Soldiers – Heroes of World War II (walkthrough)

Soldiers - Heroes of World War II

               It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died.
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                 | * * * * *   __________SOLDIERS____________|
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                 |* * * * * *  ____HEROES OF WORLD WAR II____|

                Rather, we should thank God that such men lived.

Copyright 2004, 2005 - Staley, Deuce ex Defcon.  Any site that wishes to host
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Note:  I'm just writing about the methods that I personally used to win these
missions.  Don't be surprised if you find a strategy for some missions that is
better than the ones I've written down.  Hey, at least I tried, right?


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                          |        CONTENTS        |
                          |                        |


0.00)  A Few Notes Before You Get Started
0.10)  Important Controls

1.00)  Katyusha (USSR)
   1.01)  Chepel
   1.02)  Monastery
   1.03)  Last Ride
   1.04)  Theft
   1.05)  Prishib Station

2.00)  Project America (Britain)
   2.01)  Lighthouse
   2.02)  Rendezvous
   2.03)  Crash Site
   2.04)  Ambush
   2.05)  Rescue
   2.06)  Freedom

3.00)  The Way to Berlin (United States)
   3.01)  Drop Zone
   3.02)  Nijmegen
   3.03)  Minefields
   3.04)  Artillery Assault
   3.05)  Last Stand

4.00)  Wrath of the Tiger (Germany)
   4.01)  En Route
   4.02)  Reconnaissance
   4.03)  Villers-Bocage
   4.04)  Hunter
   4.05)  Liberation

5.00)  Bonus Missions
   5.01)  Tank Attack
   5.02)  OutFront
   5.03)  Frontline
   5.04)  Hutor
   5.05)  Defend
   5.06)  Mastogne
   5.07)  Officer

6.00)  End
   6.01)  Version History
   6.02)  Closing

                 |                                           |
                 | 0.00)  A FEW NOTES BEFORE YOU GET STARTED |
                 |                                           |

In this section, I will list some notes about various things you should keep in
mind while playing, in no particular order:

I)  Now is a good time to save if you want to.

I put this little message at spots in some missions.  I suggest you take my
advice when I give it, and save your mission.  Nothing's more annoying than
having to redo a large mission several times because you keep messing up in the
last few parts of it.  This tag is usually an indication that something very
difficult or something really easy to mess up is about to happen.

II)  Gray compared to red damage.

 - When a vehicle takes damage, it will show up on the unit's picture on the
left side of the screen when you select it.  Damage shown in Red can be
repaired using a repair kit.  However, damage that appears as a dark Gray will
not be repairable.  Once it's broken, it stays broken.  Any vehicle that has
tires will fall victim to this easily.  All it takes is one popped tire, and
the vehicle is permanently immobile.

III)  Weapons equipped when entering vehicles and mounted guns.

 - When you enter a vehicle, your men will drop any weapon they had in their
hands when they entered the vehicle.  On a few missions, this will completely
screw you over.  Always make sure you unequip the unit's weapon before you
send it into a vehicle.  Mounted guns are slightly different.  Sometimes your
men will drop the weapon they had in their hands, and sometimes they won't.
Always make sure you have your weapon after you abandon the gun, or you might
realize you're defenseless when it's too late.

VI)  Helmets and body armor.

 - Body armor is a huge help for your soldiers.  If you find some, make sure
you take it and equip it.  Helmets are also a very important piece of
equipment.  If your helmet gets blown off, make sure you replace it immediately
with a helmet from a downed German soldier (sometimes you can pick the same
helmet back up, too).

V)  Double clicking items in your inventory.

 - When you're examining another inventory, double clicking an item from your
inventory will move it to the other inventory, and double clicking on an item
in the other inventory will move it to yours.  Double clicking on an item that
has a lot more than can fit in one spot in your inventory will fill all of your
available slots with that item (unless there isn't enough of the item to that).
This is helpful for quickly moving items in your inventory.

If you only have a single units inventory open, double clicking on ammo will
reload your gun.

VI)  Shutdown glitch.

Double clicking on ammo in your inventory will reload your gun.  Unfortunately,
there's a glitch that will sometimes cause an error message to come up, and it
will force you to completely exit the game.  It seems to be more common when
you reload a heavier machine gun, but that could just be a coincidence.  As of
right now, I am not aware of any way to correct this problem.  The best way to
avoid it is to reload using the ammo clip icon to the right of your weapons on
the main screen.

VII)  Saving at the start of each mission.

I suggest you save immediately after the introduction to each mission.  It can
get extremely annoying to have to watch that same damn scene over and over
again if you have trouble on a mission.

VIII)  The Map.

It starts off at a tilt, but there isn't an easy way to tell which way is
north.  Usually, I would tell people to immediately change their angle so that
north is up on the screen.  This time though, I recommend you keep it at the
default position.  All directions in this guide assume that you have.

IX)  Never leave your men armed with grenades if you're not going to be
Directly Controlling them.

Seriously, your AI is unreasonably stupid.  If you leave a grenade in the hands
of a soldier, and you let go of the Direct Control, he will use it at the next
available target, regardless of how close he (or an ally) might be to that
target.  It's a quick way to get yourself killed, or waste a grenade that you
might have needed later.

X)  Equipping things from your inventory.

To equip helmets, body armor, or weapons from your inventory, simply click and
drag the item from your inventory to the appropriate location on your unit's
picture.  Unequip things by reversing that process.

                         |                           |
                         | 0.10)  IMPORTANT CONTROLS |
                         |                           |

For the most part, if you go through the training and if you've played at least
one other RTS game before, you should have no problems with the controls.

I)  Direct Control.

There are two ways to enter the "Direct Control" feature.  The first is by
pressing the End key to turn the feature on, and then pressing it again to turn
it off.  The other way (which is the way I ALWAYS recommend you do it) is by
holding down the Control key for the duration of the time you want to stay in
Direct Control mode.

Direct control is useful for making very quick, precise attacks.  Units are a
lot more accurate in Direct Control, and you can pick your targets much easier.
Direct Control is also extremely useful for driving vehicles into tight spots,
or escaping quickly from heated battles.

II)  Hold Fire, Return Fire, and Fire At Will.

You can set a unit to any one of these three basic commands when the unit is
not being Directly Controlled.  To set these, simply click on one of the
corresponding icons on the left side of the top row of your command bar when
you have at least one unit selected.

Hold Fire means that the unit will absolutely not fire at anything, no matter
what, until you tell it to.  This is almost always the safest way to go,
simply because your units are not exactly smart, and can easily get themselves
killed for stupid reasons if they fire at something you didn't want them to
fire at, or if they throw a grenade while standing in front of a wall or
another one of your units.

Return Fire means that your unit will fire back if it is fired upon.  This is
fairly safe, but you won't want to use it a lot of the times.  Your units tend
to waste their ammo shooting at things they can't hit, or they return fire with
grenades and kill themselves or your other units.

Fire At Will means the unit will fire at anything that gets too close.  This is
rarely a good idea for several of the reasons listed above.  The only time I
recommend using this is when you need to slaughter a lot of troops at one time.
You can set one or more men to Fire At Will, and then take Direct Control of
another unit.

III)  Hotkeys.

Several actions have keys assigned to them so you can perform them quickly
without using your mouse.  I'll list the most important ones here, in no
particular order.  Note that most of these features can also be opened with
various icons on your display.

E)  Exits a vehicle/gun.  Depending on what you're exiting, you'll be given a
cursor, and you must then click on where you want your unit(s) to exit to.

+)  Reloads your current weapon.  This is one of the more valuable hotkeys.

M)  Opens your map.

O)  Opens the mission objectives list.

F)  This puts your unit in the Melee attack mode when applicable.  You can use
a troop to run up to an enemy troop and smack them, causing the enemy to fall
down for a while.  Note that this DOES NOT ALWAYS MAKE THE UNIT STAY DOWN.
They will sometimes get back up when you least expect it.

X)  This examines the target.  Use this to have a soldier check a vehicle's
inventory or check the contents of some crates.  Very useful.

D)  Drops the item you have in your hand.  This is used a lot when you're
carrying barrels or bundles of wood.

I)  This will open the selected unit's inventory.

Space)  This will make a selected soldier go into the Prone position, which is
useful when you need to sneak around or take cover quickly.

U)  This will allow you to use some items that you have in your hand.  For
example, matches, barrels of fuel, and dynamite all require this feature.


                            1.00)  KATYUSHA (USSR)


                          |                         |
                          |      1.01)  CHEPEL      |
                          |                         |



1) Destroy the German defensive guns.

 - There are four of them.  Two on the southern edge of the town, and two more
a little to the west, in some trees on a small hill.

2) Eliminate all traces of the enemy.

 - Pretty straight-forward goal.  Simply destroy all enemy units.


1 T-34 Medium Tank (4 Crewmen)

1 BA-20M Armored Machine Gun Vehicle (2 Crewmen)

2 Soldiers


Start by taking your tank northwest to the small farm.  Park it so it's facing
northeast at the top of the farm, where the gap in the fence is.  Take the
BA-20M up there too, and park it slightly below and to the right of the tank,
it can fire at infantry if they get too close to your tank.  Move the two
infantry men so they are south of the vehicles.

By now, the enemy may have already noticed you and started firing.  Take direct
control of the tank, and start firing at anything that gets close.  Your
primary concerns should be the German tank if it is already attacking you, and
the two defensive guns once the tank is demolished.  Use your armor-piercing
shells on the tank, but the high-explosive shells seem to be more effective on
the defensive guns.  Make damn sure you machine gun any infantry that get near
your tank.  All it takes is a single grenade at your tank to screw you over.

An SDK will approach from inside the town.  Wait until you have a clear shot,
and then take it out with a tank shell.  Slaughter any infantry that came with
it.  Ensure that there are no more infantry units around, and then fix the tank
if necessary.  Proceed northeast to the river, and travel far enough north so
you can take out the small vehicle on the side of the town.  Then turn
westward, and park the tank at the entrance of the town, facing directly up the
road.  Drive your BA-20M up there, too.  Send your two infantry guys up there
as well.

(Now is a good time to save if you want to.)

Make sure the area is clear.  If the tank you fought earlier was not completely
destroyed, take one of your soldiers over there with the repair kit.  Fix the
tank, and then put both of your soldiers in it.  Take the two men out of your
BA-20M, and put them in the tank as well.  Be careful that you don't misplace
the repair kit when you're doing this.

Now you have two tanks at your disposal.  Carefully and slowly proceed
north-east through the town.  Use armor-piercing shells to cripple the next big
German tank that approaches you.  If it doesn't explode, take a man out of your
captured tank, repair this third tank, and then stick him and another man from
the stolen tank into the third tank.  Be careful not to lose your repair kit.
Now you'll have three tanks, and the rest of the mission should be a synch.

Keep your tanks close together, and continue heading north and east around the
edge of the town.  Destroy any vehicles you encounter, and make sure you kill
any infantry well before they get near your tanks.  When you get to a small
bridge north of the town, you will most likely encounter two more German tanks.
Take them out as fast as possible.  If you want, you can fix the Panzer IV and
take your guys out of the Panzer II to use them in the Panzer IV, since it is a
bigger tank.

Take your tanks south-west now, and destroy anything that you see.  It should
be pretty simple.  Remember to destroy the two defensive guns in the trees to
the south.  If you're having trouble seeing them, remember that you can see a
map of the area by clicking on the little thing at the right of your screen.
All of the red dots are enemies.  Eliminate them all, and you will complete
this mission.

NOTE:  There is a mine field to the west of your starting position.  While it
is possible to get a mine detector from the SDK in the small western base to
clear out the field, it's a huge pain in the ass to do.  If you want, feel free
to try it yourself.  Careful though:  a single mine will completely demolish
any vehicle, and kill any men you had in and on it.


                          |                        |
                          |    1.02)  MONASTERY    |
                          |                        |



1)  Reach the paratroopers and help them defeat the Germans.

 - This is slightly misleading.  You have to get to the paratroopers, make sure
one of them survives, and then escape to the other side of the river with at
least one of your tank men alive.


2 Crewmen (Ivan Prokhorov and Taras Kurennoy)

(1 Paratrooper once you get to him) [Ilya Leson]

NOTE:  You will lose the mission if the paratrooper gets killed, and you will
also lose if both of your crewmen get killed.  You will retain all surviving
units from this mission into the next mission, so if any of your men die, you
might want to start over.


The body armor off of the two downed paratroopers near the south-east entrance
to the Monastery.  Also, the antitank grenade from one of the soldiers in the
second wave after destroying the tank.


Start by running north and slightly west to the small chapel.  One of your guys
has a Molotov, so select him and put the Molotov in his hand.  Step out from
behind the chapel and chuck the Molotov on the tank that's over there.  But BE
CAREFUL.  If you don't step out far enough, you will hit the building with it,
and the fire will kill you.  And if you miss the tank, you're pretty much
screwed.  So make sure you don't mess up.

Once the tank and its occupants are taken care of, run north-west to the small
entrance into the main Monastery.  There are two fallen paratroopers here:  One
on the east side of the entrance, and another one slightly south-east of there
against a wall.  There is a good weapon on the ground next to each of them, so
scroll around until you get the grabby hand icon to pick them up.  Then inspect
one of the paratroopers with each of the crewmen, and take any bullets and
equipment they have.  Don't forget to take their body armor, either.

Prepare to defend your position against about ten or twelve enemy soldiers that
will come in from the south and east (they come in two groups, so don't let
your guard down after you kill the first wave).  Once they are all dead, go
inspect them to pick up any bullets and grenades they may have had.  If either
of your men lost their helmet in the fight, replace it with one from these
guys.  One of the Germans in the second wave should have an M24x5 antitank
grenade in his inventory.  This will be useful later on, so make sure you pick
it up.

(Now is a good time to save if you want to.)

The next target is the circular fountain in the center of the main Monastery.
There are five guards in it:  One in the north-east, one in the south-west, and
three in the north-west, one of which is using a mounted machine gun.  There
are also three more German soldiers guarding the north-east exit to the
Monastery.  Make sure one of your men has a full clip of ammo loaded, and put a
normal grenade in the other soldier's hand.

Run the soldier with the machine gun north to deal with the three guards near
the exit and the north-eastern guy in the fountain area.  Have the dude with
the grenade toss it up towards the three men near the mounted machine gun.
Immediately get his weapon out and deal with any survivors.  Now you should
have some time to pick up some ammo and equipment, and replace your helmets if
they're gone.

Once you've stocked up on equipment, approach the paratroopers.  A small scene
will occur, and then you will have control of one of the paratroopers (the
other one goes on a suicidal rush towards the Germans, and you can't save him).
Earlier in the mission, an SDK should have busted a hole in the wall to the
north-west of your position.  If so, exit that way.  If not, you'll have to use
the north-east exit that you cleared out earlier.

Work your way north-east towards the river.  There is a machine gun vehicle up
there, but you should be able to pick off the men in it with Direct Control of
one of your soldiers.  Then proceed due east.  You must get your men to the big
sand bank on the other side of the river to complete the mission.  It shouldn't
be hard to do.  Just tell them to go there, and they should jump in the water
and swim there by themselves.


                          |                        |
                          |    1.03)  LAST RIDE    |
                          |                        |



1)  Get to Dudkov's cottage and meet with him.

 - All you have to do to achieve this goal is get near his cabin.  Once you do,
a short scene will occur, and then a timer will start.


Any survivors from your last mission will be available for this mission, and
they will keep all of the equipment they had in their inventories.


