Soldner Secret Wars – Patch v33668

Soldner Secret Wars Kompanija Project-Zero Development je izbacila novi patch za igru Soldner Secret Wars. Ovaj patch podiže postojeću verziju ige na v33668 i time ispravlja nekoliko bugova koji su bili prisutni u ovoj taktičkoj multiplayer pucačini. Ovaj patch, kao i dedicated server možete preuzeti sa donjeg linka, a više informacija o istom u nastavku teksta:

Soldner Secret Wars v33668 Patch (548Mb)
Soldner Secret Wars v33668 Dedicated Server (315Mb)

Soldner Secret Wars v33668 Patch

Soldier: Start point of swimming is increased.
Soldier: Airsupply under water is increased without scuba kit.
Soldier: Heartbeat bug is resolved, and you will be able to shoot more accurate.
Soldier: Camera position is changed slightly.

Vehicle: ATV availible for non add-on users
Vehicle: Avenger, B1 Centauro, BRDM ATGM, Rooikat, Type-93 are two seaters
Vehicle: Added Desert Patrol Vehicle, Landrover MG, M966 "HMMVW" Tow
Vehicle: Greande launcher on Fennek and KSK Wolf replaced by Machine gun
Vehicle: Mowag Eagle Recce change the crosshair of the Machine Gun
Vehicle: All machine guns had more power and are more accurate
Vehicle: Challenger MBT, Leclerc, Gepard, Tunguska, Leopard 2A6, M1A2 Abrams, M2A3 BFVS, Merkavar, T-90 and the Wiesel TOW are 2 seaters.
Vehicle: Armor of all vehilces are changed
Vehicle: Power and blastradius of tankshells are increased
Vehicle: All tow missiles are balanced to the amount of TOW they carry
Vehicle: M2A3 BFVS TOW rockets can take out each tank with 1 shot
Vehicle: Tunguska and Gepard are not able to shoot under a particle angle
Vehicle: Added M113 and MRLS system

Helicopter: Added AH1W Cobra, AH-64D Close Support,Multi Role, Ground Supression, RAH66 Comanche Attack, UH-60G Blackhawk, UH-60Q Blackhawk.
Helicopter: All main machinguns are increased, also the 2 of the UH-60L Black Hawk
Helicopter: Each helicopter has it own rockets, and these have there own power and accuracy
Helicopter: AH1W Cobra, AH-64D Close Support,Multi Role, Ground Supression, RAH66 Comanche Attack, RAH66 Comanche Anti Air, RAH66 Comanche, Pah Tigre these will be operated by 2 persons.
Helicopter: All transport helicopters are equipped with flares
Helicopter: Littlebird MG, Bell UH1D, Cougar, Chinook, UH60M,- UH60Q Blackhawk equipped with additional smoke grenades
Helicopter: Ironsights of helicopters are changed and improved
Helicopter: Pilots of some helicopters have the availibility of Nightvision
Helicopter: Speed and steering are changed

Jets: Added B2 Spirit
Jets: Change all loadouts of the jets
Jets: Implemented new bombs and more powerful rockets
Jets: Machineguns are more accurate and powerful
Jets: Speed and steering are changed
Jets: OA-10 Thunderbolt II is now a real tankkiller

Ships: Added hovercraft
Ships: Jetski availible for non add-on users
Ships: Machineguns of the ships are more powerful and accurate
Ships: Speed and turning is changed

Player Map: The player map will be on when you spawn/respawn
Game Mode: Vehciles and flag posts in CTV and CTF mode are moved outside the HQ
Game Mode: All Game Modes now have a default time limit setting. These settings are adjust to the size and Multi Player mode of the map
Game Mode: Spawn area are increased to prevent spawn camping
Game Mode: Added airfields or addiditonal harbors to maps to extend it for the use of the new content
Game Mode: Replace terminals so they are able to buy tanks also or launchers
Game Mode: All add-on maps are now able to play in CTV and CTF
Game Mode: All old maps are fixed as much as possible

Weapon: All weapons are balanced to almost 100% realistic settings.
Weapon: Prices are changed
Weapon: The power of the knife is increased
Weapon: M203 grenades are less powerful
Weapon: Zoom levels on scopes are added
Weapon: Texture of the XM8 and Remingotn 870 are changed
Weapon: Shotguns are more accurate on short distance
Weapon: Heavy Machinguns are now accurate as support fire
Weapon: Ironsight on some weapons are changed
Weapon: Created new scopes for some weapons
Weapon: Knife is deadly with one strike
Weapon: Added Javelin and M136At4 launcher
Weapon: Change the penetrations and blastradius of all the launchers
Weapon: Change the pricing factors of launchers

Grenades: Change the throwing factor and the power
Grenades: Add a stun grenade, blinding people with IR or NV

Equipment: Bombing Kit, Engineer Kit and Medic Kit are now able to use prone
Equipment: Sniper Kit extended the laser range
Equipment: Sniper Kit is priced lower
Equipment: Scuba Scooter increase the speed and diving factor

Server: Overall Stability of stand alone server
Server: Added servermanager tool, which will auto start and restart server(s) when crashed
Appearance: New Start and End screen
Destruction System: Changed the destruction system, so you are more able to hide in particle buildings
Portal: Enabled Clan management sytem
Net code: Network bandwidth improvements and fixed the estimated bandwidth
Net code: The lag while in a vehicle as passenger is decreased
Portal: Portal is complete optimised and will react faster
Radar: All vehicle, ships, jets, helicopters and boats have better radar, and the ability to see empty vehicles also
Camera Rockets: Camera Guided Rockets are easier to steer and have better control
Max. Players: Max players is now set to 64 players
Airstrike: Airstrike is changed to preventing abuse of it
Area Of Intrest: AOI is changed so the camera guided rockets and bombs have a longer distance
Camouflage: Added several new camouflage created by the community
Logo’s: Added new logo’s created by the community
Suites: added Ghillie Suit

List with new maps:
Arena Wars
Bradley Op
Cross river
Island in the sun
Mekong Delta
Save the bridge
Small Mountains
White Village   

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