Snoopy vs. The Red Baron (walkthrough)

Snoopy vs. The Red Baron

                           SNOOPY VS. THE RED BARON 
                           Written Using PC Version 
                                 Version 1.50
                             *-TABLE OF CONTENTS-*

I.   Introduction

II.  Walkthrough

              A. Aerodrome
                 A1. Defend Island
                 A2. Recover Plans
                 A3. Protect the Trucks
                 A4. Attack of the U-Boats
                 A5. Cripple Outpost Island
                 A6. Sink the Battleship

              B. Woods of Montsec
                 B1. Rerun's Challenge
                 B2. Eliminate Tree Village
                 B3. Tree Chopper

              C. Front Lines of Verdon
                 C1. Trench Warfare
                 C2. Recover Allied Base
                 C3. Giant Tank

              D. Mines of the Matterhorn
                 D1. Surprise Attack
                 D2. Derail the Train
                 D3. Enter the Mines
		 D4. Explore the Mines
		 D5. Destroy Driller Boss

              E. Verdon Gorge
                 E1. Navigate the Canyon
                 E2. Destroy Circus City
                 E3. Circus Aircraft Carrier

              F. Flying Fortress
                 F1. Rescue Allies
                 F2. Battle the Red Baron

III.  Gameplay, FAQs

             A. Gameplay
                1. Items
                2. Weapons
                3. Boss Battles

             B. Dogfight Mode
                1. General Introduction
                2. Preparing for the Fight (Menu)
                3. Battle Modes
                4. During the Fight

             C. FAQs

IV.   Version History and Credits

V.    Legal

I. Introduction

    I would like to begin by saying that I am a big fan of the Peanuts gang
    as well as the dog of the hour, Snoopy, and his heroic alter ego, the
    World War I Flying Ace.  Just like the Gamespot review says, the game is
    very true to the Charles Schultz's lovable universe, although the more
    obsessive fans (like myself) might notice the absence of General
    Pershing or the change in Marcie's role...whatever.

    I'm new to the shooter genre, so practically the only reason I picked
    this game up is the characters.  However, I really enjoy this game and it
    is very useful as an introduction for people who are new to the adventure
    shooter genre, especially kids.  Anyway, off with the opinions and on
    with the instruction.

    This is my first walkthrough, so I'm still learning how to be helpful to
    my fellow gamers.  I did bother to complete the game with "General" rank
    for all the levels (100%), so I think I know enough about the game to
    write one of these.  I appreciate any tips from you experienced writers
    if you think I could do better.  Okay, finally, the walkthrough...


II. Walkthrough

The tutorial stages are pretty self explanatory.  After you complete the
segment with the doghouse and get the Sopwith Camel, go over to Marcie's
school and complete those three activities.  You'll earn 75 coins for each
session you complete, but you won't get paid if you complete a course a second
time.  I might recommend that you turn the sound off for the tutorials because
you can't skip the talking.  You can keep the sound on during the game because
there is no audible dialog then, but you can just read the instructions for
the tutorials.

Once you complete all three sessions, go over to Pigpen's shop and buy one of
the plane upgrades (preferably machine gun, but they're all useful).  When
you're ready, pick your favorite weapon and fly into the billboard marked...

               ============= A. Aerodrome Island ==============

- A1. Defend Island -
  Primary Objectives:
        *Destroy Surveillence Bots (10)
        *Destroy Blimps (2)
        *Destroy Crawlers (4)
        *Destroy Drillers (10)
        *Destroy PT Boats (6)
        *Run from the Red Baron
  Secondary Objectives:
        *Destroy 10 Blue Fighters
        *Save the Lighthouse
        *Save the Factory

This is a great beginner's level.  As soon as you take off, fly straight for
the cameras and take them all out with gun fire.  If any of the blue planes
give you trouble during this and one just so happens to fly in front of you,
take him out, then go back to the cameras.  If you ever need health, fly to
the top the root beer factory to restore yourself.  After you have destroyed
the second wave of survellience bots, you have a little free time to explore
the area.  Shoot all the balloons you see, and you'll find the the letter "M"
behind the root beer factory near a cliff; shoot that too.

Now, using your Woodstock Missiles, fire into the blimps.  You may want to
shoot a blimp first so it releases its precious cargo, shoot down all the bots
it releases, and then finish the blimp off with the missiles, but it's your
choice which goes first, just take both blimps down.

Now a bunch of drillers will make their way to the tower as well as a couple of
"crawlers."  Using your missiles, take out the crawlers first because these
cause the most damage to you.  When they are down, shoot or missile the
drillers.  If you're out of missiles, shoot one of the PT boats to reload.
Finish the drillers then the boats.

After you save the lighthouse, the root beer factory will be bombarded. Again,
crawlers first, then circle around and concentrate on the drillers.  If the
pilots are giving you a headache, finish them to complete the secondary
objective.  Once all of the drillers are gone, the Red Baron makes his first

Follow the path of coins in front of you to the hangar.  If you decide to turn
around and waste a lot of time, he'll magically appear and start shooting at
you, but you can't damage him in return.  Just go straight and you'll have no

- A2. Recover Plans -
  Primary Objectives:
        *Obtain Plans
        *Deliver Plans
        *Destroy Copter Bots (8)
        *Escort Blimp to Safety
  Secondary Objectives:
        *Destroy PT Boats (6)
        *Destroy 20 Blue Fighters
        *Destroy Blimps (2)
        *Destroy Crawlers (3)

As soon as you leave the hangar, dive down and take out all of the PT Boats;
trust me, you have all day to get that document right now.  Shoot down a couple
of the blue fighters (save a few for later, they're gonna keep coming anyway)
and be sure to take out those blimps.  When you're done exploring and have
picked up maybe six balloons, fly to the yellow X marked on your radar.  A
cutscene will show a retriever bot getting a hold of the papers.

As it takes off, follow it around a bit.  You can't damage it, but you will
need to quickly take out the crawler it hides under.  When the crawler is
destroyed, follow it on your radar to the side of the cliff.  (On this run, it
will fly through a tunnel where a balloon is very well hidden.)  Take out this
crawler, follow the bot one more time (get the balloon), and then finish this
last crawler.  You will get the documents, so turn around and fly above the
warehouse to drop off the plans.

Suddenly the Aerodrome tower will be swarmed with copter bots. As you approach,
shoot the "A" to the right of the tower, then take out each of the bots.  As
soon as all 8 are done for, Linus will take off in the blimp and all the little
boys in blue decide to have a little fun with him.  This is the part where you
finish filling up your quota.  You have to destroy these planes before the
blimp takes too much damage, otherwise you'll have to start this entire mission
from the beginning.  

Basically, from where you start, you have to escort him to the opposite side of
the island.  Begin by boosting to get in front, and take out as many enemies as
you can from a distance.  By the time the blimp catches up, they'll be coming
from two sides.  Just focus on a group at a time, alternating as each swarm is
down.  When Linus's health bar is at half, he'll shout out a warning.  You only
have to get the blimp so far; when he is just past the second battleship, he'll
thank you and your job is done, even if his health bar is almost empty.

-A3. Protect the Trucks -
  Primary Objectives:
        *Protect Allied Ship
        *Protect the Trucks
        *Destroy Enemy Tanks (2)
        *Destroy Driller Bots (5)
        *Destroy Rocks Blocking Path
  Secondary Objectives:
        *Destroy PT Boats (8)
        *Destroy 10 Blue Fighters
        *Destroy Blimps (3)
        *Destroy Copter Bots (15)

This level is really hard if you haven't become masterfully comfortable with
the controls, especially if your secondary arsenal is not all that big. 
Alright, now that I have scared you, pick up the bottle rockets and begin by
shooting the first plane that you see.  If it takes you too long, missile as
many of the boats as are in range, but do not forget about the planes. A speedy
defense is incredibly necessary.  You have got to shoot the planes before they
reach the boat so they will roll away a bit to avoid gunfire and hold off on
the offensive attack.  After about a zillion bullets have been fired and the
ship looks like it is about to sink right in front of the dock, it will pull in
and load the trucks.