Immediately send your men north to the barn, and have one of them ready with a
machine gun.  Step out and kill the German patrolman when he gets close.  Make
sure your other men are properly armed, and then move east to through the gap
in the next fence, and position your men west of the next house.  Let them deal
with any Germans that come by.  Look east a little, and you'll see a machine
gun vehicle.  Don't let it attack you, or it'll kill you quickly.  Instead, run
one soldier south to the next house, and leave the other two where they are.
See the barrel next to the machine gun vehicle?  Move your third guy out from
behind the southern house, and use Direct Control to shoot the barrel.  The
resulting explosion will take care of the vehicle.

Have your men clear out any remaining German soldiers, but don't cross the road
to the north yet.  Take your time to gather up some equipment and helmets if
necessary.  Then get out on the road and head east.  See a brown tower and a
road barricade up there?  The house to the left of that is Dudkov's (there's a
scarecrow in his field).  Slaughter anything nearby, but don't go inside the
fenced area of his house yet.

(Now is a good time to save if you want.)

Once the area is clear, approach his house.  A short scene will occur, and then
a timer will start.  Run south to the road, and then run straight down it to
the west.  You're headed for the fenced-in base area where the train car they
showed you earlier is.  There is a large tree on the southern edge, and there's
a gap in the fence behind it.

Take your men through this gap, and clear the place out.  Have them take cover
against the eastern wall of the thin warehouse building directly below the
train.  They should be able to deal with anything from there.  If a vehicle
comes by, make sure you take Direct Control of one of your men and take out the
men in the vehicle as fast as you can.

When the timer reaches about 45 seconds, open one of your soldier's inventory.
You need to make room for his weapon, because he will lose it if you order him
on the train while he has it out.  Toss ammo or small grenades, but hold on to
antitank grenades, bandages, and any heavy machine gun ammo you might have.
Once he's been properly unequipped, send him to the train car.  Then do the
same procedure to the other men.  If you are slow and run out of time, don't
be too worried about it.  As long as one or two of your men make it with their
weapons intact, you should be fine.  But all three is better.

NOTE:  Dudkov will approach the train from the east when the counter gets close
to running out.  DON'T panic and shoot him, or you'll lose.  I thought he was a
German the first time, so... yeah.

When the timer runs out and you've got your men on the train, the mission will
be over.


                           |                      |
                           |     1.04)  THEFT     |
                           |                      |



1)  Capture the single steam engine and attach it to the Katyusha.

 - At the far north of the map, there is a train engine with no cars attached.
You'll need to capture this to finish the mission.

2)  Eliminate all defending Germans.

 - This is self-explanatory goal.  Plus, you'll want to eliminate them anyway
to make the rest of the mission a little safer.


Any units that survived the previous mission will be available in this mission,
and so will any equipment they had in their inventories.


The two antitank mines from the chest on the ground above the two western
warehouse buildings.  Also remember to get the sniper rifle from the chest in
the southern warehouse building to the east, as well as any rifle ammo you can
find anywhere on the map.


Start by running north to the wood pile, and have everyone take cover on the
south side of it.  Make sure the guy on the left has a clip of ammo in his gun,
because he's going to have to deal with a German patrol unit soon.  Wait for
the guard to walk past, and then gun him down.

Run your men to the small spot between the train cars to your left.  Leave two
of them there, and take the third one north carefully (also make sure he has a
small grenade in his inventory).  Send him north to the next wood pile.  Go
prone, and crawl to your left a little, and then up to the smaller wood pile.
Toss the grenade at the dude manning the mounted machine gun.  Once he's taken
care of, get your weapon back out, and hose the two men that will come out of
the building by the mounted gun.

Once they're dealt with, run to the gun and man it.  Let this guy gun down any
and everything that comes near him.  Make sure you check out the area directly
north of the two warehouse buildings to your east.  There's a guy with a rifle
there that will injure you badly if you don't take him out.  Now go back to
your other men, and send them north to stand slightly below and to the west of
your machine gunner.  You can pick up anything you might need from the soldiers
that are on the ground nearby.  Once things calm down, send your men east to
the two buildings there.  Leave the machine gunner where he is.

Hoards of German infantry are on the other side of the two warehouses.  Some of
them will approach on motorbikes, but the majority will be on foot.  I
recommend waiting for them to walk in front of you.  There's a mounted machine
gun a little farther to the east, a guard tower to the south, and a light tank
that will approach from the south at some point.  Wait on the western side of
the warehouses until that vehicle arrives.  (This could take a few minutes.)

Pick one of your soldiers that has an antitank grenade, and make sure his gun
is fully loaded.  Take him north to the end of the second warehouse.  The
machine gun vehicle and the mounted machine gun are both to your right.  Run up
and to the right, and take shelter on the west side of the northern wall of the
small building there.  Gun down any infantry that you can see, and any that
approach your position.

Once the infantry have been dealt with, get a small grenade out.  Walk to the
east a little, and toss the grenade at the mounted machine gun to take care of
that guy.  Then go back west, and take shelter on the west wall of the same
small building.  Pull out that antitank grenade, and peek around the corner
really fast to toss it on the light tank.  If you hit it, it will be completely

(Now is a good time to save if you want to.)

Head east to the next pair of warehouse buildings.  Go quickly, or you will
attract the attention of the guard in the tower to the south.  Check any
soldiers here for equipment, and go inside the southern building.  Inside you
will find a crate in the northern section.  Open it, and switch your current
weapon for the sniper rifle inside.  Take the bullets in the crate.  There is
another crate on the west side of the other building.  Take the ammo out of it,
but you really don't need the rifle.  Take any antitank grenades you find, too.
If necessary, toss regular grenades to make room.

Use your newly acquired sniper rifle to pick off the man in the guard tower and
the man inside the bushes a little north of the guard tower.  Move south, and
make sure there are no infantry units alive in the buildings down there.  Toss
a grenade over the wall at the mounted machine gun to the far south.  Check
your map to make sure there aren't any survivors down there.

Now head north again.  Snipe the dude in the guard tower from a safe distance.
Bring your other men up next to your sniper to protect him in case he gets
rushed.  Hug the wall on he east side of the depot.  The house on the right
above the two warehouse buildings has enemy soldiers in it.  See the truck
north-east of it?  Chuck a grenade at it, and the resulting explosion should
destroy it and the house along with all of the soldiers nearby.

Proceed to the south side of the small house to the left of the one you just
destroyed.  Deal with anything that approaches you, and try to save your sniper
bullets.  When you've cleared the area, get a grenade in one of your soldier's
hand, and head around the right side of the house to position yourself below
the pile of stuff above it.  From there, chuck a grenade or two at the mounted
machine gun.

When those guys are dealt with, head west and deal with any dots you can see on
your map.  If there are any stragglers left to the south, go hunt them down as
well.  When every enemy on the map has been defeated, you'll get a notification
that tells you so.  Now there're just a few things left to do.  First, head
to the first set of warehouse buildings to the right of the first mounted
machine gun from earlier in the level.  Scroll around the pile of boxes above
them.  One of them is an item crate.  Inside, you'll find (among other things)
two antitank mines.  These will save you a ton of trouble in the next mission,
so take them.  The repair kit is tempting, but it's not necessary.  There is a
med kit and two things of dynamite in a crate inside the house I had you blow
up with that truck in the north-east too, but I haven't found a use for them,
so don't bother getting them unless you really want to for some reason.

OK, now get your three guys together near the train engine in the north.  It's
time to adjust your inventory again.  Make sure everyone's weapon is unequipped
and stuck in their inventory so they won't lose it.  Give any rifle/sniper ammo
you have to the soldier with the sniper rifle.  Make sure everyone has plenty
of ammo and a helmet.

(Now is a VERY good time to save if you want to.  The tiniest mistake while
driving this engine could make you have to start over.)

Now stick one guy in the engine.  Head south along the track.  Go a little past
the first bend, and then stop.  Have one of your men pull the switch near the
bend on the left of the track.  Now back the engine towards the Katyusha.  When
you touch it, it will automatically attach to the engine.  Drive south all the
way down to the end of the screen now.  Run your guy down there to flip the
switch on the right side of the track just north of where you are.

Back up all the way until you're inside the station again.  DON'T HIT THE WALL
WITH THE TRAIN.  If you hit it too hard, it'll knock the Katyusha car loose,
and you won't be able to get it reattached.  Also, if you're unsure about
whether a switch needs to be thrown, approach the area very slowly with the
engine.  If you try to go too fast down a track that leads to an incorrectly
switched piece of rail, the engine will jam, and you will fail.

Have a soldier flip the switch to the right of the track just south of your
current position.  Then head south.  You'll have to flip the switch to the
right of the crate pile south of your position too.  Farther down the track on
the right side, you'll have to flip both of the switches near the small
crossing spot in the track.  Then approach the door to the depot, and it will
open for you.


                         |                          |
                         |  1.05)  PRISHIB STATION  |
                         |                          |



1)  Destroy Katyusha.

 - This will be the last thing you do in this mission.  Simply toss a grenade
at it.

2)  Ensure all armored targets are destroyed.

 - This is pretty easy once you get Katyusha into the correct spot.  You can
blast everything in the northern base from your spot inside the southern base.

3)  Move Katyusha into a suitable firing position.

 - You can see the spot by opening your objectives list and clicking on the
"eye"con next to it.  Dunno why, but I find that eyecon joke waaaaay too funny.

4)  Eliminate nearby guards.

 - This is referring to the guards in the southern base.  Clear them all out to
accomplish this part.  You'll want to do this first, then part three, then two,
and part one last.


Anything that survived the last mission will be available in this mission,
including equipment that you had in your inventory.  I hope you grabbed those
antitank mines I mentioned in the previous mission...


Start by sending your sniper to the right, all the way to the edge of the
screen.  Move north, until you have a good shot at the two men near the mounted
machine gun.  Snipe them both, and then dash to the gun and man it.  Let this
guy deal with anything that he can see.

Meanwhile, make sure your other guys have their weapons out and loaded.  Head
north and then west around the train.  Take out the two soldiers there,
including the one standing near the truck farther to the west.  Then head north
into the little village.  There are two guards that patrol across the top of
the village, so have your guys hose them when they get in range.

Now send everyone (including the dude in the mounted machine gun) south to your
train again.  Find the one that had the antitank mines in his inventory.  You
want to place the antitank mines on the EASTERN set of train tracks.  Put one
about even with the front of your train, and put the other one a little farter
south, about at the middle of your train.  An enemy train will come by those
tracks later, and the guards that come out of it are a pain in the ass to deal
with.  Especially since they will steal your train.

(Now is a good time to save if you want to.)

Proceed to the west, towards the southern base.  Don't get too close yet, since
there's a guard tower there.  Use your sniper to take out the guy in the tower
and anyone you can pick off on the ground.  Hopefully, one of the soldiers will
open the gates for you.  Use your other two soldiers to gun all of the infantry
down, and try to conserve your sniper ammo.  Once things have calmed down, get
a little closer to the entrance of the base.

If there's nothing in your way, go ahead and enter the base with all three men.
Run south and take cover on the eastern walls of the white warehouse buildings.
Shoot any Germans that come by.  Take one of your machine gun guys south and to
the west to get inside the warehouse building.  There is a guy in the
north-east corner of it, so take care of him.  Now select your sniper.  Go back
a little to the north where the guard tower is.  From there, you should be able
to snipe the guy in the far south-western guard tower, so do so immediately.

Send him back down to the other soldiers.  Move all three of them all the way
to the south, and move west along the southern edge of the last building.  Get
one of your men positioned on the eastern side of the smaller building, and
have him toss a grenade or two over the building at the two men near the wood
piles.  Don't get too grenade-happy on this level though.  Those train cars are
filled with rockets, and most of the base will explode if you blow them up.

Once the wood pile guys are dealt with, head west to the edge of the base.  Use
the sniper to snipe the dude north of your position (behind some barrels), and
also snipe the guy in the guard tower.  Use a machine gun man to take out the
German hiding in the house west of those barrels.  Now simply use your machine
gun men to clear out the rest of the base.  The only thing you need to be
careful about is the mounted machine gun at the northern entrance to the base.
Toss a grenade over there to deal with him.  Check your map to hunt down any
survivors if necessary.  Once everyone in the base is dead, you will accomplish
the first of the four objectives (which is actually number four...).

(Now is a VERY good time to save if you want to.  The tiniest mistake while
driving this engine could make you have to start over.)

Leave one of your men in the north-east corner of the base.  Take the other two
back to your train.  The enemy train next to yours should be empty of troops,
but definitely make sure.  Send one of your men north to the first switch in
the track and flip it.  Then send him back to the top of the southern base
where your other guy is.  Now jump in the train with the third guy, and drive
straight forward until you approach the southern base from the north.  DON'T
drive into the base too fast.  If you hit the stop too hard, you'll cause
yourself a lot of trouble.  Once the train is in, you accomplish another goal.

Stick two of your men inside the Katyusha, and leave the third armed with a
machine gun in the north-east of the base.  If you have any antitank grenades,
make sure this guy has them, just in case.  Now take direct control of the
Katyusha and lob rockets at all of the tanks in the northern base.  make sure
you target the ones on the train cars as well as the ones in the circle farther
to the north-east.  Once you've gotten them all, you should get a message that
says the goal is complete.

Now all you have to do is destroy the Katyusha.  Make sure at least one of your
men is far, FAR to the east of the Katyusha, and then have one of your other
men toss a grenade at it.  The whole place will blow.  Congratulations, you've
finished the Soviet missions.


                       2.00)  PROJECT AMERICA (BRITAIN)


                          |                         |
                          |    2.01)  LIGHTHOUSE    |
                          |                         |



1)  Enable the safe landing of the commandos on the shore.

 - This will be complete as soon as you destroy the searchlights and move the
two Commandos up from the shore a little.

2)  Scupper the patrol boat.

 - Once you gain control of the torpedo boat, this is complete.

3)  Destroy the lighthouse and the artillery.

 - Use the south-eastern artillery gun to destroy the lighthouse and the second
artillery gun to the north.  Then use the dynamite conveniently located near
the south-east artillery gun to destroy it.

4)  Escape via the meet up point.

 - Once all other objectives are complete, you just have to get to the house in
the north to finish the mission.  All surviving troops will be available for
the next mission, and they will have the same equipment that you have on them
when you finish this mission.

5)  Take out the search lights.

 - Even though this is listed last, it will not be the last thing you do.
There is one light to the west of the lighthouse.  You can just shoot this one
with your infantry unit before getting in the torpedo boat.  The second one is
on a platform floating in the water to the east.  Use a torpedo from the boat
to disable that one.  (You might need to shoot it too, once you get on the


1 Soldier (David Mainsfield)

2 Commandos (Howard Hinds and Robert McDouglas)


Immediately swim west to the other side of the rocks.  Swim north along the
edge of the rocks, so the search light won't catch you.  Farther north, you
will see a small beach area where you can swim ashore.  Go all the way up
there, but stay behind the rock just barely south-west of the shore.  Wait for
the German soldier to walk up and take a look in your direction.  Since that
part takes more than two minutes, and the next part can be tricky:

(Now is a good time to save if you want to.)

Wait for the guard to turn around, and then swim onto the shore as fast as you
can.  Take out a knife and chuck it at the dude to the north.  Run up there and
take all of his equipment, including his helmet.  Then run to the north side of
the tent and go prone.  Pull out your second knife, and wait for that patrol
guy to wander by again.  Wait until he looks out at the shore, and then stand
up, run towards him a little, and chuck the knife at him.  Take all of his
equipment (except his gun, you don't need two).

