Skiing 1999 Edition (šifre)

Skiing 1999 Edition

get brownie points:
You don't get brownie points for nailing the midpoint 
between two gates. As in automobile racing, you want to 
straighten the course as much as possible, and cutting 
close to gates is one way to do it. 

course map:
Use the course map in the lower left of the screen 
in conjunction with the main view. It helps you learn how 
to set up early for upcoming turns, and the easier runs 
(Aspen comes to my snow-swept mind) can be negotiated 
almost exclusively via the course map. 

habit of preparing:
Make a habit of preparing not just for the next gate 
but for the next two gates ahead. 

top ten finish:
If what you crave is a top ten finish, try playing 
at the hard levels in which gates are crammed closer 
together and the winning times are faster; then come 
back to easy mode. It will suddenly seem all so 
simple-trust me on this. 

good tuck:
There's nothing better than a good tuck for a fast 
Downhill time. Tucking is something you should do from 
beginning to end in any Downhill event; stand only in 
the most extreme turns.

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