Despite the warning, this segment is a little bit easier to master than the
previous endeavor.  You have three vehicles to defend, but you still complete
the mission if only one of them makes it through.  Quickly shoot all copter
bots you see before the next cutscene shows a bunch of mines coming out of a
blimp.  Destroy the mines, then try to get to the bridge as quick as you can to
destroy all the copter bots before the trucks get there.

Two tanks will fall at the ends of the bridge, trapping your supply trucks.
Take out the tanks as quickly as possible, using your missiles liberally. If
you think you can be really quick, destroy the PT boats around the bridge, and
get the "R" that's under the bridge.  After the trucks go a little ways up the
curving path around the little mountain, several drillers will pop out of the
ground.  Take these out quickly, then keep following your slow little trucks in
wait for the next set of drillers.

After you've destroyed them, the enemy commander will order that the path be
blocked.  The tunnel will be blocked up, and mine bots are going to keep
coming unless you've already destroyed the blimp that they are coming from.
Missile and shoot the rocks when you have time, and shoot the mines as they
appear.  When the path is clear, shoot down all remaining bad guys and make
sure that the trucks are going to reach the bridge.  From that point, they are
guaranteed safe, so quickly try to pick up all the nearby items you may have
missed before the mission screen closes.

If you want to make this mission a lot easier, take out all blimps, tanks, and
drillers as soon as possible so you are only left with the guys that cause very
little damage.  As a general rule for his level, use your secondary weapons
liberally, and take everyone out as quickly as possible.

- A4. Attack of the U-Boats -
  Primary Objectives:
        *Defend Corn Silo
        *Defeat U-Boat Fleets (3)
  Secondary Objectives:
        *Destroy Fleeing Fighters (4)
        *Destroy PT Boats (10)
        *Destroy 10 Blue Fighters

By now you should have enough money and balloons to purchase the boomerang.
This is the most powerful weapon you can have, so make room for it.  Also you
should upgrade your plane at least one stat for each field.

As soon as you get the chance, trail the four pilots and knock them out of the
sky before they reach the other side of the island.  No penalty if you don't,
but you get to fill up on pennies and balloons a little bit longer before the
next cutscene.  The "C" is just to the right of the little dirt island if you
are coming from the bridge.  The enemy's armada of submarines should soon make
their grand entrance, but you won't be getting back-up, despite what Lucy says.
That's okay, they aren't that tough.

The subs alternate taking turns firing; if the sub is up, then you can damage
it, and if it's under the water, then you can't, so find a group of three that
is above the water and pump several missiles into both of them.  Now the quick
way to end this mission is to missile down all the u-boats, but I'm going to
assume you want to complete all of the objectives.

Begin by taking out three or four subs before you decide to take out the other
vehicles.  Since u-boats cause the most damage to the corn silo, this will give
you a lot of time to take on everyone else.  Now shoot down as many boats that
you have time for, and try to take out the blue fighters quickly if they are
giving you trouble or pass your crosshairs.  If you need health or ammo and the
enemy hasn't been handing them out, look for one of the health boxes sitting on
the sides of the cliffs and shoot them out.

Once you have guaranteed that all of your secondary objectives have been
fulfilled, concentrate all of your weapons on the remaining subs.  There will
always be at least one above the water until you sink them all.  The mission is
over when all of the subs are gone; that's why you might want to leave one sub
still standing until you take care of everything else.

- A5. Cripple Outpost Island -
  Primary Objectives:
        *Destroy Anti-Airguns (8)
        *Destroy Enemy Blimps (4)
        *Destroy PT Boats (8)
        *Destroy Enemy Fighters (4)
        *Destroy Bomb Bots (6)
        *Enter Outpost Island
	*Destroy Control Tower
        *Escape Outpost Island
  Secondary Objectives:
        *Destroy Hangars (3)
        *Destroy Outpost Interior (20)

This is my favorite level for the Aerodrome world.  I think this is your first
time you have a team of characters fight with you.  Peppermint Pattie will take
the skies in the bomber, and Schroeder says that he's got the waterways covered
in his boat.  Ultimately, these guys are useless, but thankfully you don't have
to worry about defending them.

After the cutscene, boost so you are in range to take out the boat in front of
you, then shoot out as many M2 guns that you can find nearby.  When the coast
is mostly clear of the smaller hazards, finish off the blimps.  One of the
volcanoes will open up to spew six mines; shoot them down.  Now fly all the way
around the island to get most of the remaing balloons (7 total right now) and
take out the remaining boats and airguns.  Four blue fighters will appear when
all enemies are gone, so take them out.

You'll get an order from Lucy to look around to find an entrance, and the
entire island will be surrounded by a ring of 1-point coins.  If you follow the
ring, you will eventually find a group that dips down low.  When you collect
the lowest coin, a sub will appear out of a sinister cave.  As soon as you
destroy the sub, quickly zoom into the open cave before the next sub appears
and the door closes.

Once inside, the door will slam shut behind you and you'll be trapped inside
the base.  Never fear, though, all you have to worry about is a couple of M2
guns.  Destroy the one directly in front of you when you enter then turn right
to shoot the other one.  By the time you finish this feat Marcie should have
given you a orders to shoot down the tower, indicated by the yellow X on you
radar.  However, before you do, let's complete all of the secondary objectives,
shall we?  Oh yeah, don't forget the three remaining balloons and the "I" over
by the submarine dock.

With the airbrake on fly around the area with the second M2 with the buildings.
Destroy the idle sub, the crane next to the water, and the three hangars to the
right of Flying Circus Headquarters (use missiles).  You're not done yet; come
back around and shoot every pile of boxes sitting to the left of where the
u-boat was.  When everything is gone, you should get the last green stamp.
Now missile the heck out of the tower, then fly out through the now open door
right behind the tower.  Peppermint Pattie will drop the big bombs into the
volcano; mission accomplished.

- A6. Sink the Battleship -
  Primary Objectives:
        *Destroy Turret Guns
        *Destroy U-Boats
        *Destroy Crawler Bots
        *Destroy Bomb Blaster
        *Destroy Battleship
  Secondary Objective:
        *Destroy Blue Fighters (9)

The Flying Circus has sent out its last line of offense: a battleship.  You'll
soon be introduced to Woodstock's new piece of equipment, and then you'll enter
Woodstock Gunner Mode.  Begin by shooting out all of the guns, using your
missiles liberally.  When most of the guns are gone, a couple of U-boats will
appear on both sides of the ship, one at a time.  Finish them both before you
take out the last gun.  Two crawlers will appear and the ship will then open up
a case of bombs.  You can shoot the bombs before they hit you, but most of them
contain health that will heal you as soon as they hit you, so just concentrate
on the crawlers first and then the barrel that they are coming from.

With that one gone, a giant cannon comes out and starts shooting the tower.
Any part of the ship is vulnerable now, but before you can do damage, you have
to shoot down the three blue fighters on your tail.  Once they're out of your
hair, just hold the gun button on the ship, pumping all of your missiles into
it.  After about 15 seconds of pumping lead into it, you'll need to get three
more pilots off your tail again.  Rinse and repeat.

When the ship's health bar gets really small and turns a really dark red,
you've sunk the battleship and completed the mission. Don't forget to shoot all
of the balloons around the area and the "E" that appears in the middle of the
ship.  If you want to complete the secondary objective, you may have to wait
for the third set of fighter planes to appear and crumble before you finish off
the oversized toy.

               ============== B. Woods of Montsec =============

- B1. Rerun's Challenge -
  Primary Objectives:
        *Fly Through the Rings Before the Timer Runs Out (110)
  Secondary Objectives:
        *Finish Before Rerun
        *Destroy the Targets (7)
        *Shoot Baron Drones (5)

This level is really tricky, and you probably won't get all the way through the
first few times you try it.  If you do, hats off to you.  Start by just trying
to get through the rings; as you gain more experience with navigating this
area, nab the letters and balloons by shooting them as they pass your
crosshairs.  If you feel really high and mighty, go for all the secondary
objectives.  I have completed all of the objectives (I'm not cocky), so I will
give you hints on how to knock down all the targets and beat Rerun, but you
will definitely want to collect all the items during your first several runs
before you go for the rest of the hard stuff.  It would behoove you to have the
boomerang to take care of the drones and targets.