If you have your sound turned up, you probably just got scared pretty bad.  If
not, you will shortly.  The guards will scream "ALARM" when they see you, and
there's almost no way to avoid being seen.  Run east and get up against the
north side of the lighthouse.  Get your machine gun ready if it's not already,
and gun down the Germans that attack you.  Sneak around to the east side of the
lighthouse, and head south.  Wait for the mounted gun to look away from you,
and then step out from around the lighthouse to chuck a grenade at the gun.

If there's anyone on the boat (there shouldn't be), you will have to take them
out with machine gun fire.  If not, just take care of the guy manning the
search light, and then destroy the searchlight.  The next part can be hard, so:

(Now is a good time to save if you want to.)

Jump in the patrol boat, and you will accomplish one of the goals.  Make sure
you get in the middle of it, and not in one of the two guns.  Take Direct
Control of it, and drive south-west, then turn so you are facing east, where
the floating platform is.  Launch your torpedoes at the platform.  Now drive
the boat up next to the beach.  Exit the boat, and then get back on it, only
get in the front gun this time.  Blast anything you can see on the beach.  When
you're ready, get out of the boat again, and swim ashore.  Shoot the other
search light that was on the platform, and you will accomplish another goal.

Proceed up the beach and kill anything you can.  Don't step out in front of the
machine gun nests, or they will kill you almost instantly.  Eventually, some
Commandos will land on a small craft at the beach.  Move them onto the beach to
accomplish another objective.  Search some nearby bodies to collect some
equipment for them (including helmets).

There are a lot of bunkers, sand bag areas, and guard towers to deal with.
Luckily, one of the Commandos has a nice sniper rifle.  Use him, and give any
ammo your original soldier has to this sniper Commando.  The bunker in the
north-west should already be empty, so start by using the sniper to take care
of the first sand bag gun in the north.  Then take care of the second sand bag
gun in the north-east.  Now run up to the north side of the second big rock in
the middle of the beach, and snipe the guard tower to the north-east.

Bring a machine gun man north into the gap that leads into the bunker network.
Have him head east through that area, and kill the guy he encounters.  Then
have him enter the first bunker he comes to, and kill the guy in there.  Now
exit the bunker, and jump over the sand bags to the north-west to rejoin your
group.  Move the sniper east to the front of the bunker you just cleared out.
Carefully take care of the dude manning the gun in the sand bags farther east,
and then have him snipe the next guard tower to the south-east.

Take all three of your men south to the last big concrete bunker.  Take the guy
with the heavy machine gun over the sand bags.  There shouldn't be anyone in
the bunker itself.  Instead, head south-east, where there is a guy hiding
behind some boxes.  Kill him, and then crouch in the south-east corner of the
area.  An SDK is going to drive up to you in a few seconds, and you want to
have a grenade ready to throw at it.  If you're lucky, you can kill most of the
occupants before they ever even get out of the vehicle.  Once you throw the
grenade, run south into the tunnel area to take shelter, and turn north to gun
down any survivors from the SDK.

Make your way south-west.  Below the camo-netting, there is a box.  Examine it
and take the dynamite from it.  Proceed westward to the defensive cannon, and
kill anyone you encounter along the way, including the guy manning the cannon.
There is a crate a little to the east of the gun with some shells in it.  You
will need at least two shells, so hand-carry two of them to the gun.  Then get
in it.  Use one shell to level the lighthouse, and use the other to level the
second defensive cannon on the other side of the beach from the one you're in.

Exit the gun, and use the dynamite to destroy it.  Now run back to your other
soldiers.  Go back to the gap in the north side of the bunker network.  Use the
sniper to snipe the men out of the two guard towers to the north, and snipe the
people in the machine gun vehicle in the open area ahead.  If it drives towards
you, get back inside the tunnel area, and toss grenades at it until it's
disabled.  Once you're sure it's safe, run out to the north and head for the
house where the meeting point is.


                          |                         |
                          |    2.02)  RENDEZVOUS    |
                          |                         |



1)  Establish contact with the French resistance agent at the rendezvous

 - All you have to do is kill every enemy unit near the houses east of the
mounted gun to accomplish this.  You don't even need to go near the houses if
you don't want to.

2)  Head for the Commandant's office.

 - You have to cross the bridge to the far west, take out all of the guards
(including several inside the buildings), and then approach Odetta to
accomplish this goal.

3)  Rescue Odetta Viar and ensure her safety.

 - Once you have control of Odetta, you've finished this goal.  She must remain
alive to finish the mission.

4)  Destroy the defended bridge.

 - The bridge to the east must be destroyed.  The Nebelwerfer makes this easy.

5)  Locate a boat and escape.

 - The boat is just slightly east of the bridge on the far west of the map.
Stick your guys in there, and then float through the river, through the
destroyed bridge, and to the east edge of the map to finish the mission.


Anything that survived the last mission will be available in this mission,
including equipment that you had in your inventory.

Odetta Viar will also become available during this mission.  She can do the
same stuff your other soldiers can do.  And when you open her inventory, you
will discover a very humorous oversight on the designer's part.  >_>


A few mines from the box inside the building slightly north-west of the boat.
These will make the upcoming mission much easier.


Start by sending all of your men down and to the right to hide behind the
house while that vehicle full of troops passes by.  Once it goes far enough to
the left, move a little more east and get up against the east side of the
house.  That vehicle should completely exit the screen without causing any
trouble.  Take this time to make sure all of your men have their weapons ready
and loaded.

Take your man with the sniper rifle a little east so he can look over the
short wall.  Your first target is a mounted gun to the north.  Take out the
German manning it on the left.  Now take out the two Germans standing in front
of the vehicle a little north-east of there.  When those guys have been dealt
with, send that guy back behind the wall for safety.  Grab the guy with the
heavy machine gun this time, and go to the same spot on that short wall.  Gun
down any troops you can see.  (There will be a lot of them.  Probably about
twelve or fifteen, depending on how many of them are attracted to your
position by the firing.)  Make sure you watch where all of them drop, because
one of them has a rocket launcher on him that could be very useful later.

Once all of the oncoming troops are dealt with, take your men out to the open
area where you just slaughtered all of the Germans.  Search everyone, and make
sure you pick up any and all rifle ammo you can find, as well as any antitank
grenades you can find.  Proceed north towards the gun.  Search both of the
soldiers next to the vehicle north east of the gun for some antitank grenades.
Then search the box to the right of them to find some Molotovs, a heavy machine
gun, and 400 rounds of ammunition for a heavy machine gun.  Definitely take the
Molotovs, and I recommend you trade in your light machine gun for this one (if
you still have a light machine gun, that is).

Leave your two machine gun men armed and ready in front of the gun.  Then send
your sniper guy to man it.  Immediately turn your attention to the west.  There
should be a machine gun tank thing over there, and it will most likely rush
your position when you take control of the gun.  If not, go lure it out with
one of your men.  Either way, blast the thing with the mounted gun.  Then use
one of your machine gunners to clear out the rest of the troops over on the
west side of the map (this side of the river only, obviously).

Turn the gun to the east now.  Destroy that giant house, and then destroy the
smaller house above it (and a little to the east).  There are soldiers in both
houses.  There also should be another motorcycle with some troops that will
approach from the north east.  Once all of those men are dealt with, you should
automatically complete the first part of the mission, even if you never had a
soldier near the house.

Exit the gun, and make sure your sniper picks his gun back up.  Give him any
ammo your other men might have found for his rifle.  Load up on equipment if
you need it, and then send your men west to the bridge.  Make sure you remember
where the German soldier with the bazooka is so you can come back for it later
if you want to.

(Now is a good time to save if you want to.)

Walk onto the bridge with your rifle soldier.  Snipe any infantry that you can
see.  When other German soldiers walk up to a body, they stand there to examine
it.  You should be able to take out three guys doing that to the left of the
fountain, and another two to the right of the fountain.  Then send your machine
gun men north, but hug the house to your left.  The buildings farther north all
have an enemy unit in them, and they'll shred you if you stay out in the open.

When you get too close to the fountain, troops will poor out of the building
east of it.  Kill them all, but make sure you don't accidentally kill Odetta if
she walks out.  Use your rifle soldier to pick off the soldiers in the houses
to the north, and then approach the house to the right of the fountain to make
Odetta come out if she hasn't already.  Be prepared to take out another guard
that appears with her, and make sure you don't shoot her on accident.  Gain
control of her, but you don't really need to worry about arming her.

Now proceed north-west.  Behind the line of houses that had troops in them, you
will see a Nebelwerfer4 rocket launcher.  Use a machine gun troop to clear out
the guys from around the gun, but don't destroy it.  When all of the men are
killed, jump in the Nebelwerfer.  Scroll all the way over to the right of the
map where the second bridge is, and launch a rocket at the machine gun vehicle
south-east of it.  Then launch one at the bridge itself to destroy it.  Launch
again at the line of houses west of the bridge.  There are a lot of troops in
those houses that will cause you trouble otherwise.

When those targets are destroyed, make sure your three men are well armed and
fully supplied, which includes having their weapons in their inventory so they
don't drop them when they get into the boat.  Don't bother arming Odetta, since
she won't be available in the next mission either.

Now head south to the river where the small boat is docked.  The building above
and to the west of the boat has a box in it.  Inside the box are some valuable
items, including some mines.  TAKE THE MINES!  Or at least three of them.  Make
room in your inventory if you have to, but these will save you a lot of grief
later.  When you're ready, put your men in the boat and float as fast as you
can up to the bridge you destroyed.  Make sure you go quickly, because there
will most likely be several enemy troops left inside some of the buildings, and
they will try to snipe you along the way.

When the boat passes the bridge you destroyed, you will complete this mission.


                          |                         |
                          |    2.03)  CRASH SITE    |
                          |                         |



1)  Secure the crash site and recover the guidance system.

 - Eliminate all German forces from the area around the crashed rocket to
complete this part.  Once you've done that, approach the crashed rocket, and
a new goal will show up.

2)  Find a way to get through the marsh safely.

 - Step on the wrong part of the marsh, and your soldiers will die instantly.
Luckily, there's a dog on the west side of the map that will appear if you
eliminate every enemy units near the town.  Follow the dog's path exactly, and
you'll make it across safely.  It's still a good idea to save before trying it


Anything that survived the last mission will be available in this mission,
including equipment that you had in your inventory.

NOTE:  Odetta Viar and any equipment she had will NOT be available to you in
this mission.


Stand still where you start and wait for the motorcycles to exit the screen on
the west side.  Make sure all of your men have their guns ready while you are
waiting.  Once the motorcycles are gone, check your map for red dots along the
road you're standing on.  There are several snipers in the bushes waiting to
attack you.  If one of your soldiers still has a rifle and some bullets, use
him to take these guys out.  If not, just hose them with machine gun bullets.

Attacking the snipers will cause a hoard of German infantry to pour down on
your position.  Gun them all down with your machine gunners, and try to save as
much rifle ammo as possible.  Make sure you pick off the men inside the machine
gun vehicle in front of the rocket, too.

Remember the mines I had you grab from the last mission?  Get them out right
now, and place them along the road starting in the south and working your way
north with as many as you have.  Try to spread them out to take out as many
units as you can later.

Once the hoard has been dealt with and the mines have been placed, select one
of your men that has a Molotov (I told you to get some in the last mission...).
Head up the road, and crawl into the bushes to the south-west of the light
tank.  You can throw a Molotov quite a ways, so do so now.  Let the area burn
until the light tank blows up, and make sure you don't get burned with it.  You
can also use an antitank grenade for this if you have one.

Once the light tank is destroyed, use a machine gunner to eliminate the rest of
the red dots on your map around the crash site.  Then approach the rocket to
accomplish the first goal.  Stock up on equipment for your troops, and then go
west to the town area.

There are a lot of German soldiers here, so make sure you stay covered and have
plenty of machine gun ammo.  Slaughter everyone, and make sure you're careful
with the buildings.  They all have at least one German soldier in them, and
several have multiple ones.  Check your map to make sure every target is

A dog should appear from the west and make his way east.  You'll notice that a
couple vehicles and several more soldiers have entered the crash site.  If you
placed the mines like I suggested, at least one of the vehicles will be
destroyed before it can cause you any trouble, and both of them will be if you
are lucky.  If not, it will be the less threatening of the two that survives.

Head back east to the crash site, and deal with anything that survived the land
mines.  Be very careful that you don't accidentally kill the dog, or let the
Germans kill it.  Once the new German forces have been defeated, follow the dog
farther to the east.  Follow THE EXACT same path that the dog does to get
across the swamp.  Even stepping a little out of the path can kill you.  When
you make it to the other side, you'll win the mission.  Even though this
mission is short, it's still a good idea to save before attempting to go
across the marsh.  Also, only one man needs to make it to the other side for
it to count, so I strongly suggest leaving the other two behind.  That makes it
less likely that they will scatter while moving and wind up drowning in the
unstable swamp.


                         |                           |
                         |       2.04)  AMBUSH       |
                         |                           |



1)  Block the exit to the northern road to divert the convoy.

 - The directions are a little messed up on this map.  When they say "northern"
road, they are referring to the northern exit of the paved road on the far east
side of the map.  Throw a grenade at the base of the rocks on the west side of
the path to cause a small avalanche that will block the road.

2)  Ambush the convoy and retrieve the guidance system from the truck.  (The
guidance technology must not be destroyed.)

 - When the timer reaches zero, a convoy consisting of two motorcycles, a troop
transport, a truck, a tank, and a machine gun vehicle will approach from the
south end of the paved road on the east side of the map.  Since the north exit
is blocked, they will turn west and take the dirt road heading towards the
town.  You must eliminate the convoy without destroying the truck, and then
examine the truck to find the guidance system.  Take it to complete this part
of the mission.

3)  Once the system is secure, escape via the southern road.

 - Again, the directions are messed up.  You must get to the north end of the
road that heads north from the town to complete this goal.


Anything that survived the last mission will be available in this mission,
including equipment that you had in your inventory.


Examine the woodcutter's body to get some bandages and two Molotovs.  Take the
ammo and grenades from the two dead German soldiers if you need it.  Head north
up the dirt road a little, and take out the single German guard in the area.
Then head east through the open field.  You'll notice a German soldier behind a
pile of hay.  Kill him, and several other Germans will rush at you.  Kill them
all, and search them for rifle ammo (and a rifle if you don't have one).

Head north-east until you are on the dirt road that runs east and west.  Head
north-east all the way up this road, dealing with troops as you go.  When you
get close to the units guarding the road's exit, use your rifle soldier to pick
off as many of the Germans as possible, preferably before any of them man the
machine gun vehicle on the west side of the road.

When you approach the rocks, two motorcycles will appear from the north-east.
Destroy them from the side of the road with some machine gun fire, but don't
stand on the road when you do it, or they might slide into you.  If you don't
have a heavy machine gun or if you're low on ammo for it, examine that machine
gun vehicle to find a nice gun and a lot of ammo for it.  Then have a soldier
toss a grenade at the base of the rocks on the west side of the road's exit to
block the path.

Take all three of your men back west again.  A little east of the town, there
are several diagonal rows of trees on the north side of the dirt road.  Have
your men hide above these trees so the vehicles that pass by the road won't see
them.  Now simply wait.  Two motorcycles and a light tank should come from the
south-east and pass through the town without causing you any trouble.

