This saves time and also prevents the fingers from aching (which ache 
like anything after 'n' number of double-clicks).

View Cards One at a Time 
When playing the game in standard  
(3-card draw) mode, hold 
Ctrl + Alt + Shift 
and click on the card deck to draw 
a single card.

Submitted by: Abdul Quadir Amin

Here u surprised when u see 4 place where V put the cards..but 
U can create it 5....

when u start the game and press....
these keys...Ctrl+Shift+F10...then appears a box u just enter 
5 there..then after a few minuts the game place on 5 CARD holds....enjoy !!!!

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