Here are the rules for the race: 1. Rerun gets to be ahead of you the entire
race, and you can't pass him until before the last ring when his engine stalls.
2. You have ten seconds to pass through each ring; if you fail to pass through
the next ring within 10 seconds, you have failed the mission.  You cannot skip
rings; if you miss, you have to turn around and get it before you can pass
through the next one. 3. Anything goes (for Rerun).  You can destroy all the
obstacles he puts in your way (such as the drones) or just avoid them (the
rocks at the entrance to the caves), but you cannot cause damage to him.  All
clear?  Okay.  Ready, set, go.

As soon as you start, boost; for every ring you pass through, it will restore
your stunt meter.  After you get really comfortable with the controls you'll
learn how to boost through nearly the entire course, but until then, only go
turbo when there is a long stretch of straight rings or there's a long distance
to be covered between rings.  When you get the chance, slightly turn off the
path to target the targets, release the boomerang on them, and get back to what
you are doing.  You will also need to do this to shoot a number of the balloons
and the letters, but the letters are fairly easy to get by just running through
the course.  If you don't think you can get something without missing a ring,
just complete the course and come back for all the goodies when you have had
more practice with the controls.

Anyway, boost to the ring in front of the cave, then slow down long enough to
make the turn and correct your direction.  Once outside, follow the rings until
the cutscene.  You might appreciate the might of the boomerang at this point,
espically when these things try to run into you to run you off course.  Anyway,
follow along, flinging the boomerang at all targets you see. Just keep
following the ring path, and before you pass the ring in front of the third
cave, hit the brakes so you can turn hard enough to get this balloon that's way
out of the way.  When you pass this ring, you have to boost all the way through
the cave in order to make the next ring which is a ways outside of the cave.
My apologies, but for the rest of this all I can be is vague. Don't worry,
you'll figure out more by playing than I can explain.

When Rerun shouts that you've made it halfway, the final half is simply the
second lap of what you just did.  Boost until the cutscene.  Rerun will try to
clog up the entryway to the cave with a few big boulders, but this only makes
the entryway a bit smaller.  Just fly over all the rocks and you'll be back on
his tail in no time.  Keep in mind that all the balloons, letters, and targets
that you didn't have time to destroy the first time around you will pass by
only one more time, so be sure to shoot them when you get the chance. When you
pass through the last tunnel and Rerun says "Can't...lose..." you're almost
done.  Keep going round all those turns and boost every chance you get.  If you
have gotten enough of a lead early on, then it won't be hard to finish first. 
When he passes ring number 109, his engine stalls.  Now is your chance to pass
him.  If you don't, that's okay, it was only a secondary objective, and you can
try again later.  If you do, hopefully you did it along with all the other
objectives so you get the highest score.

- B2. Eliminate Tree Village -
  Primary Objectives:
        *Locate and Destroy Gate to Forest
        *Navigate the Woods
        *Destroy the Second Gate
        *Take Out the Spybots (4)
        *Destroy the Ramps (4)
        *Destroy Blue Fighters
        *Take Out Officers Quarters
  Secondary Objectives:
        *Destroy All Scouut Towers (30)
        *Destroy M2 Guns (8)
        *Destroy All Tanks (8)

^Note: You must have the Fire Boomerang to complete this mission.^

Explore all parts of this area for items; there are no enemy threats right now.
You'll find the "L" in a hidden cave/tunnel to the farthest right of where you
start (trust me, it is in a cave), and the balloons in this area are fairly
bright.  Now if you head right of where you started and take another right when
you go as far as you can go, you'll get a cutscene of a giant gate.  Aim your
boomerang at the giant pile of hay in front of it to open up a doorway.

When you first come in, you'll notice that the radar shows nothing.  Go a bit
farther and a ton of tree-mounted gun turrets appear.  Clear the forest, and
use that boomerang!  You might start by flying through this entire area with
the airbrake so you have more time to get around the trees and the guns.

Once that section of the woods is empty, torch the next pile of hay and sneak
around the outskirts of the enemy base to finish off all of the turrets.  When
you get the "Mission Success" symbol for the turrets, head into town and finish
off the copter bots.  The enemy will engage a bunch of tanks.  Before you
destroy any tanks, destroy the platforms that they came from first. If you blow
up a tank before you take out the ramp, another one will take its place and the
cycle will continue.  If you still have one more balloon to find and can't see
it, it's up high behind the big building.

Destroy all the blue airplanes that take the ramps' places, then start throwing
your boomerang at the supports to the officers' building.  Don't forget to kill
all the tanks first to complete the secondary objective.  When most of the
supports are burning, several guns will sprout beneath the building.  Don't
worry about these, just finish off the supports.  Ta-da!

- B3. Tree Chopper -
  Primary Objective:
        *Stop the Harvester
  Secondary Objective: None

Alright, your first follow boss battle: Snoopy vs. The Harvester.  After the
cutscene, get ready to roll back and forth to dodge the water balloons.  After
it's clear that it is temporarily out of balloons, get to one side of the
screen.  The water cannon will spray right in the middle, and it can take off
at least half of your health.  As it prepares to shoot again, get to the right
side, then get to the left side.  After these three blasts, the harvester will
have to recharge; take this opportunity to blast the heck out of the indicated
weak spot.  After it has had some time to recharge it will repeat this pattern,
so wait it out until you can cause damage again.

After maybe the second chance you've had to knock down its energy, it will go
through the water blasting routine one more time before it decides to turn
around and face you.  While you have some time, quickly smash its mouth.  When
it shows its giant claws, quickly get to the top of the screen to avoid getting
clamped.  After it puts them away, shoot it again until it starts swinging its
saw blades.

Right now you can't do any damage, so just relax on the fire button and get
ready to dodge.  For the machine's first two swings, get to the opposite side
of the screen from the arm that it raises.  After these two swings, get as high
as possible to avoid the next two low swings it will make.  After this part, it
will swing both arms once at the same time.  When it strikes the ground this
time, though, it will fling up logs and sparkling dirt that will cause damage
if they hit your plane.  If you are flying at the top of the screen, you should
have plenty of time to avoid most of the debris, and if you can't, roll to
minimize damage.  After this short bit, destroy one of the flashing joints. It
will immediately recover and start swinging again.  Wait it out and destroy the
other arm.  Now that it is completely vulnerable to your attacks, let 'em have
it.  It will continue to swing its arms, but you should have it down before it
starts kicking up dirt.

               ========== C. Front Lines of Verdon ============

- C1. Trench Warfare -
  Primary Objectives:
        *Defend the Pillboxes
        *Destroy Enemy Tanks and Strikers
        *Defend the Bomber
  Secondary Objectives:
        *Destroy 10 Drillers
        *Destroy 10 Green Fighters
        *Destroy Blimps (2)
        *Destroy M2 Guns (6)

By this time, you should have upgraded your plane at least twice to each stat.
If not, go play some more at the Aerodrome.  This level introduces green
fighters, which in my opinion, are more dangerous than the purple fighters you
will meet in the next world.  Green fighters throw water balloons; if your
health is not completely upgraded, two water balloons can be the death of you.
Roll as soon as you get the chance because the enemy will get a head start and
will attack you the instant before you get control. Now, to business.  Might I
recommend the boomerang...

This is another incredibly difficult defense mission.  You will be protecting
the front lines of Verdon, making sure that 10 of the Allied pillboxes remain
intact whilst you are required to destroy and defend a couple other things.
Beware of drillers: they are you worst enemy as they are the most efficient in
taking down all of your pillboxes.  This is one of those missions where you may
have to collect the items seperate from completing the secondary objectives.
The keyword is quickly.

Begin by destroying the giant strikers in the middle of the battle field and
the tanks at the sides.  Don't let those drillers out of your site, though;
knock out as many of them as you can quickly before finishing this first
objective.  This will open up the path for the Pattie, Franklin, and Rerun to
assist. Rerun will get knocked out of the battle pretty quickly, but that's ok
here.  All you are worried about is Pattie because she is the only one who can
damage the enemy pillboxes.  Oh yeah, and you are worried about your pillboxes
because they are the only things holding the line.