Once they're gone, run your rifle man south and then west back to the hay field
near where you started the mission.  There is a house slightly north-west of
that hay field.  Slightly south-west of that house, there is a crate.  Examine
the crate to find three antitank mines.  Make room in your inventory if you
have to, but make sure you take all three of the mines.  Then run back through
the hay field and back up to your other two men to resume your hiding.

(Now is a good time to save if you want to.)

Eventually, a troop transport should appear in the south-east.  It will follow
the same path as the vehicles that you just let go by.  When it gets close to
you, try to land a small grenade in it or near it to kill the passengers.  One
of the men on it has a bazooka that you might want, so try not to pulverize the
transport or the troops.  Hose whatever lives through the grenade with your
heavy machine gun, and make sure you take care of any soldiers that try to man
the transport's machine gun.

When all of those Germans are dead, search them to find the soldier that had a
bazooka and several rockets.  Take it and all of the rockets, even if you have
to ditch your other equipment for it.  You can always get more later, but this
is the only bazooka you'll be able to get right now, and you might need it as a
back up in case my primary plan fails.

Head back to your hiding spots in the trees when you've got the bazooka,
because a vehicle is going to come down the road from the town.  A few troops
might also approach from the east, but you can jump out and kill them, since
they shouldn't be much of a threat.

After the vehicle from the town is gone, take the man with the antitank mines
east along the road.  Have him go a little past the rock where the road splits,
and lay a mine on the north side and the south side of the road, directly in
line with each other.  You don't want to place these in the middle of the road.
You'll want them in the darker brown stripes that run along the edge of it.
This is because you can't destroy the truck that comes by, or you lose.  If the
mines are placed correctly, the truck will pass through safely, but the tank
following it will not.  Place the third mine in the middle of the road to the
west of the other pair.  Quite a ways to the west, too, not just a little.  Run
this soldier back to his spot in the trees when you're done, and then wait for
the convoy.

(Now is a good time to save if you want to.)

If you're lucky, the first motorcycle will be destroyed by the last mine you
placed in the middle of the road.  Let the convoy continue to approach you, and
then launch a rocket at the troop transport once you have a good shot.  Use the
heavy machine gunner to devastate any survivors.  Also use him to fire at the
truck until it stops moving, and slaughter any troops that come out of it.

Here's where things can get ugly.  If you placed the mines well, and you have a
little luck, the tank will be destroyed, and possibly the vehicle behind it as
well.  If you placed the mines poorly or if you were extremely unlucky, you
might have to deal with one or both of these vehicles.  Move fast to keep your
men out of sight of the vehicles, and then launch a rocket at them when you get
the chance.  One rocket should stop each vehicle, but you will most likely have
to deal with the troops that come out of them.

Once everything is destroyed, examine the truck to find the guidance system.
Stick it in your inventory, and then search the German soldiers and vehicles to
stock up on supplies, ammo, and weapons if you need them.  Then head north near
the top of the map, and head west.  Go over the top of the town, and proceed to
the road on the other side.  When you get to the top of the road, you will
complete the mission.


                         |                           |
                         |       2.05)  RESCUE       |
                         |                           |



1)  Secure the landing zone.

 - This is fairly simple.  All you have to do is eliminate the German soldiers
around the road and the two houses south-west of the landing field.

2)  Find some way to signal the plane so it can land in the large field.

 - This is time consuming, but fairly easy.  First, you have to place a bundle
of wood on each of the five small dark circles in the landing field.  Then you
have to go all the way to the north-west base area, clear it out, and take a
barrel of fuel from it.  Return to the wood piles, put a drop of fuel on each
one, and then light each one with matches you can get off of the German guards
pretty much everywhere on the map.

3)  Rescue the pilot and escape with the guidance system to Saint-Omer

 - Get the pilot and the guidance system to the north-west corner where the
road exits the screen.

4)  The pilot must not be killed.

 - If he gets killed, you fail.  Make sure you clear out the few German
soldiers that appear on the south part of the map halfway through the mission,
or they will almost certainly kill the pilot before you can do anything about


Anything that survived the last mission will be available in this mission,
including equipment that you had in your inventory.

1 Pilot (Jeremy Carpenter) will also join your group late in the mission.


Select your heavy machine gunner and walk north through the rocky valley.  When
you get near the road, start slaughtering anything you can see.  Many German
soldiers and two motorcycles will approach your position, so make sure you keep
an eye on your ammo.  Once the road area is clear, collect some supplies
(including a box of matches or two) and send all of your troops north-west to
the two buildings below the field in the middle of the map.  A few troops may
still be lurking around, so deal with them if necessary.  Once the area is
clear, the first goal will be complete.

Head north-west and take cover south of the hay piles in the field south of the
small German base.  Get your sniper ready, and then step out to kill the German
in the southern guard tower.  Then have your heavy machine gunner approach the
base from the south-west.  There is a gap in the fence on the west side right
where the trees touch it.  Hide in the trees, and then gun down any troops that
come by.

Send your rifle man into the base now, and take out the Germans in the other
two guard towers.  Have your machine gunner cover the rifle man if there are
still other troops in the base.  Once the whole base is clear, search the
south-east part of it for a barrel of fuel.  Make sure you don't drop your
weapon when you pick it up, and then send all three of your men back to the two
houses south of the landing field, taking the fuel with you.

Above the west house are many bundles of wood.  Pick them up one at a time and
place a bundle in each of the five dark circles in the field to the north.
Then drop a little fuel on each of the five bundles of wood.  Send two of your
soldiers west to the road for safety, and leave the third soldier in the field
with some matches.  Check your map.  If there are German soldiers along the
southern part of the map, go eliminate them immediately.

(Now is a good time to save if you want to.)

Use the matches to light the five fuel covered bundles of wood.  When they are
all burning, the plane will come in for a landing.  Get your soldier off the
field and send him to the others as fast as possible, so he doesn't get hit by
the plane.  Scroll down to where the plane stops and highlight the pilot.  Get
some equipment for him from the guards nearby, or you can get some up by the
German base in the north-west, which is your final destination anyway.

Send everyone to the base in the north-west.  Make sure you are well supplied,
and keep an eye out for random vehicles that might pass by.  When you're ready,
simply get the pilot and the guidance system onto the far western spot of the
northern road to complete the mission.


                         |                          |
                         |      2.06)  FREEDOM      |
                         |                          |



1)  Find a way into the airfield complex.

 - All you have to do is cross the gate of the complex to accomplish this.

2)  Secure the plane in the large hanger.

 - The hanger is in the far north-west corner, and the plane is in the southern
half of the hanger.  Eliminate every guard in that section of the hanger to
accomplish this goal.

3)  Get the pilot and the guidance system to the plane and ensure that he
escapes safely.

 - There is a panel in the south corner of the hanger that your men can use to
open the main hanger doors.  Then you need to put the guidance system either in
the plane's cargo area, or on the pilot himself before you will be able to make
the pilot enter the plane.  He will then fly away.  Two German fighters will
come down the runway from the north, and you must destroy them both before the
mission will be a success.  A large group of vehicles will also come from the
north, but they will be easy to deal with if you follow my suggestions.


Anything that survived the last mission will be available in this mission,
including equipment that you had in your inventory.


Wait for the vehicles to go past.  A motorcycle will head east from the west
side of the screen slightly after the rest of the vehicles, so don't let it
catch you off guard.  Take all four of your troops west over the round and duck
them into the trees there so they won't be visible from either road.  Then take
out your rifle soldier, walk onto the road by the river, and snipe the guards
in both of the towers to the north.  Have him snipe the soldier manning the
mounted gun near the gate of the base, too.  Then run him back into the cover
of the trees.

Wait for another set of vehicles to pass by.  Just like before, a motorcycle
will pass by a little after the rest of the vehicles.  If you need small
machine gun ammo or small grenades, use a machine gun man to take out the cycle
and its three occupants.  If not, just let it drive by.  Then take your heavy
machine gun man across the bridge, but don't forget to snipe the German in the
guard tower slightly east of the bridge first.  And make sure you keep your men
hidden from the road while the machine gunner is crossing the bridge.  More
vehicles will come by through this entire mission.

If you were lucky, the vehicles got stuck trying to go down the road in front
of the base, causing a large traffic jam.  These vehicles will provide you with
good cover from the slew of German soldiers and mounted machine gun bullets
that will greet you on the other side of the river.  Be very careful with your
machine gun man, and slaughter anything that you can.  Tossing a single small
grenade at one of the trucks (not one of the water trucks) will usually cause
the whole pile to explode, and it will also sometimes take out a huge section
of fence with it.  Make sure you kill the two men manning the mounted machine
gun before you step out from behind your cover vehicle.

If, for some unlikely reason, the gate hasn't been opened or a hole hasn't been
caused in the fence yet, a single bullet to the lock in the center of it should
open it right up.  Proceed carefully into the base, and you will accomplish the
first goal.  The house on the left has a German soldier in it, so take him out.
You can send your other three men into the base now too, but make sure no
vehicles are on the road or approaching the road before you move.  The house
on the right of the entrance has two crates in it.  The only thing you really
want from them is the heavy machine gun ammo, but feel free to take anything
else you want.

Use the rifle soldier to snipe the German in the tower to the east of the gate.
Then send all four of your men to the two tanks above the house.  Give the
heavy machine gun man about two hundred bullets, and then put every other heavy
machine gun bullet you have in the eastern tank.  Leave the heavy machine gun
soldier on the road in the middle of the base, and then have each of the three
other troops pick up a barrel of gas from the area near the eastern guard tower
you just cleared out.  (Make sure you don't drop your weapons in the process.)
Dump two barrels in the eastern tank, and dump the other barrel in the western

(Now is a good time to save if you want to.)

Have one soldier get in the western tank, and have the other soldier and the
pilot get in the eastern one.  Immediately set the eastern tank to Hold Fire so
it doesn't waste any ammo or shoot at anything stupid.  Keep an eye on your map
for enemies coming from the north-west.  As soon as you move a tank, several
troops with bazookas will rush your position.  Make sure you kill them all
before they damage either of your tanks, and then proceed north with the armed

Some soldiers will attack from the north-west, so make sure you kill them all
before they can throw a grenade at your tank.  Kill the soldier in the window
of the large building in the north-west corner of the fenced area, and then run
over the guy manning the mounted machine gun above the base area.  Turn east
and use your machine gun to kill the guy in the guard tower as well as the
three men in/around the building near it.  Check your map to make sure there
aren't any stragglers.

Now continue west with the tank, and kill the four Germans north of the hanger
complex.  Park the tank on the road, and then go send your machine gun soldier
and the second tank up to where the other tank is stopped.  Rotate your camera
a little so the hanger complex and the road you're on both run almost perfectly
north and south.  Your map should look like this when you've done this:

|  .          |
|  X          |
|O .          |     X = Your current position.
|O .          |
|  .G         |     . = The runway, which is a dirt road.
|G .          |
|  .          |     O = The hanger complex.
|  .          |
|             |     G = AntiAircraft guns (can also shoot at ground targets).
|             |
|             |

Drive the unarmed tank all the way north on the road, and park it in the middle
of where the other road intersects the north/south road at the very top of the
screen.  Eject the driver, and then send him into the armed tank.

(Now is a good time to save if you want to.)

This next part can be tricky.  If you look south down the road, you'll see two
AntiAircraft guns, one on each side of the road.  You'll also see three trucks
down there.  Two are below the gun on the right, and the third is above it.
These vehicles provide a great back up plan for later, so you want to make sure
none of them take any damage.  That means that you can't accidentally hit the
two southern ones when you attack the eastern gun, and you have to make sure
the western gun doesn't hit the northern truck when it shoots at you.  The fact
that soldiers inside the hanger can throw grenades out through the wall only
makes this more difficult.

So, to make things as easy as possible, we'll just eliminate the northern part
of the hanger.  You'll need to create an entrance on the north wall of the
hanger.  The safest way to do this is with an antitank grenade.  If you don't
have one, you can ram the north wall at a fairly high speed with the tank to
break a section of the wall down.  That can be dangerous though, because if a
soldier in the hanger manages to hit you with a grenade, it will almost always
break one of your treads.  So I hope you have an antitank grenade.

Send your machine gun soldier into the newly-formed hole in the wall, and have
him eliminate all of the Germans in both sections of the hanger.  Then exit the
hanger through the hole you just made.

(Now is a good time to save if you want to.)

Since there aren't any more pesky guards to hit you with grenades when you go
by, have your tank drive south towards the two antiaircraft guns, and make sure
you stay right up next to the hanger as you go down there.  Load a high
explosive shell, and blast the eastern antiaircraft gun with it.  Make sure you
machine gun any troops that try to attack you, but remember not to hit the
vehicles nearby.

Head farther south and clear out the guards by the gate on the west side of the
road.  Here's the tricky part.  You can still win the mission without capturing
that gun, but your chances are much higher if you can get it intact.  Before
you bring the tank into a spot where it'll be shot at by the gun, make sure you
eject the pilot and give him the guidance system if he doesn't already have it.
Leave the machine gun soldier you've been using in front of the hanger with the
pilot.  Make sure the tank's machine gun is fully loaded.

NOTE:  It's important that you stay off of the road with the tank while you try
to eliminate this gun.  If the gun disables you on the road, your plane will
hit the tank on its way out and crash.

Once you're prepared, drive the tank south until you can shoot at the gun with
your machine gun, and try to pick off the two soldiers manning it.  If things
get ugly, don't worry.  The gun can't kill your tank, so it'll just sit there
dumping it's ammo into it to no avail.  If that happens, simply grab your
machine gun soldier, get a small grenade or a Molotov out, and sneak up on the
gun from the trees to the north.  Toss the grenade at the gun while it's still
busy wasting its ammo at the tank, and you should be fine.

Remember those three vehicles I said you wanted to try and not damage?  Send
one of your three men into each of them now.  Drive them north until they are
on the north/south road directly east of the small house above the hanger.
Park them on the road like this:

|       T     |
|             |    T = Tank I had you park earlier.
| H     1     |
|     2   3   |    X = The hanger.
|XXX          |
|  X    P     |    H = The small building above the hanger.
|  X          |
| XX          |    1,2,3 = The three vehicles (park them sideways to cover as
| X           |             much of the road as possible.)
| XX          |
|  X          |    P = The armed tank, if you still have it.  Load the armor
|  X          |         piercing shells if you still have this tank.
|XXX          |
|             |

(Now is a VERY good time to save if you want to.)

If the armed tank can still move, stick it slightly south of the three vehicles
on the road, and make sure it has an armor piercing shell loaded.  Man the
antiaircraft gun with one soldier, and leave the other two in the tank.  If the
tank can't get up there, then just leave the other two men south of the hanger.

Select the pilot.  In the very south-east corner of the bottom half of the
hanger, there is a switch that will make a little lock icon show up when you
target it with a soldier.  Have the pilot flip this switch, and the hanger will
open up.  Once the doors are open, you can send him into the plane.  He will
take off on his own.

Two enemy fighters will appear from the north to chase your plane.  The first
one should hit the tank I had you put all the way at the top of the screen and
crash shortly afterwards, possibly taking one of your other vehicles out with
it.  The second one should get caught in the debris field and the other trucks,
and it should be destroyed too.

Some German vehicles will arrive next.  If your armed tank is up there and
available, use your armor piercing shells to stop as many of the enemy vehicles
as you can right in the debris pile from your vehicles and the first two enemy
fighters.  A third enemy fighter will enter from the north shortly after the
vehicles arrive.  If you're lucky, it will run into the vehicles and debris,
and it will be destroyed right away.

If not, go down to your soldier manning the antiaircraft gun.  Make sure he's
set to Fire at Will, and he should blast the remaining fighter without much
effort.  Once it's destroyed, you'll finish the mission.


                   3.00)  THE WAY TO BERLIN (UNITED STATES)


                          |                        |
                          |    3.01)  DROP ZONE    |
                          |                        |



1)  Find and rescue at least four squad members and bring them to the
rendezvous zone.

 - Pretty simple.  Note that you only need four total, including John Perkins.
If you can't remember where the rendezvous zone is, just open up your mission
objective screen and click on the eye icon.


1 Soldier (John Lee Perkins)

Additional soldiers will become available as the mission progresses.


See that football-shaped light spot on the ground right below where you're
standing at the start of the mission?  Look to your left and a little bit up,
and you should see another one just like it.  Just above it, there is a crate.
Run there as fast as possible, without wasting a second.  Take an M1, all of
the ammo, all of the grenades, and all of the bandages from the crate as fast
as possible.  Now go back to the right, where the SDK full of troops is firing
at your paratroopers.  Use an antitank grenade to pulverize the SDK, and then
use your machine gun to take care of any surviving troops in the area.

Don't go any more to the west.  Just hide behind a tree to the south for now.
See that field to the north?  There's an American soldier crouched near the top
of it.  Select him, and run north out of the field.  There is another football
thing in this next open area, and there is another crate a little above it.
Take everything of value out of it that you can, and then send this soldier
down to your other one.

(Collecting extra supplies for this mission isn't really necessary.  Your units
and equipment will not carry over into the next missions, so you only need
enough stuff to get you through this one.  I won't bother mentioning other
locations for equipment unless I think you absolutely need it to finish the

Leave your men down there, but scroll to the west where the small group of
buildings is.  Watch the area until you see a light tank roll through.  Keep
watching it, and it should drive over the bridge to the west, and then south to
the edge of the screen eventually.  It's much easier to let it just leave the
screen than it is to try and destroy it with an antitank grenade.

Once the tank has left the screen, take both of your men into the small town.
The game will be interrupted to show some paratroopers dropping in.  Run into
the center of this town, and take out any soldiers there.  Use one of your men
to toss a grenade at the antiaircraft gun to the north.  (Those guns can also
shoot at the ground, so don't step in front of it.)  Once the area is clear,
look around.  One of the new American soldiers should be under your control,
but the others will not be.  Stand around until another paradrop scene occurs,
and you will be able to control a fourth soldier.

Take a machine gun man north to the next small town area.  Another paratrooper
will fall in the middle of the place.  Immediately kill the Germans that are
next to the vehicle, or they will get in it and kill you and the new trooper.
You will be able to control this new soldier as well.  Make sure your soldiers
all have at least a weapon and some ammo.  Set four of them to Fire At Will and
leave them in the town to defend themselves.

Take Perkins (who should still have several grenades) north-east.  Deal with
any troops you encounter, and stop south of the spot that crosses the river.
Gun down any troops that attack you, but stay out of the way of the mounted
machine gun on the other side of the river.  Once the coast is clear, have
Perkins swim across the river from a spot east of the gun so he won't be able
to get shot by it.  Toss a grenade over the outhouse at the soldiers manning
the gun.  Once the gun is no longer a threat, send your other four men up to
Perkins, and then send all five of them west of the mounted gun to the small
town area, which is the rendezvous zone.  This mission is now finished.

(Note:  It's not necessary to go anywhere else or do anything else to finish
the mission, so I didn't bother writing down anything else.)


                         |                           |
                         |      3.02)  NIJMEGEN      |
                         |                           |



1)  Clear the town of the enemy before further allied armor arrives.

 - Fairly straight forward.  Every German unit on the map must be eliminated
for the mission to be complete.  Uncontrollable American infantry will stream
in slowly from the north-east and take care of a few of the Germans for you.
Mostly they just get slaughtered senselessly though...


5 Soldiers (John Lee Perkins, Bill Watchtower, Franklin Fain, Robert Liberty,
and Zahariah Markham).

Note:  Even though your units from this mission won't carry over into the next
mission, they will carry over into the mission after it.  So don't think you
can be sloppy with your troops.  The more you have alive at the end of this
mission, and the better they're equipped, the easier Artillery Assault will be.


Start off by taking Perkins all the way to the east edge of the map, and have
him walk north-east.  Crouch behind the concrete wall you come to, and then
quickly run north from there to the pile of hay.  Toss a grenade over the hay
pile at the artillery, and then gun down the rest of the infantry that are
hiding in the bushes and trees nearby.  Immediately run and man the gun you
freed up, and turn to blast the other gun farther up.

As much as you might want to, refrain from blasting anything else.  Enemy
soldiers are carrying valuable equipment that will help you a lot in this
mission, and it's kinda hard to get it from them if they're blown into a
thousand tiny pieces.  So jump out of the gun and shoot any soldiers that
attack you.  Then search them for grenades, especially the antitank variety.
Don't forget to search around where all the men were from the first gun you
attacked, too.

Head down to the pair of buildings south-west of where the American tanks were
destroyed.  Look to the town just north of here, and a group of German soldiers
should start to collect on the street.  It they don't attack you right away,
step out and fire at them to get their attention.  Stay behind the buildings
though.  The enemy soldiers in the windows of the buildings will make short
work of you if you stay in the open.  Instead, get up against the southern wall
of the longer of the two buildings, and deal with the soldiers as they come
around the corners.  Search them all once they're dead, and take any antitank
grenades you can find.  Then head back to your other four men.

Move everyone north-west along the edge of the screen.  Cross the first street
you come to, and take care any soldiers you encounter in the village area you
find yourself in.  Make sure you take care of any bazooka-wielding soldiers as
quickly as possible, or you'll find yourself blasted to pieces.  Remember where
they drop their weapons too, because they will be helpful later when you need
to get enemy troops out of buildings.  Now leave your four men there, and take
Perkins farther up along the western edge of the screen.  (Remember to search
the Germans for more supplies if you're running low.)

After you cross the next street, there are two buildings.  Even though they do
not show up on the map, there are German soldiers in the larger of the two
buildings.  Go inside and make your way to the bottom-right corner.  There's a
box there, and there's a Mine Detector in the box.  You can take it if you want
to, but there isn't much use for it.  If the Germans don't fight you in the
building, go outside and wait for them to come out.

A few Germans will stream into the area from the north-west.  Be ready to gun
them down before they can get out of the street.  You will almost certainly
alert many other Germans when you do this, so duck behind some cover to the
west and deal with them all.  Check your map to make sure there are no more
Germans approaching your position before you proceed.

Usually, I suggest never adjusting the map to avoid any confusion with the
directions I give.  This time though, it's much easier if you move the camera.
Luckily, there's a nice easy reference point to use.  Send Perkins into the
intersection of the street directly east of the house you found the Mine
Detector in.  Rotate your camera by holding down the wheel on your mouse and
scrolling to the right.  Make it so the map is positioned like this:

|           |
|           |
| +         |

You should be standing with a street running straight to the north right in
front of you (you should be where the + is).  Make sure you watch for German
soldiers that occasionally show up from the lower-west side of the map.

Both of the buildings on the corner your right have enemy soldiers in them.
Use an antitank grenade on each of the buildings to blow a hole in their sides
so you can kill the enemy soldiers in them.

There's no real strategy left to this mission.  Bring your other four men up to
Perkins, and begin moving along the round in the city.  Keep an eye on your map
as you move, and destroy any building that looks like it has an enemy soldier
in it.  Continue hunting down the red dots on the map until you've eliminated
all of them, and this mission will be complete.

Remember:  Even though your units from this mission won't carry over into the
next mission, they will carry over into the mission after it.  So don't think
you can be sloppy with your troops.  The more you have alive at the end of this
mission, and the better they're equipped, the easier Artillery Assault will be.


                         |                           |
                         |     3.03)  MINEFIELDS     |
                         |                           |



1)  Reach the town and support the infantry.

 - All you have to do is get a tank to the outskirts of the town to accomplish
this goal.  The second goal will appear after this goal is complete.

2)  Eliminate the enemy from the outskirts of the town.

 - This doesn't mean you have to kill everything on the map, or even everything
in the city, oddly enough.  This goal will be complete after you make it about
half way down the city (from where I direct you to begin later).


2 Sherman M4 Tanks (Each with four crewmen.)


Use the front Sherman's machine gun to hose the two motorcycles that approach
right at the start of the mission.  Make sure you kill all of the infantry on
them.  Pop a crewman out of a Sherman and search as many of the bodies as you
can find.  Take their antitank grenades and as much ammo/bandages as you can
carry.  Then return to your Sherman.

Take both Shermans a little bit west to a small hill between the road and the
village area to the west.  Park them at the top of the hill facing slightly
north-west, so they have a clean view of the road on the other side of the
village.  Use high explosive shells to completely level the buildings in this
town before you go near it.  They all have German infantry in them, and those
infantry units have antitank mines that can turn your tanks into powder.

Once all of the buildings are destroyed, sit there and watch the road to the
west of the town.  Two German tanks should slowly approach.  Blast them with
armor piercing shells as they get in range.  You should be able to disable them
fairly easily, especially if you can land a shell in the center of the front of
the tank.  Sometimes a third tank will approach from the same direction, but
sometimes it will remain in its spot farther up the road.  If so, proceed to
the disabled German tanks.  Take a crewman out of each of your Shermans, and
start loading up on both armor piercing and high explosive shells for both of
your Shermans.  Don't bother fixing and taking control of any of these German
tanks.  There's another one farther up that you'll want, and you don't want to
spread your crewmen out too thin.

Send your tanks north-west up the road and deal with the third tank if it's
still there.  Deal with any infantry that approach you too.  Stay near the
intersection of the two dirt roads, and you should be able to use shells to
destroy both of the defensive guns on the hills without taking any damage.
You can also avoid them altogether if you want, because they are a non-issue.

Turn one tank to the east, and head for the sandbag area where there should be
some enemy soldiers.  Take them all out, and make sure you don't blow any of
them up (which means only use a machine gun).  One of them has a bazooka and
several rounds for it, and you'll want this.  When you're sure all of the men
have been dealt with, have a crewman jump out of the tank, and pick up the
bazooka and the ammo for it.  Proceed to the road east of here, and then head
north.  (NOTE:  The bazooka man sometimes rushes you in the very beginning of
the mission while you're destroying the first town area.  If you don't see him
around the sandbags, head south and see if you killed him down there earlier.)

(Now is a good time to save if you want to.)

Your objective is the Panther tank sitting in an indention north-west of your
current position.  Approach the Panther from the south-east so it won't see
you.  When you get to the other side of the hill that it's on, wait for it's
barrel to look away from you.  Then sprint to the top of the hill right behind
it, and launch a rocket at the rear of the tank.  It should catch fire from the
rocket.  If not, fire again.  Blast the crew if they survive.  If you run out
of rockets, just run back to your tanks before the German crewmen kill you.

Send your Shermans up to the disabled Panther and have a crewman repair it.
Put three men in the Panther, three in one Sherman, and two in the other.
Remember when I had you stock up on shells?  Examine the Panther's supply, and
you'll know why.  Transfer shells over to it so you have an equal number in all
of the tanks.  If you don't have enough, backtrack to one of the disabled tanks
and steal more.

Now it's time to attack the city.  Or rather, it's time to threaten the city,
and get it to attack you.  Move your tanks out of the small valley area onto
the road to the north-east, and line them up pointing slightly north-west at
the town.  There is a German tank sitting between two buildings to the west.
Position one of your tanks to fire at it, and make sure it is disabled.  Also
make sure you keep a sharp eye out for troops, because their grenades will
completely screw you over if they manage to throw one.

This should have alerted the German defenses in the town.  if not, advance your
line of tanks a little north until a scene occurs to show you the town.  Now
prepare yourself to deal with an assload of troops and several tanks that will
come down at you from the road inside the town.  Use the Panther to destroy any
tanks you can get a shot at, and use the Shermans to machine gun the infantry.
If you get a little break as they're attacking you, switch a Sherman to high
explosive shells and start shelling any buildings you can hit from where you're
sitting.  They block your view, interfere with your shots at other tanks, and
some of them have enemy troops in them.  It's best just to destroy them right
off the bat.

Some American infantry should appear from the north-east and start attacking a
few of the German units.  If you're lucky, they might even kill some.  Check
your map to see where they are so you can avoid slaughtering them on accident.
Once there are no red dots near the north-east corner of the map, proceed into
the town.  Continue blasting buildings with high explosive shells and machine
gun any troops that come your way.

Line your three tanks up on the street that heads south-west, and slowly move
in that direction.  Keep an eye out for any enemy units, and keep blasting the
buildings.  Once you make it about half way through the town, the mission will
complete itself.  You don't even need to destroy all of the enemies.


                        |                            |
                        |  3.04)  ARTILLERY ASSAULT  |
                        |                            |



1)  Take out the radio relay station.

 - The relay station is the building on the east side of the map, near the
middle.  Destroy the building to accomplish this goal.  If you don't have
anything to do it with, there are twelve things of dynamite in a box behind the
relay station.

2)  Destroy all German artillery.

 - You have to destroy all three of the artillery locations on the west side of
the map to accomplish this goal.  I recommend using the Nebelwerfer to destroy
the two southern artillery locations, and then destroying the Nebelwerfer with
a thing of dynamite or an antitank grenade.


Any of the troops you had left at the end of the Nijmegen mission will be
available for this mission, and they will still have any equipment they had at
the end of that mission too.


Start off by sending a well-armed soldier north to the first set of houses.
Clear out the guards nearby, and be careful when you step in front of windows.
Eventually, a machine gun vehicle will approach from the road to the north.
Gun down the men inside it quickly, or they will do the same to you instead.
Sit and wait patiently, and a truck loaded with troops should arrive from the
same direction.  Hose down everyone that gets out of the truck.

Now turn your attention to the relay station.  Any guards on the outside of it
most likely already attacked you while you were dealing with the vehicles.  If
not, deal with them now.  Then use an antitank grenade to pulverize the relay
station and accomplish the first goal.  There is a box loaded with dynamite
against the west wall of the relay station if you don't have any grenades.
Deal with any troops inside the building that survive the explosion.

Head north along the road.  Slaughter anything that opposes you near the last
house to the north.  Then head west, all the way along the top of the screen.
Leave four of your men behind, and take only a single machine gun soldier with
you.  Also, make sure he has several antitank grenades or sticks of dynamite
with him.

(Now is a good time to save if you want to.)

Have the soldier sneak along the northern edge of the screen until he's hidden
in the trees on the eastern side of the small hill right before where the
Nebelwerfer is sitting.  Wait for the patrolling German guard to walk south
from the area, and then have the soldier run up to the rocks right next to the
hill.  If the patrolling guard is nearing, have him go prone and hide behind
the rocks.  When it's safe again, have him crawl up the hill and take cover in
the trees.

Use an antitank grenade on the wooden pillbox thing a little above the
Nebelwerfer.  Be careful not to accidentally hit the trees with the grenade, or
you'll kill yourself.  Once the pillbox is cleared, run above it and to the
west, then turn south and machine gun the Germans manning the mounted machine
gun.  Then target the soldiers manning the Nebelwerfer, and then clean up any
stragglers in the area.