When they make their grand appearance, so will some _ M2 guns.  You have to
take out as many of these as you can, or the bomber is done for.  Watch out for
green fighters, and bring down a few at a time to complete that objective.
Before you can finish all of the M2 guns, two blimps will show up to bomb your
pillboxes.  Finish off the blimps quickly, then destroy their precious cargo.
Now, finish off the M2 guns.

When you are alerted about another wave of drillers, you are on the home
stretch.  The top left corner will indicate how long you have to hold the line
before the enemy retreats.  If Peppermint Pattie is successful and the number
turns zero next to the Axis symbol, mission accomplished.  If the drillers and
bombs are successful and the Allied symbol has a zero next to it, you have
failed.  Keep in mind that you may also have to defend Pattie from respawning
green fighters, although if they are the only ones left to cause her trouble,
then then your main concern is the Allied pillboxes.  Destroy every driller bot
you see until you are given Mission Completed.

- C2. Recover Allied Base -
  Primary Objectives:
        *Charge Radio Towers
        *Enter Canyon Without Being Seen
        *Destroy Radar
        *Defend Bomber Destroying Barracks
  Secondary Objectives:
        *Destroy Spy Bots (45)
        *Destroy Crawler Bots (4)
        *Destroy All Guns (17)
        *Destroy Green Fighters (5)
        *Destroy Strikers (5)

^Note: You must have the Lightning Rod to complete this mission.^

Before you light up any of the towers, shoot down all the copter bots around
the towers before they give you too much trouble.  Shock the battery and find
the next one on your radar.  While you're at it, shoot all nearby spy bots,
especially those floating away from the towers on the battle arena.  Once every
nearby bot is destroyed and every tower powered up, turbo to the X indicated on
your radar.

You will now enter stealth mode (you'll also see this in the first level of the
next world). You'll notice a meter next to your radar; this indicates altitude.
As long as you stay somewhere on that meter, you're good. Go any higher and the
mission is blown.  Once you begin, take out the crawler, then shoot as many spy
bots as you see.  You can't go through the mine field and you can't destroy
them, so just mind your business to the right. Unleash your fury on the waiting
copter bots and roof guns as you make your way through.  Destroy the crawler on
your way out, then keep to the right as you look for the entrance to the next

As you enter this one roll as much as possible while firing all of your weapons
to avoid the fire of all the robots clogging the cave.  Make sure you get all
of them, then take a look at the generator powering the radar.  It only takes
one shock of the lightining rod to destroy the radar, but wait to use it until
you are nearly touching the generator before you let 'er rip.

The Allies will receive the OK to attack. For people who are just trying to get
through the level, the hard part is over, and all you need to do is destroy a
couple of strikers to protect the bomber.  Pattie has to destroy three hangars
before the mission is over, so just try to take care of as many open enemies as
you can until time runs out; this isn't hard.

If you are out to get a medal, you have one heck of a race against the clock
ahead of you.  You may want to come back later when you don't have to worry
about balloons and have completely upgraded your stunt meter. You basically
have to boost all over the map and clear every remaining enemy from the radar
under a minute and a half. That estimate might be too long. Anyway, get rid of
the strikers and anti-air guns fast, then try to get the five green fighters
before there is only one hangar that they respawn from.  When the enemy
commander starts complaining about not having enough time to recover, you had
better be putting on the finishing touches to that striker on the other side of
the hill.  Keep in mind that you have to complete the entire mission under six
minutes and thirty seconds in order to complete the time objective.  If you go
over the time limit and all other objectives have been completed, you still get
stuck with Colonel.

- C3. Giant Tank -
  Primary Objectives:
        *Destroy the Tank
        *Destroy the Pillars Before Time Runs Out
  Secondary Objectives: None

This is another Woodstock Gunner battle.  After the cutscene of the oversized
tank, shoot out the guns on the sides.  After they are all decimated, a
flamethrower comes out of the tank's middle with another cheesy line; aim for
the spouts that they are coming out of. When all four are destroyed, ovens open
up on the tank's sides.  Shoot out as many of those as you can until the
flamethrower recovers; don't forget your secondary weapons, which should
restock when an oven is down.  Rinse and repeat, at the most you should have to
do this a total of three times until all the ovens are gone.

The tank will stop giving you heat and resume to take out the town.
Fortunately for you, these guys are not war geniuses.  Woodstock is the first
one to notice that they parked on a bridge.  Aim for the supports and use your
secondary weapons liberally; they will home into the supports even if you can't
get a lock.  The tank will sink and the mission is complete.  Don't forget to
shoot the letter and balloons as they pass your crosshairs.

               ========== D. Mines of the Matterhorn ==========              

- D1. Surprise Attack -
  Primary Objectives:
        *Avoid Being Detected
        *Destroy Power Generators (3)
        *Destroy Grounded Fighters (11)
        *Destroy Enemy Fighters (4)
  Secondary Objectives:
        *Power Down the Scout Towers (12)
        *Destroy Copter Bots (43)
        *Destroy Crawlers (5)

For this level you have to fly low enough to avoid flying into the enemy radar.
I've already explained this for the "Front Lines of Verdon" level, but I'll go
ahead and explain it again. Next to your own radar, you'll see a scale that
measures your altitude.  If you fly anywhere between on the scale, you'll be
fine.  However, now you have to avoid being detected by robots, or you're
busted.  When you see enemies, though, their vision is not as good as it was
everywhere else.  They can only see as far as the red sphere that surrounds
them, so don't be afraid about getting too close.  You should have already
finished them off by the time you get in their alert distance.  Just know that
copter bots don't always appear on your radar.

Okay, fly forward and shoot out the little blue generators with the colored
lightbulbs.  You may need to fly slow to get a good aim in front of you and to
buy time to destroy the generators.  The boomerang is really handy here because
it takes can take out tons of bots and generators at a time. Anyway, keep going
straight, destroying everything that you can see and avoiding being detected by
the red lights.  Like I said, the boomerang is very effective for long-range
combat, so use it.

At this turn, release the boomerang on all the spy bots. While they are getting
knocked out, get close to the right so you can shoot the generator.  Keep going
at it, and when you almost reach the spot where the second generator was, ride
the brake and hug the left cliff.  Stay on that side until you can get a clear
view of the bot, then shoot him.  Clear the crawler, bots, and generator up
ahead.  For the next light, get a little higher than mid altitude and wait for
it to start moving to one side before you boost past it, then destroy the bots
and generator.

For the next area, clear all the bots and get low. Wait for both lights to move
to one side before you speed past, then destroy their generators.  You can see
the generators for the last set of lights, so take them out.  Clear the cave up
ahead, then ride the brake once you get a clear shot of the exit. Use the
boomerang and the machine gun to clear the way.  Once out, finish the crawler
and the three power generators.

Now that their radar is gone, fly up over the hill past the radar dish to the
next yellow objective on your own radar.  As soon as you strike the first
grounded plane, reinforcements will be sent immediately.  Turn right real quick
to face the new purple fighters, who use fireworks as their secondary weapon.
These can take more damage than the other two colored fighter, and they are a
lot better at dodging your machine gun, so let them have a taste of the
boomerang.  There are also two green fighters who came from the left, so take
them on if they get too close.  Once you are the only one left in the sky,
finish off their grounded planes.  Way to go.

- D2. Derail the Train -
  Primary Objectives:
        *Destroy Train
  Secondary Objectives:
        *Destroy Snow Blowers (2)
        *Destroy Guns (24)

This is another Follow Battle.  You have a time limit, indicated by the clock
at the top right of the screen, during which time you must destroy all of the
train cars.  The health bar indicates the energy of each train car rather than
the entire train.  After each car is destroyed, your plane will automatically
fly to the next train car. I believe there is a total of nine cars. If you are
looking to complete all of the secondary objectives, the boomerang is a little
too potent. Go ahead and invest in the Roman Candles (you should have collected
enough balloons from the last world to get them) to target the guns before you
destroy the train cars.