Jump in the Nebelwerfer.  Scroll south, and fire a rocket at each of the two
artillery positions.  They will easily be destroyed, so jump out of the
Nebelwerfer.  Use antitank grenades or dynamite to blow it up, and this mission
will be complete.


                         |                           |
                         |     3.05)  LAST STAND     |
                         |                           |



1)  Do not let the enemy gain a foothold on the allied side.

 - For the first part of the mission, you will get a two minute timer when any
German units make it to the south side of the river.  You must eliminate them
before the counter runs out, or you will fail.

2)  Defend the west bridge until reinforcements arrive.

 - Two waves of German forces will attack the western bridge.  Once both waves
are destroyed, this part of the mission will be over.

3)  Destroy the west bridge and defend the east bridge.

 - Two new soldiers appear on the map when this objective comes up.  Both of
them have dynamite, so use it to destroy the bridge.  Then run everyone over to
the east side of the map.  A lot of German units will be attacking the bridge
on that side next.  Once you destroy both of the tanks they send, some planes
will arrive, and you will win this mission.


Anything that survived the last mission will be available in this mission,
including equipment that you had in your inventory.


Hopefully, you still have all five of your men.  If you do, this mission isn't
that bad.  You just have to move fast, and some of it can only be done with
pure intuition as you go along.

Start by running north-east, and look for the three crates on the ground
between the two rows of houses.  Select one of your rifle soldiers and examine
the box farthest to the west.  Take the repair kit from it, even if you have to
ditch equipment.  Then examine the middle crate and take an antitank grenade
from it if you don't already have one.

Take this soldier north to the river, just slightly west of the bridge.  When
you get too close, a sniper will shoot at you from the east window of the house
on the west side of the bridge.  Pick him off, and then ready the antitank
grenade.  Cross the bridge and approach the house on the east side.  Toss the
grenade at the south-west corner of the house, about an inch or so in from the
edge.  There are two snipers in there, and you want to make sure you get them

Now run west to the damaged German tank.  Quickly have that soldier start
repairing it.  Go down to the rest of your troops, and select the heavy machine
gun soldier.  Run him north so he is standing next to the tank you are fixing.
Get so you have a clear view of the road to the north, and then start blasting
any and all Germans that come down before they can get anywhere near your
soldier that's fixing the tank.

When the repairs are done, have that soldier jump in the tank.  Then have the
heavy machine gun soldier examine the tank, and transfer any heavy machine gun
bullets he has left over to the tank.  (You only need about three hundred in
the tank, so if you have more than that on the soldier, you don't actually need
to transfer all of them.)  Once you've transferred the ammo, run that soldier
south to the main group of your soldiers.

Take direct control of the tank and turn the turret to face north.  Hose down
anything you can with your machine gun.  The infantry and machine gun vehicles
can't hurt you, so don't panic if you can't kill them all before they get to
you.  None of them have antitank grenades, so the most they can do is break
your treads.  But that doesn't matter, because even if you had fuel in that
tank, it's stuck where it's parked.

Continue slaughtering what you can, and a tank should eventually approach from
that same northern road.  Use armor piercing shells on it to disable it, and
finish cleaning up any soldiers that still remain.  The first goal should be
finished soon, and you will get a small scene telling you about your new

Scroll down to the pile of crates where your men are still waiting.  Two new
soldiers will be running by.  Select these two men, and send them both over to
the north side of the bridge.  Have one of them use some dynamite on the bridge
as he runs past, and then send them both up to the German tank you just
disabled.  Eject your other soldier from the other tank, and send him to the
second tank too.  Examine it to find a repair kit, and have him start repairing
it.  Use the other two men to cover him.

When the repairs are done, put the repair kit back in the tank.  Load all three
of those men into it, and then drive east to the area between the west and east
roads.  Park the tank facing slightly north-east on one of the tall hills in
the middle of the area.  You'll want a clear view of the eastern road.  After a
little while, German forces will start streaming in from this road.

Use your machine gun to slaughter any troops you can, and use high explosive
shells on the smaller vehicles that drive by.  Again, there's no need to worry
too much about the troops throwing grenades at you.  The most they can do is
damage your treads, and that won't matter as long as you still have a good view
of the road.

Eventually, a tank will come down the road.  Remember to switch to armor
piercing shells, and disable that tank before it disables you.  Clean up any
remaining troops that you can.  Sometimes, the mission will end right after
you clean up the area a little.  But other times, a Tiger comes down that road
from the same direction as all of the other forces.  Your tank is almost
certainly no match for it, but you have very little to lose.  Go ahead and try
to disable the Tiger with armor piercing shells, but most likely it will
destroy you with a single shell.

If it does, go back down to your pile of troops.  Select one of them, and have
them examine the crate farthest to the east.  Grab the bazooka and all five
rockets.  Send that guy, along with all of your others, into the south-east
corner of the map.  There is a crate with some antitank grenades in it behind
one of the houses, so it wouldn't hurt to give everyone a couple of them.

Now you sit and wait for the Tiger to come to you.  Deal with any pesky troops
that approach you, but don't step out in front of the Tiger.  Wait until you
have an opportunity to get the bazooka man behind the Tiger, and then launch a
shell at its rear.  It should devastate it, but be ready to fire again in case
it doesn't.

Now simply sit tight, and the mission should finish by itself.


                      4.00)  WRATH OF THE TIGER (GERMANY)


                         |                           |
                         |      4.01)  EN ROUTE      |
                         |                           |



1)  Wittman must survive.

 - If he dies, you fail.  The best way to avoid this is to just not use him.

2)  Find nearby cover and avoid the allied fighter-bombers until the threat has

 - Drive the three Tigers north-east up the road.  You will see a long brown
barn thing in the field past the intersecting road.  It has four sections to
it, all of which are perfectly sized to fit a tank.  Take direct control of
each Tiger, and drive them into the building through the sections of wall.

3)  Recapture the bridge.

 - There are numerous troops around the bridge, and they all must be eliminated
before this part will be complete.

4)  Take out the APC radio station.

 - The halftrack with the machine gun soldier in it must be immobilized to
finish the mission.


4 Crewmen (Michael Wittman and three nameless Germans)


Drive the three Tigers north-east up the road.  You will see a long brown barn
thing in the field past the intersecting road.  It has four sections to it, all
of which are perfectly sized to fit a tank.  Take direct control of each Tiger,
and drive them into the building through the sections of wall.  Wait for the
timer to run down, and you will complete this part of the mission.

You will lose control of your tanks, and instead, you will have control over
Wittman and three other crewmen.  Select the one that has the heavy machine gun
in his inventory.  Ready the weapon, and then examine Wittman's tank to get
another box of heavy machine gun ammo.

Proceed north to the field area.  There is a damaged German halftrack up there,
and there are numerous antitank grenades and supplies in it.  Take as much as
you can fit in your heavy machine gunner's inventory.  Then take cover behind
the south side of this vehicle, and start firing at any troops nearby.  This
will most likely attract the attention of the two artillery pieces in the town
to the north, so don't step out from behind the vehicle.

Once the troops in this area have been eliminated, run south-east towards the
river.  Kill any troops you can get a good shot at, and then dive into the
water.  Quickly swim to the other side.  Finish off any survivors, and search
everyone for more heavy machine gun ammo and a helmet.  Kill the three troops
north of the bridge by the trees, and you should finish another objective.

Select one of your other crewmen, and make sure he has a pair of small grenades
in his inventory.  Take him all the way into the north-west corner, and keep
him hidden from the view of the two artillery pieces in the town.  Now have the
heavy machine gunner run west and take cover on the east side of the building
on the edge of the town.  Set him to Fire at Will, and let him deal with any
troops that peak around the corner at him.

This should have caused the artillery pieces to turn east at the heavy machine
gunner.  Take the second troop, and select a grenade.  Run to a spot south of
western artillery piece, and toss the grenade at it.  Immediately take cover
from the second artillery piece and the APC, because both of them will turn to
fire at you after that.

Go back to your heavy machine gunner, and have him go to the small wall south
of his current position.  Kill the two men manning the artillery while they are
still looking in the direction of your other soldier, and then gun down the men
in the APC and any others in the town.  Sometimes, your heavy machine gun
bullets are enough to destroy the APC.  If not, simply toss a grenade at it to
finish the mission.


                         |                           |
                         |   4.02)  RECONNAISSANCE   |
                         |                           |



1)  Ensure Wittman survives.

 - Pretty simple again.  If he dies, you lose.

2)  Ensure German tanks are not destroyed.

 - Don't let any of the tanks get destroyed, or you lose.

3)  Eliminate the enemy reconnaissance units before they alert the column.

 - Both jeeps and all of the troops in them must be stopped before they can
escape to the north-east.  They will approach you until they spot any unit, and
then some of them will try to run away.  The best way I've found to stop them
is to run your eastern infantry man north a ways, hide in the bushes, and then
jump out to surprise the jeeps when they are close.  Disable the jeeps first,
and then worry about stragglers.


3 Soldiers

1 Pz-4G Tank (4 nameless German crewmen)

1 Pz-6 Tiger Tank (4 Crewmen [Michael Wittman and three nameless Germans])


Scroll east and select the soldier on the east side of the road.  Load his gun,
and run north to a row of bushes.  Hide there until the two jeeps get close,
and then jump out.  Target the two jeeps first to make sure they can't escape,
and then kill any surviving troops.  Once they are all dead, send the soldier
south again to where the other two are standing.  Set all three of them to Fire
at Will.

Scroll over to your group of tanks.  Have two men each grab a barrel of fuel,
and then have them our it into the Pz-4G on the west side of the map.  Put the
other two crewmen into the Tiger, and send the two that were carrying the fuel
into the Tiger when they are done.

Move both tanks slightly north-east until they are parked on the top of a small
hill looking down towards the road to the east.  Set the Pz-4G to Fire at Will
(make sure it has armor piercing shells loaded), and take manual control of the
Tiger.  As the enemy tanks approach, blast them all until nothing remains.

Make sure you deal with any troops that get too close to you.  Some of them
have bazookas, and that posses a serious threat to your tanks.  Especially if
they can get behind you.  So it's probably a good idea to send those three
soldiers to a spot behind your tanks, just in case an enemy soldier makes it
back there.

Once every enemy unit is removed from the map, you will win the mission.


                         |                           |
                         |   4.03)  VILLERS-BOCAGE   |
                         |                           |



1)  Take out the allied staff tanks of the 4th Armored Division.

 - Every tank on the map must be eliminated.  Then two more will approach from
the road in the north-east of the map.  Once those two are eliminated as well,
you will accomplish this goal.

2)  Ensure the remaining tank is not destroyed.

 - If the Tiger gets destroyed, you lose.

3)  Ensure Wittman survives.

 - If Wittman gets killed, you lose.  He starts on the top of the Tiger.  The
best thing to do is to leave him down here at the very south of the map for the
entire mission.

4)  Escape.

 - Once all of the staff tanks have been destroyed, you will be given this part
of the mission.  All you have to do is get Wittman back to the starting
position to end the mission.  


1 Pz-6 Tiger tank (4 occupants)

Additionally, any of the three soldiers that survived from the preceding
mission will be available.  (Meaning you can have seven soldiers for this
mission, counting Wittman.)


Remove any soldiers from the top of your tank, including Wittman.  Send him and
the two other soldiers to the bottom of the map to keep them safe.  Drive your
Tiger east down that side road, and then turn north when you get to the end of
the row of houses.  Turn west, and fire a high explosive shell into the house
west of the mounted machine gunner.  There is a soldier with a bazooka in it,
and if he hasn't already fired at your tank, he will soon.

Sweep the area for infantry.  Don't worry too much about them though, since
they can't really hurt you.  Instead, keep your eyes open for tanks.  One will
approach from the west, and two more from the north.  Destroy them all with
armor piercing shells, and clean up the remaining infantry with your machine
gun.  Check your map to make sure the area is clear, and then eject a soldier
to make repairs on the Tiger.  When he's done, put the repair kit back, and put
the soldier back in the tank.

Head west.  Eliminate the mounted machine gun and any soldiers around it.  Hit
the center of the building west of the machine gun with a high explosive shell.
There are two soldiers in it, so make sure you get them both.  Continue west
along this road, directly south of the house you just destroyed.

Turn north at the next street.  There are two tanks slightly to the north-east.
Try to destroy the first one (inside part of a building) before it fires.  Kill
any survivors that bail out of it, and then prepare yourself for another fight.
The other tank to the west will most likely approach you, as will another one
from the north.  Eliminate them both, and clean up any straggling infantry.

Check your map to make sure there isn't anything nearby, and then have a
soldier repair your tank.  When you're ready, head north some more.  If you
didn't get attacked by a tank directly above the buildings to your right, you
will have to deal with it right now.  Repair yourself again if necessary, and
then load a high explosive shell.

Check your map.  A little to the north and on the east side of the road, you
will notice a red dot that looks like it's coming from a building.  Aim at the
center building in that area, and destroy it until you kill the soldier that
was inside.  He's armed with a bazooka, so don't let him get a shot out.  This
will most likely attract the attention of the tank to the north-west, but if it
doesn't, proceed north and deal with that tank.  Repair your Tiger if it needs

Enter the town square from the south-west corner.  One of the houses on the
north side of the square has a bazooka soldier in it, so use a high explosive
shell to deal with him.  Then turn your attention to the two tanks that will
come into the square from the north-east.  Once they are destroyed, clean up
the remaining troops, as well as the two mounted machine guns to the east.

Two new tanks should appear on the eastern side of the map.  If the area is
secure, fix your Tiger.  Then head east and carefully deal with these two new
tanks.  Don't get too close though; there are a couple bazooka troops with them
in the bushes.  Blast both tanks, and slaughter any troops as fast as possible.
Once the tanks are destroyed, you will be told to escape the map.

Eject everyone from the Tiger, and run as fast as you can due south to where
you originally started the mission.  If you took my advice, Wittman will
already be down there waiting for you, so just gather everyone on the escape
spot to finish the mission.


                         |                           |
                         |       4.04)  HUNTER       |
                         |                           |



1)  Drive forth into town.

 - Make it to the very northern spot on the road that runs up the middle of the
map to complete this part of the mission.

2)  Tear the enemy defenses apart, leave nothing standing.

 - Destroy every unit on the map.  This is actually pretty easy.  Note,
however, that several more bazooka troops and a pair of tanks will appear on
the road to the north when you get close to it.

3)  Ensure the remaining tank is not destroyed.

 - If the Tiger gets destroyed, you lose.


8 Crewmen (Michael Wittman and seven nameless Germans)

1 Pz-6 Tiger tank (4 of the eight crewmen start in this tiger.)


This mission is pathetically simple if you're careful.  Start by taking the
Tiger slightly north-west to the fence in front of the large field right before
the first row of trenches.  Use high explosive shells on the two mounted guns
north of the trench, and make sure you kill any troops that run at you before
they chuck grenades at your tank.

Two enemy tanks will approach from the north along the road.  Disable them both
with armor piercing shells, and then fix your tank if necessary.  Make sure you
eliminate all of the soldiers in the first row of trenches, and also remember
to take care of the mounted gun and the troops in the trench on the other side
of the road.

Select one of your unused crewmen, and take the heavy machine gun and a bunch
of ammo for it from the Sherman you just disabled.  Those machine guns have
clips of two hundred bullets, and that will be very helpful later.  Proceed
east with your Tiger and the guy with the machine gun.  Head up a little, and
park the Tiger facing north-east a little south-east of the small house above
the trench line.

Two more tanks and some troops are going to arrive from the east side of the
map.  Blast them both with armor piercing shells from the Tiger, and use the
machine gun soldier to make sure no pesky enemy troops can get close enough to
hit your Tiger with a bazooka shell.  Once the tanks are eliminated, fix your
Tiger if necessary.  Then send up another unused crewman, and take the heavy
machine gun and a bunch of ammo from this Sherman that you just destroyed.

Turn your attention westward.  Deal with any mounted guns that might still
remain over there, and then start slaughtering the stuff in the trench lines.
Make sure you keep armor piercing shells ready in the Tiger, and make sure both
of your machine gun soldiers are right next to your tank.  You should probably
set them to Fire at Will, just to make sure they stop any troops from getting
too close to your Tiger.

There are two vehicles to the west, so destroy them both as soon as possible.
Two more tanks will approach from the east, so use the Tiger to disable them,
and make sure your infantry are covering you.  Deal with the Sherman to the
north-west when it comes down at you, or provoke it if necessary.  Go grab your
other two unused crewmen, and steal two more heavy machine guns and a bunch of
ammo from two more of these Sherman tanks.  Repair the Tiger if you need to.

(Now is a good time to save if you want to.)

Have the Tiger face north near the center road, and use a high explosive shell
to blast the building up there on the right of the road.  There's a bazooka
soldier in it, and he can really hurt your tank.  That will almost certainly
spark the interest of the Sherman right next to that building, so disable it
as fast as you can.

Now things can get a little messy.  Send two of your machine gun men to the
hill a little south-west of where the two roads intersect, and send the other
two south of the house you blew up with the bazooka troop in it.  Make sure all
four of them are set to Fire at Will.  Now drive the Tiger up the road, and
park between your groups of men.

Two tanks will appear, one from each side of the road.  Destroy them both, and
be very careful of bazooka and grenade soldiers.  Your machine gun troops
should handle them all, but if not, be ready to use the Tiger's gun to deal
with them.  There are more bazooka troops in the houses to the north-west, so
don't forget to blast them.

Once every last enemy unit is dealt with, the second goal will be complete.
All you have to do to finish the mission is get a unit to the far northern spot
on the north/south road your Tiger is on.  Also, the soldiers with machine guns
will keep them if there's room in their inventory, so if there isn't, make some
right now.


                         |                           |
                         |     4.05)  LIBERATION     |
                         |                           |



1)  Return to the abandoned Tiger and repair it.

 - This will be complete as soon as the second Tiger is fixed.  I recommend
making sure every enemy unit on the map is killed first.  You'll want to have
your defensive positions ready first, too.

2)  Defend until the German reinforcements arrive.

 - Immediately after repairing the Tiger, you will have a ten minute count down
on the top of the screen.  Two waves of tanks and troops will poor in from the
north-east.  You can't let anything make it to the middle of the town, or you
will fail the mission.  (I think... or at least, I'm fairly sure that's what
kept causing me to fail... I'm not sure though.  >_>)


You will have every unit that survived the previous mission, and any equipment
they had with them.  The Tiger will be re-supplied with ammunition.


Get the four crewmen off the top of your Tiger, and make sure their heavy
machine guns are fully loaded.  Set all four of them to Fire at Will if they
aren't already, and then send them a little bit west towards the road.  Jeeps
will periodically come down that road, but they will easily be dealt with by
your soldiers.

Prepare a high explosive shell in your Tiger, and make sure that the machine
gun is fully loaded.  Drive north to the top of the hill with trees on it.  You
should have a clear shot at the mounted gun down there, so destroy it.  Kill
any troops that approach the area, and then kill the troops farther up the road
to the north-west.  Use a high explosive shell on the building where the red
dot shows up on your map.  There's a bazooka soldier in there, and you really
don't want to let him get a shot at you later.

Now turn your attention to the east.  Kill the two soldiers hiding in the
building by the fire, and then blast the mounted gun in the next field.  Be
ready to hose a few more troops after that.  A tank will approach from the road
above you, so make sure you have an armor piercing shell prepared.  Disable the
tank, and deal with any surviving infantry.

Proceed farther up the east side of the map, and you will see a tank behind a
wall thing.  Destroy the house along the way, because another bazooka soldier
is hiding in it (just look for the red dots on your map).  Then attract the
tank's attention, and disable it once you have a clear shot.  Get on that road,
and turn towards the town square.  Two more tanks should approach along with a
couple troops, so deal with them all.

Make sure you destroy the buildings on the south-east side of the town square
(there are two bazooka troops in them), then proceed into the town square.
Look for red dots in buildings on your map, and destroy them all.  You will
probably attract a couple more tanks, so be ready to switch your shells.  Clear
out the area around the town square, and then turn west once again.

There is a mounted gun and a tank along the far western road.  Proceed up that
road, and deal with everything you encounter along the way.  It's a good idea
to take at least one of your machine gun crewmen up with you.  The road makes
you very vulnerable to infantry, since your Tiger's turret moves so painfully
slow.  Keep the machine gunner behind the Tiger, and use it to deal with enemy

Get all the way into the north-west part of the map, and then proceed across
the top of the screen towards the second Tiger.  Use high explosive shells on
the two mounted guns guarding the Tiger, and use your machine gun troops to
cover your Tiger against enemy infantry.  Eliminate the last tank, and make
sure there are no other enemies left on the map.

(Now is a good time to save if you want to.)

DO NOT FIX THE SECOND TIGER YET.  First, go around the map, and repair four
Sherman tanks.  If there aren't four left in fixable condition, repair another
type of tank.  If the tanks you fix don't have the two hundred bullet machine
guns, take them from your soldiers and put them on the tanks.  Make sure they
all have a lot of heavy machine gun ammo, and stick a single soldier in each
one of them.

This might sound like a lot of work, but you're going to want to make sure that
none of those four tanks have any shells in them.  That means you're going to
have to transfer every single shell out of each tank and dump them (either dump
them into one of the Tigers or an abandoned vehicle somewhere on the map).  The
reason why is because there will be a LOT of enemy troops rushing the town once
you repair that second Tiger, and you're going to want these four tanks pumping
out machine gun bullets at them.  But if they have shells, they tend to target
the tanks instead, and you'll get overwhelmed with bazooka troops.

Once you have the shells removed from the four allied tanks, send them to the
north part of the map.  I suggest rotating your map to make it square on the
screen, so that the broken Tiger is in about the middle of the west side of the
screen.  This will make it easier to see the enemy tanks and troops when they

See the small house in the north-west near a field?  Send three of the tanks
over there, and send the fourth one east, where the two roads are.  A truck
full of bazooka troops will come down the dirt road farthest to the east, so
have that tank wipe them out as soon as they appear.  (That will be the very
first thing to appear in the rush.  Once you take care of it, send that tank
over to where your others will be defending.)

Eject two men from your working Tiger, and have one of them grab the repair
kit out of it.  Send that Tiger north to the pile of three allied tanks.  You
will want to align them like this:

|                                 "       '                         |
|                                 "       '                         |
|                                 "       '                         |
|                                 "       '                         |
|       S T H S T S               "      S'                         |
|                                  "      '                         |
|                                  "      '                         |
|                                   "     '                         |
|                                   "    '                          |
|                                    "                              |
|                                                                   |
|                                                                   |
|                   B                                               |
|                                                                   |
|                                                                   |
|                                                                   |
|                                                                   |
|                                                                   |
|                                                                   |
|                                                                   |
|                                                                   |
|                                                                   |
|                                                                   |
|                                                                   |
|                                                                   |
|                                                                   |

B = Where the broken Tiger starts.
S = Sherman tank with heavy machine gun.
T = Tiger tank with armor piercing shells ready.
H = The house in the north-west.
" = Paved road.
' = Dirt road.

Once you have the four Sherman tanks and the good Tiger positioned and ready
(every one of your tanks should be set to Fire at Will), save your game.  Then
fix the second Tiger, and stick the two men in it when it's ready.  Immediately
drive it north to its spot in the defensive line.  Go over to the Sherman on
the far east side by the roads, and look north up the dirt road.  As soon as
you have a clear shot, destroy the truck that approaches and any infantry that
escape it.  Send this Sherman west to your tank line as soon as possible.

Focus your attention on the tank line now.  Select a Tiger, and have it point
directly north.  As soon as you can see enemy tanks, start disabling them as
fast as possible.  Let the Shermans fire at the infantry, and then switch the
Tigers to machine guns once all of the tanks are destroyed.

Hopefully, all of your tanks are at least still capable of firing.  You should
have a break of about two minutes before the next wave of enemies shows up, so
quickly repair as many tanks as you can.  Don't bother fixing anything but the
barrels, turrets, or bodies.  You just need to be able to fire, not move.

The second wave will appear just like the first one.  Do the same thing as you
did with the first wave.  Use a Tiger to target the tanks as fast as possible,
and deal with any surviving infantry when you're done.  Once the timer reaches
zero, some German forces will appear in the south-west corner, and you will win
the mission.


                             5.00)  BONUS MISSIONS


                         |                          |
                         |    5.01)  TANK ATTACK    |
                         |                          |



1)  Hold the line, protecting the supply routes to Volchye and Nikolayevka.

 - This will be complete if you manage to prevent any enemy forces from
reaching the southern side of the map.  Oddly, the mission seems to finish when
the timer still has thirty-ish seconds left on it.  O_o

2)  Hold out for reinforcements.

 - About half of the way through the mission, three tanks will arrive on in the
south-east corner.  All you have to do to accomplish this part of the mission
is survive until the reinforcements arrive.


1 KV-1 Tank (4 Crewmen)

1 T-34 Tank (4 Crewmen)

2 T-26 Tanks (4 Crewmen each)

1 ZiS-5 Truck (No Crewmen)

2 Soldiers

These units will arrive midway through the mission:

1 T-34 Tank (4 Crewmen)

1 T-34/85 Tank (4 Crewmen)

1 IS-2 Tank (4 Crewmen)


Stick the two soldiers into the truck, and eject two crewmen from a T-26 to put
in the truck as well.  Drive it north to the road, turn east, and then turn
north again at the next road.  Follow it as it turns west, and stop when the
road crosses under a fairly large rock near the center of the map.  Eject the
four troops, and have each one examine the truck.  Load them down with as many
antitank mines as they can carry (dump as much equipment as you can).

Send one soldier north-west a little, and have him spread the mines out.  You
won't have time to place each mine separately, so just select the mines, press
your "U" key, and target an area to have him spread them out.  Do the same
thing with each of the other soldiers, only send one slightly north-east, send
one south-west, and send one south-east.  When they're done, send any of the
survivors back down to your tanks.  Don't worry if you get any of them killed.
They are expendable,

Line your four tanks up facing north just a little bit south of the road above
where they start.  Make sure the three smaller tanks are set to Fire at Will,
and then take Direct Control of the KV-1.  Make sure you have armor piercing
shells ready, and use the KV to destroy any German tanks that make it past the
mine field.  This should be fairly easy to do.  Then just deal with any troops
that survived.

More German units will arrive from the north.  Hopefully, some of the new tanks
will be destroyed by the mine field.  The rest can easily be dealt with by the
KV.  You will receive three more tanks about half of the way through the
mission.  Line them up along your line, and make sure the IS-2 is on the west
side of your line.

Deal with the remaining German units that approach from the north.  Use the
IS-2 as your Direct Control unit now, as it has a much more powerful main gun.
It will be the only thing that can really hurt the huge German tanks that will
come down the west side of the map during the final wave.

You will win the mission as long as nothing makes it to the bottom of the map.
That should be very easy for you to do.  Also, the mission is complete with
about thirty seconds left on the counter for some reason...


                         |                           |
                         |      5.02)  OUTFRONT      |
                         |                           |



1)  Ambush the convoy, eliminate the guards, and search the truck for the

 - A truck will come down the road from the west side when the timer gets close
to running out.  Eliminate every guard from around the truck, and then examine
it to complete this part of the mission.

2)  The Commander was nowhere to be seen.  However, documentation in the truck
indicates that he is being held nearby.  Find and rescue him.

 - He's in the house to the north-east, along with three German guards.  The
easiest way to get him out is to throw a smoke grenade into the house.  You can
get some smoke grenades off of the Germans outside the house.

3)  The Commander has reported that the Germans use the railway to transport
supplies.  Divert the train into the dead end siding.

 - Simply flip the switch between the tracks a little north-west of the house
where you found the Commander.  Then have your men hide on the south-east side
of the house.

4)  Quickly disable the train before the driver realizes it's a diversion.

 - The train will stop.  Have the soldier who still has an antitank grenade
throw it at the train engine as fast as possible, and you will finish the


2 Soldiers

1 Soldier (The Commander.   He will be available once you find him.)


Select your machine gun soldier and run north.  Take cover in the bushes south
of the light tank.  A soldier will approach from the west, pause, and then
start walking west again.  When he starts moving, run your soldier north a
little past the tree, and toss your antitank grenade at the light tank.  It
should destroy the tank and kill both of the guards next to it.  Use your
machine gun to deal with the other two guards.

Proceed east until you get to a tree on a hill about half way to the railroad
tracks.  Hide here, and ready a small grenade from one of your soldiers.  A
machine gun vehicle is going to approach from the road to the north-east.  Toss
the grenade at it to disable it, and then use your men to kill the occupants.
Run the machine gun soldier up to it and swap his gun for the larger machine
gun, and take a bunch of the ammo for it.

You will be notified that the truck is approaching now.  Run your soldier back
to the tree where your other one is.  When the motorcycles get close enough,
slaughter the troops on them.  Avoid shooting the truck.  If it blows up, you
fail the mission.  Sometimes a few infantry will stay behind on the east side
of the map.  If that happens, send your rifle soldier over there to deal with
them, and leave your machine gunner right where he is.

Once all of the units from the truck convoy are defeated, run your rifle
soldier over to the truck, and get close to it.  You will accomplish the first
part of the mission.  Send him back to your machine gun soldier's hiding spot.
Three German troops and another machine gun vehicle will approach from the
north-east.  Throw a grenade at the vehicle just like before, kills its
occupants, and then kill any soldiers that remain.

Sit patiently and wait for the train to COMPLETELY exit the screen.  There are
a LOT of troops on it, and if they see you, they will get off of the train and
attack.  Once the train is gone, proceed north-east, following the tree line to
prevent the guard tower from firing at you.  Enter the small village area from
the south-west, and eliminate the guards outside.  One of them has some smoke
grenades, so take them.

Toss a smoke grenade into the house.  It will prevent the soldiers inside from
firing, but you will still be able to.  Run in and kill the three occupants,
but DON'T accidentally kill the Commander in the north-west corner.  Once the
Germans are all dead, you'll accomplish part two of this mission.

Run the Commander to the railroad switch slightly north-west of the house and
flip it.  Then hide all three of your men on the south-east side of the house,
so the train that will soon be approaching can't see them.  Eventually, the
train will come along, go down the east track by mistake, and stop.  Have the
soldier who still has an antitank grenade step out from behind the house and
toss it at the train engine.  Mission complete.


                         |                          |
                         |     5.03)  FRONTLINE     |
                         |                          |



1)  We are suffering heavy losses, the two enemy mortars must be taken out!