When you first begin, you will be confronted by a snow blower, which has the
same effect on your plane as the water gun had.  However, you can (and must)
damage this, so smash it up.  Also, get the two little sticks sticking out the
back before you demolish the rest of the train car. On the next two cars, there
will be four sticks at the corners; these are the guns you need to destroy for
the secondary objective.  Shoot them all out with your gun and Roman Candles,
then concentrate on the the cart.  Follow this process with all similiar carts,
and shoot the passing first aid boxes to restock your missiles if you run out.

The fourth cart should contain doodlebug parts featuring a missile launcher.
Get rid of the launcher first to simplify the task of derailing it.  The next
couple cars should have guns, guns, doodlebug parts, and guns, in that order.
The final part of the train has the last snow blower and a mine generator.
These are the kind of mines that can't be destroyed, so fly clear of them, and
just destroy the snow blower.  With that out of the way, finishing the train
will be no sweat.  Just watch them surrender.

- D3. Enter the Mines -
  Primary Objectives:
        *Destroy Power Generators (4)
        *Destroy Strikers (4)
        *Destroy Enemy Plows (5)
        *Destroy Water Towers (5)
        *Destroy Fuel Tanks (5)
        *Destroy Tanks (5)
        *Destroy Bomber
  Secondary Objectives:
        *Destroy 10 Purple Fighters
        *Destroy Strikers (2)

As you reenter the mining camp, the Flying Circus will be expecting you.  Start
with the striker and generator in front of you.  Once the power has gone out,
turn you attention to the base to your right.  Finish all the purple fighters
that give you trouble, then take out the strikers and generators.

Once you have a new set of objectives, destroy the snow plows before you shoot
out the water towers.  The plows fire ice blocks, so avoid these until you can
get rid of them.  Once you've made it full circle round the mountain, you'll
have to destroy the gas tanks and the big tanks.  Tanks with guns and treads
first, then the storage tanks.

Well, so much for stealing their secret plans.  In the meantime, you have a
bigger thing to worry about- literally. First, complete the secondary objective
if you haven't yet, or just make sure that no purple fighters will attack you
when you attack the big lug. Next, track him down from where you are using your
radar, and avoid its cannon that fires from its back.  This guy is huge and
highly resistant to damage, and he constantly releases mines that are attracted
to you, but you can shoot them down.  You don't need to worry too much about
the mines because most of them contain health that will restore you as soon as
they hit you, but you can shoot them if you want to.

Once you get it down to about half health, two strikers come out.  Quickly take
them out, then continue on the bomber.  When it is smashed and all 500 of its
pilots escape, you'll fly into and be trapped inside the actual mine.

- D4. Explore the Mines -
  Primary Objectives:
        *Explore the Mines
        *Disable Ore Crane
        *Destroy Power Generators (3)
        *Destroy Blockade With Roman Candle
        *Find A Way to Open the Door
  Secondary Objectives:
        *Destroy Crawlers (3)
        *Destroy Roof Guns (21)
        *Destroy Spy Bots (9)
        *Destroy Tanks (4)
        *Destroy Drilling Equipment (9)

^Note: You must have the Roman Candles to complete this mission.^

By this time your plane should be completely upgraded, and you should have
access to all the weapons up to the Roman Candles.

Head down the tunnel and start shooting the arm of the unobtanium mining
machine.  Ignore the guns, they'll die when the crane dies.  When that is
busted, dive to take out crawler as well as the generator.  You'll use the
number provided later, and the game will keep it on the left side of the screen
so you won't forget it. Now, look around at the four tunnel entrances. Save the
pink one for last and go down either the blue tunnel or one of the green
tunnels first. There is no reason not to complete all the secondary objectives,
so follow along.

I'll start with the blue tunnel.  Take out every roof gun you see, and fly just
high enough to avoid any mine carts that pass on the tracks below. You may want
to fly with the brake on through the tunnels so you have enough time to react
to attacks and make turns. When you reach the barrel blockade, use a Roman
Candle to get through.  Destroy all the spy bots and guns, then get the
generator for the next clue.

Now the green tunnels lead to the same area.  Pick either one (they both lead
to the same place) destroying roof guns as you go.  Destroy every piece of
equipment you see in this room and destroy the generator for the last clue.
With the room cleared, take the other tunnel and destroy all the gun turrets
down this hall.

Make your way down the excessively long reddish-pink tunnel.  Again, clear out
the guns until you get the "Objective Completed" symbol.  When you leave the
tunnel, you have to get rid of the tanks, crawlers, and drilling equipment
before you can solve the puzzle in peace.  Look at the left side of the screen.
You should have a red 2, green 1, and a blue 1.  The door ahead has three
numbers and a button below each number.  If you shoot the buttons, the numbers
will increase by one, unless the number is at four, then it will go back to
one.  Shoot the bottons so the colors and numbers match the combination you
have.  This will open the door and end the mission.

- D5. Destroy Driller Boss -
  Primary Objective:
        *Destroy the Digger
  Secondary Objectives: None

This Follow Battle is very difficult to complete without dying once, though it
is possible to dodge after you figure out the system.  Despite all of the
rolling, it is nearly impossible to avoid all of the boulders that pop up
between rolls.  I would normally recommend the boomerang to kill the boss
quickly, but if you are going back to this level a second time to get General
status, the pumpkin gun is very useful.

It will begin by casting balls of electricity out from its hands, shaped in a
five-by-five square.  Fly around them, vertically and horizontally.  After the
third shot it will shoot a steady beam of electricity in a circular pattern.
Fly opposite to it; when it stops, it will be weak enough to attack, so unleash
thy wrath upon ye claw.  Now it should use both claws simultaneously to shoot
electricity in this same pattern.  Just dodge and fly around the beams, then
shoot out one of the claws. This should take maybe a maximum total of four turns
before the next stage of the fight.

Now the driller will proceed to throw saws at you.  When it throws them, the
part that was holding them will be vulnerable, so unleash your boomerang and
gunfire if you can get a lock.  You can predict where you need to move in order
to dodge its attacks based on what it does right before it throws the saws. If
it tips it straight back before it throws, get to a side because the saws will
travel down the middle before going back to it.  If it cocks it sideways just a
little bit, stay in the middle so you don't get caught on the sides.  When that
is destroyed, get ready for hardball.

This first part is fairly easy, but the part that follows is not.  During the
following sequence, the driller will have a weak spot that you can exploit
while it attacks you.  It will start by swinging its claw arms in the same
method as the harvester, except it will only smash them straight down.  Get to
the other side to avoid getting smashed.  Each time it strike the ground, about
a hundred boulders will get knocked in the air.  Move side to side and roll to
avoid them.  After every two ground strikes, it will smash its claws together
that will knock boulders up from all sides of the tunnel.  Try your best to
avoid these and keep shooting through the whole thing.

Now comes the hardest part, and you better be using that boomerang every time
it comes back to you while it can take damage.  The driller will turn around and
show you its drill (hence the name).  It will temporarily be invulnerable when
it's in this position.  It will drill the outer edge of the tunnel in a circular
pattern (first clockwise, then counterclockwise), knocking up boulders that
cause more damage.  Fly around these, and avoid the drill, which will take off
a significant amount of your health.  After it goes counterclockwise it will
shoot a single triangle of boulders and then get really close to you.  Get high
up and far to the left side.  By this time you may have gone too far to get any
more health opportunities, so be careful.

It will shoot its drill straight out at you, so you had better be out of the
way.  The rocks it knocks up this time are harder to dodge, so roll like you're
on fire. After about three drill strikes, its elbows will grow weak; smack 'em.
This will cause it to back off a bit and will allow you to shoot its vulnerable
body again.  When it starts moving a little, back off a bit and get out of the
way.  It will turn around quickly, and if you are in the way you'll get hit by
the drill.  It will repeat everything in these last two paragraphs until you
destroy it, so take care of it quickly.

               =============== E. Verdon Gorge ================              

- E1. Navigate the Canyon - 
  Primary Objectives:
        *Navigate the Canyon
        *Find a Way In To the Cave
        *Destroy Enemies
        *Destroy Crane
        *Follow Convoy
        *Destroy Ammo Dump
  Secondary Objectives:
        *Destroy Rail Guns (20)
        *Destroy Rock Guns (14)
        *Destroy Turtle Guns (5)
        *Destroy U-Boats (4)
        *Destroy Convoy

^Note: You must have the Snow Blower to complete this mission.^

Your entry will be rather quiet, which should signal that there is a trap
waiting for you.  If you look down at the river, you will see several gray
boulders.  These are hiding guns that appear when you are close enough.  Even
though your reticule will not turn red when you aim at them, a few good hits on
them will blow them up.  This area around the bend is crawling with automatic
guns.  Straight ahead of where you started, there is a turtle gun that needs a
couple shots of the snow blower as well as gunfire before you can check it off.
Basically, just shoot everything in this area and you will be well on your way
to completing your secondary objectives.  Especially take care of those rail
guns, which can cause some hefty damage.  The letters are very tricky to find
in this level; the "O" is hidden in the tunnel to the lower right of the canyon
after you turn left around the bend from the starting point, between the first
to turtle guns.

Once everything is cleared, make your way through the cave.  Ride with the
airbrake on until Linus screams a warning, then finish the crawlers that had
drop down.  You can destroy all the machinery here if you want, but they aren't
part of objectives, so you can leave them alone too.  When you get to the
geyser, fire a freezer at it so you can pass it.

When you leave the cave, you'll find the enemy closing up a cave.  Basically,
just destroy everything red on your radar.  There are some rail guns, boats,
U-boats, tanks, and a turtle gun in this area all guarding four generators.
Once you have destroyed all the enemies and the generators, fly into the open
cave and start clearing out everything red.  Once you've gotten the check mark
for "Destroy Enemies," wait to get the crane and fly up onto the rock canopy up
above.  Destroy the guns and "W" that somehow ended up here, then fly back down
to clear the crane.  When you destroy the crane, the door will open to the next
area, so hurry over there.

Follow the convoy and destroy each vehicle (a tank, two trucks, a tank, and two
more trucks).  Fly low and on the same path they are on so you won't get shot
at by the M2 guns all around, but be careful that you don't bump the ground too
much.  When the convoy is destroyed, you have some freetime, so fight all of
the red dots on your radar so you can fly without worries and complete all of
your objectives.  If you start back at the cave entrance where you came from
and fly the same path the convoy took, look to the right.  Near the rail gun is
a tunnel, so turn around to shoot the last "O".

Now that the area is cleared, fly to the end of the path to find the Red
Baron's munitions dump.  Start destroying it, and when its health is down about
a third, three subs will appear to challenge you.  Destroy them to complete the
secondary objective, then finish the building.

- E2. Destroy Circus City -
  Primary Objectives:
        *Destroy Bridges
        *Destroy Riveters
        *Destroy Big Bertha Cannon
        *Navigate Through the Minefield
        *Prevent Rafts From Escaping
        *Navigate the Canyon
  Secondary Objectives:
        *Destroy Roof Guns (5)
        *Destroy Purple Fighters (8)
        *Destroy PT Boats (6)
        *Destroy U-Boats (4)
        *Destroy Power Station Towers (4)

Using your boomerang and gunfire, concentrate all firepower on the riveter.
These things are like super-powered crawlers that have cannons in place of
missiles.  If you get too close, they will swing their arms at you, so you are
going to want to keep your distance.  If you use the boomerang and only shoot
at the riveter, the bridge should be gone before the riveter.  After you
destroy the first set, there will be one more farther down.  Once you destroy
this second bridge and riveter, you're ready to move on.

In this next area, look for the cave to the right and start heading for it.
Before you enter the cave, you will be introduced to Big Bertha.  If you just
head for the cave, you won't have to worry about this cannon.  The first time I
played, I didn't see the cave and tried to boost past her, and she turned my
plane into scrap metal in two hits.  Anyway, destroy the guns in the cave then
ride the brakes as you reach the exit.  Unleash your full arsenal on Bertha
before the Flying Circus sends reinforcements.  By the time Big Bertha is down,
the purple fighters should have caught up to you.  Let 'em have it, and if you
need health, there's a box you can shoot that's next to where the cannon used
to be.  Destroy the ships and u-boats before you continue.

Now you don't have any choice but to go through the mine field, but at least
this time they won't move toward you when you pass.  Your best bet is to follow
the path of coins through until you get to the other side.  Fortunately, these
mines are fairly forgiving if you hit them, so you won't automatically die if
you hit a few of them.  Don't try to hit them, though.

On the other side, you'll find a set of dams used for boats to cross.  You're
trying to not let the boats get by.  If you just fire a couple shots at each of
them, they'll try to hide behind the gates, but this will only slow down their
trip, so take advantage of this while they aren't moving. If you can, clear out
a few of the M2s that are shooting at you so you can do this with a little
peace.  When all the enemies are gone take out the generator to the side of the
left side of the locks before you move on.

Keep going up the river, and target the rock guns you see.  When you see the
waterfall, get up high and see if you can target the trees.  These are also
hiding guns, and they are much harder to hit when they appear as cannons.
Keep going down until you enter the lake area, and destroy the rock guns and
subs that are in the area you just entered before you engage the other enemies.
Be sure to leave at least one enemy alive so you can get all the goodies.  As
soon as all the enemies are gone, you will be introduced to the flagship of the
flying circus, ending the mission.

- E3. Circus Aircraft Carrier -
  Primary Objectives:
        *Destroy the Aircraft Carrier
  Secondary Objectives: None

With Woodstock on the glider, begin by shooting down all the blue fighters
swarming around the carrier.  After those six are down, six green fighters will
engage you; take them out.  If you get low on health, there are two boxes on
either side of the cave that the carrier came out of, or you can shoot the
u-boats that appear (don't worry about these unless you need health, they
aren't going to cause much damage).  When they are down, six purple fighters
will fly out.  Take them out quickly, and remember your secondary weapons.

When all the fighter planes are gone, two bomber ships appear.  These are
incredibly resistant to damage and will keep releasing mines that come right at
you.  However, nearly all the mines have ammo and root beer that will heal you
as soon as they hit you, so just focus on one bomber until it's out and then
concentrate all fire on the other one, using your secondary weapons liberally.

Now you can damage the carrier.  Aim for the cannons (they will be flashing)
and shoot down as many of the approaching missiles as you have time for.  The
u-boats can cause damage now, so take them out once you've taken out most of
the carrier's guns.  After the ship has about only three functioning guns left,
it will magically bring them all back without restoring any of its health.
Finish it off, then try to shoot down all of the remaining balloons while the
ship sinks before the Baron's Flying Fortress appears.

               ============== F. Flying Fortress ==============

- F1. Rescue Allies -
  Primary Objectives:
        *Locate and Destroy Pumpkin Locks
        *Take out Blue Fighters (8)
        *Take out Green Fighters (8)
        *Take out Purple Fighters (8)
        *Destroy Cone
        *Destroy Power Source
        *Destroy Generators (3)
        *Solve the puzzles
  Secondary Objectives:
        *Destroy turrets (12)

^Note: You must have the 10 Gauge Pumpkin to complete this mission.^

Begin by shooting out the propellers with the pumpkin gun, then finish them off
with the machine gun.  After all four have been shot off, the airship opens up
twelve gun turrets (six a side) and releases eight blue fighters.  It's in your
best interest to take out the turrets first, so fly straight along the right
side and take out all of those turrets.  Leave one or two turrets for later if
you get in a bad way when fighting the green fighters so you can destroy them
for health.  Then take out all of the blue fighters.  When they are gone,
destroy the eight green fighters that appear, and with them gone, the eight
purple fighters that appear.  If you can get all of those guys to fly near the
wings of the fortress, many of them will destroy themselves by crashing.

When you are done facing the purple guys, shoot out the cone at the back of the
ship.  This will open up the central power source and release four blues and
four greens.  You will want to destroy the pilots before you take out the power
source, so start with the greens before they knock you out of the sky, then
polish off the blues. Once the power source is smashed, all the generators open
up, and you are greeted by two blues, two greens, and four purples.  Take them
out so you can destroy the generators with no worries.