 - There are two Nebelwerfers in the northern area of the map.  When you get to
the eastern one, you can jump in it to launch rockets at the western one.  Then
use an antitank grenade or some dynamite to destroy the eastern one.

2)  Infiltrate the enemy frontline.

 - Once you cross the barbed wire line and the road all the way in the
north-east side of the map, this goal will be accomplished.

3)  Eliminate the snipers hidden in the woods.

 - This is simple.  All you have to do is run into the forest north-east of
your starting position and kill the three German snipers.  


1 Soldier (You can control one soldier at a time.  If the first soldier is
killed, you will get another soldier at the same starting spot on the map.  You
will get a total of five soldiers to complete the mission, including the one
you start with.)


There are crates full of supplies all over the place.  You can stock up if you
really want to, but the equipment you start with is sufficient.  Head all the
way to the east side of your trenches, and then head north-east around the
swamp.  (Don't touch the swamp, or it's instant death, just like in the British
mission with the swamp.)

You will find yourself in a forest.  There are three German snipers in this
forest, which you will be able to see if you have your map open.  Use your
rifle to kill them all, and that part of the mission will be complete.

Head ALL THE WAY to the north-east of the map, near where the mounted machine
gun is.  Pick off the soldier manning it, and then wait for the vehicles to
pass by.  When you have a clear path in front of you, run through the gap in
the barbed wire, and then cross the road to the forest.  By now, you will have
accomplished another part of the mission.

Look to the west a little, and you will see a few soldiers manning an artillery
piece.  Sneak up behind them, kill them all, and then jump in the artillery.
Turn it west, and fire some rockets at the second artillery unit over there.
It will be destroyed as soon as the rockets land, so jump out of the one you're
in.  Step away from it, and toss an antitank grenade or some dynamite at it.
Once both of them are destroyed, you will win the mission.


                         |                          |
                         |       5.04)  HUTOR       |
                         |                          |



1)  Remove all trace of the enemy from the village area.

 - Simply eliminate all enemy units from near the village, and this will be

2)  Do not allow anyone to escape.

 - Once you cross the trench line, you will be given this goal.  There is a
motorcycle and a halftrack on the northern edge of the town, and a lot of
Germans around them.  They will try to escape, so use the T-34 to destroy them
before they get the chance.  This is easy to do if you stop in front of the
trenches and take out the house with the troops in it before crossing the line.

3)  Eliminate the enemy from the territory completely.

 - This doesn't need to be completed to win the mission.  In fact, I've never
bothered to try and complete it... Every time I'd get close to eliminating
everything, something else would appear on the map.


1 T-34 Tank (4 Crewmen)

3 Soldiers


Take control of the T-34, and make sure it has an armor piercing shell ready.
Creep north until you have a clear shot at the small tank up by the town, and
destroy it when you can.  Then ready your machine gun and deal with the hoards
of troops that will come running your way.  Don't let them get too close, or
they will hit your tank with an antitank grenade and destroy it.

Destroy the vehicle that comes down the road, and kill all of the troops in the
trenches.  When the German tank approaches from the north, take it out as fast
as possible.  You don't have a repair kit, so if the German tank immobilizes
your tank, you'll be out of luck.

With the tank destroyed, drive your T-34 north towards the southern edge of the
town.  Start blasting buildings with your high-explosive shells.  Make sure you
get the building far to the north-west of town.  It is full of soldiers, and
they are the ones that will try to escape later.

When you are ready, drive the tank into the town.  Keep driving it north up the
road until you can easily deal with the parked motorcycle and halftrack.
Destroy them both, and then eliminate any surviving units from the town to
complete the mission.


                         |                           |
                         |       5.05)  DEFEND       |
                         |                           |



1)  Reach the Russian defensive positions and warn them of the impending enemy

 - This will be complete as soon as you reach the two mounted gun positions
near the center of the map.

2)  Hold out against the second wave.

 - This will be complete when you stop the first two waves of German forces
that will approach from the south.  You'll know when it's complete, because a
scene will occur, telling you a plane has bombed the bridge.

3)  Defend against the German attack.

 - Stop the final waves of German forces to accomplish this part.  Some will
approach from the south-west and the south-east.

4)  Retreat to the second defensive area.

 - I can't figure out how to complete this goal.  O_o  Even though you pretty
much have to retreat to the second defensive spot, it doesn't say you've
accomplished that part of the mission for some reason.  Don't worry about it
though, because you don't need to accomplish it to finish the mission.


1 Soldier

Later, you will gain access to:

3 Soldiers (Two manning mounted machine guns, another standing near them)

1 BT-7A Tank (4 Crewmen)

7 Soldiers (Two manning a Pak 40, two manning a Flak 38, and three manning a
set of two mounted machine guns)


Head west and wait on the top of the hill until all of the vehicles finish
passing along the road.  Then run north down the hill, take out the three
German guards, turn left, and deal with the men guarding the truck.  Proceed
north up the road.  When you approach the two mounted machine guns, you will
gain control of the three men nearby.

Have the one that's not manning a gun examine the crate slightly north-west of
the western machine gun.  Take the five antipersonnel mines and some machine
gun ammo from it, and then run south towards the truck from before.  Hide in
the bushes, and then use your machine gun on the motorcycle that approached.
Kill the group of eight or so German soldiers that approach from the south-west

Now you need to work fast.  Deploy one mine right in the middle of the road
where the barricade is set up.  Then run north, and place another one in the
middle of the road right where it starts to curve to the right.  Place a second
one right next to this in the dirt on the right side.  Run a little farther
north, and deploy the last two mines in a similar fashion.

By now, you should have been notified that reinforcements have arrived.  You
will have control of a BT-7A light tank in the trees above your western mounted
machine gun.  Make sure it's armed with an armor piercing shell, and then point
it south between your two guns.  Have the lone infantry man grab all of the
antitank genades from the crate, and then run him north-east.  South-east of
your next defensive location, the road splits on either side of a small hill.
Hide this soldier in the trees on that hill between the roads for later.

If the mine field was placed well, you will destroy at least two of the three
vehicles that will be coming from the south.  Use the tank to destroy anything
that makes it through.  Take your two men out of the machine guns and run them
north to the next defensive spot.  Take the tank to the hill to your left, and
point it west at the road there.

You should get a warning about a bridge being bombed soon.  Take control of the
tank and deal with the vehicles and infantry that will approach from the road
to the west.  More stuff will approach from the south, and hopefully your pile
of mines will take out at least one of them.  If your tank survives the fight
to the west, turn it back towards that southern road, and try to take out the
tracks of as many of the tanks as possible before you get destroyed.

Turn your attention to the forces approaching from the north-east, by the hill
where I had you send the soldier with the antitank grenades.  There will be
three German tanks around the hill, so pop out from the trees and use the
antitank grenades to destroy the tanks.  Look around for any other forces, and
if there are any more tanks coming, try to hide the soldier with the grenades,
or prepare the heavy gun on the hill (if it's still there).

Once everything in the immediate area has been dealt with, you will be given
the order to withdraw.  The game turns your camera for you, so don't get fooled
by it.  Run south with any surviving unit, and head east where the road splits.
You will complete the mission.


                         |                           |
                         |      5.06)  MASTOGNE      |
                         |                           |



1)  Report to the reconnaissance unit stationed in the farm.

 - Simply drive into the town.

2)  Repulse all enemy attacks.

 - Hold your position against three waves of German attacks.  This is fairly
easy to do, especially if you can manage to salvage the repair kit from the
Panzer II early in the mission.


4 Crewmen (They start outside of the tank for some reason.)

1 M24 Chaffee Tank (No crewmen)

Later, you will gain control of:

3 Soldiers

1 M4A2 Sherman Tank (4 Crewmen)


Stick the four men into the tank, switch it to Hold Fire mode, load the machine
gun, prepare an armor piercing shell, and then send the tank to the north-west
exit of the town where the road is.  German forces will begin to attack.  Use
your machine gun on the first motorcycles and troops.  Try to disable the
Panzer II without destroying it if possible.  It has a repair kit in its cargo
that will be very valuable later.

Take out the larger German tank, and when the coast is clear, have a soldier
run to the Panzer II if it's not destroyed.  Take the repair kit, and then have
him go fix the larger German tank.  Send all three of your soldiers into this
larger tank, and then run it down to your Chaffee when it's totally fixed.

Another wave of Germans will arrive.  The machine gun vehicle that approaches
from the west is not really a threat, so deal with it when it is convenient.
Use both of your tanks to pound the Germans with machine gun bullets and armor
piercing shells.  Once it's clear again, make repairs if possible/necessary.

You will receive reinforcements to the south.  Send this tank to the west side
of the town.  A halftrack full of troops will come down that road, and they
pose a serious threat if they can make it to the town.  SO just cut them off
before they get the chance, and destroy them completely.  Then send that tank
towards the rest of the battle.

A huge group of German units will be attacking from the north again.  Target
the biggest tanks first, obviously.  The biggest one will decimate you if it
manages to fire.  Luckily, all you have to do is keep machine gunning the guys
off the top of it, because another one will come out of the vehicle to replace
the killed one until they completely run out of crewmen.

Continue blasting everything with your tanks, and this mission should be over
in no time.


                         |                          |
                         |      5.07)  OFFICER      |
                         |                          |



1)  Contact the allied group.

 - Simply head towards the town, and this part will be complete.

2)  Defend this area and hold out for reinforcements.

 - Many troops and some vehicles, including a few tanks, will approach the area
from the north.  After a while, two more soldiers will come in from the east
and join you.

3)  Protect the Colonel.

 - Don't let the building he's in get destroyed, because if he gets killed, you
lose the mission.

4)  Find a car and evacuate the officer.

 - This does not need to be done to finish the mission.  If you want to do it
anyway, the car is in a garage on the west side of the town.  You will see it
on your map as a yellow stationary triangle.  Clear the soldiers out from the
surrounding houses, and then knock the door open with a single machine gun
bullet.  Jump in the car, and drive back to the house where the Colonel is.

5)  Neutralize the Nebelwerfer rocket launcher.

 - Late in the mission, a Nebelwerfer will start firing at your position from
far to the north.  You need to destroy it, or it will destroy you.

6)  Eliminate all traces of the enemy.

 - Reinforcements will arrive when the count down reaches zero.  Simply wipe
all traces of the enemy off of the map to complete the mission.


1 M4A2 Sherman Tank (No Crewmen, and more importantly, very little fuel)

3 Soldiers (John Lee Perkins, Robert Liberty, Howard Hinds)

Later, you will gain control of:

2 Soldiers (Franklin Fain, Bill Watchtower)

1 M4A3 Sherman Tank (4 Crewmen, two soldiers riding on top)

1 M4A2 Sherman Tank (4 Crewmen, two soldiers riding on top)


Run your three men north to complete the first part of the mission.  Have one
soldier examine the eastern crates to get a heavy machine gun, a few hundred
bullets for it, and a bunch of antitank grenades.  Have a second soldier grab
all of the remaining antitank grenades.  Send the third soldier over to the
western crates to take the bazooka and all of the rockets.  Then send all three
of them north of the town to hide behind the rocks there.

Loads of Germans will rush your position.  The American units you can't control
will deal with a lot of the infantry, so focus on anything that makes it to the
hill to your north-east.  Have the heavy machine gun soldier kill any troops
that come over the hill.  If you're feeling lucky, you can even run him to the
top of the hill and hose the Germans from there.

Eventually, a machine gun vehicle and a tank will approach.  If possible, use
antitank grenades to disable them both.  If you have trouble with that, use the
bazooka shells, but those will be vital later, so try not to waste them.  Once
these two vehicles have been dealt with, there will be a small pause in the

Run a soldier down to your tank, and have the soldier drive it north to one of
the disabled German vehicles.  Grab the gas can out of it, and start taking gas
from the disabled German vehicles and putting it in the tank.  Two loads is
plenty, so don't spend too long.  Get back in the tank and send it to safety.
A large German tank is going to approach from the town, and you will be no
match for it.  Instead, use your bazooka soldier to disable it.

Soon, you will be warned about a Nebelwerfer in the north.  Immediately send
your tank north through the town, and make sure you blast any buildings that
look like they have soldiers in them on the map.  Another tank will come in
from the west side of town, so be prepared to disable it before it damages you.

Proceed north, and head through the gap between the two buildings where the
German jeep is.  Simply run the jeep over, and then run the Nebelwerfer over.
Continue west and run the other two vehicles over before they cause you any
trouble.  Quickly drive out of this area to the west, and head south.  If there
are a lot of troops following you, pause for a moment and slaughter them with
your machine gun.

Continue south until you are in front of the garage with the car in it.  Make
sure the area is clear, and then exit the tank.  Carefully fire a single bullet
at the door to the garage, and it will collapse.  Jump in the car, and drive it
as fast as possible to the house where the Colonel is being held.

The count down is probably almost to zero, so just wait for it to run out.
Reinforcements will arrive in the south-west of the map.  Use these two tanks
to destroy any remaining German forces on the map.  Be careful though, because
the Germans will also receive some reinforcements.  It's almost easier just to
wait near your defensive position and deal with them than it is to go into the
town to deal with them.


                                  6.00)  End


                         |                          |
                         |  6.01)  VERSION HISTORY  |
                         |                          |


September 23rd, 2004:
 - Submitted the first part of the guide.  All of the missions for the four
main campaigns are done.  The only things missing are the seven bonus missions
and a multiplayer section.
September 27th, 2004:
 - Submitted an updated version containing the seven bonus missions and many
small corrections.  I got this done much sooner than I had expected, thanks to
the fact that I had some trouble sleeping.
October 4th, 2004:
 - I'm trying to sneak in a FAQ for Codename:  Panzers before November
fifteenth, which is when Metroid Prime 2 comes out (I want to make a guide for
it, too).  While I was working on the Panzers FAQ, I decided I really liked the
format I was using for it, so I went back to this one and changed it to match.
I think it looks a lot better this way... I also changed a few very minor
things I happened to catch during the reformatting, but that's about it.
November 11th, 2004:
 - I finished the Codename:  Panzers guide today, and submitted it to GameFAQs.
While I was waiting for it to be accepted, I corrected numerous embarrassing
spelling mistakes I found in this guide... Don't know how they slipped by me
the first time.
January 27th, 2005:
 - Updated a few tiny details and the copyright section.
July 9th, 2005:
 - Gave the format a much needed overhaul, changing all of the old X borders
into the more pleasant dashes and equal signs.  Also restructured the table of
contents to give the sections number-based headers instead of the old letter-
based ones I used to use.


                         |                          |
                         |      6.02)  CLOSING      |
                         |                          |


The multiplayer section, of course, will have to wait until the multiplayer
part comes out.  Even then, I'll need someone to play it with, or I won't be
able to do much.

Also, if enough people express interest, I'll consider making more (and better
detailed >_>) ASCII maps for some missions.  I've also considered posting a
pictorial version of this exact guide on my own site.  The only difference
between this version and the pictorial version would be that I would include
several screenshots for each mission it its walkthrough.  But again, I don't
want to waste my time if there's no interest.

As always, any comments are more than welcome.  If you need more specific help,
feel free to contact me on my site, and I'll see if I can't hook you up with a
quick screenshot or two to help out.


Or if you're not fond of message boards, please feel free to email at or try me on AIM (Deuce ex Defcon).  Thanks for checking
out the guide, and enjoy the game.

I hope this guide will help at least a few people out... so if you even glance
at it just for a little tip, please let me know.  I'd appreciate it.

        DEUCE                         EX                         DEFCON

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