Under each destroyed generator is a color, number, and shape.  These will be
placed on the left side of the screen for you to use for the puzzle that appears
on the bottom of the ship.  Before you go to solve that, go ahead and fly
around to pick up all of the letters since there is no one around to bug you
and no time limit ("B" is hidden underneath the beak, "R" by the left wing, and
"A" below the craft; you probably found a couple of these already).

If, at any time during the puzzles, you shoot a wrong square, the puzzle will
reset itself and the ship will release a bunch of mines that all want a piece
of your plane.  Quickly turbo away; when you have ample space between you and
the nearest mine, turn around quickly and shoot all mines in sight.  When they
are all gone, go back to the puzzle to start over, and don't mess up next time.

Now, fly slow with the air brake, and carefully line up your aim on the puzzle.
This is blue, so you only want to hit "triangle 2's"; there should be three of
them.  Next, the puzzle should turn the other way, so fly to the other side to
work on the green puzzle.  Shoot the three "square 1's", then fly to the back
of the plane to work on the last set (purple).  Shoot all three "circle 1's" to
complete the mission. Your friends will make their way out of the roof, and the
Red Baron will make his presence known.

- F2. Battle the Red Baron -
  Primary Objectives:
        *Defeat the Red Baron
        *Catch Up With the Doodlebug
        *Destroy Supporting Rockets
        *Destroy Rear Panels and Control Packs
        *Destroy Mid Panels and Control Packs
        *Destroy Front Panels and Control Packs
        *Destroy Gyro Navigation Unit
  Secondary Objectives:
        *Destroy Rear Guns
        *Destroy Mid Guns
        *Destroy Front Guns

This battle begins with a little assistance (emphasize little) from Lucy.  The
Red Baron likes to fly circles around the both of you, so if you need to,
retreat to the fortress to get some space so you have a wider angle to target
him.  He only uses missiles as his weapon, and even though they don't cause a
massive amount of damage, they're pretty accurate.  The game will warn you when
a missile is coming your way, but it will usually hit you before you have time
to react, so just focus on getting your hits in.  Secondary weapons are
extremely useful; you can use any one you like (I STRONGLY recommend the
Boomerang over the pumpkin, but it's your choice).

After his health has been brought down a third, Lucy decides to park her plane
directly in front of one of the Red Baron's missiles, and then kindly leaves
you to take the legend on your own.  That's okay, now you have access to
unlimited health and ammo, complements of Marcie.  As the balloons come up,
shoot them to collect the power-up that is attatched.  Keep using all of your
weapons, and don't forget to fly around the fortress to pick up the last two
letters.  Flying around the fortress is also another way to gain an advantage:
the Baron will trap himself on the wings while doing his fancy flying, giving
you a clear shot at him.  You can also use the ship as a shield between you and
his missiles.  Red Baron will get tired of fighting you here for very long, so
follow him with the gun going to the open area in front when he decides to head
back.  Don't forget to restock health.

Once he has less than a fourth health left, you'll get a cutscene of you ALMOST
finishing him off as he releases the Doodlebug (as well as Charlie Brown).
After the short instruction, start aiming for the center of the rings that
appear.  These can be a little tricky to get through because you have to catch
them right in the middle.  When you get through one, you'll experience a
super-turbo boost.  Holding down the airbrake during the boost can sometimes
make it easier to get through the next ring.  All that matters is that you get
through the rings.  I think I missed six and still made it.  If you fail, you
have to start this mission all over again (funtimes.) Don't worry, sometimes
practice makes perfect.

Now that you have caught up, you need to shoot out the boosters.  The rocket
will start to spin and debris will start flying at you.  Keep shooting the
boosters and roll to avoid the stuff coming at you. Once they are gone, Charlie
Brown will get out of the way and you are free to destroy the rocket. Guns will
appear as you shoot the panels; if you want to make things a little easier, get
the guns before you hit the panels, but if you are low on time, just dodge
fire, destroy each set of panels as they are assigned as a mission, and hit the
guns only when they cross your path.  If you have the boomerang, you can get
them all at the same time. The guns are a secondary objective, so get them if
you are aiming for a high rank.

When you are down to the gyroscope, the Red Baron will somehow show up to stop
your heroism.  He's weak from before, so pump a couple secondary weapons into
him to finish him off.  If you don't, he'll keep repairing the ship. If he gets
near you before you can knock him out, you're going to have a really difficult
time finishing the mission because he will start flying circles around you, so
take him out quickly while he is still in front of you. Now finish that rocket!

Congratulations, World War I Flying Ace!  You've won the war!  First you get to
fly around an open airfield with your fellow Allied flying aces while the
credits roll.  There is no way to skip these, so just try out all of the
weapons and enjoy the wait.  There is a short cutscene after this, if that is
any consolation.  Feel free to go through each of the missions again to pick up
all of the letters and balloons you may have missed throughout the story.  Go
ahead and buy up the rest of Pigpen's supplies when you have enough money.

When you get all the letters and balloons and have gained the rank of "General"
on all missions, you'll have completed the game 100%, and for doing this you
will unlock the "Octogun" (your gun will be upgraded four more levels) and
unlock the Woodstock Missile for use in multiplayer mode. Not incredibly
special, but what the heck.  Try Dogfight Mode for a little fun as all the
characters and to work on your combat skills, though I don't think you can
challenge real people.


III. Gameplay, FAQs

  I debated whether or not to have this section, so I decided to just include a
  few general hints instead of writing out an entire section on how to play the
  game.  If you feel like I have left anything out that you would like to know
  or contribute concerning this game, go ahead and ask or send, my e-mail is at
  the bottom with the legal stuff.  I'll give all credit to your question or
  tip, and I'll put it in the FAQs section.

- A. Gameplay -

- 1. Items -

    When you are collecting something like a balloon or letter that is far
    away, shooting it is always more efficient than touching it.

    In order to collect the locked weapons at Pigpen's stand, you must first
    collect enough balloons so it will be available for purchase.  Under most
    conditions, you aren't required to collect every single balloon in order to
    unlock the next weapon, but you look that much more awesome for making the
    effort and having a full inventory.

    In order to collect the locked characters for multiplayer mode at Pigpen's
    stand, you have to collect all the letters before they are available to
    purchase (which kinda stinks that you still have to pay for them...).

- 2. Weapons -

    Bottle Rockets (8): Fire a single firework missile that homes on your
    target.  When there are arrows around a target, that target is locked on.

    Woodstock Missile (6): Fire a single missile that you can guide until it
    hits your target or runs out of juice.  It can turbo, brake, and turn any
    which way, but you have to wait to fire the next one until Woodstock returns
    to the plane.

    Fire Boomerang (1): The most powerful weapon.  Can lock onto multiple
    targets and causes damage going to the targets and coming back.  You can't
    restock this item and you have to wait for it to come back before you use
    it again, but you can use it any infinite number of times.  Sets hay bales
    on fire when thrown at them.  Random bales of hay that are found outside of
    the "Eliminate Tree Village" level yield 100 coins.

    Lighting Rod (100): Fires a charge at a single targeted enemy.  Recharges
    after every use, but have to wait for the charge to reach 100 before you
    can reuse it.  Charges batteries, random batteries that are found outside
    of the "Recover Allied Base" level yield 100 coins.

    Roman Candles (60): If you hold down the button, you will rapidly fire a
    bunch of small fireworks at your target.  Although they are not remarkably
    powerful, they are fairly effective, and it only takes one to destroy
    barrels with the Roman Candles symbol on them.  Such barrels that are found
    outside of the "Explore the Mines" level yield 100 coins.

    Snow Blower (20): Fires a single block of ice at your target.  These are
    fairly powerful, but you have to wait for the next block of ice to appear
    in your holder before you can fire the next one.  These can freeze hot
    water geysers that you see, making them passable and explode into 100
    coins.  This is required for the "Navigate the Canyon" level.

    10 Gauge Pumpkin (16): The closer you are to an enemy, the more potent the
    attack is (you can take out purple fighters with one hit if you are close
    enough).  Although the ammunition is really limited, if you are trapped
    in close-range combat, this is really effective for taking out one enemy at
    a time.  Also very useful against bosses.  Pumpkins found away from the
    "Flying Fortress" yield 100 coins when they are smashed by this weapon.

    Water Balloon Launcher (30): Fires water balloons at a single targeted
    enemy.  Although cannot affect environment, it is pretty potent.  You'll
    have to wait for the launcher to reload before firing again.

    Potato Gun (40): If you hold the button, launches potatoes at a semirapid
    rate that can "fry" enemies, though not really all that powerful. This will
    not affect the environment any way, it's just for kicks.

    Stinger (30): Two giant bees home in on your target, although they are not
    as strong as they look.  You have to wait a little bit for the next set of
    bees to get ready before they go again, and this weapon is just for fun.

- 3. Boss Battles -

    There are three kinds of boss battles: Follow Mode, Woodstock Gunner Mode,
    and Dogfight Mode.  Boss Dogfight Mode is specifically reserved for the
    battle with the Red Baron, and even that ends with Follow Mode.

    For follow mode you'll be able to collect as many balloons as you pass, but
    you'll only pass the letters in those stages once.  If you need health or
    want free stuff, shoot the boxes that sit on the side of the path.  You can
    move back and forth and up and down, but airbrake and turbo are useless
    because the game keeps pace.  You are not causing damage unless the
    reticule is red.  Sometimes you have to let a boss weaken itself before it
    is vulnerable, but when you get the chance, unleash those secondary weapons
    as well as the machine gun to make quick work of them.  The boomerang and
    the pumpkin gun are the strongest secondary weapons for these fights.

    In Woodstock Gunner Mode, you control Linus.  No, you control Woodstock,
    who is manning a machine gun on a glider while Snoopy has the steering part
    taken care of. Aim for the flashing red and orange circles to cause damage.
    You are given 20 Bottle Rockets, so don't forget your secondary weapons,
    especially when you're shooting something that's damage resistant or that
    you are having a hard time getting a lock on.  When you have a free moment,
    shoot the balloons that are floating around the area.

- B. Dogfight Mode -

- 1. Introduction -

    Apart from the main story, Snoopy vs. the Red Baron features a multiplayer
    battle mode.  For the PS2, I believe you can have as many players as the
    console will allow (you might be able to play as four and the AI controls
    the other four, but I don't have a PS2, so I can't prove all that). For the
    PC version, the other players in "multiplayer" can only be controlled by the
    computer, but they aren't as easy as they look, especially if they are 
    working together to take you down.

- 2. Preparing for the Fight (Menu) -

    Before you begin, you first have to make some choices.  First, you need to
    choose what mode of fight you want (see below section for choices), whether
    you want to make it a team battle, and how long it will go on.

    On the next screen you need to choose how many kids will be on the playing
    field and how many people are on each team (if applicable).  You can have as
    many as seven (7) other characters on the roster, but you can't choose who
    the CPU kids are going to be.  If you chose teams, you can also change to
    red or blue.  This will also affect your radar since, if you are red, blue
    will be an enemy and red will be a friend instead of like normal.

    Your next option will be your playing field.  They're all unlocked, so take
    your pick.  Lastly, choose your character.  In order to unlock the "hidden"
    characters, you have to collect all the letters for that character in the
    game and then buy that character from Pigpen.  For the sake of the story,
    use your money on all the weapons and upgrades before you purchase any
    of these secondary characters.

- 3. Battle Modes -

    There are three different modes for battle: Top Dog, Flying Aces, and King
    of the Skies.

    In Top Dog, the first player to make the required number of KOs wins.  For
    team battles, this number is the total number of kills for the whole team.
    As soon as a kid is knocked out, he or she is soon placed back into play at
    some random location on the map.  There is no time limit, and the number of
    KOs required can be 3, 5, or 10.

    For Flying Aces, the winner is determined by who has the highest score at
    the end of the time limit.  You earn a point for every KO you make.  Every
    time you die you lose a point.  Again, these are totaled and subtracted for
    the entire group for team battles.  You can let the battle go on for 5, 10,
    or 15 minutes.

    King of the Skies goes on until there is a single plane remaining.  All
    people who are shot down return as invincible ghosts that cannot use health
    or secondary weapons, only the machine gun.  Before the battle you can
    adjust how much health each character has.  If you want it to go by fairly
    quickly, set the health at 100% (that's the standard).  For a longer battle
    set it to 400%, where everyone (including you) can take four times as much
    damage before falling out of the fight.  This is my favorite...

- 4. During the Fight -

    Even if you have not unlocked all the weapons story mode, all secondary
    weapons except for the Woodstock missile are available from the start.
    You'll find them scattered throughout the playing field along with health.
    You can always fly back to them to restock during the battle; they'll always
    be in the same place.  As soon as someone picks up an item, it will be
    unavailable for about ten seconds before it comes back, so if you are
    fighting someone who is low on health looking for a root beer, pick it up
    before they have a chance to restock.

    The Woodstock missile can be made available beating the game in its entirety
    (100%).  However, you don't get to pilot it as Woodstock and you don't get a
    on-the-missile view (though you can still guide it), so you're better off
    with the other weapons.  Your gun fires about three bullets per shot, and
    you can't upgrade any of your stuff for dog fight.  Find the characters that
    have the best stats and use 'em up.

    If the game starts getting too easy, start stacking the teams against your
    favor.  These are much harder than free-for-all because everyone will be
    gunning only for you.  Mess with the teams to your liking.  I swear, this
    is the best way to improve your flight and combat skills for the campaign.

    You have all the same functions as Snoopy does during the campaign, so make
    good use of them.  Happy flying, and good luck!

- C. FAQs -

One note: If you have a question, check the walkthrough before you ask. I think
     I've covered practically everything, so only send me a question if you are
     confident that I've assumed something that is not obvious or missed
     something that needs to be put in here.  Otherwise, ask away.  Thanks.

  1Q. As we pick up the letters to spell the names, it says we have access to
     secondary players for multiplayer. I finished level one, got Marcie, but 
     where do I go from there? How do I use Marcie?
                                            -Fran Smith
   1A. After you collect all the letters for a level and purchase that character
     at the store, that player becomes available for use in Dogfight Mode.
     Each character has different attributes.  While you can't fight real people
     on the PC, you can challenge the computer (as many as 7 opponents)
.  For 
     more details on this subject, read the section "Dogfight Mode" under
     the category "Gameplay" in this guide.

     To answer your last question, Marcie has now been added to your list of
     unlocked characters in the dogfight mode, along with a few others that were
     available when you first started up the game.  Basically, you can fight
     with her now against all the other characters.  It's not very helpful for
     the story as you could have spent those credits on upgrades and weapons, so
     you may want to wait to buy out the rest of the characters after you've
     already bought up everything else.


IV. Version History and Credits

v1.50 2007-1-24
      -Added question from Fran Smith to FAQs section (and answer)
      -Added extra "Dogfight Mode" section
      -Additional copyright information

v1.03 2007-1-15
      -Updated copyright information

v1.02 2007-1-12
      -Additional copyright information

v1.01 2007-1-11
      -A couple more proofread corrections

v1.00 2006-12-18
      -Reformatted and Proofread, submitted for real this time

v1.0 2006-12-17
      - First Submitted Version, Walkthrough completed

My thanks go out to...

   God, for being the most Awesome Being ever who loves me despite my faults.

   Charles Schultz, for his wonderful characters and their antics.

   Namco Bandai, for making Pac-man and this awesome game.

   The fine people who work at C-Net, specifically GameFAQs and Gamespot.

   All the sites that requested to post this.  Thanks for the publicity!

   You, for reading this and making it worth my time.  Thanks!

   Oh yeah, and me, because I couldn't have written this if I didn't exist.


V. Legal

Trademarks and other marks are reserved to their original owners. This guide 
is not endorsed or authorized by United Feature Syndicate or Namco Bandai.

This guide is for informational purposes only and no explicit or implicit 
warranty is made with regards to the suitability of this information. The 
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from any consequences of using this information.

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publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright. Basically if you want to use it, just ask. However,
I will no longer accept additional posting requests after March 1, 2007.

The following websites have permission to post this guide on their website:

Copyright 2007 Andrew Kinnaman a.k.a. kinnikid 

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